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Essence of Murli 17-06-2012

An invitation to become the form of an angel and an image that grants visions. 

BapDada is giving love to all the loving children as the response of love. In return for the pearls of tears from the eyes and the garland that the children put around BapDada's neck, BapDada gives them the garland of the jewels of knowledge. Today, at amrit vela, the thoughts of all the loving children reached BapDada. Each one's heart-to-heart conversation, each one's pure thoughts and promises, reached BapDada. In response to everyone's heart-to-heart conversation, BapDada Himself had the desire to meet everyone in the avyakt form. Children ask the Father to come into the corporeal world, whereas the Father asks the children to come to the subtle region. Baba's and the children's pure desire is for the children to become avyakt, the same as the Father, the resident of the subtle region. Now, tell Baba in how much time you will reach the subtle region. Do you know how beautiful the meeting in the subtle region is? 

BapDada too cannot return home without the children. Before returning home, a gathering of the avyakt angels takes place in the subtle region. BapDada invokes all the loving children to that gathering. Children invoke the Father and call Him into the old world, but the Father is calling you children to the world of angels from where we will all return together to the world of souls. Do you like this alokik avyakt invitation? If you like it, do you not know how to forget the life of the corporeal form and corporeal feelings? Do you not know how to be an angel constantly like the father? Do you not know how to make the thought of one second determined for all time? "I have to become this, I have to go there": Do you not know how to claim such a ticket in one second? Even whilst having the treasures of all powers, are you not able to reserve this ticket? Together with yourself, can you not enable all souls of the world to claim the inheritance of liberation and liberation in life from the Father by taking them beyond with just a glance? Do you have the pure and very strong thought of liberating your devotees and the Father's devotees from wandering around? You are the children of the merciful Father; are you able to bear seeing souls experiencing a lot of sorrow and peacelessness? Do you not feel compassion? Together with feelings of benefit for souls who are caught up in many types of perishable peace and happiness and who have forgotten the Father and themselves, do you not have the thought of showing them the path and giving them a drop of imperishable attainment? 

Now, according to the time, instead of giving them the seven days' course, show them the course of one second through your blessings and all powers. Only then will you be able to take all souls back with the Father in the world of souls. You have already received the blessing from the Bestower of blessings: May you be bodiless, incorporeal, egoless and free from vices. That is, make yourself an embodiment of knowledge, an embodiment of remembrance, an embodiment of virtues and an image that grants visions. Anyone who comes in front of you should experience the jewel of the forehead through the forehead, the intense fire through the eyes and words of blessings through the lips. Just as you have been instruments to put BapDada's elevated versions into the physical form, now make this form practical. 

Because of their love, co-operation and service, BapDada constantly showers flowers of contentment on the children. He congratulates them on their efforts. Along with that, He is also giving you an invitation for the future to complete the remaining Godly service quickly, that is, to make the self equal to the Father. Merge yourself in the outstretched welcoming arms of the Father and become equal to Him. The visible form of love is to become the same. 

Will you return with BapDada today? Are you ever-ready to this extent or will the pure connection of the remaining service pull you? Have you accomplished all tasks, or do some tasks still remain? Will you finish them from the subtle region? You can come if you can accomplish all the relationships and all the tasks of service in a second. You complain but the Father is ready to take you with Him. Have you settled all your accounts? The Father is ready to go. So, come along! There will be no return. Achcha. 

To all those who remain loving and co-operative, the same as the Father and who are constant companions who fulfil the responsibility of companionship, to the stars who are close and who put all thoughts into practical form, to the jewels of the forehead who are threaded in the rosary around the neck, to the victorious jewels of the rosary of victory, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

Personal Meeting: Promise for Transformation 

How do you praise Madhuban? You call it the land of transformation. All of you have come to the land of transformation, the land of blessings. Do you experience blessings in yourself and in others? To come here means to receive blessings and to bring about transformation. What do you have to transform now? Before you leave here, you have to transform whatever particular weaknesses and particular sanskars that, from time to time, become obstacles. Only then would it be said that you brought about transformation in yourself. You arrive here with special zeal, enthusiasm and deep love, and so let the fire of your love become so intense here in Madhuban, that all waste thoughts, all weaknesses and all your old remaining sanskars are completely burnt in this fire. 

Madhuban is called the great sacrificial fire (maha yagya) of the knowledge of Rudra in which the horse is sacrificed. What does one do in a sacrificial fire? A sacrifice is made. When you children wake up at amrit vela every day, you create a sacrificial fire of love in which you sacrifice your weaknesses. However, this is the great yagya. To come to Madhuban means to come to the great yagya. Why is Madhuban called the great yagya? Because, here, there is the fire of the love of many souls at the same time, and so you should take benefit from it. Just as you sometimes make a promise to yourself or you have a thought, in the same way, do you also make a promise to yourself in Madhuban? What do you think? Do you put such sacrificial offerings into the fire that they finish completely for the future? You should put the greatest sacrificial offerings, and not ordinary offerings, into the great yagya. Have you sacrificed the offerings into the fire of love of many souls, all together? As you are returning from here, have you put in the sacrificial offerings or are you taking them back with you? Or, are you wondering which sesame seeds and which grains to offer? Do you check every time you come to the great yagya whether you have put any offerings in or not? Have you surrendered them completely or are you going to take them back with you? Are the offerings sacrificed completely or do they still remain? You don't still think that they will be useful in the old world, do you? It happens that if a person is weak he would pull his hand back. If the person who is sacrificing something is weak, then, because of the heat, half of what is being sacrificed would fall into the fire and half would spill outside the fire. Here, too, you wonder whether you should do it or not. "Will it be possible or not? Will I be able to do this or not?" You keep moving the hand of your intellect backwards and forwards. This is why you can't make the complete sacrifice; some things still remain and the offerings spill. When there isn't the total sacrifice, there isn't total success. Then, you think a lot, but do very little, and so you receive less fruit. At first, when you have little courage and your thought isn't powerful, there isn't that power in the actions you perform and there is therefore very little fruit received. What do you do then? You spill half here and half somewhere else. So, that doesn't bring any success, does it? What is the result of all of you? Were you successful? Were you able to make the complete sacrifice or was it spilt? Now, whatever you have thought about, you have to bring that about in yourself practically so that, from today, the weakness will not emerge again. Do you have the courage to sacrifice them completely or do you lack this? "What if destruction doesn't take place? What if heaven doesn't come? Will I reach there or not? What will people say?" Do not be clever in this way. This is the condition of everyone. You put your hand forward very easily, but when you feel the heat, you pull it back. You have courage but when the slightest obstacle comes, you step backwards. What would become of such souls? You know about liberation and salvation, do you not? If someone doesn't do this, even whilst being knowledge-full, what would you say to this? If you take something back, what would become of you? What would you say if someone deliberately doesn't do this? Even whilst being the form of light and might, why are you not able to do this? What is the reason for this? OK, you have the knowledge intellectually; you also have the understanding of it; you know it, but you don't know how to put the knowledge into a practical form and merge it into yourself. You have the food and you also eat it, but it is one thing to eat it and another thing to digest it. You do not merge it into yourself; you can't digest it and so you don't get its juice and you don't receive any energy. If you just taste something with your tongue, you won't be able to create juice, and so you won't receive any energy. Only when you merge it into yourself can you become an embodiment of power. If you don't merge it into yourself, you have only tasted it with your tongue, whereas when you merge it, you receive power. You experienced the sweetness by listening, you understood it; you understood it but didn't merge it and you didn't put it into a practical form. Only when it is revealed through your dharna and when you have created sanskars with it will the practical form of success be visible. What does it mean to be knowledge-full? To be knowledge-full means that knowledge should be merged in every physical organ. You should know what you have to do and what you must not do. Will there then be any question of being deceived? Your eyes and attitude will not be deceived when the soul becomes enlightened with knowledge; all knowledge becomes merged in all the physical organs. Just as you are filled with energy by eating food and you are able to work on the basis of that energy, so you now have to merge knowledge into yourself. Make every physical organ knowledge-full. 

You come here every year and you say that you will now do this. You return from here having made a promise. Now, when will you fulfil this promise? What is the reason for the difference in what you think and what you do? What is the reason for this? You think of doing something completely, but you are only able to do it by half: what is the reason for this difference? You create many plans, you have a lot of enthusiasm and you make a promise with full understanding. All types of situations will come, but there is a difference between the understanding and the practical. What is the reason for this? If you go from here having sacrificed all your sanskars, where do they all emerge from? Why do they return if you have sacrificed them? What is the reason for body consciousness and carelessness to return? The reason is that, just as after sowing seeds, you look after them carefully, so you go from here with the thought of sacrificing them, but, together with the thought, you need to take care of it, but you don't take the care that you should. According to the time, you need to take the necessary care of it, but you sow the seed and then become careless. You think: Now that you have given it to Baba, Baba has to look after it, that it is Baba's duty now. You do not sustain it. You need to pay attention to your thoughts and words. Just as after sowing a seed, you water it so that it ripens, and you have to water it every day, in the same way, you have to revise the seed of your thought. You lack this and you then become free from any concern; you leave it to Baba! What would you call those who are not concerned? They become those who love rest and comfort. You should not be those who have sanskars of loving rest and comfort, but those whose thoughts are filled with concern. There should be concern for each and every sanskar. The stain of something missing in even one aspect of your efforts is visible as a very big stain. Then there is always the thought that even one small stain will reduce your value. Your thoughts should be in the form of concern. If they are not this, then there is carelessness. You say something, but you don't do it. You should put the method given last into a practical form but the sanskars of rest and comfort of the deity stage now pull you more. The sanskars of confluence-aged Brahmins, which are of embodiments of renunciation, have not emerged as much. Without renunciation, you cannot create your fortune. To think, "Achcha, I will do it later. I will see about it later," are the sanskars of someone who loves rest and comfort. Someone who says, "I will definitely do it now," has the sanskars of a Brahmin. In a worldly study, those who are concerned about their studies are the ones who pass, because they are even ready to lose their sleep. How can those who love rest and comfort pass? You are still now thinking about going to do it practically. You should be concerned, you should have pure thoughts, and have the concern to become perfect, the concern to remove your weaknesses and the concern to give practical instant fruit. Achcha. 

Blessing: May you be an elevated donor and a co-operative soul who makes weak souls powerful with your own powers and virtues. 

According to the time, all the powers and virtues of worthy children who have an elevated stage are always co-operative. The special form of their service is that they donate the virtues and powers that they have received from the Father to the souls who do not have knowledge and are co-operative with Brahmin souls. To make weak souls powerful is an elevated donation and elevated co-operation. Just as you serve through words and your mind, in the same way, give all souls the co-operation of the virtues and powers that you have received and enable them to attain something. 

Slogan: Those who guarantee their fortune with determined faith constantly remain carefree.

17-06-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज: 18-01-75 मधुबन 

साक्षात्कार मूर्त और फरिश्ता मूर्त बनने का निमन्त्रण 

अपनी शक्तियों वा गुणों द्वारा निर्बल को शक्तिवान बनाने वाले श्रेष्ठ दानी वा सहयोगी भव
श्रेष्ठ स्थिति वाले सपूत बच्चों की सर्व शक्तियाँ और सर्व गुण समय प्रमाण सदा सहयोगी रहते हैं। उनकी सेवा का विशेष स्वरूप है-बाप द्वारा प्राप्त गुणों और शक्तियों का अज्ञानी आत्माओं को दान और ब्राह्मण आत्माओं को सहयोग देना। निर्बल को शक्तिवान बनाना-यही श्रेष्ठ दान वा सहयोग है। जैसे वाणी द्वारा वा मन्सा द्वारा सेवा करते हो ऐसे प्राप्त हुए गुणों और शक्तियों का सहयोग अन्य आत्माओं को दो, प्राप्ति कराओ।
स्लोगन: जो दृढ़ निश्चय से भाग्य को निश्चित कर देते हैं वही सदा निश्चिंत रहते हैं।

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