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Essence of Murli 28-10-2012

28/10/12  Madhuban  Avyakt BapDada  Om Shanti  30/09/75 

The specialities of the elevated souls who play special parts throughout the cycle. 

Do you consider yourselves to be the special souls who play the most elevated parts of all souls throughout the entire cycle? Do you know which specialities you special souls have from the beginning of the cycle to the end of the cycle? Do you know what special parts you have played throughout the cycle? One is to be known as a special soul on the basis of having performed a special task. Second is to be called a special soul on the basis of virtues. Third is to be known as a special soul on the basis of position or status and fourth is by enabling others to have some special attainment on the basis of connection and relationship. While keeping all these four types of speciality in front of you, check which stage and to what percentage you have them in yourself. 

What is the first stage of you special souls at the beginning of the golden age? Even today, devotee souls remember that speciality, for which there is also the memorial, of being perfect and complete. You remember that, do you not? Now, move on from there. Where do you go from the golden age? (To the silver age.) What are the specialities of that? The specialities of that age are also so well known that even iron-aged leaders have dreams of that kingdom; they feel that that kind of kingdom should exist now. Whenever they make any plans, they keep your second stage in front of themselves, considering it to be very special. Now move further from the silver age; where do you go from there? (The copper age.) But, where in the copper age? Ruling authority still exists in the copper age, does it not? There, authority is divided between the authority of religion and the authority of ruling. This is why it becomes the copper age (dwapur = duality); it splits into two. One is the authority of religion and the other is the authority of ruling. However, even then, the special sanskars of you special souls do not disappear. Even though the many founders of religions establish their religions on the basis of the authority of religion, the worship, the remembrance and praise of your specialities also begin at that time; the memorials of you special souls would be made. Praise is sung of you special souls. Those with ruling authority still have the royal splendour and powers of their kingdom. Scriptures are created as a memorial of your specialities. Do you remember your specialities? Achcha, now move forward from there. Where do you go from there? (The iron age.) What are the specialities there? Everything begins with the name of you special souls. Whilst performing every task, they remember the success achieved through your specialities. The livelihood of many souls takes place on the basis of your name. The speciality of the iron age is the praise of your name. Your name becomes the basis of physical and subtle attainment. Do you know this speciality? Achcha, move ahead from there. Where do you come to? (The confluence age.) You come to where you are now. 

You yourselves are experiencing the specialities of the confluence age. Whilst constantly keeping the specialities of the entire cycle in your awareness, you constantly continue to perform the unique spiritual dance. The dance of the gopes and gopis is very well known. Do you dance constantly or do you only dance according to a programme! This is the dance of enthusiasm. Within all these dances, the dance on the day of the full moon is very well known. What is the significance of this? The full moon signifies it to be a memorial of perfection. Even today, people speak of the specialities of this dance. What are those specialities? What were the specialities of the gopes and gopis at that time? These are applicable to you, are they not? What were the main specialities? Relate three specialities. The first speciality: They made night into day, that is, the sun of being satopradhan rose in the life of every gope and gopi. For the people, it was the night of the sleep of Kumbhakarna, that is, there was a tamopradhan atmosphere. The second speciality: they were constantly the lamps that were ignited. Maya could not even enter their thoughts. The people caught up in Maya, that is, Maya herself, were unconscious because those who were the constantly ignited lights were deeply absorbed in love for the Father. The third speciality: Each one's hand was in the hand of another, that is, they were in harmony, that is, their sanskars were in harmony. It was a gathering of love and co-operation. When they perform this dance, they go around in a circle. Circle means cycle - this form of power is a sign of surrounding the fortress of matter and Maya. These are the specialities, and this is why there is special importance given to this dance. This is the praise of the specialities of the confluence age. You should constantly perform such a dance. How many times have you performed this dance? You have performed it many times; so why do you sometimes forget it? To harmonise sanskars means to harmonise your rhythm. However, what do you say when any situation arises? At that time, you become a devotee, that is, you become weak: "I have to harmonise sanskars; I have to die; I have to bow down; I have to listen to others; I have to tolerate; how will this happen?" By saying such things, you become devotees. Therefore, now finish any trace of being a devotee; only then will you be able to reach the stage where this dance is performed. Otherwise, you will only become observers. There isn't as much pleasure in just watching as there is in performing. So, you heard about all your specialities. Are you these most elevated souls? Even BapDada has to come for you most elevated souls. Achcha. 

To such special souls who make BapDada the Guest, to such great souls whose every thought makes others into great souls, to the most fortunate souls who constantly have a star of fortune shining in the middle of their foreheads, to such multimillion times fortunate souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

Only those whose horoscopes are in harmony become the beads. Are the souls who are prepared to dance in harmony ready? To harmonise sanskars means to dance in unity. In a dance, if the arms of some are raised and those of others are kept low, the dance is not enjoyable. To perform this dance means to match oneself with others. When a relationship is being made, or when a match is being made, their horoscopes are examined. If they don't match, that relationship is not forged. To have the horoscope of one another matching means to have their natures, sanskars, virtues and service in perfect unity. Of course, they cannot be equal; it would be numberwise. However, the difference would be very slight. The visible difference would be almost negligible. How many souls with such harmony have been prepared? Has half the rosary been created? No matter how many are ready, everyone has to become ready anyway; it is already accomplished, but it is just that they are behind a veil. Achcha. 

BapDada's heart-to-heart conversation with some senior brothers and sisters: 

The maharathis and the children all have heart-to-heart conversation at amrit vela, but what is the difference between the heart-to-heart conversations and meetings of the maharathis and the meetings and heart-to-heart conversations of all souls? 

In what way is the saying, "The soul merges with the Supreme Soul" wrong! It is because one word has been taken out of the middle. It is not just merging, but merging in love. One is to be merged and one is to be merged in love. When someone meets another with deep love, what are the words that then emerge in a meeting of love? It is said: They have become merged in one another, or the two have become combined and become one. They have taken these words of love in that way. It is remembered that they merged in one another and became one. That is like the meeting of the maharathis. To be merged in the Father means to become the same form as the Father. Maharathis would have such a powerful experience to a greater extent. All the others try to draw that love and power and, while battling in this way, they pass their time, but the maharathis would sit in that stage and become merged instantly. Their love is so powerful that they are able to merge the Father in them. The Father and the children would be in a stage that is equal. Just as the Father is incorporeal, so are the children. As are the Father's virtues, in the same way, maharathi children would have virtues that are the same. So, you have become masters, have you not? The meeting of the maharathis means to become merged in love, to be merged in the Father. To become merged means to experience the form of being equal. At that time, there would not be any difference between the form and virtues of the Father and those of the maharathi children. While being corporeal, they would be lost in the love of the incorporeal form, and so your form has also become equal to that of the Father, that is, your incorporeal form remains in your awareness in a practical way. Since the form is equal to that of the Father, your virtues are also equal to those of the Father and this is why the meeting of the maharathis means to become merged in the Father. Just as a river merges into an ocean and becomes the same form, so you experience all the Father's virtues in yourself. The experience that Brahma had in the corporeal form would be the experience of the maharathis. Do you have such an experience? This is merging into the Ocean, that is, to experience your complete and perfect stage. You should have this experience more now. 

Be a bestower of blessings in your every thought, one whose vision gives blessings, one who takes others beyond with your glance. BapDada is seeing the closeness of every child. Close means to become merged. Amrit vela is specially the time to have such powerful experiences. The impact of such experiences will last throughout the day. Anything that is specially loved always remains merged in the self. This is the meeting with the maharathis at amrit vela. BapDada also checks to see how close each one is. Just as the curtains of a temple open to give a vision, similarly, the scenes of amrit vela are the same. Every child is engaged in racing to celebrate a meeting at amrit vela and to have a first number meeting. The Father is the Magnet, is He not? So, those who are clean and pure automatically come close to Him. Externally, no matter how much someone tries, it is only the clean and pure souls that are pulled by the Magnet. That is a very wonderful scene. There is great pleasure experienced in watching everything as a detached observer. 

Some children have the thought about what the father continues to do in the subtle region. Even more than in the corporeal form, Father Brahma is playing the part through the avyakt form of being even more co­operative in service, day and night. This is because, like the Father, he is beyond birth and death, free from karmic bondage and karmateet; he is an embodiment of success. In this stage, success is achieved through every thought. Whatever thought he has is the truth and this is why he is co-operative everywhere as an embodiment of success. The speed of thought is faster than the speed of words. The speed of the subtle is much faster than the speed of the corporeal. His part is of service through thoughts, and that, too, is true thoughts, pure thoughts. Your service is much more through words. You also serve through the mind, but you serve more through words whereas Father Brahma's service is now of thoughts of truth. So, it would be at a fast speed, would it not? So, now the part of service is continuing. He is not free from the bondage of service, but free from karmic bondage. Achcha. 

Blessing: May you be a master creator and influence the atmosphere with your impact by remaining stable in the stage of a carefree emperor. 

The Father has such a big family and yet is a carefree Emperor. While knowing everything and seeing everything, He is carefree. Follow the Father in the same way. Make your impact on the atmosphere. The atmosphere should not influence you because the atmosphere is the creation and you are a master creator. The creator should influence the creation. Whenever any situation arises, then remember: I am a victorious soul. By doing so, you will constantly remain carefree and not be afraid. 

Slogan: Experience coolness in the shade of happiness and you will remain pure, clean and humble. 

28-10-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज: 30-09-75 मधुबन 

सारे कल्प में विशेष पार्ट बजाने वाली श्रेष्ठ आत्माओं की विशेषतायें 

वरदान: बेफिक्र बादशाह की स्थिति में रह वायुमण्डल पर अपना प्रभाव डालने वाले मास्टर रचयिता भव 
जैसे बाप को इतना बड़ा परिवार है फिर भी बेफिक्र बादशाह है, सब कुछ जानते हुए, देखते हुए बेफिक्र। ऐसे फालो फादर करो। वायुमण्डल पर अपना प्रभाव डालो, वायुमण्डल का प्रभाव आपके ऊपर नहीं पड़े क्योंकि वायुमण्डल रचना है और आप मास्टर रचयिता हो। रचता का रचना के ऊपर प्रभाव हो। कोई भी बात आये तो याद करो कि मैं विजयी आत्मा हूँ, इससे सदा बेफिक्र रहेंगे, घबरायेंगे नहीं। 

स्लोगन: प्रसन्नता की छाया द्वारा शीतलता का अनुभव करो तो निर्मल और निर्माण रहेंगे। 

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