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Essence of Murli 31-10-2012

Essence: Sweet children, Bharat that was very wealthy has now become poor. Only the Father makes this poor Bharat wealthy once again. 

Question: Who are the most fortunate of you gopes and gopis and how? 

Answer: The most fortunate are those who perform the Godly dance of knowledge. They are the ones who will go to the golden age and dance with the princes and princesses. Such fortunate children surrender themselves to the Father completely at this time and say: Baba, I belong to You. Nothing is mine. You make me into a master of heaven and so why would 1 not surrender myself to You? 

Om shanti. The Father is giving patience to the children: O children, residents of Bharat. Which children? Those who are worshipers of the deities. They believe that their special, beloved gods and goddesses were great deities. Christians worship Christ. Buddhists worship Buddha. Jains worship Mahavir. Everyone worships or remembers the head of their own religion. There are temples to the deities. The Shiva Temple is also included in that. He is incorporeal. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are subtle beings and Lakshmi and Narayan, Rama and Sita, Jagadamba and Jagadpita are corporeal. People of the world don't know these things. Therefore, Baba says to the worshippers of the deities: Have patience! Heaven is now being established. Bharat was heaven. The kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan was called heaven. It is now 5000 years since it became the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. The kingdom of Sita and Rama was 3,750 years ago. Only you mouth-bom creation of Brahma, the decoration of the Brahmin clan, know this. Because everyone in the world is in darkness, they are completely without an intellect. Explain to them that one is your worldly father and the other is the Father from beyond this world. He is the Creator of the new world. A father builds a new home. The unlimited Father is creating a new world. The people of Bharat have now become corrupt in their religion. They sing praise of the deities: You are full of all virtues.... This praise is not for those of other religions. No one of other religions sings this praise for their special, beloved god. You will find devotees of the deities in Lakshmi and Narayan Temples. You will find devotees of Shri Krishna in the Krishna Temples. You know that Lakshmi and Narayan were the masters of Bharat in the golden age. That means that the people of Bharat were the masters in the golden age. Bharat was very wealthy and prosperous when there was the original eternal deity religion. This is the ancient, easy Raja Yoga and easy knowledge of Bharat. The deity religion is now old and people have forgotten who established the deity religion. Baba has explained that you are Brahmins who belong to the confluence age. Those brahmins of the iron age also say that they belong to the dynasty of Prajapita Brahma. However, they don't know when Brahma came. You are now the practical form. You know that Lakshmi and Narayan existed and ruled in Bharat in the past. There are no human beings more elevated than they were. People don't know how many years it has been since the golden age. They say that the duration of the golden age is millions of years. Those who wrote the scriptures have written their own opinions. The Father is now explaining to you children who were of the original deity religion of Bharat. You definitely have to come here at the end of the last of many births. This clan is that of the people of Bharat of the deity religion. It isn't the clan of those of other religions who come later. You have now become Brahmins of the Brahma clan. You are now changing from worshipers to being worthy of worship. You mothers are called the mothers of Bharat who are incarnations of Shakti (power). You would also say that there is the reincarnation of Jagadamba. Shiv Baba has taken an incarnation at the confluence age. He has made you His children. You children know that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who is the Father of all souls, is the Master of Brahmand. He cannot be called the Master of this World. He is the Father, but He is not the Master. This too is a deep matter. He is the Creator and so He should be the Master of creation, but Baba says: I don't become the Master of the heaven that I establish. I make you children the masters. Everyone in the world says that God is the Master of the World. However, He is just the Master to create it; He makes you into the masters of heaven. It is the Father's duty to make the children higher than Himself. The Father is the Servant. He gives everything to you children and goes away. The Father says: I make you worthy, create a new world, make you the masters of it and then I retire. You would be called the masters of Brahmand because you are the children of the Master of Brahmand. You too will go to the great element of brahm and you would therefore be called the masters of Brahmand. Although you souls are in the living form there, too, you don't have any organs. When you are in the supreme abode, you are the masters of Brahmand. Then you become the masters of the world. You then have to lose the fortune of the kingdom. Neither deities nor shudras can have this knowledge. Only you Brahmins have this knowledge. Baba is explaining such deep things. He says: Only you have a hero part. Jagadamba is the goddess of knowledge. She then becomes a princess and the same applies to you. It isn't that only two or four people have there parts. To claim the kingdom of the world and then to lose it is the play for the people of Bharat. The people of Bharat were the masters of the world, whereas today they have become bankrupt. There isn't even a kingdom of impure kings any more. It is now the rule of the people. It is said: Religion is might. The Almighty Authority Father is establishing the deity religion. He gives us so much might that we become the masters of the world. There are innumerable religions in Bharat. Those who live in Gujarat say that they are Gujaratis. There was just one religion in the golden age. The Father says: I am once again giving you the knowledge of the Gita. You will continue to drink the nectar of knowledge for as long as you live. There is a burden of innumerable births that has to be removed. They have portrayed a battlefield and put Krishna's name. God says: I enter this chariot and make you stand on the battlefield in order for you to conquer Maya. I also make the children stand there. You know that you will become the conquerors of Maya and then become the masters of heaven. Those people say this to soldiers etc. (Gita). There is the difference of day and night. You should go to the temples and do service there. Tell them that only Lakshmi and Narayan were the masters of Bharat. Make slogans such as, "The people of Bharat were the masters of heaven. You have now lost all your property." In the scriptures they have shown Krishna and the Mahabharat War. People in devotion make spiritual endeavour to attain God. They call out to God for Him to come and liberate them from Maya, Ravan. There is so much upheaval everywhere. When the war takes place, you won't receive food or clothes etc. They call Bombay, "The Queen of India," because they don't know about the happiness of heaven. We know all about that and so we continue to dance internally. Knowledge is said to be salvation. Which knowledge? That of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. Now use your intellects and see how you can explain to others! The deities who were pure have now become impure and so you have to look for them. You will soon find them in temples and they would also be happy. The Jagadamba Temple is below, down the mountain. In fact, they should both be together. You know that the daughter of Brahma will become the number one princess. You can tell them the biography of the 84 births of Jagadamba. You know Shiv Baba's biography. It isn't that He is in the pebbles and stones. Previously, we too used to think that. Even this one now says: Previously, I used to consider myself to be very elevated. The highest business is that of jewellery. Even higher than that is this business of the imperishable jewels of knowledge. People wear a ring of nine jewels. That too is compared to this. Previously, you didn't know anything. Today, the main thing being explained to you is that the Supreme Soul is the Master of Brahmand and the Creator of the World. He doesn't rule the kingdom. He gives us children the kingdom. We have to claim the kingdom and then lose it. You should know how many births you took in the kingdom that you lost and also how many births you take in your own kingdom. What else would you want? Because of being body conscious, human beings are dangling upside-down. You have now been put the right way up. When a person dies, his face is turned the other way. Our faces are now towards the supreme abode. We will shed our bodies and go straight there. Achcha, the Father says: Manmanabhav! By remembering Me, you will come to Me. To have class outside here in the unlimited is very good. Inside the room, Baba feels it's like the jail of a womb. The unlimited Father wants everything unlimited. Such a great Master of the unlimited comes and sits in this limit (body) in order to serve you. He has to enter an impure body in the impure world. He says: I make you children pure from impure, the masters of heaven, and then I go away. There will now be upheaval. Those who are weak will die just seeing such things. Some have such a great shock on seeing someone die that they themselves also die. You have to become very strong. It is remembered: Happiness for the hunter and death for the prey. We are now becoming worthy of heaven. The Father says: The gates open through the War. Now, let's go back! The play has now ended. Baba is the spiritual Guide. He takes you to the spiritual land. This is why you now have to remember the Father so that your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. Some have a very short life here. They experience a lot of punishment in a womb. As soon as a baby is bom, he dies and then goes elsewhere to experience further suffering for his actions. The Father says: Sweetest children, imbibe these jewels of knowledge in your intellects! Go to the temples and do service! This is called making effort. Don't be afraid! Those who belong to your religion will be struck by the arrow. You should also go to the sannyasis. If you see that they are like stone, then don't bite them, (example of a scorpion not stinging a rock). You should give it a try. By gradually trying, you will eventually become successful. You haven't yet developed the strength of knowledge and yoga and this is why you haven't yet explained to the sannyasis and kings etc. Janak, Parikshit, the sannyasis etc. all come at the end. If you gave them knowledge now, their influence would be reduced. At that time (when they come later), you will say: Too late!- Baba came to fill your aprons but you didn't come. Always think about how to do service. Print invitations! Create new ideas! Service takes place according to the drama. We watch everything as detached observers. God speaks to you children, the gopes and gopikas. God is Gopi Vallabh, the Father of the gopes and gopis. He is the Father. All the gopes and gopis are here. They will not be there in the golden age. This is the Godly dance of knowledge. Then you will go there and dance with the princes and princesses. You children are very fortunate. Simply surrender yourselves: "Baba, I belong to You. Why would I not surrender myself to You? You are making me into a master of heaven. This is such a great income." Everyone is to be buried in the graveyard. There will be the graveyard (kabristan) and then the land of angels (Paristhan). Delhi was Paristhan; the deities are said to be the angels of Paristhan. It is now the graveyard. Achcha. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 
1. Always maintain the intoxication that you are becoming the masters of Brahmand and of the world. You Brahmins will then become deities. 
2. Make your stage strong. Don't even be afraid of death. Stay in remembrance of the Father. Imbibe this knowledge and serve others. 

Blessing: May you die alive and finish being ordinary by making the sanskars of uniqueness your own nature. 

When someone has a particular nature, it automatically works by itself. That person does not then need to think or do anything. Let the sanskars of uniqueness become your nature and let it emerge from everyone's mouth and mind that the nature of this special soul is unique. When you finish performing ordinary actions, you would then be said to have died alive, that you have died from being ordinary and are living an extraordinarily life. Let there be nothing ordinary even in your thoughts. 

Slogan: A powerful soul is one who finishes all waste with one method or another. 

''मुरली सार:- मीठे बच्चे - भारत जो साहूकार था वही अब गरीब बना है, बाप ही इस गरीब भारत को फिर से साहूकार बनाते हैं'' 

प्रश्न: तुम गोप-गोपियों में सबसे खुशनसीब कौन और कैसे? 

उत्तर: सबसे खुशनसीब वह हैं जो गॉडली ज्ञान डांस करते हैं, वही फिर सतयुग में जाकर प्रिन्स-प्रिन्सेज के साथ डांस करेंगे। ऐसे खुशनसीब बच्चे अभी बाप पर पूरा-पूरा बलि चढ़ते हैं, कहते हैं बाबा मैं तेरा, मेरा कुछ भी नहीं। आप हमको स्वर्ग का मालिक बनाते हो तो मैं क्यों नहीं बलिहार जाऊं। 

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार: 
1) सदा इस नशे में रहना है कि हम ब्रह्माण्ड और विश्व के मालिक बन रहे हैं। हम ब्राह्मण ही फिर देवता बनेंगे। 
2) अपनी अवस्था मजबूत बनानी है। मौत से भी डरना नहीं है। बाप की याद में रहना है। धारणा कर औरों की सर्विस करनी है। 

वरदान: विशेषता के संस्कारों को अपनी नेचर बनाए साधारणता को समाप्त करने वाले मरजीवा भव 
जैसे किसी की कोई भी नेचर होती है तो वह स्वत: ही अपना काम करती है। सोचना वा करना नहीं पड़ता। ऐसे विशेषता के संस्कार भी नेचर बन जाएं और हर एक के मुख से, मन से यही निकले कि इस विशेष आत्मा की नेचर ही विशेषता की है। साधारण कर्म की समाप्ति हो जाए तब कहेंगे मरजीवा। साधारणता से मर गये, विशेषता में जी रहे हैं। संकल्प में भी साधारणता न हो। 

स्लोगन: समर्थ आत्मा वह है जो किसी न किसी विधि से व्यर्थ को समाप्त कर दे। 

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