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Essence of Murli 24-06-2012

Sweet elevated versions to be read in class on the day of remembrance of Jagadamba Mateshwari. 

1) The stages of liberation and liberation-in-life 

 Om shanti. The stages of liberation and liberation-in-life are their own. When we speak of liberation, it means that the soul is free from any part the body plays; it means that the soul does not have a part with the body on this earth. When the soul does not have a part as a human personality, it means that the soul is in the incorporeal world beyond happiness and sorrow; this is called the stage of liberation. That is not called the status of liberation. When a soul is free from karmic bondages, that is, a soul is free from karmic bondage while being an actor with a body that is called the status of liberation-in-life. That is the highest stage of all. That is our deity reward and that golden-aged deity reward is received by making effort in this birth. That is the highest stage of all, but how can you call it a status when the soul is not even playing a part? When the soul is not playing a part on the stage, there is no such thing as the status of liberation. The whole of the human community is not going to go to the golden age because the human community there is very small. To the extent that someone has yoga with God and becomes karmateet, accordingly he receives the golden-aged deity status of liberation-in-life. Those who experience punishment from Dharamraj and become free from karmic bondage, become pure and then go to the pure world, that is, to the land of liberation, they are in liberation - there is no status in the land of liberation. That stage is received automatically at the right time without any effort being made. The desire that human beings have had from the copper age till the end of the iron age of becoming free from the cycle of birth and death, that desire is then fulfilled. It means all souls definitely have to pass via the land of liberation. 

 2) The world begins with Brahma and Saraswati 

Many people ask this question: When did the world begin? They only know that their world began with their religion. Christians have their own understanding of when the world began and the people of Bharat believe it began with them. They then show how mankind came into existence from the beginning. They say that a skeleton of a human being was first created, then they show how there was air, from which breathing was created, and then lungs were created and then a human being was formed. The first human being was created in this way and the world was created. All of these are things people have just heard about, but God Himself is telling us how the world was really created. In fact, God is eternal and so this world is also eternal, and this eternal world began through God. Look, it says in the Gita: God speaks: When I come, I destroy the devilish world and establish the deity world, that is, I make the iron-aged, tamoguni, impure souls pure. So, first of all, God created the three forms, Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar, at the beginning of the world and He then established the deity world through Brahma and Saraswati. So, this means that the world began through Brahma. Christians refer to Brahma and Saraswati as Adam and Eve. In fact, this is accurate. However, because of not knowing this secret, they have given different names to the one Brahma just as some refer to the Supreme Soul as God and some say Allah. However, God is only one, but there is just the difference of language. 

3)Receiving knowledge is a matter of a second 

In fact, receiving knowledge is a matter of just a second, but if people were to understand in a second, it would then take just a second for them to know their original religion and the fact that originally, oneself, the soul, is an embodiment of peace and a child of God. To understand this is a matter of a second, but in order to have this faith, you don't need to do hatha yoga or chanting or tapasya etc. Simply catch hold of your original form. For what are we making all the effort that we are? We have to create our lives practically and so we have to remove ourselves completely from body consciousness. It definitely requires effort to stabilize ourselves in soul consciousness and to imbibe divine virtues. For this, we have to remain cautious at every moment and at every step. If we remain cautious of Maya, then, no matter what calamities we have to face, Maya will not be able to oppose us. Maya opposes us when we forget ourselves. There is this margin for us to create our practical lives, for knowledge is otherwise a matter of a second. 

4)This Godly knowledge is not of our own dictates 

We have not brought this Godly knowledge from out of our intellects, nor is it our own understanding, imagination or thoughts, but we have heard this knowledge from the One who is the Creator of this whole world. And, together with that, we are sharing with you what we have heard and put into our lives and consciences practically. If it were something of our own consciences, it would only work for us, but we listen to this from God and imbibe it with our consciences. Whatever you imbibe is said to be your own when you have it in your conscience and experience. We have also come to know this from that One. So, what is God's creation? Who is God? It is not a matter of our own thoughts. If it were, it would arise in our own minds that this is one's own thought. This is why the points worth imbibing that we have received from God Himself are these: The main thing is to have yoga, but, before yoga, there should be knowledge. Why do we say that we first have to have knowledge in order to have yoga? First of all, you have to think and understand and then, later, have yoga. It is always said: First of all, you need understanding. Otherwise, wrong actions would be performed and this is why knowledge first is essential. Knowledge is an elevated stage for which you need an intellect to understand because the Highest on High, God, is teaching us. 

5)The result of knowledge is, on the one side, to break away and, on the other side, to connect. 

This Godly knowledge on the one side teaches us to break away and, on the other side, to connect. Connect to one God alone for, with this pure relationship, we become able to climb the ladder of knowledge because at this time souls are under the influence of their karmic bondages. In the beginning, souls were free from karmic bondage. Then, later on, they had karmic bondages and now once again have to become free from their karmic bondages. There should be no bondage of your karma at this time for it should be in your own hands to perform karma, that is, you should have control over your actions for only then will there not be any bondage of karma. This is known as liberation-in-life. Otherwise, in the bondage of karma, by coming into the cycle, you would not receive liberation-in-life for all time. Power has now finished in souls and actions are now being performed without their control. However, actions should be performed by the soul and the soul should receive that strength. Actions should be performed in a stage where there is no bondage of karma. Otherwise, human beings get caught up in sorrow and happiness because their actions pull them. When the shakti (energy) of souls has that power they do not have bondage of karma. This is the result. Everything will become easy when you imbibe these things. This is the aim of this class. We don't have to study any Vedas or scriptures and claim a degree, but we do have to create a worthwhile life with this Godly knowledge and we have to take power from God for this . Achcha. Love, remembrance and namaste to the sweetest children from the sweet mother. 

24/06/12 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 23/01/75 

Those who perform every action while seated on their seat of self-respect are great. 

Just as you know the importance of BapDada very well, do you know just as well the importance of the confluence-aged Brahmin birth and the elevated part of you, the elevated soul? Just as the Father is so great, in the same way, those souls who have a good connection and play a part with the Father at every step and in every divine activity are also just as great. By taking every step whilst knowing this greatness very well, you automatically attain multimillions at every step, because everything depends on your awareness. Does your awareness remain constantly powerful and great or is it sometimes great and sometimes ordinary? Whatever someone is, he always conducts himself whilst aware of who he is. It isn't that he is sometimes aware and sometimes unaware. In the same way, since you are elevated Brahmins, since you are the most elevated souls of the world and the special actors, why does the awareness of the form of this last birth, of your position and your occupation sometimes remain special and sometimes become ordinary? Why is there constant fluctuation? Do you know the reason for this? Since your original form and your birth are so elevated, why do you forget the greatness of your life and your birth? 

You only forget when you have a temporary form in order to play your part. Because that is not your original form, there is always awareness and forgetfulness, but why do you forget here? Because of body consciousness. Why is there body consciousness? You have known about all these reasons for a long time, and yet, even whilst knowing this, you are not able to find a solution. This is because you lack power or there isn't that determination. You have even known about this for a long time, so why are you still not able to find a solution? Because of experiencing the same thing again and again, transformation should be easy and for all time, should it not? 

In a worldly way, you can tell when there has been damage and when the result hasn't been good because of that. Once you have been deceived, you ensure that you look after yourself. You don't allow yourself to be deceived again and again, do you? What happens because of body consciousness or because of being under the influence of a particular weakness? You have experienced this many times. If you allow yourself to be deceived even after having experienced this, what can one say? It proves that you do not conduct yourself in the awareness of your greatness. Why do you forget your greatness? What is the reason for this? It is because you do not set yourself on the seat of the stage of a destroyer of obstacles, one who finishes all situations, and on the seat of your original stage and position which BapDada has given you at the confluence age. You get off your seat and come down again and again. By being seated on the seat, you are automatically able to maintain the awareness of your stage of self-respect. In a lokik way too, when an ordinary soul receives a seat of some position, his self-respect increases and he automatically stabilises himself in that stage of intoxication. In the same way, constantly remain on your seat and you will be able to maintain your self-respect in your awareness. Do you understand? 

To get off the seat means to become forgetful instead of having remembrance. Check that you remain on your elevated seat. By sitting on the seat, you are automatically able to transform your sanskars and actions. Do you understand? Words of weakness are not the language of Brahmin souls. So, why do you use the language of shudras? You have the intoxication of your land and your language, do you not? Why do you forget your own language and use someone else's language? So, now, bring about this transformation. First of all, check yourself and then speak. Set yourself on your seat and then create thoughts and perform actions. By sitting on this seat, you automatically receive the blessing of being elevated. So, why do you let go of the seat that is blessed and labour instead? Then, after labouring, you become tired and disheartened. Therefore, now adopt the easy method. Achcha. 

Blessing:May you be free from hopelessness and arrogance and bring about renewal through your humility. 

Never become hopeless in your efforts. "I have to do this. I have to become this." "The rosary of victory is my memorial". Become victorious with this awareness. Do not give a place to hopelessness in yourself for even a second or a minute. Hopelessness and arrogance do not allow you to become great. Those who have arrogance easily have a feeling of being insulted. Therefore, become free from these two things and become humble and you will be able to bring about renewal. 

Slogan: Be seated on the throne of world service and you will be able to receive the throne of the kingdom of the world. 

24-06-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''मातेश्वरी'' रिवाइज:19-02-57 मधुबन 

''मुक्ति और जीवनमुक्ति की स्टेज'' 

24-06-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज:23-01-75 मधुबन 
स्वमान की सीट पर सेट होकर कर्म करने वाला ही महान् 

वरदान: निर्मानता द्वारा नव निर्माण करने वाले निराशा और अभिमान से मुक्त भव 
कभी भी पुरूषार्थ में निराश नहीं बनो। करना ही है, होना ही है, विजय माला मेरा ही यादगार है, इस स्मृति से विजयी बनो। एक सेकण्ड वा मिनट के लिए भी निराशा को अपने अन्दर स्थान न दो। अभिमान और निराशा-यह दोनों महाबलवान बनने नहीं देते हैं। अभिमान वालों को अपमान की फीलिंग बहुत आती है, इसलिए इन दोनों बातों से मुक्त बन निर्मान बनो तो नव निर्माण का कार्य करते रहेंगे। 
स्लोगन: विश्व सेवा के तख्तनशीन बनो तो राज्य तख्तनशीन बन जायेंगे। 

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