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Essence of Murli 22-07-2012

Contentment is a sign of perfection.
(Revised date 07 Feb, 1975) 

Can you all know your features and your future at this time? The closer you come to time, do you also experience the signs of perfection in yourself according to the time? What are the main signs of perfection? In which main aspects would you all experience the soul coming close to perfection? The main aspect is that such souls would experience themselves to be constantly content in all subjects and, together with that, other souls would also be constantly content with them. So, contentment is a sign of perfection. The more you receive the response of blessings from all souls at every moment as well as their subtle love and co-operation, you can understand from it, that you are moving that much closer to perfection. The wonder is that, no matter what type of sanskars a soul has or how discontented a soul who comes into contact with you is, when in contact, those souls should realise that their discontentment is because of their own sanskars, and that you special souls constantly have eyes filled with love, co-operation and pure feelings of mercy for them, that is, those souls should realise their own weakness. They should not complain that the instrument souls are not able to make them content. You should receive from all souls the certificate of being such a jewel of contentment, for only then would it be said that you are close to perfection. The more you fill yourself with that perfection, the more the contentment of other souls will continue to increase. 

What is the main method to keep everyone content? (Many people replied). All these things are also necessary. You have to do all these things practically when situations arise. The main thing is that you should be able to mould yourself according to the time, the situation and the soul in front of you. You should not be under the influence of your sanskars or nature. Just as you adopt a physical form according to the time, or you dress according to the country you are in, so you should experience your nature and sanskars in a similar way. Do you experience it to be as easy as that? Are you able to transform your sanskars and nature according to the time? 

Anything that is hard cannot be moulded. You are not able to mould even your strong harsh sanskars according to the time. Therefore, your sanskars should become so easy that you are able to mould them according to the time. You should have this practice. You should not even think that you have any sanskars or nature. Only your original and eternal sanskars should be your form. 

Transformation of sanskars exists from the beginning of time, that is, transformation continues to take place from the moment you enter the cycle, so the soul automatically has the practice of transforming sanskars. The sanskars are constantly changing according to the time: sometimes they are satopradhan, sometimes sato, sometimes rajo and sometimes tamo. Now, since you are knowledge-full and playing a part as an actor on the highest-on-high stage, and, since you are also powerful, blissful and have a right to the inheritance from the Almighty Authority, it should be extremely easy to transform your nature and sanskars either for your own progress or for the benefit of others, according to the time or according to the service. This is the final special effort of special souls. Are you experienced in making such effort? Have you become perfect gold in this way? Can you check your number from this, or can you tell your confluence-aged future results from this? You are special souls who are instruments, are you not? So look at the percentage of this. Are you able to use your sanskars and nature as weapons or is this difficult? What percentage of success have you achieved in this? It should not be something where others are pleased from a distance, or where you have stepped away from everyone else. Whilst coming into contact with others, whilst in relationship with others, if you become an embodiment of success whilst you yourself increase your contacts and relations, you can then claim a number ahead. An unlimited master has to have unlimited relations. So, how will that happen? Some say that they don't have a chance, but you have been made an instrument worthy for a particular task by your own capability and worthiness. 

This year, show such specialities as you saw in sakar Father. The sound emerging from everyone's heart was "My Baba!". No matter who it was, every soul's experience was "Our Baba!". Until this sound of love, of all rights and of belonging emerges from all souls for all you special souls, you should understand that you cannot become a master of the world seated on the throne of the world. Signs of such success should be visible. Each one should experience you special souls being there for bringing about world benefit. This is the sign of perfection. Achcha. 

2nd Murli 

A stable stage whilst seated on the seat of faith.
(Revised date 08 Feb, 1975) 

Do all of you experience yourselves to be seated on the seat of faith? The seat of faith doesn't sometimes shake, does it? Is your seat of faith so unshakeable and immovable that, no matter how much any type of situation, element or person tries to shake that seat, it cannot be shaken? Those who are constantly stable on the seat of faith are remembered as the victorious ones who have faith in the intellect. The sign of remaining unshakeable is to be constantly victorious in your every thought, every word and every deed. Do you experience yourselves to be such victorious jewels? You are not going to be shaken by any situation, are you? Those effort-makers who think that there can be upheaval created by a situation or who have such types of thought, raise your hands! Is there anyone here who feels that, "Yes, this can happen"? If you don't raise your hand now, just be careful because a difficult paper is still to come; so what will you do then? If all of you are to pass in the paper, no matter how difficult it is, then should the date of the paper be announced? Are all of you ready for that? You will not say at that time that you hadn't understood this aspect or that you hadn't thought about it or that this is something completely new, will you? The test of faith is that whatever you consider to be possible will come to you as an impossible test paper, will you be able to remain unshakeable at that time? 

There are four main aspects to becoming one who has faith in the intellect, and you need to have the full percentage in all four. You know these four things and you even follow them. 1) Faith in the Father: who He is and whatever He is, to know and to accept Him in whatever form He is playing His part. 2) To know clearly and to accept the knowledge received from the Father through experiencing it. 3) Whatever you are, however you are, that is, to know, to accept and to conduct yourself according to the importance of your elevated life of this spiritual birth, of your elevated Brahmin life, of your elevated part, of your elevated stage and place. 4) To know the present, most elevated, auspicious, beneficial time of the stage of ascent and to take every step accordingly. To have full faith in all these four aspects in your practical life is known as being victorious by having faith in the intellect. 

You also need to check the percentage in each aspect. Don't just become happy that you have faith, but also check if you have a high percentage. If the percentage is less in even one aspect, then the seat of faith can shake at any time due to any minor situation. Therefore, check your percentage, because the time is now coming close for becoming perfect. So, even a little weakness can cause great loss at that time, for the purer and more satopradhan you become, whatever you consider today to be a little weakness, or experience as an ordinary stain, would be very clearly visible on a very pure and clean stage. Therefore, now have subtle checking accordingly and make intense effort to overcome your weaknesses. Day by day, the more elevated you become, the more well known you become in the eyes of all the souls of the world. Everyone's vision is increasingly falling on you. Everyone is now waiting for the time when souls who are instruments for establishment will accomplish their task of establishing a new world of peace and happiness, so that, on the basis of this establishment, this sorrowful world can be transformed. Their vision is on those who are carrying out establishment, but where is the vision of those who are carrying out establishment? Are you engrossed in your own task or is your vision on those who are to bring about destruction? You are not moving along on the basis of hearing the news of the instruments for destruction, are you? Do you also become slack when they become slack? Is destruction to take place on the basis of establishment or is establishment to take place on the basis of destruction? Those who are carrying out establishment have become instruments to intensify the flames of destruction; it is not that those who are to bring about destruction are instruments to intensify the efforts of those who are carrying out establishment. 

Those who carry out establishment are images of support. Those who are such images of support are not shaken on hearing about destruction, are they? They are not fluctuating, are they? "Will it happen or not? What will people say? What will people do?" These waste thoughts are not making the seat of your faith shake, are they? All of you raised your hands for having faith in the intellect, did you not? Faith means not to have any questions of "Why?", "What?" or "How?" even in your thoughts. Because the royal form of doubt is in the form of thoughts, you sometimes say that you don't have any doubts, but that you have that thought. So, whose creation did that thought arise from? 

Since you are those who have full faith in all four aspects, can you have any such thoughts arising? Since this is the benevolent age and you are the souls who follow the elevated directions of the benevolent Father, you cannot have any thoughts other than those of benevolence and the stage of ascent. Every thought of such souls for a particular task is powerful at every moment; it is not a wasteful thought. You are not afraid, are you, thinking of what you will have to face? To take a paper means to move forward, that is, to come very close to perfection. This paper is now about to come. If you have a clear intellect, you will be able to make others clear also. This doesn't mean that you should think that it is not going to happen. Whatever happens in the drama from time to time is like pulling a hair out of butter, is it not? Has anything been difficult? BapDada has seated you in His eyes and on His heart-throne and is taking you across, is He not? Will anyone else fulfil the promise and the task of being with you till the end and of taking you across any situation? The Father has to take you with Him. What would you say if the Almighty Authority is your Companion and yet you have such thoughts arising? Finish such wasteful thoughts and remain engrossed in the task for which you are instruments and BapDada's helpers. Intensify the fire of your deep love and, through this fire of love, the fire of destruction will also become intense. First of all, sacrifice all your weaknesses and shortcomings in the sacrificial fire of the imperishable knowledge for which you Brahmins have become instruments; only then, when the sacrifice of the entire old world has been made, will completion take place. Now strike the matchstick of determined thought, for only then will this task be accomplished. Achcha. 

To those who remain engrossed in this fire of love, to those who accomplish their task whilst seated on the seat of faith, to those who remain unshakeable and immovable in every situation, to the co-operative souls who are always close to BapDada, to such loving souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

Blessing: May you be respected by all and attain success easily with your speciality of humility. 

The easy way to receive everyone's respect is to be humble. Those souls who constantly conduct themselves with the speciality of humility easily attain success. To be humble is to have your self-respect. To be humble is not bowing down, but with your speciality and love to making everyone bow. According to the present time, this is the main basis of attaining success constantly and easily. Only those who are humble in their every deed, relationship and connection become victorious jewels. 

Slogan: Imbibe the power of knowledge and the obstacles will accept defeat instead of waging war on you. 

22-07-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज: 07-02-75 मधुबन 

सन्तुष्टता ही सम्पूर्णता की निशानी है 

22-07-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज: 08-02-75 मधुबन 

निश्चय रूपी आसन पर अचल स्थिति 

वरदान: निर्मानता की विशेषता द्वारा सहज सफलता प्राप्त करने वाले सर्व के माननीय भव 

सर्व द्वारा मान प्राप्त करने का सहज साधन है-निर्मान बनना। जो आत्मायें स्वयं को सदा निर्मानचित की विशेषता से चलाती रहती हैं वह सहज सफलता को पाती हैं। निर्मान बनना ही स्वमान है। निर्मान बनना झुकना नहीं है लेकिन सर्व को अपनी विशेषता और प्यार से झुकाना है। वर्तमान समय के प्रमाण सदा और सहज सफलता प्राप्त करने का यही मूल आधार है। हर कर्म, सम्बन्ध और सम्पर्क में निर्मान बनने वाले ही विजयी-रत्न बनते हैं। 

स्लोगन: नॉलेज की शक्ति धारण कर लो तो विघ्न वार करने के बजाए हार खा लेंगे। 

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