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Essence of Murli (ENGLISH) 16-12-2012

16/12/12   Madhuban   Avyakt BapDada   Om Shanti   09/01/96 

In order to maintain the intoxication of being a child "who is"also a master, be the ruler of the mind. 

Today, the Father, the Master of the World, is seeing the children everywhere who are masters as well as children. You are children as well as masters. You will become the masters of the world in the future, but, at this time, you are the masters all of the Father's treasures. You will claim the right to the kingdom of the world in the future, but you now have the right to self-sovereignty. This is why you are a child and a master. You are both, are you not? The intoxication of being a child constantly remains. BapDada has seen that for the majority the intoxication of the state of childhood remains either in a merged or an emerged form. If you sit in remembrance even now, what would it be that you remember? Baba. You think 'Baba', or say this word, when you are a child. This is why you say 'Baba'. What is it that emerges again and again from the lips of true servers? "Baba said this, Baba said that". Throughout the day, check and see how many times you use the word 'Baba-Baba' in service. However, there are two forms of saying this word 'Baba'. One is to say 'Baba' from the heart, and the other form is of those who say this from their head of knowledge. For those who say 'Baba' from the heart, there is constantly and easily the visible attainment of happiness and power received from Baba in the heart. Those who say the word 'Baba-Baba' on the basis of knowledge -because they have good heads filled with knowledge - experience happiness at the moment of speaking, and those who listen also experience happiness at that moment. At that moment it feels good, but the happiness and power in the heart don't both remain all the time. They stay sometimes and not at other times. Why? Because they do not say 'Baba' from the heart. BapDada saw that everyone has the faith of being a child, but sometimes there is intoxication and sometimes there isn't. The majority have the faith that they belong to Baba, that they are the children. However, you are in fact not only children but children who are also masters. You are double. 

To be a master means firstly to be a master with the right of self-sovereignty and, secondly, to make all of Baba's treasures belong to oneself as one's inheritance, that these are one's own. The Father is the Bestower, but He has given it to you because you are the masters of the inheritance. Has everyone received the inheritance? Have some received less and some more? Has everyone received the same? Or, is it that someone received ten million and someone else received a hundred million? It isn't like that, is it? Because the Father's treasures are unlimited, no matter how many children there may be, the Father's treasures are not going to fall short by distributing them. The treasure-store is open and full. So, why should the Father give anyone less? Since it is all for the children anyway, why should He give more to some and less to others? So, firstly, masters with the right to the Father's inheritance and, secondly, masters of self-sovereignty. Have you received self-sovereignty? Are you masters of both? Is it firm? How long do you move along in the awareness of being the master? You say: "Self-sovereignty is our birthright." You say this do' you not? Is it the birthright of the maharathis but only a little bit yours? Have you received the right to self-sovereignty fully or only a little bit? Stay firm on this. So check that all the organs of the self are working according to your orders. All the sense organs are the workers of you children who have claimed the right of self-sovereignty, are they not? They are not the masters, are they? You are the masters; is that right? Or, is it that the workers become the master and you become the worker? 

BapDada saw that the aspect which most of all makes the children forget the stage of being a master, and which controls the king from time to time, is the mind. This is why the Father has given the mantra 'manmanabhav'. Not to focus the body on God (tan-manabhav), not to focus the wealth on God (dhan-manabhav), nor even to focus the intellect on God (buddhi-manabhav), but 'manmanabhav' - to focus the mind on God. The mind exerts its own influence; you become influenced by the mind. Just see: in any little wasteful incident or wasteful atmosphere, or wasteful scene, where is the influence felt first? There is an influence on the mind and the intellect co-operates with it. Then, if mind and intellect move in that direction, it becomes a sanskar. Even now, check yourself: How was my wasteful sanskar created? For example, if a sanskar has been created so that the mind has bad feelings in a second over a little incident, how was that sanskar created? Then, you say 'I don't want it. I think about it, and yet it happens.' This is described as being influenced by sanskars. For some, the mind becomes disheartened in a short time. They see a little, hear a little and the mind is disheartened. Then, if you ask them, what would they say? They say, 'It's nothing; this is my sanskar; it will be OK; it's my sanskar.' But how was it created? The sanskar Was created on the basis of the mind and" intellect. There are a variety of sanskars which are not Brahmin sanskars. BapDada believes that if any of you were asked 'Who are you?' you would say, 'I am a Brahma Kumar or Kumari.' Then who are the children of Brahma? Brahmins. However, at the time you are influenced by wasteful sanskars, are you a Brahma Kumar, Brahmin or a warrior? Who are you at that time? When you battle with yourself, 'Not this, not this', are you a Brahmin or a warrior? Some children say, 'I don't know why, but my mind has lost its happiness for the last two days.' Internally, they understand everything, but externally, they say 'I don't know.' However, what are they for those two days, Brahmins or warriors? If someone's happiness disappears, is that one a Brahmin? Or, is it that sometimes he is a warrior and sometimes a Brahmin? You all said that you are masters. So, what happens at that time? Are you masters or are you under an influence? 

BapDada saw that, in particular, it is the mind that shakes the stage of the master. You are the ruler with the right of self-sovereignty and the mind is your minister. Or, is the mind the master and you are its minister? You are the king, are you not? The mind is not the king. It is your minister; it co-operates with you. To be constantly the master of the mind is described as having the right of self-sovereignty. Otherwise, you have the right sometimes and you are dependent at other times. What is the reason for this? Why does transformation not take place? Even though you understand, why are you still influenced by the sanskar? Therefore, first control the mind. You call yourself a king but the significance of a king is to be one who has ruling power. If there is the title 'king' but there isn't ruling power, what would the condition be? Could his rule continue? It could not. So check to what percentage you have ruling power. 

There is a mistake which often takes place and which doesn't allow you to have victory over your sanskars; it takes a lot of time. You think, 'I won't do this from tomorrow', but when tomorrow comes, tomorrow has made the situation bigger than today. Then you say, 'Yesterday the situation was minor but today it has become very big.' 'Because it is such a big situation, a little mistake happened. I will put it right later'. You offer seniors and your own heart this false hope, and you continue to move with this false hope. However, this isn't in fact hope, it is deception. You think at that time that it is fine to give the self and others this hope for a little while, that it will soon be OK, but you reinforce the habit of deceiving yourself in this way. You don't realise it at that time, but when you are deceived in reality afterwards, you then realise that it was in fact deception. So, what is the mistake you made? What is it, whether you are young or old, that you say when you correct one other? 'This is my nature, this is my sanskar.' For some, it is that of ill feeling; for others, it is to step aside; for some, to gossip again and again; for others, to listen to gossip. There is a variety. You know about all of this even more than the Father, but, BapDada is asking you: That which you call 'my' sanskar, is it truly 'mine'? Whose is it? (Ravan's.) So, why do you call it 'mine'? You never say it is Ravan's sanskar; you say: It is 'my' sanskar. This word 'my' makes you slack in your effort. Why do you hide Ravan's things in yourself? People bum Ravan after killing him, and, after burning him, whatever remains is then immersed in water, whereas you have kept it as belonging to you! Therefore, where Ravan's things exist how can clean sanskars stay together with that which is unclean? Whose rule would it be? Of that which is unclean, not of that which is clean. The kingdom is unclean, because you have carefully kept unclean things with yourself, just as you would keep gold or diamonds carefully. Because there is a battle of the 'unclean' with the 'clean' you repeatedly become a warrior instead of a Brahmin. What are 'my' sanskars? The Father's sanskars. In particular, the Father's sanskars are of being the World Benefactor, the One with good wishes for all, the One who has good wishes and pure feelings for all. These are 'my' original sanskars. The rest are not 'mine'. Whatever uncleanliness you have hidden inside you, it interferes with your becoming completely clean. This is what you wish to become. You have the aim, but it becomes different in the practical form. 

The majority have the thought - many have had the thought - and have also written that, during the Diamond Jubilee, they must become a diamond like the Father. Is this your thought, or do you want to think further? If you want to think about it more, then think about it, but the number will be towards the end. It has been said: 'Each of you receives to the extent that you do.' It is not that each of you receives to the extent that you think. You have very good thoughts. BapDada is happy reading them or listening to them. However, Ravan's things that you have secretly hidden don't allow you to be the master of your mind. If you keep Ravan's property with yourself in your heart - 'my habit, my nature, my sanskar' - where would the Comforter of Hearts sit? Would He sit on top of Ravan's inheritance? Therefore, now erase this. When you say this word 'my', remember what 'my' nature is. Even people of the world call the mind a horse and say that it races a great deal' that it races very fast However, should your mind be racing? You have the strong reins of shrimat. If the reins are accurate, there can be no upheaval, but what do you do? BapDada sees and laughs at how, when you are driving a horse-cart, the reins are in your hands. As you move along, what happens when the mind and intellect that hold the reins get distracted by side scenes? The reins become slack. If the reins become slack, the mind definitely plays mischief. So, constantly keep the reins of shrimat in your awareness. In any situation, if the mind plays mischief, tighten the reins of shrimat. Then nothing will happen and you will reach the destination. Shrimat applies for every step, not just for brahinacharya. Shrimat has been given for every action: to move, to eat, to drink, to listen, to speak: shrimat applies to everything. Is that not right? For example, if you were gossiping, was that shrimat? If shrimat slackens, the mind has a chance to play mischief and it then develops the habit. Who instilled the habit? You did that yourself. So, first be the ruler of the mind and check whether the minister is establishing his own incognito kingdom inside. Just as, nowadays, a separate group is created within a government and they claim power, they try to usurp the present ones, so the mind does the same. It even makes the intellect belong to itself. It makes the mouth and the ears belong to it. So, check every day. Ask for news: Hey minister mind, what did you do; did you create any deception? Internally, it may create an incognito group and make you become the slave instead of the ruler. Don't allow that to happen. Just see: in the beginning, Father Brahma used to hold a court every day in which he would ask for news of the co-operative companions. In the beginning, this was Father Brahma's timetable every day. You have heard about this haven't you? Father Brahma also made this effort; he paid attention to this and so he was able to become one with the right of self-sovereignty and therefore the right to the kingdom of the world. Father Shiva is incorporeal but Father Brahma made effort like you throughout his life and attained his reward. 

Therefore, follow Father Brahma. This mind is very mischievous and very quick. It can take you on a journey through all foreign lands in a second. So, what did you hear? The child and the master. Don't just be happy that you have become a child, that you have received the inheritance. Because, if you don't become a master of the inheritance, what is the purpose of being a child? The significance of being a child is to be a master too. Also be the master of self-sovereignty. Don't be happy just seeing the inheritance, but claim the right of self-sovereignty. The eyes are just tiny points, but even they deceive you. It is when you are not the master that you are deceived. BapDada wishes to see all the children as rulers with the right of self-sovereignty. Ones with this right will not remain dependent. Do you understand? What will you become? The child and the master. Achcha. 

To all the elevated souls everywhere, to the children who become the masters and claim a double-right, to the fortunate souls who claim the right of constant self-sovereignty and run their own kingdom, to those who move constantly forward in service with the method of making Baba's sanskars their own sanskars, to such elevated serve souls who move constantly forward, BapDada's love remembrance and namaste. 

Blessing: May you be obstacle-proof and fly at a fast speed with the rocket of blessings. 

While coining into relationship with the Mother and Father and everyone else, fill yourself with the treasure of blessings and you will never have to labour in your effort. Just as in science, the fastest is the rocket, in the same way, at the confluence age, the tool with which to move forward at the fastest speed or an even faster rocket is everyone's blessings. Through these no obstacle can touch you even slightly. Through these you will become obstacle-proof and won't have to battle. 

Slogan:To become full of the feeling of having mercy for others is the basis of greatness. 

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