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Essence of Murli 20-05-2012

Become a specially beloved child and make your stage yogyukt and yuktiyukt.

Today, who is it that the Father has especially come to meet? What would you call today's gathering? BapDada is happy to see this gathering and gives it the title of the gathering of BapDada's specially beloved children. Those who are specially beloved children place every step in the Father's footsteps and automatically become constantly co-operative in every task. They don't have to become this and they don't have to think about becoming this either. As a result of being loving, the specially beloved children are constantly co-operative. According to the drama, in return for their love, the specially beloved children easily attain the blessing of being co-operative. If you have automatically attained this blessing, you can understand that you are a specially beloved child. The specially beloved children constantly have a yogyukt and yuktiyukt stage. A specially beloved child means a child who is an embodiment of all virtues, the same as the Father. Someone who puts the Father's virtues into practice is called a specially beloved child. This group is of such souls and these are the responsible souls who are instruments for service. Of course, everyone would say that to be an instrument for service means to be an instrument to put the virtues of the Father into one"s practical form. This is called service. To speak knowledge is a common thing to do. This is not special service. The speciality of service is to become an embodiment of all the virtues of the Father and to grant a vision of the Father through one's own practical form. Listening to and relating knowledge to others has continued from the copper age, but what is the speciality of you special souls? To become the same as the Father, to grant everyone a vision of the Father, to be the practical form yourself and to grant visions. Only special souls can do this; no other souls can do this; neither souls on the path of devotion nor ordinary souls on the path of knowledge can do this. This is the special duty of the specially beloved children.

In what aspect is there a main difference between ordinary souls and special souls? Tell Baba about the major difference. The main difference is that, through the words and experience of special souls, all other souls will very easily be able to forge a direct connection with the Father in a second, whereas ordinary souls are agents in-between, so that souls first get stuck with the agent and then later forge a direct connection with the Father. As a result of the service done by ordinary souls, the souls that have been served do not become powerful enough to be able to be an instrument to forge a connection with the Father easily or very quickly. Those souls would definitely find this difficult. They would find there is a lot of effort involved; they would find it difficult and it would take them time. They would have questions arising: What can I do? How can I do this? Is this possible or not? Yet the special souls, on the basis of their speciality and according to their power, will finish these questions of "Why"? and "How"? etc. They will not let other souls experience any difficulty or labour. As soon as special souls come, these souls will feel that they have once again found the family they had lost and that they have found the Father they had forgotten. In fact, when they realise that they had forgotten, they become amazed at how they could actually have forgotten: "How could 1 have forgotten such a Father?" This is the main difference between ordinary souls and special souls. Ordinary souls do try to make them have a direct connection with the Father, but the weak souls of today don't just need their own power, as they are unable to continue just on the basis of knowledge and yoga. They also need the power of co-operation of the instrument souls to enable them to take a jump.

Day by day, the souls that come to you will be those who have a very weak stage. All of you came in the first group; the power and courage of those who came in the first group, of those who came in the second  group and of those who came in the third group are all different. The difference in the power and courage of the new souls that are emerging now is visible. This difference is visible in the minds and also in the bodies of those in every group. This is everyone's experience, is it not? Accordingly, just think about it: what would the souls who come at the last moment be like? They would be extremely weak, would they not? So, if you simply give knowledge, or give the course or make such weak souls sit in yoga, they would not be able to progress just through that. You instrument souls now have to make weak souls progress on the basis of giving them co-operation with the powers you have received. For this, you now have to accumulate your stock of all powers. Just as people have a continuous supply of food all day long (langar - in Sikh religion), in the same way, such a scene of souls will very soon be coming in front of you to receive power from you. That is, you will also have to have a continuous supply of all powers. However, for this, you will have to accumulate your stock of all powers in advance, and the memorial of this is the pot of Draupadi which never becomes empty. All of you are Draupadis, are you not? The pot of Draupadi, that is, the pot of the mother of the yagya is very well known in both aspects. Firstly, you don't lack anything physical and secondly, you don't lack any of the powers. A pot that is full of all powers can never become empty, no matter how many come to take from it. No matter for how long you continue to supply this, no one would go without.

In the future, when the elements react and there are calamities, what would be useful for everyone to fill their stomach with? At that time, what would everyone be hungry for? Food or wealth? At that time, they will be hungry for peace and happiness, because when there are natural calamities, even though they may have wealth, it will be of no use at that time. Although they may have all facilities and physical things, there will be no benefit in having them. When there is no hope left of any benefit from any of the physical means and physical wealth, everyone's thought will be that someone should give them power so that they will be able to overcome these calamities; they will want someone to give them peace. There will have to be many such unending continuous supplies. At that time, there will not even be a drop of water visible anywhere. Because of the natural calamities, food and grain too will not be worth eating. What will all of you do at that time? At the time when such tests come in front of you, what will you do? Do you have sufficient courage to be able to tolerate such tests? At that time, will you be able to have yoga or will you be thirsty? When even the wells have dried up, what will you do then? Since this is a group of special souls, your efforts also have to be special. Do you have enough power to tolerate this? Why do you not understand it in the same way as has been portrayed in the memorial: the fire was all around and yet the kittens in the furnace remained safe; they didn't even feel the heat? So, too, why do you not say this with that much faith? If you are yogyukt, then even if there is a loss at a place nearby to you, even if there is a flood, the place that is made an instrument by the Father will remain safe; but only if you haven't been careless. If there is a loss somewhere, that is due to the weakness in the judgement of your own intellect. If there are maharathis, those with broad, unlimited intellects, those who have attained the blessing of all powers, living somewhere, then the crucifix there turns into a thorn, that is, they remain safe there. No matter what the time and conditions are like, if you have accumulated a stock of all powers, these powers will make the elements your servants, that is, you will definitely receive everything you need.

In the early days, it was printed in the papers, that "Om Mandli is the richest in the world", and so the same words will emerge from everyone's lips at the end. However, you also have to pay attention to the fact that if you lack any one power, you will definitely experience being deceived somewhere or other. Therefore, you should now make effort on these refined aspects. "Did I cause anyone sorrow? Did I know how to handle this or not?" Those are all trivial things. The efforts of the specially beloved children should no longer be on that level. The efforts of the special children at this time should be to fill the self with a stock of all powers. The daily checking in the chart of the special children should not be whether they became angry with anyone or whether they made someone discontent. To check on such a gross level is the work of the infantry and the cavalry. The effort of the specially beloved children should not be on that level at this time. The present effort should be to fill the self with all powers. To have any one power missing means to come out of the list of specially be loved children. Don't think because you have six powers, that out of the eight powers, you have two powers missing and that you will therefore at least have more than 50%. Don't become happy with just that. Eight powers are especially spoken of, but you should in fact have all powers. There aren't just eight powers, there are many powers. In order for it to be easy to speak about, you speak of eight powers. However, you should now not have even one power  lacking, because whatever power you lack, something or someone will come to test you in that particular power, that is, according to the drama, each one of you will have to face a test in that particular power. Therefore, become full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees full and a master almighty authority, one with all powers. If even one power is missing, you would not be called one with all powers, but one with some powers. To be a specially beloved child means to be a master almighty authority, one with all powers. A specially beloved child means one who follows the elevated code of conduct. Those who are the most elevated beings who follow the most elevated code of conduct cannot have any thoughts that are against the code of conduct. Since your activity is considered to be the code of conduct or Godly disciplines, you are Maryada Purshottam (elevated beings who follow the highest code of conduct), are you not?

BapDada saw and heard about the state of this gathering. He saw that everyone was very good and also heard that everything was very good. Each of you has shaped and prepared yourself very well. When jewellery is made, they first of all form the general mould and they then make the jewellery using that mould. So, here, too, the jewellers have created very good jewellery, they have created very good designs, but, as yet, the jewels have not been mounted on the jewellery. Only when you mount the jewels on the jewellery do you put the design into a practical form. To have prepared good jewellery means to have created good plans. However, we now have to see bow elevated each one makes himself and the jewellery with the invaluable diamonds. Now, we shall see the result of this. You have become knowledge-full, but, according to the present time, you need to be powerful. You have created jewellery at knowledge-full ones, and all that now remains to be done is to set powerful gems on it. You have surrounded everyone very well. You have been able to surround everyone because you have put your hands in the hands of one another. What more do you have to do now? If someone who gives you a hand becomes weak or tired, don't let that one become weak, but make a tired hand tireless, for only then will there be success. The success of this gathering doesn't lie in just making the self strong, but in the whole gathering becoming strong. The success of this gathering lies in enabling there to be zeal and enthusiasm in all your companions. You will be able to make this gathering a success when you understand the weaknesses of others to be your own weaknesses. Whilst seeing the weakness, tiredness and defect of someone, do not allow yourself to become part of such company, thinking: "So-and-so is behaving like this, so let me do the same". "Such-and-such a person did this, and so what does it matter if I also do it?" Don't even allow this thought to enter your dreams, for only then will there be success.

Madhuban residents are lucky. The result of the Madhuban residents in having zeal, enthusiasm and being tireless is very good, but now, for the future, you have to become even more Maya-proof. Just as some things are waterproof , so Madhuban residents have to become Maya-proof  Do you understand?
To those who make themselves and all other souls powerful, to those who make weak ones strong, to those who consider the weaknesses of others in a gathering to be their own weaknesses and finish them in this way, to the master almighty authorities who are treasure-stores of all powers, to the jewels of contentment who are constantly content with the self and content with everyone else, to those who win BapDada's heart and everyone else's heart, that is, to those who enable the sanskars and nature of all souls to become like those of the Father, to such victorious jewels, BapDada's love, remembrance, good night and namaste.

Blessing: May you be pure, clean and humble and put a full stop to the past with the power of transformation.

With the power of transformation, first of all, transform your form: I am not a body, I am a soul. Then transform your nature. It is the old nature that deceives you in this effort-making life.  Therefore, transform your old nature.  Then there is the transformation of thoughts. 'Transform waste thoughts into powerful thoughts. In this way, put a full stop to everything of the past with the power of transformation and you will automatically become pure, clean and humble.

Slogan: To let the tilak of awareness constantly sparkle on your forehead is the sign of true "suhaag"
(sign of the fortune of being wed).

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