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Essence of Murli 07-10-2012

To stabilise in your self-respect is the key to happiness and all treasures. 

Today's gathering is of those who stabilise themselves in their self-respect, of those who look at all others with feelings of the original self (swa bhavna) and of those who have good wishes for each and every soul. Do you constantly and easily have these three stages: self-respect for your own self, feelings of the original self (swa bhavna) for others and constantly good wishes for others? You already know the difference between being able to stabilise yourself easily in this stage and doing it with effort. At present, this stage should be constantly easy and natural. Check yourself as to why you are not constantly and naturally able to have this stage. The main reason is that you do not remain stable in self-respect. If you inculcate the word 'respect' into your practical life, you can easily attain perfection. By stabilising in your self-respect, you will be able to have feelings of the original self (swa bhavna) and good wishes for everyone. To stabilise in your self-respect is the first lesson. 

To stabilise in one's self-respect is the means to solve the puzzle of life. From the beginning up to now, you have been engaged in solving the puzzle of, "Who am I?" In the beginning, when the task of establishment began, what did you tell everyone? Who am I ? You had this so firmly in your awareness that everyone was aware that all of you had just the one lesson very firm and that was: What am I? That same lesson is still continuing today and this is why it is called a puzzle. Such a small puzzle has defeated the highest-on-high Brahmins. It has them puzzled, that is, they haven't been able to solve it fully. If, instead of self-respect, you have a vision of body consciousness or arrogance towards others, what would you call that? Have you solved this puzzle, or are you still in the process of solving it? The entire knowledge is merged in the answer to the question, 'Who am I?' This one term is the key to all the treasures of happiness, the treasures of all powers, the treasures of the wealth of knowledge and the treasures of breath and time. You have received the key, have you not? The day that each of you Brahmins is born, you receive a birthday gift, do you not? So, constantly continue to use the birthday gift that you have received from the Father, and you will be able to become full of all treasures for all time. What is the sound of enthusiasm and happiness that constantly emerges from the heart of a soul who is full of all treasures? What is the sound that emerges, not from the mouth, but from the heart? It was also the sound that emerged from Brahma Baba's heart in the beginning. What was that? It is "The wonder of myself!" (Wall re me!) Just as you sing songs of the wonder of others, in the same way, you sing about your own wonder. These are words of self-respect, not words of body consciousness. You either don't know how to use the key of 'Who am I?' or you don't know how to look after it, and this is why'you are not able to remember it at a time of need. Maya is still constantly hovering around you to steal this key from you, waiting for you to doze off in carelessness for even a second so that she can steal the key from you. Just as nowadays robbers make someone unconscious, in the same way, Maya also makes you unconscious by making you lose your awareness of self-respect. Therefore, constantly stay in the awareness of your self-respect. At amrit vela, revise this lesson of 'Who am I?' for your own self. Use this key from amrit vela. Repeatedly look at all the different treasures that Baba has spoken of and see what you have received, and, according to that time, use all these treasures in your life. Do not just create a bank balance, but also put then into use and your stage will then easily become according to your awareness. In the scriptures that are memorials of the previous cycle, it is written for the Father: Who am I? It is written that He is the most elevated of all. As is the praise of the Father God: the Highest on High, so too, what praise does God, the Father, sing? The children are the highest on high. Constantly remember your elevated self-respect of being the children and the masters of the highest-on-high Father. The Father Himself turns the beads of the rosary of you elevated souls. Other souls sing praise of the Father, but the Father Himself sings praise of you elevated souls. Without the co-operation of you most elevated souls, even the Father cannot do anything. You are souls with such elevated self-respect. You are the elevated souls who will reveal the Father through all relationships and who also give the Father's introduction to others. You are the ones who play the highest-on-high parts with the highest-on-high Father every cycle. The greatest self-respect is that, at the confluence age, you souls tie the Father with the string of your love and relationships. You are the ones who make the Father become corporeal the same as yourselves. The Father makes you the same as He is in the incorporeal form, whereas you make the Incorporeal the same as you in the corporeal form, and you become the same as the Father in all His praise. This is why even the Father says: You are the masters. So, do you now understand who you are? "Whatever I am, however I am"; by knowing yourself according to that, you will constantly be able to maintain your self-respect and automatically go beyond body consciousness. Body consciousness cannot come where there is self-respect. So, always keep your birthday gift with you and look after it very well. Do not forget it due to carelessness. Through this, you will naturally, easily and constantly have feelings of the original self (swa bhavna) and good wishes for everyone. Do you understand? It is an easy puzzle, is it not? It is easy for those who are sensible and very deep for those who are careless. All of you are children who are sensible in an unlimited way, are you not? Not just those who are sensible, but those who are sensible in an unlimited way. Achcha. 

To such souls who have broad and unlimited intellects in every aspect, to those who have such unlimited intellects that they enable all others to come out of all limitations, to those who are sensible in an unlimited way and have an attitude of unlimited disinterest, to the most elevated souls who constantly have an elevated stage and are always in the unlimited place, love, remembrance and namaste from the unlimited Father. 

Avyakt BapDada meeting teachers personally: 

An angel means one who has no relationship with any other soul except the One Father. 

Do you remember the intoxication of "the wonder of myself!" (Wah re me!)? Does that day, that sparkle and that intoxication remain in your awareness? Those days of such intoxication were very unique. As soon as you remember the days of such intoxication, you become intoxicated. There was such intoxication and happiness that even the physical feet would be dancing naturally while walking and moving around. You wouldn't just dance according to a programme', you would be dancing in your mind, and your body would also be dancing naturally. You can perform this natural dance constantly. The way your eyes look at everything, the way your hands move and the way your feet walk also perform a natural dance of happiness. This is called the dance of angels. Do you constantly dance this natural dance! It is said that the feet of angels can never touch the ground. So, souls who are to become angels also do not put their feet on the ground, that is, they never have the awareness of the body. Just as earth is clay, so this body is also clay, is it not? Therefore, angels do not place their feet on the ground. That means that those who are to become angels do not place their feet on the ground, that is, their intellects are not caught up in the earth, that is, in the body. This is a sign of being an angel. The closer you come to the angelic stage, the more the feet (intellect) will remain above the awareness of the body, of earth. If they do not remain above, but on the ground, then you should understand that there is a burden. Anything that has a burden (weight) cannot remain up above. If there isn't lightness but a burden, your feet will repeatedly return to the ground-like body and you will not become an angel, that is, you will not be light. The feet of angels automatically remain above the ground; they don't have to make effort to do that. Of those who are light, it is said: They are always flying through the air; they are not walking but flying. In the same way, angels also fly in their elevated stage. There is such pleasure seeing and performing this natural dance of angels. You maharathi teachers continually perform this natural dance of angels, do you not? (Shiv Baba asked the teachers sitting directly in front of Him and someone replied: Baba, cut off Maya's arms!) If Baba were to cut off Maya's arms, then the One who cuts them off would get the reward of it. The Father can do anything; it is just an order of a second. However, how would the future of those who want to create their future be created? Should Baba do it for everyone or just for you? In that case, it would become like where there are many who nowadays accept bribes; this would also come in that list. This is why, in Nepal, they make little children hold a knife when they perform the act; they themselves perform the act through the hands of a child. This much is possible, but the hand of courage definitely has to be used. They do at least this much, do they not? This is a topic for the teachers. For how long do you remain in the angelic stage throughout the day and for how long do you become a human being of the mortal world? Angels are not included in relationships of the divine family; they remain constantly detached. With whom do they have all their relationships? If you make someone else your friend, the relationship of a friend with the Father would be reduced slightly. Whatever relationship you forge with someone else, whether it is of a brother or a sister or any other relationship, then, because it is distributed, that relationship with the One would definitely be reduced. When the heart is in pieces, it is a broken heart. Even the Father doesn't accept a broken heart. This is a deep philosophy of relationships. You should have no relationship with anyone except the One; no friend, no brother, no sister, because you would then remember a particular soul in that relationship. 

An angel means one who doesn't have any relationship with other souls. It is easy to have love, but difficult to fulfil the responsibility of that love. The number is not given for whether you have love, but on the basis of how much you fulfil your responsibility. Not everyone knows how to fulfil the responsibility of love; only some know how to do this. The line of those who fulfil the responsibility keeps changing. Although they have one aim, their qualifications become different, and this is why, although they all have love, only some fulfil their responsibility of that love. Even devotees have love, but they don't fulfil the responsibility of it. Children fulfil their responsibility, but it is numberwise; a few out of multimillions and a handful of that few! If something is lacking in fulfilling the responsibility of even one relationship, or if something is missing even slightly in the relationship - for instance, if you have 75% relationship with the Father and 25% with another soul - then too, you would not come in the list of those who fulfil the responsibility of love. You keep the company of the Father for 75% of the time and you seek the company of someone else for 25% of the time; in that case too, you would not come in the list of those who fulfil the responsibility. To fulfil a responsibility means to do it completely and fully. This is a very deep aspect. Even in your thoughts, there should be no other soul. This is known as fulfilling your responsibility completely and fully. No matter what the situation is: whether of your mind, your body or your relationships and connections, no other soul should enter your thoughts. The very second you even have the awareness of another soul even in your thoughts, an account is created. This is why only eight pass completely. There is the memorial of the special eight. There must definitely be such a deep significance. It is a very difficult paper. Angels are those who don't have anyone even in their thoughts, not even in any situation or under any compulsion. There should not be anyone in your thoughts for even a second. You can only become an angel when you remain strong even under any type of compulsion. The destination is very high but there is no harm in that. It is easy because you have multimillion-fold attainment.
The attainment you receive from the relationship with the Father may not be in your awareness at that second, because you may forget it, you therefore seek the support of someone else. Is it a small attainment? There is praise of the Father, and not of any other soul, that He is the One who makes everything difficult easy. So, at the time of any difficulty, you should seek the support of the Father, not the support of any soul. However, at that time, you forget that attainment; you become weak. When someone who is drowning finds even a little straw, he takes the support of it. At that time, because of distress, you take the support of any little straw that comes in front of you. However, do you not realise that by doing that you become one with no support? Achcha. 

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of awareness and power by making your life that of an easy yogi with the sustenance of the Father's love. 

Souls of whole world call God their Father, but they do not become worthy of receiving His sustenance and education. Out of the whole cycle, it is only you few souls who become worthy of this fortune at this time. The practical form of this sustenance is your easy yogi life. The Father cannot bear to see anything difficult for the children. Children themselves make everything difficult by thinking about it too much. However, by making your sanskars of an embodiment of awareness emerge you will receive power. 

Slogan: In order to constantly experience a carefree stage, have thoughts of the original self, the soul, and of God. 

07-10-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज:22-09-75 मधुबन 

स्वमान में स्थित होना ही सर्व खजाने और खुशी की चाबी है 

वरदान: बाप के प्यार की पालना द्वारा सहज योगी जीवन बनाने वाले स्मृति सो समर्थी स्वरूप भव 

सारे विश्व की आत्मायें परमात्मा को बाप कहती हैं लेकिन पालना और पढ़ाई के पात्र नहीं बनती हैं। सारे कल्प में आप थोड़ी सी आत्मायें अभी ही इस भाग्य के पात्र बनती हो। तो इस पालना का प्रैक्टिकल स्वरूप है-सहजयोगी जीवन। बाप बच्चों की कोई भी मुश्किल बात देख नहीं सकते। बच्चे खुद ही सोच-सोच कर मुश्किल बना देते हैं। लेकिन स्मृति स्वरूप के संस्कारों को इमर्ज करो तो समर्थी आ जायेगी। 

स्लोगन: सदा निश्चिंत स्थिति का अनुभव करना है तो आत्म-चिंतन और परमात्म-चिंतन करो। 

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