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DECEMBER - 2nd ISSUE - 2012

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Essence of Murli 31-12-2012

Essence: Sweet children, you should have the happiness that you are now to leave this world and everything within it and go to your home, the land of peace, and then to the land of happiness. 

Question: In order to move constantly forward on this delicate path, what must you definitely be cautious about? 

Answer: Don't become a friend of anyone who tells you wasteful or devilish things. To listen and agree with others when they speak of defamatory things means to be disobedient to the Father. Therefore, become merciful and help them end their habits. Become obedient to the Father. Wear the eye make-up (ointment) of knowledge. This is a very delicate path. By moving along with great caution you will continue to make progress. 

Song: Take us away from this land of sin to a world of rest and comfort! 

Om shanti. Sweet children, you have now become sensible and you feel that you were previously so senseless. You didn't even understand that this world is an impure world and that when the deities ruled in this Bharat, it was pure and happy. At that time, there was nothing of sorrow there. However, you didn't even have the faith that there is constant happiness in heaven. No one knew about heaven. People think that there was sorrow there too. That, too, is senselessness. You children have now become sensible. The Father has come and explained to you. You are following His shrimat. People say that this is the impure world and that heaven was the pure world. If there is sorrow in the pure world, then that is also a world of sorrow. In that case the song is wrong. It says: O Baba, take us to a place where there is comfort, rest and happiness. You children also know that heaven was the 'Golden Sparrow'. There used to be deities there. You even say that you didn't cause sorrow for one another. However, you then say that sorrow and happiness have continued since time immemorial. People have falsely accused Krishna. It is said: As is the vision of impure ones, so their world. They believe that the whole world is impure. At this time their vision is impure and so they believe that the whole world is impure. They say that impure activities have continued since time immemorial. You children are now becoming sensible, but that, too, is numberwise, according to the effort you make. You children are receiving directions from the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. The Father sits here and explains to you souls: All are impure souls. Therefore, impure souls are called sinful souls. The Father says to souls: You are My imperishable children. You say: Mama, Baba. No one in this world can be called Pita Shri. Shri means elevated, but not a single human being here is elevated. This can only be the praise of One. However, you call this one by that name at this time because he has adopted renunciation in order to become elevated. You know that you are now going to become angels. However, while you are moving along and becoming elevated, Maya, Ravan, quickly slaps you and corrupts you. Corrupt ones cannot be called Shri (elevated). It is said: Shri Lakshmi, Shri Narayan, Shri Radhe, Shri Krishna. People go to temples and sing their praise. They cannot call themselves elevated. You children have now understood that Bharat was elevated. There weren't any impure, dirty clothes there. They were pure and elevated there. The Father's praise is that He washed the dirty, impure clothes and made them pure. At this time all are impure; it is truly Ravan's kingdom. People burn an effigy of Ravan every year but he doesn't get burnt; he appears again and again. Because they have burnt him, people are unable to understand why a new one is created every year. It proves that Ravan's kingdom has not gone away. In heaven, when it is the kingdom of Rama, they do not create an effigy of Ravan. They say that they burnt Ravan and then looted Lanka. They show a golden Lanka of Ravan. However, it is not like that. This whole world is Lanka. This is an island. There is Ravan"s kingdom over the whole world. Only you children understand this. If a senseless person were to go and sit in a college, what would he be able to understand? Nothing at all! He would simply be wasting his time. This is the Godly college. A new person would not be able to understand anything here. This is why he has to be made to sit in quarantine for seven days until he becomes worthy. Nevertheless, if that person is a good, religious-minded person you can ask him: What is your relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul? He is the Father of souls and Prajapita is also a father. This point is very good. However, children don't remain that cheerful through this. The Father says: I tell you new points with which your intoxication can rise and you can also learn ways to explain to others. You can ask them to fill in a form and then ask them: What is your relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul? They would say: The Supreme Father is the Father. Therefore, at that time, the idea of omnipresence would fly away. If you ask them this question, they would say that He is the Father and that we are all children. If they believe this much, you should get them to write it down. You are also the children of Prajapita. Shiva is Dada (Grandfather) and this one (Brahma) is Baba. Shiv Baba is the One who establishes heaven and so you will definitely receive an inheritance from Him. You have to find the easiest things of all. Go to your friends and relatives and also explain this to them. You have the intoxication that you claim your inheritance from BapDada. You will not receive an inheritance from the mother. It is the Father who has to establish heaven. He is the Master. Just as this one has a right to the Grandfather's inheritance, in the same way grandchildren also have a right. The Father says: Remember Me! He doesn't say: Also remember this bodily being. The Father is speaking to you personally. He also explained to you in the previous cycle. However, children become very body conscious. You love bodily beings. The Father says: O souls, you came bodiless and, having played your parts, you have now completed your 84 births. Now, I am telling you that you have to return home. Constantly remember Me alone and your sins will be absolved. Your sins won't be absolved by remembering bodily beings. You promise Baba that you will remember Him alone. You are no longer to live in this old world. There is no comfort here. This is why you ask to be taken to a place where there is happiness and comfort. You children know that you will first go to the land of peace. There, you will not mention happiness. There will be peace and nothing but peace. You will then go to the land of happiness. There, you won't mention peace. It is when there is sorrow that there is peacelessness. There is peace merged in happiness anyway. However, that is not the land of peace. The land of peace is the sweet home of souls. The Father knows the beginning, the middle and the end of everything. Now, the business of you children is to study and teach others and also perform actions for the livelihood of your bodies. You know/ that you will go from this land of death to the land of immortality via the land of peace. You have to keep this in your intellects until you become transferred. You have to study until the results of your study are out. You have to study until you die. You can at least remember that you now have to go home! You have to leave this world and everything here. You should be happy. You have understood the secrets of the unlimited play. When a limited play comes to an end, they change their clothes and go home. In the same way, we too now have to go home. The cycle of 84 births is now coming to an end. You remember the Purifier, asking Him to come. You should then only remember Shiv Baba. On the one hand, you say: "O Purifier, come!" and on the other hand you say that He is omnipresent! There is no meaning to that. He tells you children so easily: Remember the land of peace. This is the land of sorrow. Its destruction is just ahead. This is the same Mahabharat War. There are the Yadavas who are the residents of Europe. The Kauravas and the Pandavas are brothers. We are all from the same family. There cannot be a war between brothers. There is no question of war here. The business of human beings is to make one another fight. This is a system. All are enemies of one another. Even children become enemies of their parents. In the land of death the customs and systems of everyone are their own. Look how big the Father's plan is! He ends everyone's plans and establishes the land of happiness. He sends everyone else to the land of peace. You children can see whom you are sitting in front of. You have the faith that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is the Ocean of Love. He is giving us knowledge through these organs. Would there be any other spiritual gathering like this? Here, the Father sits in front of you and explains to you. You know that the Father is speaking to you souls. We are listening through our ears. Baba is speaking through the mouth of this Dada. The jewels that emerge through the lips of Baba should emerge through the lips of you children. Let only jewels constantly emerge from your lips. You shouldn't even listen to useless devilish things. Some listen to such things in great happiness. The Father says: If you hear such things or you see others saying such things, tell Baba and He will make them understand. Otherwise, they become firm in that. This continues to happen. They don't even tell Baba that so-and-so is talking about useless things. If he is forbidden to do it, that habit will end. The Father would explain in the gathering, but then some of you become friends of such children. Maya turns the intellects of very good children to stone. They don't become obedient children of the Father. This is a very delicate path. You have to be very cautious here. Become merciful so that if anyone has any habits, you end them. You shouldn't just agree with them and continue to listen to them. Baba is making you into the masters of the land of happiness. We will never listen to defamation of such a Father. We have to claim our inheritance from Shiv Baba; we aren't concerned about anything else. Whether anyone listens to this or not, we will at least wear the ointment of knowledge. Some wear eye make up of knowledge and some wear eye make up of mud. The third eye of knowledge doesn't open through that. Baba explains everything so easily that, no matter how diseased, blind or crippled someone may be, he can understand. There are the two words: Alpha and beta. The Father says: Children, stay friendly with your friends and relatives. Become very sweet. Your duty is to give the Father's introduction. Even if someone is an enemy, you have to stay friendly. Become very sweet! Father says: You have insulted Me so much by following devilish dictates. You defamed Me, but, in spite of that, I uplift you so much! It is fixed in the drama for God to be defamed. This is why it is said: Whenever there is extreme irreligiousness, I come.... He has come into Bharat. He is also explaining to us. You children have to understand everything very clearly. If it is not in someone's fortune, he continues to do devilish business. As soon as you leave here you forget these things. By defaming God, this has become your condition. Now stop defaming God! Your name is written: Prajapita Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. They would understand that you are the grandchildren of Shiva. You would definitely receive the inheritance of heaven. Bharat received the inheritance, but doesn't have it now. It is now receiving it once again. In the golden age there was just the sun dynasty. Now remember the Father and your sins will be absolved and you will go there. The Father explains so well! You children also have to do service but, first, your attitude has to be very good. You mustn't just become a pundit. If you are a firm yogi, a Raj Rishi, the arrow will strike others. If you yourself have a weakness, you will not be able to tell others anything. You will feel ashamed and your sin will continue to bite you inside. Baba explains everything very well. He explained to you in the same way in the previous cycle. Whether someone studies or not, the deity religion will definitely be established. Nevertheless, the Father says: At least become a little sensible! Keep this income as well as that income in your intellect. Only the Father inspires you to earn the true income. Don't forget to remember the Father and heaven. By constantly remembering Baba, your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. Wake up early in the morning and remember the Father. If you feel lazy, then understand that it is not in your fortune. Practise in such a way that, at the end you don't even remember your body at the end. I am a soul. Achcha. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. Keep your attitude pure and even make your enemies into your friends. Uplift those who defame you and give everyone the Father's true introduction. 

2. Let only the jewels that emerge through Baba's lips emerge through your lips. Don't listen to or speak of wasteful things. 

Blessing: May you be a self-transformer and so a world transformer who inculcates the sanskars of Father Brahma into the self. 

At the end, Father Brahma reminded all the children of the sanskars he created in himself -incorporeal, viceless and egoless. These sanskars of Father Brahma should be the natural sanskars of Brahmins. Constantly keep these elevated sanskars in front of you. Throughout the day, when you perform actions, check whether all three sanskars have emerged there. By imbibing these sanskars you will become a self-transformer and so a world transformer. 

Slogan: In order to create an avyakt stage, do not see the image (chitra - body), but look at the living being (chaitanya) and the character (charitra). 

मुरली सार:- ''मीठे बच्चे - तुम्हें खुशी होनी चाहिए कि हम अभी यह दुनिया, यह सब कुछ छोड़ अपने घर शान्तिधाम जायेंगे फिर सुखधाम में आयेंगे'' 

प्रश्न:- इस नाज़ुक रास्ते में निरन्तर आगे बढ़ने के लिए कौन सी खबरदारी जरूर रखनी है? 

उत्तर:- कभी भी कोई व्यर्थ वा शैतानी बातें सुनाये तो उसका मित्र नहीं बनो। हाँ जी करके ग्लानी की बातें सुनना माना बाप का नाफरमानबरदार बनना, इसलिए रहमदिल बन उसकी आदत को मिटाना है। बाप का फरमानबरदार बनना है। ज्ञान का शुर्मा पहन लेना है। यही बहुत नाज़ुक रास्ता है जिसमें खबरदार होकर चलने से ही आगे बढ़ते रहेंगे। 

गीत:- इस पाप की दुनिया से... 

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:- 

1) अपनी वृत्ति को शुद्ध रख दुश्मन को भी मित्र बनाना है। अपकारी पर भी उपकार कर बाप का सच्चा परिचय देना है। 

2) जो रत्न बाबा के मुख से निकलते हैं वही रत्न निकालने हैं। कोई भी व्यर्थ बातें न सुननी है न सुनानी है। 

वरदान:- ब्रह्मा बाप के संस्कारों को स्वयं में धारण करने वाले स्व परिवर्तक सो विश्व परिवर्तक भव 

जैसे ब्रह्मा बाप ने जो अपने संस्कार बनायें वह सभी बच्चों को अन्त समय में याद दिलाये-निराकारी, निर्विकारी और निरंहकारी - तो यह ब्रह्मा बाप के संस्कार ही ब्राह्मणों के संस्कार नेचुरल हों। सदा इन्हीं श्रेष्ठ संस्कारों को सामने रखो। सारे दिन में हर कर्म के समय चेक करो कि तीनों ही संस्कार इमर्ज रूप में हैं। इन्हीं संस्कारों को धारण करने से स्व परिवर्तक सो विश्व परिवर्तक बन जायेंगे। 

स्लोगन:- अव्यक्त स्थिति बनानी है तो चित्र (देह) को न देख चैतन्य और चरित्र को देखो। 


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Essence of Murli 30-12-2012

30/12/12    Madhuban    Avyakt BapDada    Om Shanti    31/12/95 

In the Diamond Year become an angel and experience BapDada's canopy of protection and His love. 

Today, the One who makes the world sparkle like a real diamond, the One who makes matter sparkle like a diamond, the One who, out of the souls of the entire world, makes His direct children become like diamonds, as well as the Father who establishes the new world, together with seeing the New Year and the new age is seeing His children who are to become diamonds. In the corporeal form, so many diamonds are sparkling in front of BapDada, and Baba is also seeing in every corner of the world sparkling diamonds in all direction. The soul, the diamond sparkling in the centre of each one's forehead, looks so beautiful. The souls, the sparkling diamonds in front of Baba, and the scene of all the diamonds in all directions sparkling all together is such a lovely scene. So, what is this the gathering of? It is diamonds, is it not? Even though you may be numberwise, you arc still sparkling. The gathering of the sparkling diamonds is in front of the Father. What are all of you seeing? You are seeing diamonds, are you not? Or, are you seeing the bodies? For 63 births you have been seeing the bodies, but can you now see the sparkling diamond within the body? Or, is it hidden? Therefore, you can sometimes see it and sometimes it is hidden. 

This is the Diamond Jubilee; so what happens in a jubilee? What do you decorate in a jubilee? Nowadays, there is mostly the decoration of colourful lights. All of you also decorate the trees with lights everywhere, don't you? Those people would celebrate a. jubilee for one day or celebrate Christmas or some other festival, but what are you celebrating? Do you call it a Diamond Day or a Diamond Year? (Diamond Year.) Are you sure you are celebrating the Diamond Year? If it is everyone's aim to be celebrating the Diamond Year, then, may there be a gulab jamun (sweet ball in syrup) in your mouth! So, to celebrate means to become. So, would you become a diamond throughout the year or would there sometimes be a flaw? Seeing the children's zeal and enthusiasm, BapDada is giving double multimillionfold congratulations. Today, it is a double celebration: one is the New Year and the other is the Diamond Jubilee. It is the gathering of both of these. So, in the Diamond Year, BapDada wishes to see this speciality: that whomever anyone sees is visible as a sparkling diamonds: not a diamond in the mud, but a sparkling diamond. So, have you become such diamonds for the whole year? Because, you have to have the thought today that you will become a diamond and see others as diamonds. Even if the other soul is like charcoal, even if the soul is completely impure, what would you see? Would you see coal or a diamond? You will see diamonds. Achcha. As soon as your vision falls on that soul, that soul's darkness would decrease. This is the service you have to do in the Diamond Jubilee, is it not? However many you come into contact and relationship with, from amrit vela until night time, you have to become a diamond and see others as diamonds. Have you made this firm? Or. is it because you have to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee that you will have two or three functions at every place and think that that's the Diamond Jubilee finished? Have functions, give invitations, awaken others. You have to do all of that anyway and you are doing it, but you must not just have functions. In this Diamond Jubilee, every day's function is to become a diamond, to see others as diamonds and to make them into diamonds. So. will you have a function every day or a function every two or four days or every week? 

This year, BapDada's special hope or elevated shrimat for all the children is that you must not become anything except a diamond. No matter what happens, you must not allow there to be a flaw in the diamond. If you are influenced by any obstacle or by anyone's nature, that would then be a flaw. There have to be obstacles. Should obstacles come? Should obstacles come or not? Since you have the title of being destroyers of obstacles, only when the obstacles come will you destroy them. If a victorious person says that an enemy should not come, but he is victorious anyway, would anyone believe him? No. So, although the obstacles will come, whether from the elements, from other souls or from many other situations, you are such powerful diamonds that you cannot be influenced by the flaws. Is this possible? 

So the Diamond Jubilee Year is a great year. Just as a special month is celebrated, so, too, this Diamond Jubilee Year is a great year. This year. BapDada wishes to see everyone as walking, moving angels. Many say that souls are points, and because they are so tiny, they arc only able to see the bodies. A point is so tiny! BapDada agrees that the point may slip away, but the angelic form is still a physical form of the body, not a form of the point. An angel means a form of light. So, perform every action while stable in the angelic form. It isn't that you are not able to perform actions in the angelic form. Are you able to do that or do you need to have a corporeal form? You have had love for the physical body for many births. So, even though you wish to forget it, you are not able to do so. So the Father says: OK, since you have the habit of seeing the body, it doesn't matter; now simply look at the body of light. Since you need a body, an angel is also a bodily form, and all of you say that you have a lot of love for Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba. So, love means to become equal. So, just as Brahma Baba is the angelic form, in the same way, stabilize yourself in the angelic form, the same as Father Brahma when you perform actions. Since you are celebrating the Diamond Jubilee - 60 years of establishment have been completed - and although Father Shiva is of course instrumental for establishment, Brahma Baba became the instrument. You don't call yourselves Shiva Kumars or Shiva Kumaris.. You call yourselves Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris. So, you are celebrating the jubilee of the task of establishment by Brahma Baba. So, what would you give to the person whose jubilee you are celebrating? (A gift.) So, will all of you give gifts'? Or, will you bring a rose and say that this gift is sufficient? Someone would bring an elephant, someone would bring a horse, but these gifts are just for entertainment. This entertainment is also good. Everyone is happy to see them. Today a horse is dancing, today a person is dancing; everyone is happy to see the toys. You may bring them, but what gift would you give to Father Brahma that he would like? Whenever you give a gift to someone, you first see what that person would like. You first find out if that person would like it or not. So, what does Brahma Baba love? What gift does he like? The gift that the father would like is the walking, moving angelic form. So become like an angel. In your angelic form, no type of obstacle would influence you. Your thoughts, attitude and vision will all become double light. So, are you ready to give this gift? (Ha ji.) Just be careful, because all of this is being recorded. It is good that you will become angels to bring about the golden world. So, just as the diamonds are sparkling, in the same way, your angelic form will also sparkle. Continue to practise this very well. 

As soon as you wake up at amrit vela, bring into your awareness: Who am I? I am an angel. You have the thought that you are an angel and you wish to become that. However, when you see your own result, or when you write to Baba, the majority of you say that you weren't able to do it to the extent that you wished to do it. You were able to achieve it by 50% or 60%. So, will you have such a percentage in the Diamond Jubilee Year too, or will you achieve it fully? What will it be? Double foreigners speak! Will there be a percentage! Say yes or no! Should you be allowed a little freedom? Shaktis, would you have a percentage! You are not saying 'yes' with enthusiasm. You are replying after thinking about it. Double foreigners and Bharatwasis, if you pass fully, not to a percentage, then do you know what Brahma Baba would do? He would pat you on the back and say, "Well done!". What else would he do? Every day at amrit vela, he would merge you in his arms. You would feel that you are swinging in supersensuous happiness in Brahma Baba's arms. You would receive a big hug from him. Brahma Baba has a lot of love for the children, and so, at amrit vela, you would receive a hug from him; and what would you receive throughout the day? It is shown in a picture of Krishna that a storm came and the flood water overflowed, so a snake became a canopy of protection. They have shown the physical aspect about Shri Krishna, but, in fact, it is a spiritual aspect. So, if any situation arises or any obstacle comes in front of those who become angels, then the Father Himself would become your canopy of protection. Just try it and see. BapDada is not just saying this for the sake of it. Achcha. 

The children who are celebrating their Diamond Jubilee, raise your hands! BapDada is now speaking to those who are celebrating their Diamond Jubilee. You did yoga and tapasya for 14 years, and how many obstacles came in that? However, did anything happen to you in that? So BapDada became your canopy of protection, did He not? So many big things came in front of you. The whole world, the heads, the rulers, the gurus, etc. all became anti, whereas you Brahma Kumaris remained so firm that you also experienced a beggary life in a practical way. At the time of tapasya, you also witnessed different obstacles. There were guns as well as swords. Everything came in front of you, but there was always the canopy of protection. Was there any damage? The people of the world left everything behind and ran away during the upheaval. When there was the partition of Bharat, what happened then? Everyone ran away and your tennis court was filled with so many things that it became full. How could they leave the things they loved! They had a lot of love for those things. At that time, the Sindhi community was anti towards you, so they insulted you, but they also gave you their belongings. Whatever beautiful things they had, they begged you to use their things. For the people of the world, it was upheaval, whereas the Brahma Kumaris used to get a whole bullock-cart of vegetables for five rupees. All those vegetables for just five rupees! You used to eat those vegetables with so much pleasure. So the people of the world were afraid and you were dancing. So, you saw practically how both Brahma Baba and Dada, carried out the task of establishment as your canopy of protection with so much safety. So, since they had this experience, can you also not experience this? You first! Whatever you want, to whatever extent, you can have the practical experience of Brahma Baba's love and the canopy of protection in this year of the Diamond Jubilee. This year has this blessing and easy attainment. You will not have to make a lot of effort. You get tired of making effort. When someone has become tired of making effort, BapDada also sees that one's face and has a lot of compassion for that one. So, what will you now do? What will you become? Angels! To move and walk in the angelic form is to become a diamond. What is the sign of the most expensive, invaluable flawless diamond? When you place it in front of a light, it would sparkle brightly and rays would emanate from it. Rays of many colours would be visible from it. So, when you become real diamonds, when you become angels, the eight powers will be visible from your angelic forms. Just as those rays of colours are visible, in the same way, you have to become diamonds, that is, the form of angels. So, as you walk and as you move, others will experience the rays of the eight powers. Some will have the feeling of the power of tolerance from you, others will have the feeling of the power of decision making. Some will have one feeling, others will have another feeling. The more you practise this - for instance, the New Year begins tomorrow and the Diamond Jubilee also begins tomorrow. So, from tomorrow, that is, in the month of January, if you practise the angelic form in the first month, your practice will increase further in the second month and further still in the third month. The more you practise this, the more others will have this feeling from you. Do you understand? So this is the gift to Father Brahma. Will all of you give this gift or will only some of you give it? 

Achcha, those from Madhuban will give a gift, will you not? Those from Madhuban are clever in saying "Ha ji". (They are listening to the murli in Gyan Sarovar too.) Those from Gyan Sarovar will become angels, and all those sitting in the cabins who are translating and providing light and sound - everyone has to become double light angel. You do not find it difficult, do you? You have had love for the body for 63 births, so will it not be difficult? For those who have determined faith, victory of determined faith cannot be prevented. Even if the five elements or however many souls oppose you - they will oppose you - but because you have firm faith, you will be able to face their opposition with the power to accommodate. This has been the wonder from the beginning of Father Brahma and the special children in the 60 years of establishment. You never had any fluctuation in your faith. Brahma Baba's words were always: Victory is guaranteed. 

So, today, Brahma Baba especially gave a lot of love and congratulations to all the children. No matter how many of you there are, whether you are 400,000 or 1.4 million, Brahma Baba's arms are so big that all of you can merge in his arms at the same time. This is why, on the path of devotion, they show a variety-form image of God in which everyone is merged. So, all of you are merged in Brahma Baba's arms. No matter what happens, what does a little child do when someone tells him something or something happens to him? He goes and hides in his mother's or father's arms. It is like that, is it not? So, you should also do the same. You are still children, are you not? Or, have you grown up? In front of the Father, someone who is 100 years is also still a little child. So, no matter what happens to you, just go and merge in Brahma Baba's arms, that's all. This is easy, is it not? Achcha. 

To all the real, sparkling diamonds in all directions, to those who make themselves into real diamonds and make others into real diamonds with faith and determined thought, to the elevated souls who stabilise themselves in the double-light angelic form, the same as BapDada, to the conquerors of Maya and so the conquerors of the fortune of the world who remain busy in remembrance of the Father and service, to such confluence-aged diamonds, love, remembrance and namaste from BapDada. 

Blessing: May you be an image that grants blessings and make weak souls powerful with your power of co-operation. 

Souls who are images that grant blessings can make weak souls powerful with the treasures they have accumulated. They do this with their virtues, with their treasure of knowledge, with their drishti filled with blessings, with their power of courage and enthusiasm, with their treasure of happiness and their power of co-operation. Their every thought for every soul is of benevolence. 

Slogan: Make effort to become avyakt from vyakt (gross) in a second and you will become an image that grants blessings. 

30-12-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज:31-12-95 मधुबन 

''डायमण्ड वर्ष में फरिश्ता बनकर बापदादा की छत्रछाया और प्यार की अनुभूति करो'' 

वरदान:- अपने सहयोग की शक्ति द्वारा निर्बल आत्माओं को शक्तिशाली बनाने वाले वरदानी मूर्त भव 

वरदानी मूर्त बच्चे स्वयं के जमा किये हुए खजानों द्वारा, स्वयं के गुणों द्वारा, स्वयं के ज्ञान खजाने द्वारा, वरदानी दृष्टि द्वारा, हिम्मत हुल्लास की शक्ति और खुशी का खजाना, अपने सहयोग की शक्ति से देकर निर्बल व कमजोर आत्माओं को शक्तिशाली बना देते हैं। उनका हर संकल्प हर आत्मा के प्रति कल्याण का होता है। 

स्लोगन:- सेकण्ड में व्यक्त से अव्यक्त बनने का पुरुषार्थ करो तो वरदानी मूर्त बन जायेंगे। 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Essence of Murli (English & Hindi) 29-12-2012

Essence: Sweet children, Shiv Baba is present in front of you at this time. You first have to have the faith that it is Shiv Baba, Himself, not a bodily being, who is teaching you. 

Question: To ask the Father which question is like insulting the Father? 

Answer: Children ask Baba, "Baba, till when will You continue to enter that body?'' or, "When will destruction take place?" Baba says: This is as if you are insulting Me. To ask a guest for how many more days he will stay is an insult. He would reply: Am I a burden to you? For as long as Shiv Baba is here, you children are happy, are you not? Therefore, you should not ask the Father such a question. 

Om shanti. The Father sits here and explains to His children, the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, through Brahma. Brahma Kumars and Kumaris understand that the incorporeal Father is explaining to them through Brahma. The Father is incorporeal. If He has to give someone a vision, the body of Brahma would be in front of them. If He were to grant a vision of Himself, no one would be able to understand it. He is just a point. Just as souls are stars, in the same way, God is a point. This is understood with the intellect. Even if they do have a vision, they would see the same thing. What else could it be? Generally, He gives many people the vision of Brahma: Go to this one. No one would be able to understand something so tiny. The Father sits here and explains through Brahma. He gives knowledge. He says: Children, I take the support of the body of this ordinary human being. Brahma is very well known. You understand that Baba is in this one. This is Baba's chariot. If that Baba weren't here, there wouldn't be this Brahma either. In that case, neither would there be BKs. Children receive knowledge. You understand that no one, apart from the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul can give you this knowledge. That incorporeal One is knowledge-full. How could He give you knowledge without organs'? You should have the faith that Baba is present in front of us at this time. The intellect says that Baba has entered this one and that He sits here and gives us knowledge. You cannot receive the inheritance of heaven without the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. You children know that all the festivals that are celebrated on the path of devotion are memorials of this time. The birthday of Shiva is also a festival of this time. Trimurti Shiva, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is carrying out establishment through Brahma. Krishna doesn't establish the new world. The brahmin clan has continued. Those people don't know that you Brahmins then become deities. You Brahmins are the children of Brahma. All human beings of all religions are able to understand that their great-great­grandfather is Brahma who is also called Adam and Eve or Adam and Bibi (his wife), Adi Dev and Adi Devi. They, too, are a creation of Shiv Baba. How did Baba create the creation? He adopted them. This is the number one thing. After Alpha, there is beta. Those who understand these things very well claim a high status. You children now understand that people are in such extreme darkness. In the previous cycle, too, they woke up when the fire broke out. That scene will be enacted again. It definitely has to happen. Those of other religions will not understand these things nor will they make effort. That many human beings . cannot come to the golden age. There will be very few people who will rule in the sun-dynasty kingdom there. All are bound by the bond of the drama. The Father Himself says: I, too, am bound by the bond of the drama. If the response to something is fixed in the drama, I would tell you about it. I would not tell you all the secrets of the drama at this time. I too have a part recorded in Me. As it continues to emerge, I continue to explain to you. Everything continues according to the drama. There cannot be any difference in that. If it is not in the drama, I do not respond. It isn't that I would tell you now how many more years are still left. Some ask Baba: Baba, for how much longer will you continue to travel in that body? I will not tell you this. If it is not in the drama, what can I do? If it is in the drama, I would tell you. I have come to teach you children. I am also your Father. You sing: You are the Mother and Father. I am playing that same part. It is My duty to teach you. I am called the Ocean of Knowledge, the Seed of the Human World. The living Seed would tell you everything, would He not? The example of the banyan tree is given. You can see that the deity religion doesn't exist now. All the other religions exist. All of those will now end. They will come and carry out their establishment at their own time. I am establishing the deity religion. That religion has disappeared and just its pictures remain. However, none of those people know when the deity religion existed or where it disappeared to. They just say that there was a kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan, that Krishna came in the copper age and related the Gita; that's all! All of those scriptures etc. are for devotion. They will sit and write all of those scriptures etc. in the copper age. Just the deities used to rule in the land of truth. This is the land of falsehood. There is no sin there. The Father is now making you into charitable souls. It is fixed in the drama. Devotion and the scriptures etc. begin in the kingdom of Ravan. This eternal drama has been shot already. This is the false world. They tell nothing but lies about God too. God is the Highest on High. Since we want to meet Him, we must definitely receive something from Him. What would you receive from the Father? He is the Bestower of Salvation for All. He liberates everyone from sorrow. Ravan too is very powerful. For half the cycle it is his kingdom. However, he causes sorrow and that is why all human beings remember Him (God). Ravan snatches away your whole kingdom. He is so powerful! You now know that the Father gives us an inheritance and that Ravan curses us. Human beings don't know when the Father gives us an inheritance. They have falsified the Gita by putting Krishna's name in it. This is the biggest mistake. This Baba was also a staunch devotee of Narayan and used to read the Gita. He never did anything without first reading the Gita. When he had a vision, he began to understand that that Gita was false and he let go of it completely. The Father is giving us this inheritance (Lakshmi and Narayan). We now understand a great deal. Shiv Baba continues to explain to us. He never takes up any scriptures. Baba just speaks to us. This one also says: I am listening. Sometimes, when Baba is not here, this one can speak to you. Baba is sitting in this one and this is why Brahma's name is not mentioned as much. In Ajmer they have built a temple (to Brahma), but they don't understand anything. They have shown Krishna with a murli (flute) and Saraswati with a sitar. Saraswati is called the goddess of knowledge. They have said Krishna is the god of knowledge, instead of saying it is Brahma. They have become confused. The Father sits here and explains to you children that Krishna isn't there in the Trimurti, but he is there in an incognito way. Radhe and Krishna become Lakshmi and Narayan. No one even knows that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, explained to us and continues to explain even now. If the sages and holy men were to understand this, there would be many crowds here. However, it is not like that in the drama. The Father says: I come at the confluence age and teach you Raja Yoga. Those who pass become the sun dynasty and those who fail become the moon dynasty. The subjects of the sun dynasty will be sun dynasty and the subjects of the moon dynasty will be moon dynasty. You children have the knowledge of the whole cycle in your intellects. You Brahmins are spinners of the discus of self-realization. This is the most elevated Brahmin clan. You are servers. You are creating heaven in Bharat with the power of yoga in an incognito way. Heaven is definitely needed for you. The old world has to be destroyed. You are establishing your own kingdom by following shrimat. The kingdom of the Yadavas has to end. The Pandavas are establishing a kingdom for the new world. The old haystack has to be set on fire. You also understand how many more days remain. Very few! How much more time is left? We cannot ask this question. You wouldn't ask a guest for how many more days he is going to stay. He would feel that he is perhaps a burden. Shiv Baba says: When I am here, you remain happy, do you not? Then, why do you ask till when I will continue to incarnate here? To ask this question is like an insult. You should be ashamed of that. To ask this question is like saying that it would be good if Baba went away soon. Therefore, you can't even ask Baba such questions. No one else can be such a Father. Only you children now know the Father. You wouldn't say about Krishna that God is in him. You would continue to remember Krishna. In that case you wouldn't remember God; you would continue to see Krishna everywhere. You wouldn't even remember Shiva. This is why it is explained to you children to remember Shiv Baba. You mustn't remain body conscious. The praise of Shri Krishna is no less. The Father says: I have to come into the foreign land and into an old body. Shri Krishna cannot enter Ravan's land. You now know that, after taking rebirth, the Shri Krishna soul is now in this body. This is the last body. This body then becomes the number one pure body. None of these things can enter the intellect of anyone else. They create an image of Ravan, but they don't understand when Ravan came into existence. They have simply continued to burn his effigy. If he were to die, they would stop burning him, but he doesn't die. They burn his effigy every year. All of that is the path of devotion. The Father says: I made you into the sun and moon dynasties. How did you then become the shudra dynasty? I am now once again making you into the sun and moon dynasties. You now know that you are conquering the world and that you will then be defeated. When there was the deity religion, there were no other religions at that time. Now that one religion will be established and all the other religions will end. You can see the signs of that. So much is happening through science. So much happiness is celebrated. An aeroplane will be invented which will take you to London in three to four hours. Nowadays, they even take elephants, monkeys, frogs etc. on aeroplanes. All of that is for happiness and also for sorrow. People there will tour around in vimans. You have now come here to make your fortune elevated. You are becoming deities once again. People sing of heaven, but they don't know when heaven existed. It is said that so-and-so has gone to heaven. Therefore, he was definitely in hell. However, if you told them directly that they are residents of hell, they would get angry. You now have strength. You can say: Since you are calling out to the Purifier, you must surely be impure. The Father says: The tree has now reached a state of total decay. The great war is also very well known. You know that you have come here to claim the kingdom. We are instruments for establishment. As you make further progress, even those sannyasis and mahatmas will believe you. All of this is fixed in the drama. Achcha. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. Serve Bharat in an incognito way with the power of yoga and make it into heaven. Become spiritual servers. 

2. Our Brahmin clan is the most elevated. Maintain the intoxication that you are spinners of the discus of self-realization. Don't develop doubt about anything. 

Blessing: May you have faith in the intellect and remain unshakable and immovable and experience benefit in a scene where there may be harm or loss. 

Whatever happens in the drama is benevolent because this is the age of benevolence. Benefit should be visible even where there may be harm or loss and you can then be said to have faith in the intellect. It is only at the time of adverse situations that your stage of faith is recognized. Faith means that there is no name or trace of doubt. No matter what happens, no situation can make those who have faith in the intellect fluctuate in any way. To fluctuate means to be weak. 

Slogan: Become worthy of God's love and you will easily become a conqueror of Maya. 

मुरली सार:- ''मीठे बच्चे - शिवबाबा इस समय तुम्हारे सामने हाज़िर-नाज़िर है, तुम्हें पहले यह निश्चय चाहिए कि हमको पढ़ाने वाला स्वयं शिवबाबा है, कोई देहधारी नहीं'' 

प्रश्न:- बाप से कौन सा प्रश्न पूछना भी जैसे बाप की इन्सल्ट है? 

उत्तर:- बच्चे बाप से पूछते हैं - बाबा आपकी इस तन में पधरामणी कब तक है वा विनाश कब होगा? बाबा कहते-यह जैसे तुम मेरी इन्सल्ट करते हो। मेहमान से पूछना कि आप बाकी कितने दिन रहेंगे? यह तो इन्सल्ट हुई ना! कहेंगे क्या मैं तुम्हारे लिए बोझ हो पड़ा हूँ। शिवबाबा तो जब तक यहाँ है-तब तक तुम बच्चे खुश हो ना इसलिए ऐसे प्रश्न बाप से नहीं पूछने चाहिए। 

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:- 

1) योगबल से गुप्त रूप से भारत को स्वर्ग बनाने की सेवा करनी है, रूहानी सेवाधारी बनना है। 

2) हमारा सर्वोत्तम ब्राह्मण कुल है, हम स्वदर्शन चक्रधारी हैं। इस नशे में रहना है। किसी भी बात में संशय नहीं उठाना है। 

वरदान:- अकल्याण की सीन में भी कल्याण का अनुभव कर सदा अचल-अटल रहने वाले निश्चयबुद्धि भव 

ड्रामा में जो भी होता है-वह कल्याणकारी युग के कारण सब कल्याणकारी है, अकल्याण में भी कल्याण दिखाई दे तब कहेंगे निश्चयबुद्धि। परिस्थिति के समय ही निश्चय के स्थिति की परख होती है। निश्चय का अर्थ है-संशय का नाम-निशान न हो। कुछ भी हो जाए लेकिन निश्चयबुद्धि को कोई भी परिस्थिति हलचल में ला नहीं सकती। हलचल में आना माना कमजोर होना। 

स्लोगन:- परमात्म प्यार के पात्र बनो तो सहज ही मायाजीत बन जायेंगे। 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Essence of Murli (English & Hindi) 28-12-2012

Essence: Sweet children, don’t sit here and there and waste your time in useless things. Stay in remembrance of the Father and your time will be used in a worthwhile way. 

Question: Which children can glorify the Father’s name? 

Answer: Those who serve in the same way as the Father. If you perform every deed in the same way as the Father, you will receive a great reward. Baba is inspiring us children to make effort in order to make us equal to Him. 

Question: Who would be called introverted? How is your introversion unique? 

Answer: To remain soul conscious is to be introverted. The soul inside has to listen to everything from the Father alone. To connect your intellect’s yoga to only the one Father and become virtuous is your unique introversion. 

Song: Salutations to Shiva. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. Become introverted and listen to only the one Father. Connect your intellect’s yoga to only the one Father and become virtuous. Don’t become extroverted. 

2. Remain in the intoxication of remembering the spiritual Father while preparing and eating food. Become a firm yogi. 

Blessing: May you be an equal companion who is victorious even in your dreams by experiencing closeness to the Father. 

On the path of devotion, they show the importance of a spiritual gathering, the company of truth, in order to remain close. Only those who are equal can remain in the company, that is, remain close. Those who remain constantly in the company even in their thoughts, become so victorious that they cannot be attacked by Maya not only in their thoughts but even in their dreams. They are those who constantly remain conquerors of Maya, that is, constantly in the close company of the Father. No power can separate them from the Father’s company. 

Slogan: To remain constantly free from obstacles and to make all others free from obstacles is real service. 

मुरली सार:- ''मीठे बच्चे - इधर-उधर बैठकर फालतू बातों में अपना टाइम वेस्ट मत करो, बाप की याद में रहो तो टाइम आबाद हो जायेगा'' 

प्रश्न:- बाप का शो (नाम) कौन से बच्चे निकाल सकते हैं? 

उत्तर:- जो बाप समान सेवा करते हैं। अगर हर कर्म बाप के समान हो तो बहुत बड़ा फल मिल जायेगा। बाबा हम बच्चों को आप समान बनाने के लिए पुरुषार्थ करा रहे हैं। 

प्रश्न:- अन्तर्मुखी किसे कहेंगे? तुम्हारी अन्तर्मुखता निराली है कैसे? 

उत्तर:- सोल कान्सेस होकर रहना ही अन्तर्मुखी बनना है। अन्दर जो आत्मा है उनको सब कुछ बाप से ही सुनना है, एक बाप से ही बुद्धियोग रख गुणवान बनना है, यही है निराली अन्तर्मुखता। 

गीत:- ओम् नमो शिवाए... 

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:- 

1) अन्तर्मुखी बन एक बाप से ही सुनना है। एक बाप के साथ बुद्धियोग रख गुणवान बनना है। बाहरमुखता में नहीं आना है। 

2) रूहानी बाप की याद के नशे में रह भोजन बनाना वा खाना है। पक्का योगी बनना है। 

वरदान:- बाप की समीपता के अनुभव द्वारा स्वप्न में भी विजयी बनने वाले समान साथी भव 

भक्ति मार्ग में समीप रहने के लिए सतसंग का महत्व बताते हैं। संग अर्थात् समीप वही रह सकता है जो समान है। जो संकल्प में भी सदा साथ रहते हैं वह इतने विजयी होते हैं जो संकल्प में तो क्या लेकिन स्वप्न मात्र भी माया वार नहीं कर सकती। सदा मायाजीत अर्थात् सदा बाप के समीप संग में रहने वाले। कोई की ताकत नहीं जो बाप के संग से अलग कर सके। 

स्लोगन:- सदा निर्विघ्न रहना और सर्व को निर्विघ्न बनाना-यही यथार्थ सेवा है। 


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Essence of Murli (ENGLISH) 28-12-2012

Essence: Sweet children, don't sit here and there and waste your time in useless things. Stay in remembrance of the Father and your time will be used in a worthwhile way. 

Question: Which children can glorify the Father's name? 

Answer: Those who serve in the same way as the Father. If you perform every deed in the same way as the Father, you will receive a great reward. Baba is inspiring us children to make effort in order to make us equal to Him. 

Question: Who would be called introverted? How is your introversion unique? 

Answer: To remain soul conscious is to be introverted. The soul inside has to listen to everything from the Father alone. To connect your intellect's yoga to only the one Father and become virtuous is your unique introversion. 

Song: Salutations to Shiva. 

Om shanti. Sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, you heard the song. You heard the Father's praise. You children are receiving the reward of the Father's praise and you then glorify the Father's name. However, you can only show Him when you do the same service that He does. Such children will receive a great reward. You children now exist in the practical form. Devotees simply sing His praise. You know that BapDada is personally sitting in front of you at the confluence age. The Father would definitely tell you this through the body of Dada. You children have the firm faith that you will make effort and definitely become equal to the Father. The Father is the Purifier and the Ocean of Knowledge. You Purifiers, you Ganges of knowledge, have emerged from Him. Why is "Ganges" said? Because all of you are brides, you are all called the Ganges of knowledge. You children have the intoxication that you are following shrimat and that you can give all human beings of the world the happiness that no one else can give. The Father has now come to give everyone salvation and He gives it through you children because He is Karankaravanhar. Therefore, you definitely have to follow the shrimat of such a Father. The Father says: Whatever service someone does and to whatever extent they do service, they will receive a high reward accordingly for 21 births. However, if it is not in their fortune, they won't do anything. It is very easy. Day by day, the Father continues to give very good points. The Father says: Fill your aprons as much as you want. You can tell whether you are filling your aprons very well or whether you are wasting your time. On the path of devotion you wasted a lot of time and a lot of energy. You even wasted your money and your efforts went to waste. Look how much effort they make! They do so much chanting, tapasya, giving donations, going on pilgrimages etc. All of that happens according to the drama. Now it is a question of effort. Nothing can be done about that which has passed. It will repeat at its own time. The Father says: Now follow shrimat! Don't waste your time here and there! Use your time in a very fruitful way in remembrance of the Father! There are many children who hear what the Father says with one ear and let it out through the other. Those who imbibe this very well will then also definitely serve others. They will not waste their time anywhere. There are many children who remain extroverted throughout the whole day. You children have to make effort and become introverted. The soul is inside. You have to have the faith that the Father is telling you souls: Children, you have to remain soul conscious. This is real introversion. Our way of becoming introverted is totally unique. The soul that is inside has to listen to everything from the Father. The Father repeatedly explains to you children with love. You have to learn from the mother and Father and the special brothers and sisters who do very good service, even though everyone still has a few defects in them. It is also sung: I am without virtue; I have no virtues. You children now have to become virtuous. You can only become that when your intellect's yoga is connected to the Father. Maya will make you wander around a great deal. Children continue to fall and climb. Those who remain body conscious continue to fall. Those who remain soul conscious do not fall. They promise the Father that they will definitely do this task, that they will definitely become completely pure. You should have the firm faith inside that you will claim your full inheritance from the Father and that you will not waste your time in useless matters. You children have to do everything for the livelihood of your body. To renounce the home and family is the work of hatha yogi sannyasis. You have to look after your creation very well and also have the faith in your hearts that whatever you see with those eyes is going to be destroyed. By having attachment to those things you harm yourselves. Have attachment to only the one Father. The main thing is purity. It is because of this that there are many upheavals. There isn't as much upheaval because of anger. The Father says: The vice of lust exists in everyone at this time. Everyone is born through vice. You can explain that you are helping to make degraded ones elevated. You children now have to become soul conscious. Remember the Purifier Father. You also call out: O Purifier come! So what would He do when He does come? Surely He would make you pure. Here, it is not a question of bathing. The Father says: Constantly remember Me alone; there is no other way. It is only with the fire of yoga that you will become pure from impure. From the iron age you will go to the golden age. This is the only way. There is no other method. There is only one medicine for all the illnesses: remembrance of the Father. It is through this that all sorrow will be removed. By remembering the Father you will also remember your inheritance. "The Father" means the inheritance. No matter how poor a physical father may be, he would definitely give you an inheritance even if it were only worth a few pennies, or even some utensils etc. Therefore, you first have to remember the Father and then the inheritance. The Father says: Manmanabhav, madhyajibhav! The Father is explaining to you the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures. No one else knows this essence. The Father tells you directly: Children, renounce body consciousness. You should explain that the Father is speaking to you souls. The incorporeal Father would speak to incorporeal children: You souls are listening through your ears. It is you who are doing everything. Under no circumstance must you children become body conscious. Consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father. Also do service because it is with the body that you do everything. You definitely have to do that. Some even become unconscious for some time. However, that is not an aspect of knowledge. Here, you only have to make effort to remember the Father and it is in this that Maya causes a lot of obstacles. You know that you have come into the Father's lap and so you definitely have to remember the Father. Even when you are preparing bhog you have to remember Shiv Baba. Previously, when you used to make bhog, you would remember Krishna. Rama or Guru Nanak. You used to study the Guru's versions (Guruvani). Only when you prepared everything in remembrance did it become pure. Then that practice was developed. Here, too, the practice of remembering the Father should be developed. It is definitely most essential for you to remember the Father as much as possible when preparing bhog and food. However, children don't remember Him. You should remind one another in the kitchen to prepare the food in remembrance of Baba. By doing this, you will become firm. Those who don't have this practice would never remember Him. There is a lot of praise of Brahma bhojan and so there must definitely be something in that. Even deities desire Brahma bhojan. Therefore, by preparing food while in remembrance, you benefit yourself and even those who come. By staying in remembrance, it enters your intellect that you are claiming your inheritance from Shiv Baba. However, children don't remember Him. There is that weakness. As you make progress, such children will emerge who will be completely intoxicated in remembrance of the Father. They will only prepare food while in remembrance. Just as a drunk person has his own intoxication, in the same way, you children should have this intoxication of remembrance of the spiritual Father. There is a lot of benefit in this. You have to remember the Bridegroom or the Father. The Father is extremely sweet. No one is as sweet as He is. People outside don't know of these things. Only those who belong to the deity religion can understand these things. "You are the Mother and the Father." This is the praise of the incorporeal Father alone. No .one could say this to Krishna. The Father definitely performed such an elevated task. This is why we praise Him so much on the path of devotion. The Father now says: Sweet children, remove your intellect's yoga from everyone else. Remove your intellect's yoga from the whole world, including your own bodies, and constantly remember Me alone and your boat will go across. This is a very inexpensive bargain. However, those who make it are numberwise. This is also predestined in the drama. Baba explains to you so well. You listen to Him. Some of you even imbibe it very well. Others simply hear it with one ear and let it out through the other. Here, children become refreshed by listening to Him personally but then, as soon as they go out, they forget; they don't remember anything at all. Some will repeat it very well. They will do practically everything that Baba has explained. If you wake up early in the morning and prepare food in remembrance of Baba, that food will have a lot of power. You children should have so much intoxication of having to uplift the whole human clan. This is only for the human clan. It isn't that you will uplift animals etc. That is their part in the drama. As are human beings, so their furniture. There is no rubbish in the golden age. There are so many comforts for you there. Animals and birds there are very royal. As are human beings, so all the material around them. What would be the material around those who are poor? The material of wealthy people is so royal. You children know that Baba is inspiring you to earn a high income. Then, it depends on how much each one does; the study is the same. Each one claims a status, numberwise. There are kings and queens, subjects, maids and servants of wealthy people and maids and servants of poorer people etc. It is in your intellects that you are establishing your kingdom with the power of yoga. There is no question of weapons here. That refers to this time. You are claiming the kingdom with the power of yoga. At this time you are Brahmins, Shaktis. Deities and goddesses in the golden age will not have any weapons etc. All that they have shown refers to the present time: the sword of knowledge, the weapon of knowledge. They have then taken all of them to be physical. Your features and your characters are now both changing. You are becoming beautiful from ugly. You are becoming full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees full. It depends on how much effort each one makes. There cannot be any lies here. If there is something ugly inside, that would also be visible externally. Baba says: Children, become so sweet that everyone wonders who made you as you are. You have the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the whole world. It is only by knowing this cycle that you will become rulers of the globe. Put up a board saying that the Father is the Creator and that He is giving us all the knowledge. You are Brahmins. Your caste is unique. The Father is giving knowledge to you Brahmins who are the mouth-born creation of Brahma. Therefore, you should have so much love for Shiv Baba. However, even very good first-class children fail in yoga. Knowledge is very easy. They even speak the murli very well, but yoga does requires effort. It requires effort to have your sins absolved through remembrance. It is in this that many fail. God speaks: I have come to change you from human beings into deities, pure from impure. Only through knowledge is salvation received. Therefore, the Ocean of Knowledge definitely has to give knowledge. The water of neither the ocean nor the rivers can purify you. You children now understand that you are establishing a kingdom for yourselves. You are becoming soul conscious. You claim your inheritance of knowledge from Baba and become the masters of the world. There is a vast difference between their intellects and your intellects. All of those people do everything for destruction whereas you are doing everything for establishment. You mustn't forget these things. However, those who don't have it in their fortune don't imbibe these things. You should make effort to claim a high status, to pass and claim a high number. You do desire this but you aren't able to make that effort. This study is unlimited. The Father gives you the sovereignty of the world. It is a wonder. He says with a lot of love: Children, remember Me! You have to remember Him deep in your very bones. The Father has come once again. We will definitely follow the Father's directions and claim our full inheritance. Baba, we now know You. Some haven't even seen Baba and yet they receive a touching while just sitting at home. Some become intoxicated by hearing just a little. Their fortune also accompanies them. Some are influenced by bad company and so they stop studying. Those who are following Ravan's dictates are separate from those who are following God's directions. You children know how the kingdom is being established with the power of yoga. There are many types of physical power. There is only one type of yoga power. Achcha. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 
1. Become introverted and listen to only the one Father. Connect your intellect's yoga to only the one Father and become virtuous. Don't become extroverted. 

2.Remain in the intoxication of remembering the spiritual Father while preparing and eating food. Become a firm yogi. 

Blessing: May you be an equal companion who is victorious even in your dreams by experiencing closeness to the Father. 

On the path of devotion, they show the importance of a spiritual gathering, the company of truth, in order to remain close. Only those who are equal can remain in the company, that is, remain close. Those who remain constantly in the company even in their thoughts, become so victorious that they cannot be attacked by Maya not only in their thoughts but even in their dreams. They are those who constantly remain conquerors of Maya, that is, constantly in the close company of the Father. No power can separate them from the Father's company. 

Slogan: To remain constantly free from obstacles and to make all others free from obstacles is real service. 

Essence of Murli 27-12-2012

Essence: Sweet children, remember the Father and the cycle. There is no need to say anything through your lips. Simply remove your heart from this hell and you will become ever-free from disease. 

Question: What advice does the Father come and give you children directly in order for you to create your elevated reward? 

Answer: Children, everything you have is now going to end. Nothing will be of any use. Therefore, like Sudama, create your future reward. The Father has come directly and so use everything you have in a worthwhile way. Open a hospital-cum-college through which many can benefit. Show everyone the path. Always continue to follow shrimat. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. In this final birth, become completely pure and stay in remembrance of only the Father. Remove your heart from this impure world. 

2. Become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. Open a hospital-cum-college and benefit many. Take shrimat from the Supreme Surgeon at every step. 

Blessing: May you be a world benefactor who puts all four subjects into your form. 

All four subjects of the study are connected with one another. Those who are gyani souls would also definitely be yogi souls and the actions of those who have made gyan and yoga their nature would naturally be filled with wisdom and elevated. They would be embodiments of dharna in their nature and sanskars. Those who have the treasure of experiences in these three subjects become master bestowers, that is, they automatically become servers. Those who claim number one in all four subjects are said to be world benefactors. 

Slogan: Make gyan and yoga your nature and your actions will naturally be elevated and filled with wisdom. 

मुरली सार:- ''मीठे बच्चे - बाप को और चक्र को याद करो, मुख से कुछ भी बोलने की दरकार नहीं, सिर्फ इस नर्क से दिल हटा दो तो तुम एवर निरोगी बन जायेंगे'' 

प्रश्न:- बाप डायरेक्ट आकर अपने बच्चों की श्रेष्ठ प्रालब्ध बनाने के लिए कौन सी राय देते हैं? 

उत्तर:- बच्चे, अब तुम्हारा सब कुछ खत्म होने वाला है। कुछ भी काम नहीं आयेगा इसलिए सुदामे की तरह अपनी भविष्य प्रालब्ध बना लो। बाप डायरेक्ट आया है तो अपना सब कुछ सफल कर लो। हॉस्पिटल कम कॉलेज खोल दो जिससे बहुतों का कल्याण हो। सबको रास्ता बताओ। श्रीमत पर सदा चलते रहो। 

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:- 

1) इस अन्तिम जन्म में सम्पूर्ण पवित्र बन बाप की याद में ही रहना है। इस पतित दुनिया से दिल हटा देना है। 

2) स्वदर्शन चक्रधारी बनना है। हॉस्पिटल कम कॉलेज खोल अनेकों का कल्याण करना है। हर कदम पर सुप्रीम सर्जन से श्रीमत लेनी है। 

वरदान:- चारों ही सबजेक्ट को अपने स्वरूप में लाने वाले विश्व कल्याणकारी भव 

पढ़ाई की जो चार सबजेक्ट हैं, उन सबका एक दो के साथ सम्बन्ध है। जो ज्ञानी तू आत्मा है, वह योगी तू आत्मा भी अवश्य होगा और जिसने ज्ञान-योग को अपनी नेचर बना लिया उसके कर्म नेचुरल युक्तियुक्त वा श्रेष्ठ होंगे। स्वभाव - संस्कार धारणा स्वरूप होंगे। जिनके पास इन तीनों सबजेक्ट की अनुभूतियों का खजाना है वह मास्टर दाता अर्थात् सेवाधारी स्वत: बन जाते हैं। जो इन चारों सबजेक्ट में नम्बरवन लेते हैं उन्हें ही कहा जाता है विश्व कल्याणकारी। 

स्लोगन:- ज्ञान-योग को अपनी नेचर बनाओ तो कर्म नेचुरल श्रेष्ठ और युक्तियुक्त होंगे। 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Navyug aur Nav Varsh
By BK Satyanarayan, Gyan Sarovar

Essence of Murli 26-12-2012

Essence: Sweet children, you have to fulfill your responsibility to your worldly and your spiritual families, but you mustn't have attachment to anyone. Become conquerors of attachment. 

Question: This is the time of settlement. Therefore, what elevated directions should you continue to tell everyone about? 

Answer: The Father’s elevated directions that you have to tell everyone are: Settle the karmic accounts of your sins before the time of settlement. In order to make your future elevated, surrender yourself completely to the Father. Claim your inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life before the time of settlement with knowledge and yoga. Only at this time do you have to make all this effort. If you surrender everything to the Father, you will receive everything in return for 21 births. As you belong to the Father, continue to take directions at every step. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. Remain firmly on the rails of the drama. Don’t become upset about anything. Stay constantly happy. 

2. Caution one another and continue to make progress. While doing your business, make effort to stay in remembrance of the Father. 

Blessing: May you be Maya-proof and fly beyond the gravity of the earth in God’s love. 

God’s love is the means with which to fly beyond the earth’s gravity. Maya cannot pull to herself those who remain beyond the gravity of the earth, that is, beyond body consciousness. No matter how attractive someone may be, the attraction of Maya cannot reach you if you are in the flying stage. Just as a rocket is able to remain beyond the earth’s gravity, in the same way, you also have to go beyond. The way to do this is to become detached and to remain merged in the love of the one Father. By doing this, you will become Maya-proof. 

Slogan: Make your original stage so powerful that no adverse situation can make it fluctuate. 

मुरली सार:- ''मीठे बच्चे - तुम्हें लौकिक अलौकिक परिवार से तोड़ निभाना है, लेकिन किसी में भी मोह नहीं रखना है, मोह जीत बनना है'' 

प्रश्न:- कयामत का यह समय है, इसलिए बाप की कौनसी श्रेष्ठ मत सबको सुनाते रहो? 

उत्तर:- बाप की श्रेष्ठ मत सुनाओ कि कयामत के पहले अपने पापों का हिसाब-किताब चुक्तू कर लो। अपना भविष्य श्रेष्ठ बनाने के लिए बाप पर पूरा-पूरा बलिहार जाओ। कयामत के पहले ज्ञान और योग से मुक्ति-जीवनमुक्ति का वर्सा ले लो। सारा पुरुषार्थ अभी ही करना है। बाप पर सब कुछ बलिहार करेंगे तो 21 जन्म के लिए मिल जायेगा। बाप का बनकर हर कदम पर डायरेक्शन लेते रहो। 

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:- 

1) ड्रामा के पट्टे पर मजबूत रहना है। किसी भी बात में नाराज़ नहीं होना है। सदा राज़ी रहना है। 

2) एक दो को सावधान कर उन्नति को पाना है। धन्धा आदि करते भी बाप की याद में रहने का पुरुषार्थ करना है। 

वरदान:- परमात्म प्यार में धरती की आकर्षण से ऊपर उड़ने वाले मायाप्रूफ भव 

परमात्म प्यार धरनी की आकर्षण से ऊपर उड़ने का साधन है। जो धरनी अर्थात् देह-अभिमान की आकर्षण से ऊपर रहते हैं उन्हें माया अपनी ओर खींच नहीं सकती। कितना भी कोई आकर्षित रूप हो लेकिन माया की आकर्षण आप उड़ती कला वालों के पास पहुंच नहीं सकती। जैसे राकेट धरनी की आकर्षण से परे हो जाता है। ऐसे आप भी परे हो जाओ, इसकी विधि है न्यारा बनना वा एक बाप के प्यार में समाये रहना-इससे मायाप्रूफ बन जायेंगे। 

स्लोगन:- स्व स्थिति को ऐसा शक्तिशाली बनाओ जो परिस्थितियां उसे नीचे ऊपर न कर सकें।