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Essence of Murli 03-06-2012

03/06/12     Madhuban Avyakt     BapDada     Om Shanti     05/12/74
Gain victory over time by changing your wasteful thoughts into powerful thoughts.
What is the avyakt meeting? To become the same as the one you are meeting. So, to have an avyakt meeting means to adopt an avyakt form, the same as the Father's. Avyakt means where there is no feeling of the corporeal. Have you become like this? Have you created a stage where there isn't the slightest attraction towards the physical country, the physical body or physical things? The first promise you made is: "I listen to You alone and I speak to You alone". You have to fulfil this first promise, but, unless you stabilise yourself in the subtle or incorporeal stage for the whole day and night, would you be able to experience being with BapDada, that is, would you be able to fulfil your promise? Throughout the whole day, for how long do you fulfil this promise? Whomsoever you are going to meet, you have to make your own stage according to their stage and meet them at their place. You have to change both your place and your stage, for only then will you be able to fulfil this promise. To have corporeal feelings or to have feelings of devotion for any person or any object, whereby you feel that this is very much loved or very good - to have this feeling for any physical object or bodily person is also like a desire; and, for as long as you have any desire, you are unable to oppose Maya completely. As long as you cannot oppose her (samna), you cannot become equal (samaan), that is, you cannot fulfil your promise.

In the pictures, Krishna has been portrayed as sitting on the globe of the world. So, create such an image of your practical stage; to go beyond this corporeal world and your old body, to go beyond corporeal feelings and physical objects means to be standing over them as a detached observer. When the globe is shown under someone's feet or someone is shown sitting on the globe that is a portrayal of the mastery or right over the world. Therefore, make such an image of yourself where you only come into this old world, from the avyakt to the vyakt, according to your own desires or on the basis of thoughts created by your own self and not as a result of being subservient to the attraction of physical objects or people. When you take a lift up, the switch is under your own control as to whether you go to the first floor or the second floor. What is the result when the switch is beyond your control? You get stuck in-between. In the same way, keep the switch of your consciousness under your own control. Have you claimed such rights whereby you are able to set your place and stage how you want, when you want and for as long as you want? Have you gained victory over time? '"Kaal", means time. Are you victorious over time? If the Pandava Army and the Shakti Army only attain this stage at the end, then the power of silence is lower than the power of science because science has already conquered these elements.

In the exhibition, you show pictures of how Ravan conquered the five elements, and time is shown as one of those elements. Since science, which is the power of Ravan, has conquered the elements quite a lot, then it means science is more powerful than you, does it not? The power of science is proving this in practice; will the power of silence show its proof at the end? To conquer time means to conquer death. The percentage of this is very low at the moment. Although you do stabilise yourself in the incorporeal stage or the avyakt stage, you are not able to stabilise yourself in that stage for as long as you want. You have the experience of that stage, you even work hard for it, but you are still not able to conquer time. What is the reason for that? You think that you will sit in powerful remembrance for half an hour. You even sit for half an hour and also make plans, but you are not able to stabilise yourself in that stage for as long as the time you spend in thinking about that stage. You have the thought to push the button for the third floor, but, because you haven't conquered time, you are only able to reach the second floor, the first floor or the ground floor. This is because you have the practice of wasting a lot of time throughout the day. By paying attention to the wasteful, you will become powerful and successful in gaining victory over time. As long as you waste a lot of time, you will not be powerful or successful in gaining victory over time. This is why you are not able to experience the meeting or to constantly fulfil the promise that you want to. So, now, create your image of the fortune of being constantly victorious over all the elements and over time. Only when you change every second from wasteful to powerful will you be victorious. Achcha.

To such constantly victorious soul, to those who have all rights and who constantly fulfil their promise, to those who change the wasteful into powerful and who constantly remain beyond the corporeal and stabilise themselves in the avyakt stage, to such lucky and close stars, love, remembrance and namaste from BapDada.

03/06/12     Madhuban Avyakt     BapDada      Om Shanti     27/12/74

May you receive blessings by being yogi and pure.

Today's gathering is of the souls who have attained all blessings from the Bestower of Blessings. Out of all the blessings attained from the Bestower of Blessings, what are the two main blessings in which all other blessings are merged? Do you know them very well or have you become embodiments of the blessings and images that grant blessings? Those who are images that grant blessings to themselves can become embodiments of blessings and bestowers who grant blessings to others. So, ask yourself: Have you become an embodiment of the two main blessings? That is, the blessings of: May you be yogi, may you be pure? Have you become an embodiment of this special course? Have you finished this course or are you still doing the course? The meaning of the seven days' course is merged in these two main blessings. Have all of you who are sitting here finished the course, or are you still doing the course! To do the course means to return having filled yourself with force. If you don't experience the force of being constantly yogi and pure, that is, of being an embodiment of power, you wouldn't be called an embodiment of power, but someone who is still practising to become an embodiment of power. The form of the self should constantly and naturally stay in your awareness. Just as you are constantly and naturally able to remember your corporeal form - you don't even have to practise that, but have to make effort to forget it - in the same way, your original form and your being an embodiment of blessings should constantly be in your awareness. There shouldn't be the slightest name or trace of impurity or forgetfulness. This is known as having done the course of blessings. Have you done such a course? 
Just as you don't allow someone who hasn't completed the seven days' course to come to class, in the same way, Brahmin children who don't finish this practical course are not allowed to come into the first class either by BapDada or by the drama. What is the first class? They cannot come at the beginning of the golden age. Since you don't allow them to come to class, even the drama cannot give them the right to go into the first class. In order to go into the first class, you should have these two main blessings in a practical way. There should be complete ignorance of forgetfulness and impurity. You are now at the confluence age, and so you should experience this sanskar or form as not belonging to you, but as belonging to your past birth, and no longer yours. The feeling should be: I am a Brahmin whereas that form or sanskar belongs to a shudra. To experience those sanskars as being separate from yourself, as though they are someone else's sanskars, is known as being loving and detached. Just as the soul and body are two separate things, but due to ignorance, the two have been mixed, in the same way, "mine" has been considered as "I" and due to this mistake, you have received so much distress, sorrow and peacelessness. In the same way, the sanskars of forgetfulness and impurity don't belong to you as a Brahmin, but they belonged to a shudra. By considering them to be yours, you become influenced by Maya and become distressed, that is, you leave the honour of being a Brahmin behind. So, check this little mistake to see that it is not your sanskar or your form. Do you understand? So, only when you put the first lesson of being yogi and pure into practice can you claim a right to becoming the same as the Father and coming close to the Father.
Today, BapDada has especially come to meet the same souls of the previous cycle: those who have been separated for a long period of time; those who are extremely desirous of remaining in remembrance of Baba; nose who constantly entertain themselves with the pure thought of celebrating an avyakt meeting; those who tie BapDada with the string of their love; those who make BapDada avyakt like themselves; the new children and the children who are physically living in the far-away countries. So, who is more powerful? Those who tie or the One who gets tied? Baba says: Wah children! Well done, children! BapDada has special love for the new ones. Why is that? Faith brings constant victory. The main reason for special love is that the new children constantly make effort to have an avyakt meeting. Their lamps of the pure hopes of experiencing through the avyakt form the activities carried out by the sakar form are constantly ignited. In order to give them their fruit, BapDada also especially and automatically remembers those who make such effort. Therefore, the remembrance of today, the good morning, love and remembrance of today from BapDada is, first of all, especially for the new children all around. As well as this, all are Baba's children. It is not possible to celebrate an avyakt meeting constantly through the vyakt form. Therefore, after coming here, you have to return. However, the avyakt meeting through the avyakt form can be celebrated all the time. To such children who are the bestowers of blessings, love, remembrance and namaste. 
Personal meetings: To give co-operation once means to receive co-operation till the end.
BapDada always has number one remembrance of the foreigners. Just as those in bondage are remembered first, in the same way, children who are living abroad are also remembered. They too have the bondage of not being able to come often to this land, do they not? BapDada sees them as the closest of all. Are those who have gone abroad for service truly far away? They are not in front of Baba's eyes, but those who are merged in the eyes are never far away. They are the closest of all, are they not? Do you stay in front of the eyes or are you merged in the eyes? Those who are merged are constant yogis. Children who live abroad nevertheless come close whereas those who live close by, that is, in this land, are not able to come even once in four years, and so who is the closest? All of this is a subtle connection. It is a close relationship and that is why they have come close. This is proof, is it not? According to the drama, just see how the thought of so many maharathis was not able to become practical and yet your thoughts became practical, and so you are close, are you not? Do not consider yourselves to be far away from BapDada.
You should look at your astrological chart: From the beginning, that is, from your birth what has your line of fortune been like? Those who have received fortune from their birth, those who have come having created their fortune from the beginning also receive a lift on the basis of that later on. You have had easy attainment from the beginning, have you not? You have laboured less and received greater attainment. You have won this lottery. When you win a lottery of hundreds of thousands with a ticket of one rupee, that is less effort and great attainment, is it not? In any situation, when someone understands an instruction and, without any thought, becomes co-operative even once at a time of need. BapDada also then becomes bound to give co-operation to such co-operative souls. When you take a jump of giving your co-operation even once that enables you to claim a right to receive co-operation till the end. When you receive one hundred-fold return of one, there is less effort and greater attainment, whether it is through the mind, body or wealth. However, when you give your co-operation at the time of need, then BapDada is bound to give you co-operation till the end. If someone has given his co-operation even once in his life to BapDada"s task, then BapDada will remain co-operative till the end. This is also a karmic account. Do you understand? Achcha.
Blessing: May you claim a right to blessings from everyone and receive a certificate of contentment through the tapasya from your heart.
There are many who give themselves a certificate through their chart of tapasya, but you can only receive a certificate of contentment from everyone when you do tapasya from your heart, when you have love for everyone from your heart, when you have the consciousness of being an instrument and have pure feelings. Such children claim a right to receive blessings from everyone. At the very least, 95% souls should give you a certificate of contentment and it should emerge from everyone's lips: "Yes, this one is number one". Only those who claim a certificate of everyone's blessings become equal to the Father.
Slogan: Consider time to be invaluable and for as long as you use it in a worthwhile way you will never be deceived.

03-06-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज:05-12-74 मधुबन

व्यर्थ संकल्पों को समर्थ बनाने से काल पर विजय

03-06-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति 'अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज:27-12-74 मधुबन

योगी भव और पवित्र भव द्वारा वरदानों की प्राप्ति

वरदान: दिल की तपस्या द्वारा सन्तुष्टता का सर्टीफिकेट प्राप्त करने वाले सर्व की दुआओं के अधिकारी भव
तपस्या के चार्ट में अपने को सर्टीफिकेट देने वाले तो बहुत हैं लेकिन सर्व की सन्तुष्टता का सर्टीफिकेट तभी प्राप्त होता है जब दिल की तपस्या हो, सर्व के प्रति दिल का प्यार हो, निमित्त भाव और शुभ भाव हो। ऐसे बच्चे सर्व की दुआओं के अधिकारी बन जाते हैं। कम से कम 95 परसेन्ट आत्मायें सन्तुष्टता का सर्टीफिकेट दें, सबके मुख से निकले कि हाँ यह नम्बरवन है, ऐसा सबके दिल से दुआओं का सर्टीफिकेट प्राप्त करने वाले ही बाप समान बनते हैं।

स्लोगन: समय को अमूल्य समझकर सफल करो तो समय पर धोखा नहीं खायेंगे।

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