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Avyakt Murli 30-09-2012

30/09/12 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 19/09/75 

Specialities of Shaktis and Pandavas. 

Today, at amrit vela, BapDada went on a tour of all the service places, and so He will relate the news of that tour. What did He see? In order to give comfort to the souls, in order to celebrate a meeting, in order to have a heart-to-heart conversation, and while putting the things in their hearts in front of Dilaram Baba, the Comforter of Hearts, all the spiritual children were giving themselves the blessing of remaining double-light and also receiving this blessing. Some children were stabilised in the stage of world benefactors and were giving blessings and the great donation of all the powers received from the Father to all souls. Baba saw three types of result. First were those who take. Second were those who were celebrating a meeting and third were those who received and then gave, that is, those who were earning an income. He saw three types of children everywhere. 

After seeing all of this, Baba saw the children in their form of Godly students. Each one, as a student, was going to his or her spiritual world university with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm in order to study the Godly knowledge. All were engaged in their study, numberwise, according to their efforts. The spiritual splendour at each service centre was individual to the centre itself. There were also three types of students. One was those who simply listened to everything, that is, those who remained happy just listening to everything. The second was those who listened to everything and merged it within themselves and the third was those who became knowledge-full, the same as the Father, and were making others the same. 

After seeing this, Baba saw the third stage: the stage of a karma yogi. What did He see in the third stage? First were those who were lotus flowers. The second were spiritual roses and the third were a variety of flowers. In that variety, the majority was sun flowers. When they were personally in front of the Sun of Knowledge, they were in full bloom, but when they stepped away from the Father, the Sun of Knowledge, instead of flowers, they became buds, that is, their form and colour changed. What were the lotus flowers doing? While performing all tasks, while coming into relationship with all their contacts, they were detached and also remained loving to the Father. While performing deeds amid the atmosphere, under an impure influence and amid the vibrations of souls with different attitudes, they had the stage of equanimity in both karma and yoga. Amidst all types of upheaval, they were stable, but, how many such souls were there? About 25%, and in that too, the majority were Shaktis. The Pandavas may be wondering why. Baba will also relate the speciality of the Pandavas; just have a little patience! There is also praise of the Pandavas, the equals of the Father of the Pandavas. 

Who were the spiritual roses compared to the lotus flowers? The spiritual roses are those who are constantly stable in their spiritual stage and who look at others with the vision of spirituality, who constantly see others as a jewel on the forehead. Together with this, with their stage of spirituality, they constantly, that is, at every moment, have the pure thought of making other souls spiritual through their own awareness, vision and attitude. That is, at every moment, they move along as yogi and serviceable souls. BapDada only saw a few such spiritual roses spread around the whole garden; it was a very small percentage. Out of the variety of flowers, the first 10% were sun flowers. The second quality was of seasonal flowers: every season has a particular type of flower that is very beautiful and very colourful and it has the beauty and sparkle of that season. They increase the show of the garden. BapDada saw many such colourful seasonal flowers. He saw the colour and the form: the form was of a Brahma Kumar or Kumari and the colour was of knowledge. So, there was the colour and the form, but they lacked spirituality. The fragrance of spiritual vision and attitude was almost nil. Because of the season, they would come into bloom slightly for a short time, and after that short time they would appear to have wilted; they would not be constantly the same. The majority was of such colourful flowers that only bloom according to the season. 

At the present time, the practice of having a spiritual attitude and vision is absolutely essential. 75% are weak in the practice of this spirituality. The majority definitely become attracted to the attractions of one type of matter or another; either persons or objects definitely influence them at some time or other and keep them under their control. In that too, they become very distressed in the spinning of the thoughts of their mind. Because of this distress, they become disheartened with themselves. In fact, if Brahmin souls have a vision or attitude of vice in their thoughts, that is, if they are looking at the skin, that is, if they have sinful feelings towards a body, then those who have such feelings come in the list of those who are the greatest sinners. In Brahmin life, the biggest sin or the biggest stain is of having such feelings of vice. A Brahmin means one who has the blessing of a divine intellect. Those who have the blessing of divine eyes, those who have divine intellects and divine eyes cannot touch skin or bodies with thoughts in their intellects or with their divine eyes or with their vision for even a second. The pure food and interaction for divine intellects and divine eyes are pure thoughts. If you let go of the food of pure thoughts and take impure food, that is, if you become influenced by your thoughts, then those who have such impure food would be called impure souls, that is, the greatest sinners, the ones who commit suicide of the soul. Therefore, constantly try to protect yourself from the thought of committing that great sin. Otherwise, you will have to experience punishment for that great sin in a very severe form. Therefore, have a divine intellect and be one who constantly has a pure diet. Do you understand? 

What speciality was seen in the Pandavas? They are hard working in service. They have planning intellects, they are tireless and ever-ready at every moment on the stage of service. The majority that come onto the field of service are Pandavas. The Pandavas are ahead in this speciality, and, in return for this service, they are continuing to move along with courage and enthusiasm. The Pandavas stay amid the vicious vibrations a lot more than the Shaktis do, and this is why, while staying in such an atmosphere, they remain loving and detached. For this success, they receive more (extra) marks than the Shaktis. However, use this lottery a lot more, that is, take such golden chances a lot more. So, you have now heard the news of today's tour. Achcha. 

To such sensible souls who understand through signals, to those who have a pure physical and subtle diet, to those who constantly have elevated interaction and who have benevolent feelings for the world in their every thought, to such world-server souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

30/09/12 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 20/09/75 

While having power, why there isn't success and contentment in life. 

Just as the Father is the Ocean of all virtues, do you consider yourselves to be master oceans in the same way? An ocean is infinite, unshakeable and still. Two powers are specially visible when you look at an ocean: the power to accommodate, and to the extent that you see the power to accommodate, accordingly, you will also see the power to face. It faces the waves and also accommodates any person or any object into itself. So, since you are master oceans, check within yourselves to see to what extent you have these two powers. To what percentage do you have these powers? Are you able to use both the powers according to a time of need? Do you experience success through having these powers? 

Many children experience all the powers in themselves and also understand that they have these particular powers in themselves. However, even while having these powers, in some cases they are not able to experience success. Even while considering themselves to be embodiments of knowledge, bliss, love, peace and happiness, they are not constantly content with themselves. Even while being effort-makers, they are only sometimes able to experience the practical fruit: the reward or the attainment. They follow all the disciplines, but, in spite of that, they do not experience themselves to be constantly cheerful. They make a lot of effort, but they experience less fruit. Even in spite of making Maya their servant (dasi), they sometimes experience unhappiness (udasi). What is the reason for that? They have all the powers as well as the knowledge and they are even following all the disciplines; so what are they lacking that they become confused with themselves? 

The aspect that is missing is that they do not know how to use at the right time and in the right way the powers and the points of knowledge that they have attained. They have love for the Father, they have love for knowledge and also have love for a life that is full of all divine virtues. However, together with that love (preet), they do not know the method (reet), or, if they know the method, they don't know how to have love. Therefore, even something invaluable becomes the basis of ordinary attainment. In a physical way, no matter how great a weapon may be or how valuable a possession you have with you may be, if you don't know how to use it, you are not able to receive the attainment from it that you should. In the same way, knowledgeable children are not able to receive the attainment from knowledge and the powers that they should. BapDada feels mercy for such souls. 

Because of not knowing the method, you are not able to receive the attainment that you should. So, how can you adopt the method? For this, you need the power to discern. Because you do not have the power to discern, you use the power to face at a time when you should be using the power to accommodate. When you need to use the power to pack up, you use the power of expansion. This is why, the thought may be of success, but you are unable to receive the success according to your thought in your attainment or in becoming the form. What is the main basis of attaining a special power? What do you need to sharpen your power of discernment? If an instrument is not able to give a clear reading of something, what is the reason for that? In order to increase your power of discernment, you need to have the elevated stage of being incorporeal, egoless, viceless and free from sinful thoughts. If any one aspect out of the four is lacking, then, due to not having that elevated dharna, there isn't that clarity. Only that which is elevated is clear. It is this confusion that doesn't allow the intellect to become clean. Cleanliness is greatness. Therefore, increase your power of discernment. Only then will you be able to experience yourself to be a master ocean of all virtues, the same as the Father. 

Just as an ocean is full of many things, in the same way, experience your form to be full of all powers, because it is only at the confluence age that you receive the blessing of becoming complete. Apart from at the confluence age, you will never be able to experience the complete form. The memorial is of your divine life being full of all virtues. There is also the praise of being 16 celestial degrees full. However, what is the form of something that is complete? Only in this Godly life is the knowledge of virtue and skill experienced. Therefore, it is only in this Godly life that you are able to experience the bliss of being full. 

In order to learn the method, whatever you continue to receive from the Father, whether it is knowledge or powers, continue to use them according to the time. Do not merge them into yourself thinking that they are very good matters or very good things. That is, do not lock them away in the safe of your intellect. Do not just continue to accumulate a bank balance. Or, do not just keep a bundle of money hidden away like elderly people do. Do not simply experience the bliss of listening to them and possessing them, but continue to use them for yourself and for all other souls, because, according to a Godly principle, the more that the attainment of the present time is used, the more it will increase. Just as it is said about donations, "Wealth never finishes by giving it", that is, to give it means to increase it, in the same way, by experiencing the Godly attainments in this way, there will not be a little attainment, but, you will instead experience yourself to be an embodiment of all attainments. By using these again and again, you will be able to make your form into that which is needed according to the time, and you will be able to use whatever power is needed at that particular time in the right way. You will be saved from being deceived at any time of need. To be saved from being deceived means to be saved from sorrow. So, what will you become? Constantly cheerful, that is, constantly happy and you will have the fortune of happiness. So, now have mercy for yourselves and, by using all the attainments and by knowing the method, together with having love, become those who are constantly master oceans of knowledge. Become oceans of powers and oceans of all attainments. Achcha. 

To those who are conquerors of Maya and so conquerors of the world and full of all experiences, to those who make others experienced through their own experiences, to those who are BapDada's children and His masters, to such souls who are masters of the Father and masters of the world, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

Blessing: May you be a master creator who uses the facilities instead of being influenced by them. 

According to the drama, the facilities of science that are useful to you have been created by those who have been touched when the Father had a need for them. However, while using those facilities, do not be influenced by them. Those facilities should never pull you to themselves. Become a master creator and take benefit from the creation. If you are influenced by them, they will cause you sorrow. Therefore, while using the facilities, let your spiritual endeavour continue. 

Slogan: In order to become a constant yogi, transform any limited consciousness of "I"or "mine" into the unlimited.

30-09-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज:19-09-75 मधुबन 

शक्तियों एवं पाण्डवों की विशेषताएं 

30-09-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज:20-09-75 मधुबन 

शक्ति होते हुए भी जीवन में सफलता और सन्तुष्टता क्यों नहीं? 

वरदान: साधनों के वशीभूत होने के बजाए उन्हें यूज़ करने वाले मास्टर क्रियेटर भव 

साइन्स के साधन जो आप लोगों के काम आ रहे हैं, ड्रामा अनुसार उन्हें भी टच तभी हुआ है जब बाप को आवश्यकता है। लेकिन यह साधन यूज़ करते हुए उनके वश नहीं हो जाओ। कभी कोई साधन अपनी ओर खींच न ले। मास्टर क्रियेटर बनकर क्रियेशन से लाभ उठाओ। अगर उनके वशीभूत हो गये तो वे दु:ख देंगे इसलिए साधन यूज़ करते भी साधना निरन्तर चलती रहे। 

स्लोगन: निरन्तर योगी बनना है तो हद के मैं और मेरेपन को बेहद में परिवर्तन कर दो। 

Essence of Murli 29-09-2012

Essence: Sweet children, whenever you have time, earn the true income. Staying in remembrance of the Father while walking, moving around and performing actions is the basis of earning the true income. There is no difficulty in this. 

Question: What are the signs of children who have been enlightened by knowledge? 

Answer: Having been enlightened by knowledge, their physical senses become cool. All mischief ends and their stage becomes constant and stable. Their manners continue to be reformed. 

Question: What is the result of not having accurate remembrance of Shiv Baba in your intellect? 

Answer: There is definitely one sinful action or another performed. The intellect doesn't work even to the extent of making you realize that you are performing sinful actions.Because of disobeying the Father's orders, you continue to be deceived. 

Song: At last the day for which we have been waiting has come. 

Om shanti. Now, you children have the assurance that the unlimited Father has come. Krishna cannot be called the unlimited Father. The song was composed by the people who wrote the drama (film). They call Krishna 'Maharaj Dhiraj" (Emperor). The Father says: I don't become that; I make you that. Therefore, one good meaning or another emerges from this song. The unlimited Father is definitely the Lord of the Poor. The Bharat that He made wealthy has now become poor. It is in Bharat that His birth takes place. His birth is not remembered anywhere else. Although every nation worships Him and has His image, His birth takes place here. Similarly Christ's birth takes place elsewhere, but his images also exist here. Therefore, Bharat is said to be the birthplace of God, the Father. People don't understand anything. They simply say that God is omnipresent. Previously, you too didn't know anything. You now know that Bharat is the birthplace of the Purifier, the Supreme Father, Supreme Soul. People do believe that God is beyond birth and death. Yes, He is definitely beyond death because He doesn't have a body of His own, but He does take birth. The Father says: I have come and My birth is divine. All human beings take birth through a womb and grow from small to large. I don't grow like that. Yes, Krishna does enter the womb of his mother and grows large from small. Every soul enters the womb of his mother and takes birth. This refers to human beings. It is human beings who become poverty-stricken and human beings who become crowned. Bharat was double-crowned in the golden age. There are symbols of purity. There were crowns (halos) of purity and also crowns studded with jewels. When purity was lost, they were left with just one crown. They had been the masters of the world. Then, while taking rebirth, they lost one crown and became those with a single crown. These are matters of knowledge. Because of becoming worshippers from being worthy of worship they lost a crown. Kings continued to become impure and they continued to worship the pictures of the pure sun and moon dynasty kings who existed in the past. Those who were pure and worthy of worship then became worshippers. They are the ones who had to take 84 births. The Bharat that was worthy of worship yesterday has today become a worshipper. From being poor and a worshipper, it has to become wealthy and worthy of worship. It is now so poor. There were so many palaces in heaven. Even the temples were studded with so many diamonds and jewels. Therefore, they would have built their palaces even more beautifully. You are now so poor. From poor, you are now once again becoming wealthy. You children have to make effort. You are shown methods for this every day. Whatever time you have available, earn this income through remembrance. There are many types of work in which you don't need to use your intellect. In some tasks you do have to use your intellect. So, when you have time and you go and tour around etc., stay in remembrance of the Father. You have to earn a great deal of this income. This is the real income. All the rest is false income for a temporary period. You children receive these teachings at this time. You know that you have to claim your unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. There is no difficulty in this. You are not made to leave your household and family. He simply says: Children, don't indulge in vice! It is generally because of this that there is fighting. There isn't such fighting in other spiritual gatherings. There, they simply say "It's true, it's true" to whatever they hear and then go home. It is here that there is fighting. There will definitely be obstacles from the devils in this sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. Innocent ones are assaulted just as they have shown for Draupadi. They called out: Baba, save me from being stripped! The Father's teachings are: Never allow yourself to be stripped! When your stage becomes constant and stable, your physical senses will become cool. Until then, there will be some mischief or other. While you are enlightened with knowledge, let your intellects have the awareness that you have to live as companions. Abroad, many old people are in the stage of retirement. If they don't have any children, they think: Who will become the heir at the end? This is why they adopt a companion in later life. They leave something to that one before they pass away. You don't read the newspapers; lots of news is given in the newspapers. You children don't have to read those things. The Father says: It is good if you haven't studied anything. Forget whatever you have studied until now. The Father teaches us so that we earn a true income and become the masters of the world. The Father says: Hear no evil! See no evil! This applies to you. You children are now becoming worthy to be in a temple. You have found the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, and so you have to listen to Him alone. What need is there for you to listen to other people? When people go to their teachers or gurus, do their gurus tell them not to indulge in vice? They don't give teachings to become pure. When someone has disinterest, he leaves his home and family and runs away. The Father, who is Shiva, the Teacher, places the urn of knowledge on the head of you mothers. Where would Lakshmi come from in this impure world? Lakshmi and Narayan exist in the golden age. Shiv Baba now sits here and explains to you through this one. Shiva, the Teacher, speaks through the mouth of Brahma. You truly do open the gates of heaven and so you will definitely become the masters. You open the gates of heaven, that is, you are making effort to become residents of heaven. Your effort is to make human beings who are residents of hell into residents of heaven. The Father also does the service of making impure ones pure. Your business is the same as the Father's business - making souls into residents of heaven. Everyone wants heaven. When someone dies, others say that that person has gone to heaven. You should ask them: Since that person has gone to heaven, why do you call him back to hell and feed the brahmin priest, etc.? That is the darkness of ignorance. You take food from here to the subtle region to feed them because you know that it is pure food. That person has died, and so he would not receive pure food. Some write: Baba, offer bhog to such-and-such a person so that that soul can receive pure food. It is remembered that even deities loved Brahma Bhojan. Your meeting truly does take place in the subtle region. It isn't that going into trance is good; no! Yoga isn't going into trance and going into trance isn't yoga. The Father says: Connect your intellect's yoga to Me and your sins will be absolved. People go to Vaikunth (Paradise) in trance and perform a dance, but that is not earning an income. They cannot listen to the murli. Offering bhog to departed spirits is a system that has been created according to the drama. There is the difference of day and night between the customs and systems of people and those of the Brahmins of the confluence age. You go from here and feed them in the subtle region. Until new people understand these things, they will continue to have doubts. We would say that, according to the drama, it was not in their fortune and so they had doubts and left. There is nothing to worry about; it just wasn't in their fortune. They forget the first thing, that they have to claim their inheritance from the Father. Their intellects develop doubts in something or other. We are only concerned with our inheritance. Why should we stop studying? You have to listen to the murli. How would the incorporeal Father give you directions? He definitely needs a mouth. You have to hear from the mouth of Brahma or those of the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. Some people live outside, far away and they don't even receive murlis. Therefore, the Father says: It doesn't matter. Simply stay in remembrance and spin the discus of self-realisation. You have received this shrimat from the Father. No matter where you are, you are on a battlefield. The Father explains to those in the military: You have to do that service. That is your business. You have to look after the cities. You receive a salary and have made an agreement. Therefore, you have to look after it. You have the aim in your intellect. The unlimited Father is the Creator of heaven. He says: Children, stay in remembrance of Me and your sins will be absolved. Eat while in remembrance of Shiv Baba and the food you eat will be purified. You also have to take precautions as much as possible. In desperate circumstances, eat in remembrance of Baba. This requires effort. Knowledge is not called a battle. Only in remembrance does a battle take place. Only through remembrance will your sins be absolved. When you consider yourself to be a soul Maya will not slap you and you won't become body conscious. You continue to remember the body for you have forgotten the soul. This is why you are asked: Do you know who the Father of all souls is? Write down His name, form, land and time period. They write a variety of things in reply to this. Some write that the Father of souls is Hanuman, and some write something else. There is so much ignorance! It is then explained: A soul is incorporeal and your guru is corporeal. How could the Father of an incorporeal one be corporeal? Everything depends on the practice of how you explain. Together with that, you also need good manners. There are many who speak very well. The arrow strikes others very well. Because some don't have any manners, there is no progress. There has to be very good remembrance. Some relate knowledge very well but they have no yoga at all. It isn't that knowledge cannot be imbibed without yoga. It is imbibed anyway. For instance, when you relate the history and geography to someone, it very quickly enters your intellect. Nothing of Baba's remembrance would be in your intellect at that time. Some even eat meat and drink alcohol. That is just a story, and it is easy to remember that. The history and geography are in your intellect. There is no question of remembrance in that. There is no question of even purity in that. There are many like that. When you don't remember Shiv Baba, your sins are not absolved. You then continue to perform even more sin. It doesn't even enter your intellect enough to realise that that is a sin. It is a great sin to disobey orders. Shiv Baba orders you to do this! If you disobey Him, you would be deceived a great deal. However, it is very easy to relate the history and geography. Baba has explained that you can go and explain in schools. Say: You study limited history and geography here. You don't study unlimited history and geography. Tell us where the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan went to. Where did the sun and moon dynasties that existed before go? Who snatched away their kingdom? Who attacked them? Only you children know how this cycle turns. If you explain this to others, it would sit in their intellects in seven days. However, they don't have those manners. It isn't that by indulging in vice they would forget the history and geography. Yoga is the main thing. It is in yoga that Maya deceives you. You have to become full of all virtues here. Some make a promise and are then unable to remain firm on it. Maya is very powerful. They don't remember the Father fully and so their sins are not absolved. Instead, they continue to perform doubly sinful actions. They aren't aware of anything. Even when they are told about it, they can't understand it. You children know that the Father is the Lord of the Poor. He is the Merciful One. He explains to us children in particular and the world in general. We in particular go to the land of happiness and everyone in general goes to the land of liberation. In the golden age, there truly was the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. Then there was the moon dynasty and, after them, those of Islam and the Buddhists etc. came. Therefore, the original eternal deity religion disappeared. Go and see the banyan tree in Calcutta; there is no foundation and yet the whole tree is standing. It is like that here too. Establishment is taking place once again. Achcha. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 
1. Don't develop doubts about anything and thereby stop studying. Remember the Father and the inheritance. 
2. Listen to only the one Father. Forget everything else that you have studied. Hear no evil! See no evil! Talk no evil!. 

Blessing: May you be double light and fly in the flying stage by remaining stable in the point form. 

Always keep in your awareness that you are the stars of the Father's eyes. "Star of the eyes"' means only a dot can be in the eyes. It is with the speciality of the dot (pupil) in the eyes that you are able to see. To stay in the point form is the means to fly in the flying stage. Perform every action as a point and you will remain light. Do not have the habit of carrying any burden. Instead of "mine", say "Yours" and you will become double light and you will not experience any burden in self-progress or in the task of world service. 

Slogan: A world transformer is one who transforms negative into positive. 

मुरली सार:- ''मीठे बच्चे - जितना समय मिले सच्ची कमाई करो, चलते फिरते कर्म करते बाप की याद में रहना ही सच्ची कमाई का आधार है, इसमें कोई तकलीफ नहीं'' 

प्रश्न: जिन बच्चों में ज्ञान की पराकाष्ठा होगी, उनकी निशानी सुनाओ? 

उत्तर: जिनमें ज्ञान की पराकाष्ठा होगी उनकी सब कर्मेन्द्रियाँ शीतल हो जायेंगी। चंचलता समाप्त हो जायेगी। अवस्था एकरस हो जायेगी। मैनर्स सुधरते जायेंगे। 

प्रश्न:- शिवबाबा की याद बुद्धि में यथार्थ नहीं है तो रिजल्ट क्या होगी? 

उत्तर:- कोई न कोई विकर्म जरूर होगा। बुद्धि इतना भी काम नहीं करेगी कि हमारे द्वारा कोई विकर्म हो रहा है। बाप का फरमान न मानने के कारण धोखा खाते रहेंगे। 

गीत:- आखिर वह दिन आया आज... 

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार: 
1) किसी भी बात में संशय उठाकर पढ़ाई नहीं छोड़नी है। बाप और वर्से को याद करना है। 
2) एक बाप से ही सुनना है, बाकी जो पढ़ा है वह सब भूल जाना है। हियर नो ईविल, सी नो ईविल, टॉक नो ईविल...। 

वरदान: बिन्दू रूप में स्थित रह उड़ती कला में उड़ने वाले डबल लाइट भव 

सदा स्मृति में रखो कि हम बाप के नयनों के सितारे हैं, नयनों में सितारा अर्थात् बिन्दू ही समा सकता है। आंखों में देखने की विशेषता भी बिन्दू की है। तो बिन्दू रूप में रहना - यही उड़ती कला में उड़ने का साधन है। बिन्दू बन हर कर्म करो तो लाइट रहेंगे। कोई भी बोझ उठाने की आदत न हो। मेरा के बजाए तेरा कहो तो डबल लाइट बन जायेंगे। स्व उन्नति वा विश्व सेवा के कार्य का भी बोझ अनुभव नहीं होगा। 

स्लोगन: विश्व परिवर्तक वह है जो निगेटिव को पॉजिटिव में परिवर्तन कर दे। 

Murli Song

Friday, September 28, 2012

Essence of Murli 28-09-2012

Essence: Sweet children, while sitting in this land of sorrow, remember the land of peace and the land of happiness. Forget this land of sorrow. Your intellects should not wander here. 

Question: What is the basis of your efforts? 

Answer: Faith. You have the faith that the Father has brought you the gift of the new world. This old world is definitely going to be destroyed. You are making effort with this faith. If you don't have faith, you won't reform yourself. As you progress further and everyone receives your message through the newspapers, your sound will spread and your faith will continue to become stronger. 

Om shanti. Tower of silence and tower of happiness. You children are sitting here, but your intellects should go to the home. That is the Tower of Peace. The highest of all is said to be a tower. You are towers of peace. You are making effort to go home. How do you go there? The Father who resides in the Tower is giving you these teachings: Remember Me and you will go to the Tower of Peace. That is called a home and also the abode of peace. These things are explained to you. Stay in remembrance of your land of peace and land of happiness. If you are unable to do this, it means you are thorns of the forest and that is why you experience sorrow. Consider yourself to be a resident of the land of peace. You have to remember your home; you mustn't forget it. The home belongs to the Father. This is the land of sorrow. It wouldn't be said of those who remember the things outside while sitting here that they are remembering their home. This is why the Father gives you these teachings every day: Repeatedly remember the land of peace and the land of happiness. The Father's elevated versions are also mentioned in the Gita: Remember Me alone! What would God make you? He would make you into the masters of heaven, what else? Since you are sitting here to become the masters of heaven, you have to follow completely the shrimat that the Father gives you to attain the home and heaven. There are so many types of guru in the world. The Father has explained: No founder of a religion can be called a guru. They just come here to establish a religion. They don't come here to take anyone back. A guru means one who takes you back home to the land beyond sound, the land of nirvana. However, not a single guru would take anyone back. Not a single person goes to the land of nirvana. 'Beyond sound' (Nirvana) means the home. Neither do the gurus know the meaning of being beyond sound, nor do their followers know it. So much is explained to you children. These pictures are of the golden age and the others are of the silver age. They are not called God. Even Lakshmi and Narayan cannot be called a goddess and god. The eternal and original religion is the deity religion. No one, apart from the deities, is permanently pure. It is just the one religion that remains pure for 21 births. Then, gradually, that stage decreases. In the silver age, there are two degrees less and so the happiness is also reduced. That is called the silver age, 14 degrees. You now have the Father's introduction and the knowledge of the world cycle. You remember Him. but the intellects of many continue to wander around somewhere or other. They don't remember the Father. OK, if you can't understand anything else, then just be a theist and at least keep the Father in your intellect. You know the Father and the beginning, the middle and the end of creation. You cannot speak of the beginning, the middle or the end of the other tree. There is the beginning, middle and end of this tree because Ravan's kingdom begins in the middle. Thorns begin to be created at that time. The garden begins to turn into a forest. At this time, the whole tree has reached a state of total decay. The whole tree has dried up and become tamopradhan. The whole tree has now dried up; the sapling now has to be planted again. The sapling of this is now being planted. If the sapling were not planted, annihilation would take place. Annihilation doesn't take place, that is, not everything is flooded with water. Just Bharat remains, but they speak of everything being flooded with water. You sweetest children know that everywhere becomes covered with water and only Bharat is left. It is like when a wave comes in and then goes out. People say that the BKs only speak about death throughout the whole day. "Death is about to come." Therefore, they think that we say inauspicious things. Tell them: No, we don't speak of destruction. We are saying that the religion of purity, happiness and peace is being established. If destruction didn't take place, how could there be peace? The lands of peace and happiness are being established in an incognito way. We are speaking of auspicious things. You say: O Purifier, come! Purify us and take us back with You! You yourselves also say: Take us with You! We are saying auspicious things and you are also saying auspicious things. We say: Purify us and take us from this world of the land of sorrow to the land of peace! These things we speak about are auspicious. When we ask Him to come, it means we are saying: Come and destroy the impure world and establish the pure world. We ask for Him to come and establish peace in the world. Only in the golden age does peace exist. Peace in the world is being established in an incognito way. Until you explain the meaning to them, they won't be able to understand anything. No one, apart from the Father, can bring death. The Father is said to be the Death of all Deaths. He brings death to everyone. He brings death to so many people. There are so few human beings in the golden age. All the rest receive death. You call out to Him to take you to the pure world. Therefore, the pure world would surely be the new world; it wouldn't be this world. People don't even understand what is meant by 'old world'. There are very few human beings in the pure world. There is peace there. It is so easy to understand and explain these things. However, it doesn't sit in their intellects because it isn't the right time for it. It is said that all are sleeping in the sleep of Kumbhakarna; they will not awaken. This drama is unique. So this whole cycle should turn around in your intellects. The Father comes and gives you all the knowledge. He is called the Knowledge-full One, the Ocean of Knowledge. Only the one Father is the Ocean of Knowledge. You know that there are so many oceans of water. There are as many oceans as there are names for them, or you could say that it is just the one ocean, but that it has been partitioned and given different names. Physically, there is just one ocean. Vasco de Gama went round the earth and came back to where he started. So, there is just one ocean, but they have partitioned it into parts and made it into separate oceans. The earth is also just one land, but it is all divided into pieces. When it is your kingdom, there is just one land and one kingdom; there are no pieces there. The Father comes and gives you the kingdom. It is your kingdom over the whole ocean, the whole land and the whole sky. Everyone will go into liberation. However, to go into liberation-in-life is not like going to your aunty's home! It is common to go into liberation. Everyone will return home. They will definitely go back to where they came from. However, not everyone will go to the new world. It is just your kingdom there. Some come so late, that is, they come just before the new world is about to begin, that is, they come about two to four hundred years before the new world. What is that worth? Those who don't study well will come for a shorter period towards the end of the silver age. They can never become 16 celestial degrees. They would come at the end of the 14 degrees. They will see the world of sorrow in front of them. They will come down, closer to the world of thorns. There, they are not aware of any of this. You have all the knowledge at this time and it has to be imbibed by your intellects. At this time, look how much money people have! Look how palaces continue to be built! They build buildings so many storeys high. They believe that Bharat is now more elevated than in the golden age. Even now, they continue to build buildings with 18 to 20 floors. So, with how many floors will they build buildings by the end? Day by day, they continue to make them higher and higher. There are not even two-storey buildings in the golden and silver ages, nor in the copper age. It is only when there are so many people in the iron age that they build buildings from two to ten storeys. This is because the number of people continues to grow. So where would they all go? There is a lot of business and so they also build huge buildings for show; they continue to change a jungle into a 'mangal' (a place of comfort). So many beautiful buildings continue to be created. They continue to buy land. What was Bombay before? Look what it has become in 80 to 90 years! At first, there were so few people, whereas look how many people there are now! They have drained the ocean. Even now they have reclaimed so much land from the ocean. It is as though the water is becoming less and less. The number of people continues to grow and so where would water come from? The water continues to become less as the ocean continues to be reduced. Where land replaces the sea, they build buildings there. Later, when the water rises, most of the parts of Karachi and Bombay will be covered with water. You know that all the other lands will finish. Calamities are to come and this is why the Father says: Continue to become ready quickly. For instance, only when the fire is about to burn out at the cremation grounds do people go back home. The Father has also come to destroy everything and so He won't go back after only half completing His task. When the fire is extinguished, you will all go back home. What would you do sitting here any longer? As soon as the fire goes out, everyone will go back home. He will take everyone back with Him. This has to happen. Everyone understands this, but they have told a big lie about the time. You children have to explain the Gita. This is the Gita episode through which the deity religion is established. There, there will be only one religion, and all the other religions will be destroyed. It is only this Gita that God spoke. People have sat and created scriptures for the path of devotion. Imbibe such points and then relate them to others. Some say: Baba, I forget. I am unable to imbibe these things. Baba says: What can I do? A kingdom is being established. Everyone is required in this numberwise. If the Father had the power to bless everyone, He would make everyone into a master of heaven, but no! All of you are to be created numberwise. Anyone can understand that God has come. God would definitely bring the gift of heaven. He comes to establish the new world and so He would surely come at the confluence age to establish the new world. You listen to Him and make effort with that faith. Those who don't have faith will never reform themselves, no matter how much you beat your head. Therefore, give everyone the message of the Father's incarnation. You have to give everyone the message. As you progress further, it will be printed in the papers. Just as your name was defamed by the newspapers, so it will also be glorified by the newspapers. The world is very big, and you children won't be able to go everywhere; there are so many cities, so many languages. The sound reaches everywhere through the newspapers. Anyone who comes will say that they heard about this from the newspapers. So your name will be glorified through the newspapers. Don't think that you will have to go everywhere. In that case, you never know how long it would take you. People will hear about this accurately from the newspapers. You even say: Remember the Father and your sins will be cut way. You have to read this in the papers. Now, your name will be glorified and then it will continue to grow. They will know about it at the same time as they heard about it in the previous cycle. Everyone will receive the message. There are many methods for this. Many journalists will write about this. It will just sit in someone's intellect and he will print it in a newspaper. Those of every religion will come to know about this, and then it would be said: O God, Your divine activity is unique! At the end, everyone will remember the Father, but they won't be able to do anything. This is a play. They will know the play. The play of 84 births will be written about in all the papers. Wherever you go, there are definitely newspapers there. The sound definitely spreads through the newspaper. The things you speak of are the most elevated. The time of destruction is also definitely to come again according to the drama plan. Just as people found out about this in the previous cycle, so they will come to know about it now. Establishment takes place gradually. If you remember the confluence age, you will also remember heaven. Remember heaven and be manmanabhav. Also remember the Father and your boat will go across. How could there be peace until destruction takes place? The very name of destruction is very strong. People become very afraid of it when they hear about it. However, this is something right, is it not? There are so many types of sorrow in the impure world and so many types of happiness in the pure world. Look at the gift that the Father brings for you! Achcha. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 
1. Study well and claim a high status. Be ready for the new world before the calamities come. 
2. In order to reform yourself, have faith in the intellect. You have to go beyond sound into the stage of retirement. Therefore, forget this land of sorrow and remember the lands of peace and happiness. 

Blessing: May you be a world benefactor who has a big heart and bring instant results in service. 

Children who do service with a big heart are able to bring huge instant results in service. Whatever task you perform, have a big heart and also have a big heart in making others co-operative. Do not have a small heart for the self or for your co-operative companions. By your having a big heart, even dust becomes like gold, weak companions become powerful and the impossible becomes possible. For this, sacrifice the consciousness of "I" and you will become a world benefactor with a big heart. 

Slogan: To transform reasons into solutions is to be someone who has pure and positive thoughts for others. 

मुरली सार:- ''मीठे बच्चे - इस दु:ख के घाट पर बैठ शान्तिधाम और सुखधाम को याद करो, इस दु:खधाम को भूल जाओ, यहाँ बुद्धि भटकनी नहीं चाहिए'' 

प्रश्न: तुम्हारे पुरूषार्थ का आधार क्या है? 

उत्तर: निश्चय। तुम्हें निश्चय है-बाप नई दुनिया की सौगात लाये हैं, इस पुरानी दुनिया का विनाश होना ही है। इस निश्चय से तुम पुरूषार्थ करते हो। अगर निश्चय नहीं है तो सुधरेंगे नहीं। आगे चल अखबारों द्वारा तुम्हारा मैसेज सबको मिलेगा, आवाज निकलेगा। तुम्हारा निश्चय भी पक्का होता जायेगा। 

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार: 
1) पढ़ाई को अच्छी तरह पढ़कर ऊंच पद पाना है। आफतें आने के पहले नई दुनिया के लिए तैयार होना है। 
2) अपने को सुधारने के लिए निश्चयबुद्धि बनना है। वाणी से परे वानप्रस्थ में जाना है इसलिए इस दु:खधाम को भूल शान्तिधाम और सुखधाम को याद करना है। 

वरदान: बड़ी दिल रख सेवा का प्रत्यक्षफल निकालने वाले विश्व कल्याणकारी भव 

जो बच्चे बड़ी दिल रखकर सेवा करते हैं तो सेवा का प्रत्यक्षफल भी बड़ा निकलता है। कोई भी कार्य करो तो स्वयं करने में भी बड़ी दिल और दूसरों को सहयोगी बनाने में भी बड़ी दिल हो। स्वयं प्रति वा साथी सहयोगी आत्माओं प्रति संकुचित दिल नहीं रखो। बड़ी दिल रखने से मिट्टी भी सोना हो जाती है, कमजोर साथी भी शक्तिशाली बन जाते हैं, असम्भव सफलता सम्भव हो जाती है। इसके लिए मैं-मैं की बलि चढ़ा दो तो बड़ी दिल वाले विश्व कल्याणकारी बन जायेंगे। 

स्लोगन: कारण को निवारण में परिवर्तन करना ही शुभ-चिंतक बनना है। 

Thursday, September 27, 2012




Essence of Murli 27-09-2012

Essence: Sweet children, make effort to make impure ones pure, like the Father. This time is very valuable. So don't waste your time in useless matters. 

Question: Due to which one aspect does the Father feel a lot of mercy for you children? 

Answer: Some children gossip among themselves and waste a lot of their time. When they go sightseeing somewhere, instead of remembering the Father, they have wasteful thoughts. The Father feels a lot of mercy for such children. Baba says: Sweet children, now reform your lives. Don't waste time unnecessarily. In order to become satopradhan from tamopradhan. remember the Father accurately with an honest heart. Don't remember the Father just in desperate circumstances. 

Om Shanti. God speaks. You children must surely understand that God is teaching you. We are very old students. No one studies with the same teacher all the time. They would study for 12 months and then their teacher would change. Here, this main Teacher doesn't change, but there are many daughters to teach you Raja Yoga. Not everything can be accomplished by just one. So many people call out to become pure. They all call out to the One. It is only the one Teacher who purifies everyone. It is a wonder that they call out to the Purifier, but they don't understand anything. Draupadi also called out for protection when they were stripping her. You have been calling out for half the cycle. Tell them: All of you used to call out, did you not? The example of Draupadi is given. The whole world is impure. There is the difference of day and night between those who are impure and those who are pure. Those who are impure have stone intellects. The Father comes and inspires you to dislike all the vices. The soul understands that the body he has at this time is impure. You also understand that this body is impure and rusty. Those who had pure and first-class bodies ruled the kingdom of the whole world. They are called those with divine intellects. Only in Bharat are those with stone intellects and those with divine intellects remembered. Therefore, you children should be concerned about how to make this impure Bharat pure. However, numberwise serviceable children would have such thoughts and would be making effort to purify the impure. This is the Father's first duty. The Father comes to make you satopradhan from tamopradhan. So. you children should be just as concerned as the Father is. The Father says: I make you even more elevated than I am. You should think more about this. You children do even more service than I do. Baba doesn't sit and explain for three to four hours at the exhibitions. The Father praises you children, but that happiness and that yoga are not so visible. This is why the unlimited Father who is teaching through this one is the closest of all. Have you ever seen a father and grandfather being so close together? The soul is the main thing. If the soul leaves, the body is of no use. The bodies of human beings have no value. They are of no use at all; they turn to ashes. The bones and even the skin of animals are useful. Nothing of human beings is useful. They throw the bones in the water and completely finish everything, no sign of anything remains. At least there are signs of the animals in the jungles. Human beings have value from the golden age to the end of the silver age. When they are deities, they are worthy of being worshipped. Then, later, they don't even have the value of a few pennies. This is why they are called those with stone intellects. They continue to bow down in front of others and worry about money etc. There, they remain totally carefree. The Father says: Those bodies of yours are very valuable. This time is also valuable; don't waste it! Don't waste your time in useless matters. You souls have to make yourselves satopradhan with the power of remembrance. There is no other way to become pure. "God speaks" is mentioned in just the one scripture which is called the Shrimad Bhagawad Gita. The Father says: Come, children who are poverty-stricken, I will make you crowned. You too understand that you truly are poverty-stricken, even though many are wealthy or multimillionaires and their photographs etc. are taken. You children, too. are wealthy, numberwise. You say that you are truly wealthy permanently. It is this wealth that will go with you. Although all of those people may be called multimillionaires, in front of you, they are poverty-stricken. The Satguru, Baba has given you the name "eternal multimillionaires". You are the multimillionaires of heaven whereas they are the multimillionaires of hell. You understand heaven and hell. Those with stone intellects don't understand anything at all. As you progress further, they will come to you. When they see destruction taking place, they will understand that the old world is being destroyed. Then they will say that these Brahma Kumars and Kumaris were telling the truth. OK, what do you have to do now? They won't be able to do anything. All the money etc. will all be burnt and finished. When bombs are dropped, all the buildings and property etc. are destroyed; even the bodies are destroyed. You will see very fearsome scenes happening. At that time they won't be able to come to hear knowledge. God sits here and explains all of this at this time. You children know that you have come to God to study. You are so fortunate! Not everyone has this faith. If they had faith, why would they not study with God? They would keep the lights on all night, not be concerned about themselves, not eat food, but begin to study very intensely. This is wonderful; this is an income for 21 births! They would begin to study very well. What is this study after all? The main thing is to remember the Father. Baba feels a lot of mercy. Baba knows that when children tour around, not even one child stays in remembrance of Baba. They gossip a great deal. You children should be very concerned. There is very little time remaining. Bharat is so big and there is so much service to do. First of all reform your lives. Baba tells you many times: Children, don't gossip! Renounce those things and reform your lives! Everyone is to fight among themselves and die. The destiny of the drama is such. It takes time to become satopradhan from tamopradhan. Ask your heart for how long you stay in remembrance. Scarcely anyone remembers the Father accurately with an honest heart and with a lot of love for even five minutes. You have to remember Him with a lot of love. Would anyone remember anyone if there wasn't love? There are many who simply remember Baba when they are in desperate circumstances. They don't know how to remember Baba with love. The Lord is pleased with an honest heart. Look! Baba just makes one sound: Manmanabhav! That is, remember Me and all your sins will be cut away. I am your Friend and all the rest are your enemies. You are enemies of one another. Many people fight and quarrel among themselves and so how can they be friends? The Father says: If you consider souls to be brothers, all animosity would end. If you had no nose, no ears and no mouth, whom would you have animosity for? Don't even look at the body. You are a soul and the other person is a soul and so all enmity is ended. This requires a lot of effort. Would you receive anything without making effort for it? People beat their heads so much for that study. It is so easy! The Father says: Constantly remember Me and receive happiness. You know that you only received sorrow on the path of devotion even though you remembered God. You didn't know the occupation of the One you were remembering. People remember so many: Remember Hanuman! Remember Ganesh! One is to remember God and experience happiness and the other is to remember God and receive sorrow because devotion is the night. There cannot be the night for Shiv Baba. People stumble in the night. It is this Brahma who stumbles the most at first. You Brahmins are his companions. There is the whole clan of Brahmins. All those who become Brahmins come and experience happiness by remembering God. You tell everyone: Remember Shiv Baba and your sins will be cut away. You remember the one Father whereas human beings remember many and become sinful souls. They continue to come down the ladder. You now remember the one Father meaningfully. The Father says: I have come to give you your inheritance and to purify you. This is meaningful, is it not? No one even knows that Shiv Baba is the Purifier. Someone should come and tell us how He purifies everyone. Even those who are sitting here with you don't know this fully. Maya, who makes you forget, is no less. You yourselves say: Baba, I remember You, but Maya makes me forget. Baba says: But if you don't remember Baba. how would you receive your inheritance? Would anyone other than the Father give you an inheritance? The more you remember the Father, the more you automatically receive your inheritance. He explains to you in a straightforward way: A kingdom is being established and even those of the sun dynasty are created here. The sound has to reach the ears of so many human beings. Baba says: Children, go to the temples and into every street and do service. Devotees of Baba are also devotees of the deities. They just continue to sit in the temples and at spiritual gatherings while their intellects run to their business, friends and relatives so that they imbibe nothing at all. It is the same here too; there are those who don't listen to anything but simply continue to nod off. They don't even look at the Father. O, here, you should look at such a Father so well! The Teacher is sitting in front of you. The Father says: I teach you through these physical organs. It is the soul that studies. The Father speaks to souls. Is it the eyes, ears or nose that study? It is the soul that studies. No one in the world knows this because they have body consciousness. All the sanskars are in the soul. The Father says: Look at the soul. This is a matter of so much effort. How can you become a master of the world without making effort? It is only when you make effort that you become a master of the world. Look at the wonder! This is an unlimited study and the One who is teaching you is the unlimited Father. Everyone -from kings to paupers - is created here through this study. To the extent that you study and teach others, so you claim a high status. The Father only comes to teach you make you pure from impure. If you don't even look at the Father, what can one understand from that? That you will claim a status worth a few pennies and become maids or servants. Just as kings have maids and servants, so the subjects also have maids and servants. Both types are called maids and servants. Perhaps they receive a little lift at the end. They experience punishment and receive a little reward at the end. Therefore, your efforts should be very good. Listen to the Father with a lot of love. Then repeat it to yourself. Students study at school and then go home and do homework. It isn't that you should just continue to tour around. There should be the concern to study. Here, there are even some who don't understand anything at all. It is as though they have old-fashioned, stone intellects. After belonging to Baba, if someone makes a severe mistake, there is one hundred-fold punishment accumulated. Therefore, the Father explains: Sweetest children, don't waste your time. The destination is very high. Your status will become like that every cycle. You have come here to change from an ordinary man to Narayan. You haven't come here to become maids or servants. At the end, everyone will have accurate visions of what they are going to become. The intellect also says: What status would those who don't benefit anyone claim? Some do a lot of service day and night. A lot of service is done at exhibitions and melas. Baba says: Create such good things at the museums that people have the desire in their hearts to see them and that they feel that it is like heaven here. The centres cannot be called heaven. Day by day, new things continue to take place. Pictures are also created. You continue to churn the ocean of knowledge. The pictures etc. are made to explain to people. Baba is now making human beings into those with divine virtues. So the soul becomes new and also receives a new body. New means new! When you have changed into new clothes, you would no longer wear old clothes. God would come and definitely show wonders, would He not? God is the One who establishes heaven. Achcha. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 
1. Listen with a lot of love and in the stage of soul consciousness to what the Father tells you. Sit in front of the Father and continue to look at Him. Don't nod off. Have a lot of interest in studying. Definitely study, even if you have to renounce your food. 
2. Make the one Father your true Friend. In order to end animosity among yourselves, practise: We souls are brothers. Even while seeing the body, do not see it. 

Blessing: May you be a server who is free from obstacles by keeping your mind and intellect constantly busy in service. 

To the extent that you have zeal and enthusiasm for service, to that extent you remain free from obstacles because your intellect remains busy in service. When it is empty, there is a chance for something else to enter your intellect whereas by remaining busy, you easily become free from obstacles. In order to keep your mind and intellect busy, make a timetable for them. In order to put the aim you have for yourself and service into a practical form, you definitely need to pay attention every now and again. Attention should never change into tension. Where there is tension, there is difficulty. 

Slogan: The blessings that you receive in service are the way to remain healthy.

मुरली सार:- ''मीठे बच्चे - बाप सामान पतितों को पावन बनांने का पुरुषार्थ करो, यह समय बहुत वैल्युबुल है, इसलिए व्यर्थ बातों में अपना समय बर्बाद मत करो

प्रश्न: बाप बच्चों की किस एक बात पर बहुत तरस खाते हैं? 

उत्तर: कई बच्चे आपस में झरमुई झगमुई कर अपना समय बहुत गंवाते हैं । घुमने फिरने जाते हैं तो बाप को याद करने के बजाए व्यर्थ चिंतन करते हैं । बाप को उन बच्चों पर बहुत तरस पड़ता है । बाप कहते मीठे बच्चे - अब अपना जीवन सुधार लो । व्यर्थ समय नहीं गंवाओ । तमोप्रधान से सतोप्रधान बनने के लिए सच्ची दिल से बाप को युक्तियुक्त याद करो, लाचारी याद नहीं करो ।

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:
1) बाप जो सुनाते हैं उसे बहुत प्यार से आत्म-अभिमानी होकर सुनना है। सामने बैठकर बाप को देखते रहना है। झुटका नहीं खाना है। पढ़ाई में बहुत रूचि रखनी है। भोजन त्यागकर भी पढ़ाई जरूर करनी है।
2) एक बाप को सच्चा दोस्त बनाना है, आपस में दुश्मनी समाप्त करने के लिए मैं आत्मा भाई-भाई हूँ, यह अभ्यास करना है। शरीर को देखते हुए भी नहीं देखना है। 

वरदान: मन और बुद्धि को सदा सेवा में बिज़ी रखने वाले निर्विघ्न सेवाधारी भव 

जो जितना सेवा का उमंग-उत्साह रखते हैं उतना निर्विघ्न रहते हैं क्योंकि सेवा में बुद्धि बिजी रहती है। खाली रहने से किसी और को आने का चांस है और बिजी रहने से सहज निर्विघ्न बन जाते हैं। मन और बुद्धि को बिजी रखने के लिए उसका टाइम-टेबल बनाओ। सेवा वा स्वयं के प्रति जो लक्ष्य रखते हो उस लक्ष्य को प्रैक्टिकल में लाने के लिए बीच-बीच में अटेन्शन जरूर चाहिए। अटेन्शन कभी टेन्शन में बदली न हो, जहाँ टेन्शन होता है वहाँ मुश्किल हो जाता है। 

स्लोगन: सेवा से जो दुआयें मिलती हैं-वही तन्दरूस्त रहने का साधन हैं। 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Essence of Murli 26-09-2012

Essence: Sweet children, you are once again studying Raja Yoga. God is teaching you once again and you are studying in order to claim a kingdom. Constantly remember your aim and objective. 

Question: What preparations are you children making now in great happiness? 

Answer: You are now preparing to shed your old bodies in great happiness and return to the Father. You have to practise this here so that you can shed your bodies in remembrance of Baba alone and not have to choke at that time. Your student life is a carefree life. Therefore, become choke-proof. 

Song: Hey traveller of the night, do not become weary! The destination of the dawn is not far off 

Om shanti. You spiritual children are studying. When a student studies, he knows what he is studying. He knows who is teaching him, what his aim and objective is and what the attainment is; he knows all of that very well. All of you now know that you are changing from humans into deities. At this time you have become Brahmins, the mouth-bom creation of Brahma. What are you studying? Raja Yoga. You understand that you are studying Raja Yoga once again. Other students wouldn't say that they are studying once again. Here, you children have the faith that you are once again studying Raja Yoga, which you also studied 5000 years ago. Only you have this knowledge. God has come and is teaching once again; this is no small matter! You children also know that there is only one God, but many devotees. This proves that there is one Father and many children. Everyone accepts that the Father is the Creator. The creation receives the inheritance from the Creator. A question was asked last night about how the Father can be recognized. The Father Himself says: I have made you My children. This is why you are able to sit in front of Me. I am once again changing you from humans into deities. I am teaching you Raja Yoga through which you will become Lakshmi or Narayan. Your aim and objective should remain in your intellects. It is in your intellects that when it was the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan, there was only one kingdom over the whole world. Therefore, you children should sit and explain the pictures to show what you are studying. This is our aim and object. When a child is studying at school, his parents are aware of what he is studying. You are studying here to claim the kingdom once again. Therefore, you should also tell your friends and relatives that you are studying Raja Yoga in this Gita Pathshala, through which you will become the kings of kings. Elderly, young and children all come to this school. This is a wonder! This does not usually happen in a school, which is why this is called a satsang (spiritual gathering). All go to a satsang. None of those who go to a satsang would say: We are going to study Raja Yoga. It is not God who is teaching them. God Himself is teaching you. These pictures should be put up in every home. Explain to whoever comes - your mother, father, friends and relatives - that this is what you are studying. This study is very easy. The name is easy knowledge and easy Raja Yoga. King Janak received knowledge and became liberated-in-life in a second. People say: We want to receive knowledge like King Janak, knowledge that can be acquired while living in our household. This study is very elevated. You have to change from humans into deities. The praise of the deities is so great: full of all divine virtues, 16 celestial degrees pure. This is the land of death. That is the land of immortality. The impure world is devilish and the pure world is divine. In order to go to the pure world, you have to become pure. Lakshmi and Narayan were pure but they no longer exist. This is an impure kingdom. You have to become pure once again. The picture of Lakshmi and Narayan is very good. Everyone loves Lakshmi and Narayan. This is why people build very big beautiful temples to them. They only build small temples to Krishna, as though they are for small children. They don't know that Radhe and Krishna become Lakshmi and Narayan. You can explain that 5000 years ago it became the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan in Bharat. There aren't any pictures of anyone else. The sun dynasty is very famous. There were the dynasties of Lakshmi and Narayan and Rama and Sita, and then the world became copper-aged and iron-aged. Now it is the end of the iron age, and we are studying the same Raja Yoga once again. We studied Raja Yoga 5000 years ago and claimed the kingdom. Surely, they (the deities) were completely viceless. The world has now become impure. Therefore, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, has to come. They even sing: O Purifier, come! He is incorporeal. Krishna is the prince of the golden age. How could he come and purify anyone? Therefore, it has to be explained that no corporeal being can be called God. People of other religions believe God to be incorporeal. He is the Liberator, the Guide and Blissful God, the Father. He is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness for All. When the Father removes sorrow, He must also be giving happiness. You can explain to your friends and relatives etc. that many people out there speak the Vedas and scriptures, whereas everyone here listens to the One. The Father says: Only listen to Me. God speaks, and so He would surely have to enter someone's body. It is also remembered that Brahmins were created through Brahma. You are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. Five thousand years ago, Brahmins were created through the lotus lips of Brahma at the confluence, and those Brahmins later became deities. We have now changed from shudras into Brahmins and we will later become deities. We are studying Raja Yoga once again; we also studied it a cycle ago. Then, people will realize that you are speaking with great faith. God speaks: I make you into kings of kings once again. These words are accurately written in the Gita. Through Raja Yoga we claimed the kingdom. Then, in the copper age, Ravan's kingdom began. Ravan's kingdom is now coming to an end and we are once again studying Raja Yoga. In other schools, they don't say that they are studying once again. This is only in the intellects of you children. Baba says: I have come once again to teach Raja Yoga. The Mahabharat War took place at that time; the Pandavas used to listen to the Gita. You are spiritual guides. O spiritual children, that is, spiritual guides, don't become tired. The Father says: God definitely speaks the Gita. These are the versions of God. You understand that you are studying Raja Yoga to attain the happiness of heaven. God is incorporeal. They celebrate Shiva Jayanti, which means that Shiva must have taken birth to do something. He would have given the inheritance. In the golden age there were definitely the deities of the sun dynasty. There are many in a dynasty. Just as there were the dynasties of Edward the First, Second, Third etc., so it is the same there. You children can explain the pictures very well. This Brahma says: I am not God. The One who created me must be someone else. With whom did I study? If my guru were human, there would then be hundreds of thousands who studied with him. Would it only have been this one who studied? Where did all the rest of the followers go? These are the versions of God. He has explained the significance of this and has had these pictures etc. made. Lakshmi and Narayan in their childhood were Radhe and Krishna. The God of the Gita says: I come cycle after cycle at the confluence of the cycles. There is no question of annihilation. You say that you are becoming deities once again. Shiva Jayanti is also remembered, but that didn't happen hundreds of thousands of years ago. The Father sits here and says: There is no essence in those scriptures etc. While you have been studying them your degrees have decreased. There are now no celestial degrees left. The Father says: No one is able to meet Me through performing devotion. I have to come. It is said that God will come in some form or other. Krishna is the prince of the golden age, whereas Shiva is incorporeal. He must definitely have entered someone. He is the Purifier, and so He must surely have come at the end of the iron age. It doesn't seem right for Krishna to exist in the copper age. The Father says: I come at the confluence age. I fit in this boot (Brahma). Nothing can change in this drama. They have created so much confusion. This is why the question is asked: Who is the God of the Gita? This is very essential. All the confusion arises because of that. Who is the One who transforms hell into heaven? Only the Father can carry out this task. Lakshmi and Narayan were very active. The Father says: Remember Me alone and, through this fire of yoga, your sins will be destroyed. Not everyone will understand this. Some like this very much but do not have the courage to remain pure. The sapling of the deity religion is now being planted. Those who became Brahmins a cycle ago are the ones who will become Brahmins again. No one except the Father can plant this sapling. Those who belong to the deity religion must definitely change from shudras into Brahmins, the mouth-born creation of Brahma. Otherwise, how could they become deities? The variety-form image also has to be explained. Shiva is also shown above the topknot. They have removed Shiva and the Brahmin clan, and just shown the deities and warriors. The variety-form that they show is also in the form of Vishnu. The knowledge of how humans go around the cycle of 84 births has to be understood. No one else has this knowledge. The Father says: This knowledge disappears; it cannot continue for all time. Deities do not have the discus of self-realization; you have this. However, because you are not complete, this symbol is portrayed as belonging to the deities. By spinning the discus of self-realization, by becoming as pure as a lotus flower, by blowing the conch shell, you become deities. Shiv Baba is establishing the land of Vishnu through Brahma. These aspects are not in anyone else's intellect. God is teaching you and you are becoming the masters of the world. Therefore, how happy you should be! A student life is the best; a life of study is a good, carefree life. Afterwards, people get trapped in the web; it is the web of so many types of sorrow. In the golden age, there is no such thing. The soul leaves the body in happiness. In Ravan's kingdom, death takes place after choking. You are happily making preparations in the consciousness that you are going to Baba. You are sitting here in order to shed your old bodies. Then, for 21 births there will be no question of choking. You should not choke at all in this birth; you are changing from impure to pure. Stay in great happiness. Achcha, it is good that you are going from here to the subtle region. You are to become angels. You have been choking for half a cycle. You are happily preparing yourselves to go to Baba. You are becoming choke-proof here. There have been many sannyasis who left their bodies while just sitting somewhere, and there was dead silence all around. They think that they will merge into the brahm element. However, no one goes there until the Father comes. Shiv Baba's treasure-store (bhandara) is constantly full. It is said that all the sorrow and pain of those who eat from that treasure-store are removed. Untimely death takes place here. Anyone who comes to the treasure-store of Shiv Baba, the Purifier, will become pure. That is why this is called Brahma Bhojan, for which there is great praise. Very good yoga is also needed. Prepare food and eat it in a state of yoga and you will make a great deal of progress. Such food is filled with a lot of power. You receive a great deal of power if you eat in a state of yoga and you also remain healthy. Baba himself says: I eat in remembrance as though Baba and I are eating together. However, I still forget Baba. The body has to be shed in remembrance of the Father alone. There should be no choking. You should practise in this way. When you stay in remembrance of Baba, you receive peace and also become healthy; the food becomes pure. There is the praise of your final stage: If you want to know about supersensuous joy, ask the gopes and gopis. The explanation in the picture of the tree is very good. The Trimurti and the cycle are also necessary. Day by day, your name will be glorified a great deal. Achcha. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 
1. In order to remain constantly healthy, prepare and eat food in remembrance. At the time of eating, let there be the consciousness "I am eating with Baba", and that food will then be filled with strength. 
2. In order to become a deity, blow the conch shell and continue to spin the discus of self-realization. Make your life as pure as a lotus flower. 

Blessing: May you be a world server and a great donor who donates the infinite treasures as a bestower. 

Always remember that you have to donate the infinite treasures you have received from the Father. Use your treasures: continue to use them in a worthwhile way through your thoughts, words, relationships and connections. Children of the Bestower cannot stay without giving for even one day: a world server has to do service every day. If you do not get a chance to serve through words, then serve through your mind. If you are unable to serve through your mind, then serve through your deeds and practical life. To the extent that you become a sample through your thoughts and words, to that extent, everyone will automatically be attracted on seeing the sample. 

Slogan: For those who have the power of determination, even the impossible becomes possible.

मुरली सार:- ''मीठे बच्चे - तुम फिर से राजयोग सीख रहे हो, तुम्हें भगवान फिर से पढ़ाते हैं, तुम राजाई के लिए यह पढ़ाई पढ़ रहे हो, अपनी एम-आब्जेक्ट सदा याद रखो'' 

प्रश्न: अभी तुम बच्चे कौन सी तैयारी बहुत खुशी से कर रहे हो? 

उत्तर: तुम अपना यह पुराना शरीर छोड़ बाप के पास जाने की तैयारी बहुत खुशी-खुशी से कर रहे हो। एक बाप की ही याद में शरीर छूटे, घुटका न खाना पड़े-ऐसी प्रैक्टिस यहाँ ही करनी है। तुम्हारी अभी स्टूडेन्ट लाइफ बेपरवाह लाइफ है, इसलिए घुटका प्रूफ बनना है। 

गीत:- रात के राही...... 

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार: 
1) सदा तन्दरूस्त रहने के लिए याद में रहकर भोजन बनाना वा खाना है। भोजन करते समय स्मृति रहे - हम बाबा के साथ खा रहे हैं तो भोजन में ताकत भर जायेगी। 
2) देवता बनने के लिए शंखध्वनि करनी है। स्वदर्शन चक्र फिराते रहना है। कमल फूल समान पवित्र जीवन बनाना है। 

वरदान: दाता बन अखुट खजानों का दान करने वाले महादानी सो विश्व सेवाधारी भव 

सदा याद रखो कि बाप द्वारा जो भी अखुट खजाने मिले हैं, वह देने ही हैं। खजानों को कार्य में लगाओ। चाहे मन्सा, चाहे वाचा, चाहे सम्बन्ध-सम्पर्क में सफल करते चलो, दाता के बच्चे एक दिन भी देने के बिना रह नहीं सकते। विश्व सेवाधारी को हर दिन सेवा करनी ही है। अगर वाचा का चांस नहीं मिलता तो मन्सा करो, मन्सा नहीं कर सकते तो अपने कर्म वा प्रैक्टिकल लाइफ द्वारा करो। जितना आप मन्सा से, वाणी से, स्वयं सैम्पल बनेंगे तो सैम्पल को देखकरके स्वत: सब आकर्षित होंगे। 

स्लोगन: जिसके पास दृढ़ता की शक्ति है उसके लिए असम्भव भी सम्भव हो जाता है। 

Murli Song