Monday, August 27, 2012


By B.K. Muskan, Delhi, India.

    It gives me immense pleasure to share my experience. I have been blessed with multiple rare opportunities to learn, right from my childhood. I have experienced good and bad in their varied forms. I am blessed that I have been born to such parents whose priority for virtues helped me groom into a decent and cultured girl. Ours was a male dominated family where I was the fourth girl. I had to suffer at times because of being a girl. My elder sisters taught me that girls are not weak; they can do anything. My eldest sister inspired me a lot and always supported me for studies. I loved to watch the movies of gods/goddesses and whenever I saw an idol of a goddess, a thought came to my mind: she is looking like me; she has a body, two eyes, two ears and everything that I have but why do people worship her and do not even respect me. What’s the difference between us? My aunt used to follow the Brahma Kumaris philosophy. One day she visited our place and asked my eldest sister to visit the B.K. Centre. Even before visiting the B.K. Centre, my sister had resolved never to get married and to serve her family throughout her life. My father and other relatives pressurized my sister to get married but she had great faith in God. One day, I accompanied my Aunt to the B.K. Centre. When I entered there, I felt that I had visited it earlier and had also met the B.K. sister, though that was my first visit to the B.K. Centre. BK Renu Didi was reading something; it was like a letter and my Aunt called it Murli. When she was reading Murli, there was a line in it: “Remember your beloved father.” This line touched my heart so much because I had not experienced my father’s true love in my childhood. Since then I have been listening to Murlis for the past eight years. It was explained to me that I had visited that place 5000 years ago. I also completed 7-Day Rajyoga course. Now I have got the answer why God sent me to this world – God gives us life to serve this world. Now I love my beautiful life. I try to keep smiling always because God has given me a beautiful name – ‘Muskan’, which means smile. I love to be called Muskan when someone calls my name. I feel that God has sent me to keep smiling. Our relatives don’t appreciate our affiliation to the BK organization though we all, four sisters follow Godly knowledge. Now my father also supports us in our spiritual pursuit. I really appreciate my father’s support to our spiritual inclination, because people still try to influence him, but he always says, “it is my children’s lives, they can do what they like to do and I believe that my children would never let me down”. God says, “ Sweet children, if you do things according to my Shrimat, I will gift you heaven in future”. But, God has made my life heaven now itself. People ask, “How can you smile so beautifully?” I answer that I have got something very beautiful. My friends used to comment: “You are too young; this is not the age for being so much spiritual; it’s the time for having fun, become up-to-date and walk with the world. You are not fashionable; you do not even put up make-up, why?” I answer that whatever I am, is because of God and spirituality. My simplicity is my fashion, my make-up is my smile on my lips, I wear compassion and purity in my eyes and I wear peaceful thoughts in my mind. I believe in doing internal make-up with inner values/virtues, which make me beautiful externally. Spiritual knowledge teaches us the art of living – it not only teaches you to smile but also teaches to make others smile when they lose the meaning of their lives. I wish to serve the humanity and spread the vibrations of purity, peace and happiness all around in the atmosphere. I have also received encouragement from B.K. Sister Shivani and Sis. Asha of ORC, Delhi, who have always guided me along this Godly path of virtues and values.
Om Shanti.


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