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Essence of Murli 06-05-2012

The way to become an embodiment of success like the Father is to have good wishes for everyone.

Today, BapDada is seeing three types of stars amidst this gathering. All of you are stars of knowledge, but, even amongst the stars of knowledge, what are the three types? One are the stars of success, the second are the lucky stars and the third are the stars of hope. Each star has its own world. Have all of you seen your own world or have you just seen yourselves? The world means the creation. Are you able to see your creation? Do you know how many and what things are looked for in the creation? You must be seeing your own creation. Whatever is the Father's creation is also your own creation. You are master creators, are you not? You aren't just going to rule the father's subjects, are you? Do you not become master creators? Will you always be the creation? You are creating your own creation, that is, your kingdom, are you not? In a kingdom too, everything is numberwise, is it not? On what basis is that created? And, even in that, there are your devotees. The devotees of the Shaktis are different from the devotees of the Father.

Who will become your devotees? On what basis will your devotees be created? Those souls who experience some form of attainment from the elevated or instrument souls, or who have visions through such souls and experience the attainment of blessings through such souls, they become the subjects or devotees of these souls. Those who are very close souls, those who have a relationship with the Father and who also claim a right to the inheritance from the Father, go into the royal family. At the same time, each soul is creating his own royal family, that is, the soul is creating the future relationships and royal family; he is creating his subjects and also his devotees. What are the signs of devotees and subjects? You have been told about the basis of coming into the kingdom, but what will be the difference between the subjects and the devotees? The subjects will only make effort for the attainments of knowledge and yoga; they will not have a close relationship but will definitely have a distant relationship. Such souls would make effort to create a life within the code of conduct according to their worthiness and according to their capacity. However, in the other two subjects of dharna and Godly service, although they will be co-operative according to their capacity, they will not be embodiments of success. This is why they are not able to become 16 celestial degrees full. Because of being under the influence of some sanskar or nature, weak souls are not able to take a high jump. Therefore, instead of becoming part of the royal family or the royal clan, they become royal subjects: not part of the royal clan but royal subjects. Devotees will never experience themselves to have all rights. They will have the sanskars of devotees till the very end, and they will constantly keep begging: Give me blessings, give me power, have mercy on me, give me strength or give me drishti etc. Such sanskars of begging and being dependent will be visible in them till the very end. They will constantly be seekers. Even though they are being inspired to have the intoxication of being a child, of being a master or of being a master almighty authority, they will not be able to have this intoxication. They will be content with just a little; this is a sign of devotees. From this, now see how many subjects and how many devotees have been created. Devotees never have the power to come into a direct connection with the Father. They are always content with just coming into connections with souls. The words that repeatedly emerge from them are "You are my everything". Such devotees will come to you. Even against your conscious wish, subjects and devotees of all instrument souls will continue to be created. Now, do you understand what your world and creation are? As you progress further, each of you will have a vision of which kingdom you will claim a royal status in, whether a male status or a female status.

Achcha, this is about the world of stars, that is, its creation. Amongst the stars, the first number stars are the stars of success. What are the signs of the stars of success from which you can check whether you are already a star of success or a future star of success? What are the signs of the lucky stars and the stars of hope? Even though you know this, BapDada will give you a vision of the three stages with the mirror of knowledge. All of you wish to have a vision of this, do you not? If not with divine vision, you are able to have visions through the mirror of knowledge, are you not? The sign of the stars of success is that they will have determination in their every thought; that they have had success many times and that success is guaranteed. Even in their dreams, they will not have the consciousness of whether there will be success or not, or that there should be success, but they will have 100% faith that their success is guaranteed. Their every word will have the speciality of being spoken with faith in the intellect, and their words will reveal the spiritual intoxication of being the children of God, that is, Godly intoxication will be visible in them. The arrogance of body consciousness will not be visible in them. Through their words, even those who have doubtful intellects will develop faith in the intellect, because firstly, they have spiritual Godly intoxication and secondly, every word of theirs is very powerful. Their words are not ordinary or wasteful and, of course, every action of theirs is elevated, for their speciality is that many souls will be able to find the right path through every action of theirs. Through the saying "Whatever deeds I perform, others who see me will do the same", every action of theirs will become a lesson; every action of theirs will be a form of teaching for many souls. This is known as powerful actions. Only those who have such thoughts, words and deeds will be content with themselves. Because of being content, they will remain happy; they will not take any effort to be made happy, but they will be naturally and constantly happy.

Other souls will also remain content with such souls who are embodiments of success, that is, the success of contentment in others will be visible as the practical, instant fruit. This is not the future fruit, but practical, instant fruit. Seeing such constantly cheerful souls, other souls will also be influenced by them and the waves of their sorrow and confusion will be transformed and they will become happy. That is, by coming into contact with such souls, by coming close to such souls, others will be influenced by their happiness. Just as those who go close to or in front of the sun experience the rays of the sun against their conscious wish, in the same way, the rays of happiness of those who are embodiments of success also spread over many souls. It is as when you experience the colour of the Father's company in a second, that is, when you remain yogyukt, you experience the Father's company and you thereby experience yourself being coloured by that colour. In the same way, other souls experience the colour of the company of those who are stars of success. This is a sign of those who are embodiments of success and stars of success.

The second are the lucky stars. What would be their sign? The lucky stars would especially have a lot of love for the Father and would remain absorbed in the Father's divine activities and experience the sweetness of all relationships with the Father. Their thoughts would not be as powerful, but would be loving. In their awareness, they will constantly be speaking of their meeting the Father and of His divine activities. They would not have the seed stage so much; they would experience an avyakt meeting and the avyakt stage and a heart-to-heart conversation much more. Because of their love, and because of breaking away from others and connecting with the One, such souls receive co-operation. Because of receiving co-operation from the Father, they don't have to make so much effort and yet they experience a lot of attainment. They always experience having the good luck of receiving extra help from the Father and of being able to go across. They feel that no one else has as much love as they have. Because of receiving co-operation, their words are filled with intoxication. The first number souls have that sparkle (jhalak), whereas the second number souls do not have that sparkle, but they have intoxication (falak). Those (the first number) are equal to the Father and the second number are loving to the Father. However, on what basis did they receive co-operation and on what basis did they become lucky? The main basis for this is breaking off from everyone else and connecting with One; they are unshakeable and firm in this one relationship. This is why they are called lucky. The words of one who is an embodiment of success are, "This is already guaranteed", whereas the words of the lucky stars would be, "I understand this, it will definitely happen, Baba will help". This is the second stage.

The third are the stars of hope. Because of not constantly attaining success, such souls have hope that they will definitely do something, that they will reach their destination or that they will definitely become something. However, they stop somewhere in-between, they get trapped somewhere and they sometimes even become disheartened. Because of experiencing many different types of obstacles, they sometimes become afraid and sometimes become mahavirs. Sometimes, they get the chance to celebrate a meeting with the Father easily and sometimes, they make that connection after having worked hard. This is why they are called the third number. They will neither remain constantly happy nor will they be constantly content, but they will never let go of their hope. They will never fluctuate in the faith that they belong to the Father, but, because of being weak, they sometimes become disheartened. These are the stars of hope. Do you understand?

Now, look in your mirror of knowledge and check who you are. This was the riddle you came to solve, was it not? Now, at the end too, this is the riddle that you have to solve: Who am I? You have to keep the aim of becoming a star of success because you have to become equal to the Father. Do not become happy with just having love for the Father. In order for you to become equal to the Father and an embodiment of success like the Father, Baba is simply telling you two things in two words. It is easy to imbibe just two words, is it not? Constantly maintain good wishes for all souls. Whomsoever you come into contact with, whomsoever you come into relationship with and whomsoever you serve, have good wishes and pure feelings. No matter what form of an examination comes in front of you, even if that soul comes to make you fluctuate, you must have these two things of good wishes and pure feelings in your thoughts, words and deeds for every soul and you will become a star of success. This is easy, is it not? This is the religion (dharma) and karma of Brahmins. Whatever is your dharma, so will be your karma. The Father's good wishes and pure feelings for all the children is that each one becomes higher than the Father. This is why the moment He sees or hears of little things, He feels that they should become complete at that very moment. Does it seem right that a master almighty authority soul should speak of such vision and attitude? That is, should master almighty authority souls speak of such weaknesses in front of the Father, the Almighty Authority? This is why the Father is now signalling you to become masters now because, after having made yourself this, you have to make the world this. Do you understand?

To such sensible children who make whatever they hear and whatever they do the same, to those who follow BapDada in every thought and in every word, to the stars of success, the lucky stars and the stars of hope, to the children who have a full right to attaining their aim, BapDada's love, remembrance, good night and namaste.

Blessing: May you be the one who has died alive accurately by dying alive to the attraction of the old world and sanskars.

To die alive accurately means to die forever to the old world and old sanskars even in your thoughts and dreams. To die means to transform. No attraction can attract them towards itself. They can never say, "What to do? I did not want it to happen but it happened!"... Many children come back to life after having died alive. They finish one head of Ravan and another one emerges. However, if you finish the foundation itself, then Maya will not attack you by changing her form.

Slogan: Those who remain constantly busy in remembrance and service are the luckiest of all.

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