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Essence of Murli 16-09-2012

16/09/12     Madhuban     Avyakt BapDada     Om Shanti     10/09/75 

 A knowledge-full and powerful soul is successful 

Do you always experience yourself to be master knowledge-full, powerful and successful in every situation? The result of being a knowledge-full and powerful soul is to be successful. At the present moment, there are two subjects: yoga and gyan. Yoga means being powerful, and gyan means knowledge. The objective of these two subjects is to become successful. This is called the visible fruit. The visible fruit of this time will glorify your future fruit. It should not be that you become deprived of experiencing the visible fruit of the present on the basis of waiting for the future fruit. You should never think that nothing is visible at the present moment, or that there is neither any experience of it nor any attainment. "This study is for the future. My future is very bright. Now I am incognito. At the end I will be revealed." However, the future sparkle and reward of a soul who is going to be renowned at the end should be experienced by all souls now. This is why there is the visible fruit now and, together with that, the future fruit. If there is no visible fruit, then there can be no future fruit. They don't have to reveal themselves. Their connection, love and co-operation will automatically reveal such souls. 

It is a Godly law that those who try to prove themselves in any way will never become renowned. Therefore, such thoughts as, "I know that I am right; others don't know or recognize it; ultimately they will recognize me. Let's see what happens later on." These are thoughts of the sweet sleep of carelessness with which a soul who is an embodiment of gyan and an embodiment of remembrance deceives the self. Maya has many types of sleep which give rest for a temporary period, or which give reassurance to your heart for a short time. If there is any aspect in which you lose your reward or attainment of visible fruit, then you are definitely sleeping in one of the many types of sleep. This is why there is the saying, "One who sleeps is a loser." Losing is sleeping. At that time, such souls can never experience success, that is, they can never become successful. 

Out of the whole cycle, according to the drama plan, it is only the confluence age that has this blessing. Which blessing? What blessing does the confluence age have? Only the confluence age has the blessing of your receiving visible fruit. To give now and to receive now. First, you look and then you act; you are clever business people. The speciality of the confluence age is that it is only in this age that the Father is revealed, the highest-on-high Brahmins are revealed, the story of the 84 births of you all is revealed and the elevated knowledge is also revealed. This is why you are receiving visible fruit. Are you experiencing the visible fruit? If, at the time of attaining the visible reward, a soul keeps thinking of the future reward, what would that soul be called? Would that soul be called master knowledge-full, or is this a type of ignorance? Any type of ignorance is called the sleep of ignorance. Check yourself and see whether you are sleeping in any type of ignorance. 

Have you become an ever-lit light? The sign of being awake is to awaken, that is, to attain. Therefore, are you the ever-lit lights who always have attainments? Do you know what the main dharna is to become an ever-lit light? Tell Me which dhania sakar father had? What was sakar father's special dharna? In order to become an ever-lit light, the main dharna needed is that of being tireless. When there is tiredness, you fall asleep. The speciality of tirelessness was always experienced in sakar father. The ones who follow the father in this way become the ever-lit lights. You should also check whether, while you are moving along, any type of tiredness makes you sleep in the sleep of ignorance. This is why, in the memorial of the previous cycle, the special virtue of becoming conquerors of sleep has been remembered. You have to become conquerors of many types of sleep. You also have to make a list of which types of sleep do not allow you to become a conqueror of sleep. Before falling asleep, there are visible signs of sleep. The sign of that sleep is yawning, and a sign of the sleep of ignorance is unhappiness. Look out for such types of sign. There are two main aspects of this: one is laziness and the second is carelessness. Firstly, it is these signs that come and later there is the intoxication of sleep. Therefore, thoroughly check this. Along with checking you also have to change. Don't just go on checking', you have to do both, checking and change. Do you understand? Achcha. 

To those who transform the world through self-transformation, to those who are as tireless as the father, to those who experience the visible fruit in every thought, word and deed, to the special souls who are embodiments of all attainments, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

16/09/12     Madhuban     Avyakt BapDada     Om Shanti     13/09/75 

World transformation is the special task of Brahmin life. 

Today, the Father, the Creator of the world, is seeing His co-operative elevated souls who are world transformers. Just as the Father is instrumental in transforming the world, so, do all of you also move along whilst constantly considering yourselves to be instruments for this task? Do you constantly and permanently have the awareness that you have to bring about transformation? Those who transform the world first of all transform themselves. How can those who are not able to transform themselves in any particular aspect become instruments for the task of world transformation? If BapDada were to give you a direction right now to transform your awareness in a second, that is, if you were told to stabilise yourself in the awareness of the soul and not the body, would you be able to: 

1) Transform your awareness in a second? 
2) Transform your attitude in a second? 
3) Transform your nature and sanskars in a second? 
4) Transform those who are in connection with you, the soul, in a second? 
5) Transform your fleeting thoughts in a second, from wasteful to powerful? 
6) Change the speed of your effort from ordinary to intense in a second? 
7) Go beyond the corporeal world and make yourself a resident of the incorporeal world, paramdham, in a second? 

This is known as the power of transformation. At the confluence age, the special play is of transformation. Just as you check all the other powers in yourself, in the same way, do you also check to what extent you have the power of transformation in all these aspects? To experience obstacles in your efforts means to lack the power of transformation. 

The basis of all attainments is the power of transformation. Because of not being able to transform yourself, you are not able to reach the elevated aim that you have for yourself. Because of not having the power to transform, even while wanting something and adopting the means for that, although you have the right company, you follow the disciplines according to your capacity, and even though you call yourself a Brahmin, you are not content with yourself. Just the power of transformation alone becomes the means for corning close to the Almighty Authority Father and all the elevated souls. If you do not have the power of transformation, you would constantly experience yourself to be standing aside and deprived of all attainments. You will then experience yourself to be one who sees and hears everything from a distance. You will remain thirsty for the experience of love, co-operation and power. The expansion of many types of desires, hopes and wishes will constantly appear in front of you like storms. Because of these storms, the destination of attainment will constantly seem far away. 

Today, BapDada saw a scene of such world transformers. In the corporeal world, you constantly keep hearing about calamities that have been caused by water. Whilst hearing about them, do you experience pleasure or mercy or fear? What do you feel? Do you sometimes feel fear and sometimes mercy? Do the Pandavas feel afraid? Do you feel mercy or do you experience pleasure? There shouldn't be any fear. At that time, even to have the awareness of being, female is wrong. You must never consider yourself to be alone. You should always maintain the awareness of your combined form of a Shiv Shakti. Not just a Shakti, but a Shiv Shakti. When you are in the stage of the combined form, then, just as when someone sees two, he would hesitate in attacking you, in the same way, the combined stage would influence nature or the person at that time, that is, there would be hesitation in attacking you in any way. Not just a person, but even the elements of nature would hesitate, that is, even the elements would not be able to attack you. You would be safe when you are even just one step away. Even though they have weapons, even though they have powerful weapons, they would become weak. However, at that second, you have to use the power of transformation, with the awareness that you are not alone, that you are not a female, but that you are a Shiv Shakti in the combined form. You need the power of transformation for this, do you not, so that you are able to transform the person or nature with your powerful awareness and attitude? At present, these are just the papers of the second or third year, of the second or third class. The form of the final paper will be many times more fearsome than this. What will you do then? Many of you have some thoughts. About what? Many say with such love and a right: Call me before this scene, so that I can see all of that from the subtle region. However, the practical part of being an embodiment of power (shakti-form), the part of the revelation of the incarnation of the Shaktis and the part of revealing the Almighty Authority Father through the self is to take place in such circumstances. Therefore, in order to be able to see such scenes and hear the drums of untimely death, you have to increase the power of transformation. Bring about transformation in a second, because the entire play is based on just one second. 

At such a time, on the one hand, you should be able to remember the lesson of "Nothing new" through which you experience the stage of experiencing benefit no matter what happens. That is, you should have the stage of a detached observer so that, whilst seeing all of those scenes, you would experience pleasure. As well as that you would also have the stage of a world benefactor and feel mercy. There has to be the balance of the two. There should be the stage of a detached observer as well as the stage of a world transformer. Do you understand? This was the news of the corporeal world. What happened about the news of the subtle region? You were told earlier that, because of your lacking the power of transformation, the storms of many desires could be seen; the majority of children were visible in this scene, number wise. What call could be heard from them? That of: I wish to do something and yet why does it not happen? This should happen, but it is not happening even though I have made a lot of effort. Such types of sound of their minds were heard emerging from them. Therefore, the means for coming out of that storm is to increase the power of transformation and you will then be able to attain the practical fruit. Always have the awareness that you are a world transformer who is co-operating with the Father: I am a world transformer. My duty is to bring about transformation, that is, I have attained this Brahmin birth for this task. So, continue to move along while keeping your original task in your awareness. Achcha. 

To the co-operative souls who create every thought while remaining with the Father at every second, to the souls who transform nature, circumstances and people, to those who, like the Father, constantly stabilise themselves in the awareness of being master almighty authorities, to those who constantly have benevolent feelings for the self and for others, to the world benefactor and world transformer souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

Blessing: May you be double light and carry out every task, considering yourself to be an instrument with the awareness of being a trustee. 

The consciousness of being an instrument easily finishes any burden. "This is my responsibility. I have to look after this. I have to think about this." Such thoughts create a burden. It is the Father's responsibility and He has made me a trustee, that is, an instrument. Become double light with this awareness and continue to experience the flying stage. Where there is the consciousness of "mine" there will be a burden. Therefore, whenever you experience a burden in any task, check that you do not say "mine" by mistake where you should be saying "Yours". 

Slogan: Let there be soul-conscious awareness and good wishes in every word and none of your words will then go to waste. 

16-09-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज:10.09.75 मधुबन 

नॉलेजफुल और पावरफुल आत्मा ही सक्सेसफुल 

16-09-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज:13.09.75 मधुबन 

विश्व-परिवर्तन ही ब्राह्मण जीवन का विशेष कर्तव्य है 

वरदान: ट्रस्टी पन की स्मृति से निमित्त समझ हर कार्य करने वाले डबल लाइट भव 

निमित्तपन का भाव बोझ को सहज खत्म कर देता है। मेरी जिम्मेवारी है, मेरे को ही सम्भालना है, मेरे को ही सोचना है....तो बोझ होता है। जिम्मेवारी बाप की है और बाप ने ट्रस्टी अर्थात् निमित्त बनाया है इस स्मृति से डबल लाइट बन उड़ती कला का अनुभव करते रहो। जहाँ मेरा है वहाँ बोझ है इसलिए कभी किसी भी कार्य में जब बोझ महसूस हो तो चेक करो कि कहीं गलती से तेरे के बजाए मेरा तो नहीं कहते। 

स्लोगन: हर बोल में आत्मिक भाव और शुभ भावना हो तो कोई भी बोल व्यर्थ नहीं जा सकता। 

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