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Essence of Murli 03-11-2013

The difference between having knowledge from souls and knowledge from the Supreme Soul.

Do you constantly experience yourself to be a swadarshanchakradhari? Do you just understand yourself to be this or do you experience yourself to be this at every moment? One is to understand and the other is to put it into practice, which means to experience it. The greatness of this elevated life and this elevated knowledge is to experience it all. Unless you have experienced everything, there is no difference between having knowledge from souls and having knowledge from the Supreme Soul. Souls are those who tell you and explain to you the knowledge of the soul, but not those who give you an experience of that. Knowledge from the Supreme Soul gives you the experience of everything and takes you into the ascending stage. Ask yourself: Have I experienced every aspect of knowledge? Are you those who understand it, those who listen to it or those who are embodiments of that experience? Do the many types of experience in your life make the soul knowledge-full and powerful? If you are not powerful in any particular point of knowledge, then you have definitely not become an embodiment of the experience of those points. This is because you have become those who understand it, those who explain and speak about it, but you have not become embodiments of it by churning it. You especially relate seven points to souls in the seven days course. Keep those seven points in front of you and check: Am I an embodiment of experience of all these points! Or have I just reached the stage of understanding some points! Or is it just the stage of listening to these points! Seeing the result, BapDada knows that very few have become embodiments of experience of all these points, because to be experienced means to be constantly beyond any type of deception, sorrow or confusion. Experience is the foundation. If the foundation of your experience is weak, you would be compelled by your own sanskars, the sanskars of others or the big and small obstacles of Maya. This proves that the foundation of experience is not strong. Someone who is an embodiment of experience constantly considers the self to be complete and doesn't consider any type of compulsion to be compulsion but would consider it a means to make one strong in life. The stage of compulsion is a sign of lack of attainment. An embodiment of experience is an embodiment of all attainments. 

In the same way, when you experience waves of sorrow or are deceived, the reason is that you are not experienced in the different forms of Maya. One who is experienced would understand Maya as one would understand a child who has no understanding. When a child who doesn't have full understanding does something, it is understood that the child doesn't understand anyway, that children are always like that. In the same way, children play games in front of those who are mature, that is, in front of those who are experienced. Someone who is an embodiment of experience would consider all the different games of Maya to be child's play. Others, however, would consider even a small obstacle of Maya to be like a mountain and would always think that Maya is very powerful, that it is very difficult to conquer Maya. What is the reason for this? A lack of experience! Such souls would catch hold of BapDada's words but would not understand the intention behind the words. They wouldn't have the support of their experience, but they would take the support of the words, saying, "Even BapDada says that to conquer Maya is not like going to your aunty's home" or "Maya is also an almighty authority", or, "We haven't yet become perfect; we will become perfect by the end." When you move along with the support of such words, you continually fluctuate because the support is weak. Therefore, do not just take the support of the Father's words, but understand the intention behind the words. Let experience be your support. The reason for fluctuation is your lack of experience. You are called, 'Master almighty authorities, the victorious jewels, swadarshanchakradhari, the Shiv Shakti Pandava Army, easy Raja Yogis, great donors, bestowers of blessings and world benefactors'. However, when it comes to bringing benefit to yourself, when it comes to becoming a conqueror of Maya, what do you do and what do you say? You know what you do, do you not? You play very interesting games. From being knowledge-full, you become totally ignorant. Just as Maya is an innocent child without understanding, in the same way, you are influenced by Maya; you forget to be knowledge-full and become like innocent children. What do you say? "I didn't understand that it would be like this. If I had known about this earlier, I wouldn't have renounced everything. I wouldn't have become a Brahmin. I didn't know that I would have to face so much, that I would have to tolerate so much, that I would have to change myself in every situation, that I would have to die." To say this while being trikaldarshi and knowledge-full is like being senseless and childish, is it not? However, why does all of this happen? It is because you have not experienced the constant company of the Father. Those who have experienced the constant company of the Father cannot have such weak thoughts. There is even today a memorial remembered of the intoxication you had in the previous cycle of being in the company of the Father. What is that? Even while being in front of the unlimited army, in front of the great mahavirs, what intoxication did the Pandavas have? That of the Father's company. The unlimited army, that is, the various forms of Maya, are not unlimited in front of the Father's company. They had already been burnt away within a moment. Such intoxication is remembered even today. Mahavirs were not considered to be mahavirs, but corpses. Whose memorial is this? The experienced souls who are in the Father's company. This is why it is said that those who are experienced are never deceived. They do not experience anything to be difficult. They do not feel anything to be something they know nothing about. Do you experience the memorials of the previous cycle in practice or do you just speak about them? When BapDada sees the stage of the children in which you are unable to bring benefit to yourselves or unable to transform yourselves, and when you speak of your weakness as being something of great bravery, the Father knows that you are also those who understand, but, as yet, are without experience. Because of this, you are knowledge-full, but not powerful. You are those who listen and relate, but not those who can understand and become equal to the Father. Those who are not equal are not able to face anything. They sometimes wilt and sometimes smile. Therefore, stay in solitude and remain introverted. Make yourself full in having the experience of every aspect. The first lesson is the Father and the children. Whose child am I? What have I attained? Become an embodiment of experience of this first lesson and you will easily become a conqueror of Maya. You stay in this experience for a short time and spend a longer time listening and understanding. However, an image of experience means to be one who constantly stays in the experience of everything. Do you understand? You have become the children of the Ocean, but you have not experienced being an ocean, that is, you have not experienced yourself to be full. Achcha. 

To those who remain constantly introspective and cheerful, to those who consider every test of Maya to be as easy as a hair being pulled out of butter, to such easy yogis who constantly experience the Father's company, to those who are images of all experiences, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

BapDada meeting Didiji and Dadiji: 

While seeing the individual parts of all the souls as detached observers, do you on seeing any part fluctuate and think, Why is this the way it is? What is the main difference between the maharathis and horse riders? What is the sign of a horse rider. The sign of a horse rider is a question mark, and the sign of a maharathi is a full stop. In any army, you would have the different levels of status: this one is the first number, this one is the second number. They receive medals (insignia) through which one can tell who is the first number and who is the second number. So, within the eternal drama, the warriors of the spiritual army do not get medals, but, according to the drama, they automatically attain medals of their stage. It isn't that someone gives them a medal, but a medal is already on. The badge of a mahavir would be a full stop. Not even just a stop, but a full stop; and the sign of the second number that is, the horse riders, is sometimes a stop and sometimes a question mark. Mostly, they would have the sign of a question mark. From this, you should be able to understand what stage a soul is at. The sign of this is the medal. You are able to see this clearly, are you not? Day by day, souls will continue to give visions of themselves. Even against their conscious wish, each one's level is visible according to his or her stage. Circumstances and situations will come in front of them so that, even if they want to, they will not be able to hide themselves. As time comes close, the rosary will automatically reveal itself. Your stage automatically reveals your number. Do you have this experience? If someone wishes to move forward, that one will receive that chance. If someone is to claim a number at the back, circumstances and situations of such a nature will automatically come in front of that one due to which, instead of moving forward automatically, he will come to a halt. No matter how much he may want to, he will not be able to move forward; he will not have the strength to climb over the wall. The main reason has been that from the beginning he hasn't continued to move along having experienced every virtue, every power and every point. Very few souls have experience as their foundation. The foundation of the majority of you is to see the gathering, to be impressed by the pure life, to move along considering this to be one's support, to move along with the zeal and enthusiasm of someone's company, to continue to move along because someone has told you to, or to continue to move along with the support of knowledge because you like it. Those who continue to move along on the basis of any of these things become confused as they move along, because they don't have a strong foundation of experience. However, there has to be a number. Even now, there are many who teach yoga but who don't have any experience of yoga themselves. They speak about what yoga is and what one can attain through yoga, but they only have a short-lived experience of a yogi life. They speak of the "drama", but very few of them understand the significance of the drama and experience life with the support of the drama. This is what is visible, is it not? Even so, the Father says: I have to give My company even to such souls and take them to their destination. The Father would of course fulfill His promise. However, you deprive yourself of the elevated fortune of the attainment of the confluence age. You will continue to move along with the lift of co­operation, but you will deprive yourself of something that can only be received at this time, and at no other time of the cycle. Seeing such souls, Baba feels compassion and pity for them. Even while being the children of the Ocean, they only claim a right to bathe in a pond. To waste one's time making little mistakes is to bathe in a pond, is it not? Achcha. 

Meeting groups: 

Do all of you experience constant company? The main thing is to make the Father your Companion. If you make the Father your constant Companion, Maya will automatically leave you alone, because when she sees that you have put her aside and made someone else your Companion, she will move away. Be the Father's constant companion; do not step away for even a second. When your Companion is ready to fulfill the responsibility of companionship, why do you step away? There is also benefit. Would you ever let go of something that is beneficial? When you do not have the company .of your Companion and do everything on your own, you find that it takes a lot of effort. To have the Father's company means that it is already accomplished. When you step away, you find even small things to be difficult. Therefore, become introspective and go deep into this experience and you will experience yourself to be powerful. 

Do you experience yourself to be constantly happy? Just as an owner of physical treasures always has the intoxication of his treasure, in the same way, do you continue to move along while considering yourself to be full of the treasure of happiness? Does your treasure of happiness stay with you constantly or does it sometimes get stolen? If someone steals your treasure, your happiness would also disappear. To lose your happiness means to lose your treasure. The Father has given the treasures, but those who look after them are numberwise. These are your treasures and something that belongs to you personally is looked after very carefully. Even a tiny little thing is looked after so well. However, this is the greatest of all treasures. When you know how to look after it, you will remain constantly full. So, do you maintain your happiness constantly? Brahmin life means happiness. If you do not have happiness, you do not have anything. Pay constant attention and be aware of the path that takes away your happiness. Close the gate to that path and you will constantly experience yourself to be powerful. Learn how to look after your treasures. The way to look after them is to pay attention. Make a vow to yourself to remain constantly happy. When you make a vow in front of others, it only lasts for a temporary period. However, if you make a vow to yourself, then, no matter what happens, you would never break your promise. You have found the Father and the inheritance, so what else remains? Those who have such great attainment would have so much intoxication. To be a conqueror of Maya constantly means to remain constantly cheerful. If you have the balance of service of the self and service of others, you will then find that you don't have to labour so hard, but will receive greater success. Achcha. 

Blessing: May you be equal and close and finish all your weight by doing spiritual exercise. 

Spiritual exercise means to be incorporeal one moment, to be an avyakt angel the next, then to be a corporeal karma yogi and then a world server. Do this exercise every day and the burden of waste will be finished. When the burden (weight) is finished, you will become double light like the Beloved and the couple will then look good. If the Beloved is light and the lover is overweight, the couple would not look good. The spiritual Beloved says to the lovers: Become equal to Me and be close to Me. 

Slogan: To spread the fragrance of divinity through the bouquet of your life is to be an embodiment of virtues.


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Essence of Murli 02-11-2013

Essence: Sweet children, the more you remember the Father, the more the locks on your intellects will open. Those who repeatedly forget to have remembrance of the Father are called unlucky children. 

Question: What is the basis of accumulating in your account? What brings the greatest income? 

Answer: You accumulate in your account by donating. To whatever extent you give the Father's introduction to others, to that extent, your income increases. You earn a huge income through studying the murlis. These murlis change you from ugly to beautiful. There is Godly magic in the murli. It is by studying the murli that you become very wealthy. 

Song: We have to follow the path on which we may fall and have to be cautious. 

Om shanti. The spiritual Father explains to you children: Children, you have to fall and you have to be cautious. To forget the Father repeatedly means to fall and to remember the Father is to be cautious. Maya makes you forget the Father. This is a new aspect. In fact, no one can ever forget his father. A wife would never forget her husband. As soon as they become engaged, their intellect's yoga is connected to one another. There is no question of forgetting. A husband is a husband and a father is a father. Now, this one is the incorporeal Father and is also called the Bridegroom. Devotees are called brides. At this time all are devotees whereas there is only one God. Devotees are called brides and God is called the Bridegroom. Similarly, devotees are called children and God is called the Father. Now, the Husband of all husbands and the Father of all fathers is One. The Supreme Soul is in fact the Father of every single soul, whereas each one has an individual physical father. That parlokik, Supreme Father is the only one God, die Father, of all souls. His name is Shiv Baba. If you simply address an envelope: God, the Father, Mount Abu, would your letter arrive here? You have to write the name on it. That one is the unlimited Father. His name is Shiva. People talk about Shiva Kashi. There is a Shiva Temple there. Surely He must have been there too. They show that Rama went here and there and that Gandhi went here and there. So, it is true that there is an image of Shiv Baba here and there. Flowever, He is incorporeal. He is called the Father. No one else can be called the Father of all. He is also the Father of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. His name is Shiva. There is the temple to Him at Kashi and there is also a temple to Somnath in Ujjain. No one knows why so many temples have been built to Him. Similarly, those who worship Lakshmi and Narayan say that they were the masters of heaven, but no one knows when heaven existed or how they became the masters of it. If worshippers do not know the occupation of the ones they worship, they are called those with blind faith. Here, too, although some of you say "Baba", you still don't have full recognition. You don't know the Mother and Father. The worshippers of Lakshmi and Narayan worship them. They also go to the temples of Shiva and praise Him and sing: You are the Mother and Father. However, they don't know how He is their Mother and Father or when He became that. The people of Bharat do not understand anything at all. Christians and Buddhists etc. remember Christ and Buddha. They can instantly tell you their biography that Christ came at such-and-such time to establish the Christian religion, whereas the people of Bharat do not know anything about the ones they worship. They don't know anything about Shiva, nor do they know Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar or the World Mother (Jagadamba) and the World Father or Lakshmi and Narayan; they just continue to worship them. They don't know anything about their biographies. The Father sits here and explains to souls: When you were in the golden age, both the soul and the body were pure; you used to rule there. You know that you truly ruled there. Then, while taking rebirth and experiencing 84 births, you lost that kingdom and from beautiful, you became ugly. You were beautiful, but have now become ugly. Nowadays, they make Narayan's picture dark blue also, to show that Krishna was Narayan. However, people don't understand these aspects at all. The Yadavas were the ones who invented the missiles and the Kauravas and the Pandavas were brothers. Those brothers were devilish whereas these brothers are divine. These brothers also used to be devilish. However, the Father makes them into elevated divine brothers. So, what happened to the two sets of brothers? There was definitely victory for the Pandavas whereas the Kauravas were destroyed. While sitting here, although some say "Mama" and "Baba", they don't know them. They do not follow the Father's shrimat. They don't know that Baba is teaching them Raja Yoga. They are not able to maintain that faith. Because of being body conscious, they remember their bodily friends and relatives etc. Here, you have to remember the bodiless Father. This is a new aspect which no human being is able to explain. Even while sitting here with the Mother and Father, some don't recognise Him. This is a wonder. Although they have taken birth here, they don't recognise Him, because He is incorporeal. They are not able to understand Him clearly. Then, because they don't follow His directions, they become those who run away, even after having been amazed by the knowledge. If they do not recognise the One who gives them the inheritance of heaven for 21 births, they run away. Those who recognise the Father are said to be fortunate. It is only the one Father who liberates everyone from sorrow. There is a great deal of sorrow in the world. In any case, this kingdom is corrupt. According to the drama, after 5000 years, there will again be the same corrupt world. Then the Father will come again to establish the pure and elevated kingdom of self-sovereignty of the golden age. You have come here to become deities from human beings. This is the world of human beings. The world of deities exists in the golden age. Here, there are impure human beings. Pure deities exist in the golden age. Only those who become Brahmins have this explained to them. Those who become Brahmins will continue to receive explanations. Not everyone will become a Brahmin. Those who become Brahmins are the ones who will later become deities. If they don't become Brahmins, they cannot become deities. Once they say "Mama" and "Baba," they enter the Brahmin clan. Then everything else depends on how much effort they make to study. A kingdom is being established. Abraham and Buddha etc. do not establish a kingdom. Christ came alone and entered someone's body to establish the Christian religion. Then the souls who belong to the Christian religion continued to follow him down from up above. All the Christian souls are now here. Now, at the end, everyone has to go back home. The Father becomes the Guide for everyone and liberates them from sorrow. The Father is the Liberator and the Guide for the whole of humanity. He will take all souls back. Souls cannot return home because of being impure. The incorporeal world is pure. This corporeal world is now impure. Now, who can purify them all, so that they can return to the incorporeal world? This is why they call out: O God, the Father, come! God, the Father, comes and tells us that He only comes once, when the whole world has become corrupt. They continue to make so many bullets and bombs etc. in order to kill one another. On the one hand, they are making bombs, and on the other hand, there will be natural calamities, floods and earthquakes etc. Lightening will flash, and people will fall ill, because fertilizer has to be made! Fertilizer is usually made out of rubbish. This whole world is going to need manure in order to produce first-class crops. Only Bharat existed in the golden age. So many are now going to be destroyed. The Father says: I come to establish the deity kingdom; everything else is to be destroyed and you will then go to heaven. Everyone remembers heaven, but no one knows what heaven is. When someone dies, they say that he has gone to heaven. Ah, but if someone dies in the iron age, he would surely take rebirth in the iron age. Some don't even have this much sense. Although they give themselves such titles as Doctor of Philosophy etc., they don't understand anything. Human beings used to be worthy of living in a temple. That was the ocean of milk whereas it is now the ocean of poison. It is the father who explains all of these things. He teaches human beings. He doesn't teach animals. The Father explains: This drama is predestined. As is a wealthy person, so is his furniture. The poor have clay pots whereas the wealthy would have so many material possessions. You are wealthy in the golden age and so you have palaces of gold and diamonds. There is neither dirt etc. there, nor any bad odours. Here, there are bad odours. This is why incense sticks are lit. There, there is the natural fragrance of flowers etc. There is no need to light incense sticks there. It is called heaven! The Father is teaching you in order to make you into the masters of heaven. Just look how ordinary He is! You even forget to remember such a Father. You forget Him because you don't have full faith. It is a matter of such misfortune to forget the Mother and Father from whom you receive your inheritance of heaven. The Father comes and makes you the highest of all. If you do not follow the directions of such a Mother and Father, you would be considered to be 100% most unlucky. Everyone will be numberwise. There is such a huge difference between becoming a master of the world by studying and becoming a maid or servant. You can understand to what extent you are studying. Elsewhere, founders of religions come to establish their religions, whereas here, there is the Mother and Father because this is the family path. It used to be the pure family path and it is now the impure family path... When Lakshmi and Narayan were pure, their children were also pure. You understand what you will become. The Mother and Father make you so elevated and so you should follow Him. It is Bharat that is called the Mother-Father country. In the golden age, everyone was pure whereas here, everyone is impure. Everything is explained so clearly to you, yet you do not remember the Father, and so the locks on your intellects remain closed. While listening, you renounce the study; the locks on your intellect become completely locked. In schools, too, they are numberwise. Reference is made to a stone intellect and a divine intellect. Those with stone intellects do not understand anything, because they don't remember the Father for even five minutes out of the whole day. If they were to remember Him for five minutes, the locks on their intellects would open that much. If they were to remember Him more, the locks would open fully. Everything depends on remembrance. Some children write a letter to Baba addressed: "Dear Baba" or "Dear Dada". Now, if you simply address the letter to "Dear Dada" and post it, would it arrive here? You definitely need to write the name. There are many Dadas and Dadis in the world. Achcha. Deepawali is now about to come. People open new accounts at Deepawali. You are true Brahmins. Those brahmin priests make businessmen open new accounts. You also have to keep new accounts, but these are for the new world. The accounts of the path of devotion are of unlimited loss. You attain an unlimited inheritance and you attain unlimited peace and happiness. The unlimited Father sits here and explains these unlimited aspects, but only the children who are to receive unlimited happiness are able to understand all of these things. Only a handful out of multimillions comes to the Father. Some, while moving along, start losing their income. Then, whatever they have accumulated is cancelled. Your account increases when you donate to others. If you do not donate, your income does not increase. You are making effort to increase your income. That will only happen when you donate to others and enable them to receive benefit. To give the Father's introduction to someone means to accumulate. If you do not give the Father's introduction, you do not accumulate anything. Your income is extremely great. You can earn a true income by studying the murli, but you need to know whose murli it is. You children also know that those who have become ugly have to listen to the murli in order to become beautiful. "There is magic in Your murli". They speak of God's magic. So, there is Godly magic in this murli. It is now that you have this knowledge. Deities did not have this knowledge. Since they didn't have this knowledge, how could those who came after them have this knowledge? All the scriptures that were written later on will also be destroyed. There are very few of your true Gitas, whereas they must number hundreds of thousands in the world. In fact, it is these pictures that are the true Gita. They are not able to understand as much from those Gitas as they can from these pictures. Achcha. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. Study very well and make yourself fortunate. In order to become a deity, become a firm Brahmin. 

2. In order to remember the bodiless Father, become soul conscious. Practise forgetting your body. 

Blessing: May you be a deity of peace and spread rays of peace into the world as an incarnation of peace. 

A tiny firefly gives the experience of its light from a distance. In the same way, souls of the world and souls who are to come into connection and relationship with you should experience receiving rays of peace from you special souls. They should feel in their intellects that an incarnation of peace has come to give them peace. On the basis of the rays of peace, all the peaceless souls everywhere should be pulled towards this shanti-kund (sacrificial peace area). Now use this power of peace. 

Slogan: Those who pay personal attention to the self, become introverted first and then come into extroversion. 

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Essence of Murli 01-11-2013

Essence: Sweet children, become nightingales of knowledge and continue to chirp the knowledge throughout the day and you will be able to show (reveal) your physical and spiritual mothers and fathers. 

Question: It is said: Grind your own ingredients and your intoxication will rise. What is the meaning of this? 

Answer: To grind your own ingredients means not to let your intellect's yoga wander here and there, but to remember the one Father. If only the one Father remains in your intellect, your intoxication can rise. However, body consciousness causes a lot of obstacles in this. When some are even a little ill, they become distressed. They begin to remember their friends and relatives and this is why their intoxication doesn't rise. If they were to stay in yoga, their pain would lessen. 

Song: You wasted the night in sleeping and the day in eating. 

Om shanti. All of these things are also written in the scriptures. They even explain them to one another. Gurus give many types of direction. Many very good devotees sit in a little room with their hand in a little cloth bag, which they call a gaumukh and turn the beads of a rosary. That is a fashion they have also been taught. The Father now says: Renounce all of that. The soul has to remember his Father. There is no question of turning the beads of a rosary in this. The best song is: Salutations to Shiva. It is only in this song that they have said: You are the Mother and Father. God alone is called the Father, the Creator. Since He is called the Creator, what does He create! Surely, everyone understands that He would only create the new world. People also sing: You are the Mother and Father and we are Your children. So, first of all, God is the Father of all. Since there is the Father, the Mother is also needed. He cannot create without the Mother. It is just that people don't know how He creates. Secondly, all among us are brothers and sisters. So, then, there cannot be any vision of vice. There is the one Mother and Father. So, these points are very good to understand and then explain. Thirdly, the Father must definitely have created the world. We were His children and we have now become that once again. After completing the cycle of 84 births, we now belong to the Mother and Father, whom the people on the path of devotion remember. The Mother and Father create the world, we become His children and so He must definitely give us a lot of happiness. No one knows that God also becomes the Mother and Father. He is the Teacher and also the Satguru. We children of Brahma are brothers and sisters among ourselves. We are called Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. He is the One who also creates us. We are studying Raja Yoga from the Mother and Father in order to receive a lot of happiness. Only when we are in sorrow can we receive a lot of happiness. It is not that Fie will come here in the future, when we are happy, to give us these teachings. It is when we are in sorrow that we receive the teachings for going into happiness. That Mother and Father comes and gives us happiness. Adam and Eve are very well known. They too are definitely the children of God. So, who then is God! You children know that the knowledge the Father gives is for those of all religions. The intellect's yoga of the whole world has broken away from that Father. Maya, the ghost, doesn't allow you to connect your intellect's yoga. Instead, she breaks the intellect's yoga away even more. The Father comes and enables you to conquer the ghost. Nowadays, there are many people in the world with occult powers. This is the world of ghosts. The ghost of the vice of lust makes you cause sorrow for one another from its beginning, through the middle to the end. It is the work of a ghost to make you cause sorrow for one another. Ghosts don't exist in the golden age. It has been explained that a ghost is also mentioned in the Bible. Ravan means the ghost. This is the kingdom of ghosts. There are no ghosts in the golden age, the kingdom of Rama. There is a lot of happiness there. The song "Salutations to Shiva" is very good. Shiva is the Mother and Father. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar cannot be called the Mother and Father. Shiva would still be called the Father. Adam and Eve, that is, Brahma and Saraswati, are here. There, the Christians pray to God, the Father. This Bharat is the land of the Mother and Father. His birth takes place here. So you have to explain: Since you remember the Mother and Father, we are brothers and sisters. He creates creation through Prajapita Brahma. He adopts them. Saraswati is also adopted. Prajapita Brahma has adopted us and this is how so many have become Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. Shiv Baba continues to have us adopted. Only through Brahma is the new world created. There are many methods with which to explain, but you don't explain fully. Baba has told you many times: Play the song "Salutations to Shiva" everywhere. How are we the children of the Mother and Father? The Father sits here and explains this. The new world was established through Brahma. It is now the end of the Iron Age and we are establishing the golden age once again. This has to be imbibed by the intellect. Knowledge is very easy. Storms of Maya do not allow you to stay in knowledge and yoga. The intellect is amazed. You should always explain: God, the Creator of all, is One. Everyone would call Him the Father, would they not? That incorporeal One is beyond birth and death. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar have subtle costumes. It is here that people take 84 births; they don't take them in the subtle region. You know that we are the children of the Mother and Father. We are new children. The Father has adopted us. Since he is Prajapita, the Father of the People, there would be so many people! He must surely have adopted them. They portray Brahma with many arms, but they don't understand the meaning of that. All the images and scriptures that have emerged have to be based on the drama. It was the day of Brahma and then the path of devotion began. That has been continuing. Only the Father comes and teaches us this Raja Yoga. This should remain in your intellects. It is said: Grind your own ingredients and your intoxication will rise. However, your intellect's yoga has to be connected to the Father. Here, the intellect's yoga of many wanders. They remain trapped in the friends and relatives of the old world or in body consciousness. When they become even slightly ill, they become greatly distressed. Ah, but if you were to stay in yoga, your pain would decrease. If there is no yoga, how can you become free from illness etc? You should think about it: The mother and father who become the number one pure souls are the ones who come furthest down. They have to go through a lot of settling of karma. However, because of staying in yoga, their illness continues to be removed. Otherwise, they would have had to have the maximum suffering of karma. However, their sorrow is removed through the power of yoga, and they have a lot of happiness: We are receiving a lot of happiness of heaven from Baba. Many children don't consider themselves to be souls. Throughout the day, they only think about their bodies. Baba comes and teaches you how to chirp knowledge. So you have to become nightingales of knowledge. Outside, there are many very good, very young daughters who continue to chirp this knowledge. It was through the kumaris that Bhishampitamah was given knowledge. The little children have to be made to become alert and active. Little children show (reveal) their physical mothers and fathers and the spiritual Mother and Father. Then, both this world and that world are glorified. So the physical mothers and fathers also have to be uplifted. You will see how little daughters uplift their mothers and fathers. Kumaris are given respect. Everyone bows down to kumaris. In the Shiv Shakti Army, all are kumaris. Although some are mothers, they are still called kumaris. Very good kumaris will emerge. It is the young daughters who will show everyone. Some young daughters are very good but some also have a lot of attachment. This attachment is very bad. This too is an evil spirit that turns you away from the Father. It is the business of Maya, the ghost, to rum you away from the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. This song "Salutations to Shiva" is the best song of all. It is in this that they say: You are the Mother and Father. Generally, in the Radhe and Krishna Temple, they show the form of a couple. There is no mention in the Gita of Radhe together with Krishna. The praise of Krishna is separate: Full of all virtues, sixteen celestial degrees full... The praise of Shiva is different. When people sing an arti (form of worship with a steel plate (thali) with a lamp on it) to Shiva, they sing so much praise, but they don't understand the meaning of it at all. They have become tired by worshipping all the time. You know that Mama, Baba and you Brahmins have been the ones who have done the most worship. You have now come and become Brahmins. It is numberwise in this too. There is also the suffering of karma which has to be settled through yoga. You have to break your body consciousness. You have to remember the Father and stay in a lot of happiness. We receive a lot of happiness from the Mother and Father. This Brahma says: I receive an inheritance from Baba. Baba has taken my chariot on loan. So Baba would offer special hospitality to this chariot. Previously, I used to think: I, the soul, am feeding this chariot. This is also a chariot. Now it would be said: That One is the One who feeds this one: This chariot has to be looked after. When lords sit on a horse, they also feed them with their own hands. Sometimes, they would rub their backs. They look after them well because they ride them. Baba rides this one and so, would Baba not offer him that special hospitality? When Baba bathes, he thinks: I am bathing and I also have to give a bath to Baba because He has taken this chariot on loan. Shiv Baba says: I also give a bath and feed your body. I don't eat but I do feed the body. Baba feeds it, but He Himself doesn't eat. Baba has all of these different thoughts at the time of bathing and while walking around. This is something of his experience. Baba Himself says: I enter this one at the end of his many births. This one doesn't know about his births; I know them. You say that Baba is once again giving you knowledge. You have to claim your inheritance of heaven. In the golden age there are kings and also subjects. You have to make effort to claim your full inheritance from the Father. If you don't claim it now you, will miss it every cycle. You won't be able to claim such a high status. It is a deal for birth after birth. Therefore, you have to follow shrimat so much! You will become instruments every cycle. You have been receiving your inheritance every cycle. This study is for cycle after cycle. You have to pay a lot of attention to this. You can keep the aim for seven days and then also study the murli at home. It is made very easy for you. The drama should remain in your intellects. This is called The World University so if you go anywhere, even to America, you can claim your inheritance from the Father. You simply just have to imbibe this for a week. You are the children of God and so you are brothers and sisters. There is Prajapita Brahma and so all his children are brothers and sisters. When you live at home with your family as brothers and sisters, you would surely remain pure. It is very easy. Achcha. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. In order to save yourself from Maya, the ghost, remain engaged in knowledge and yoga. Renounce the evil spirit of attachment and show the Father. Chirp knowledge. 

2. Pay full attention to the study and claim your inheritance from the Father. Under no circumstances should you lose this chance every cycle. 

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of success who experiments with the power of silence with the instrument of pure thoughts. 

The special instrument for the power of silence is pure thoughts. With this instrument of thoughts, you can see whatever you want as an embodiment of success. First of all, experiment with this on the self. Experiment with this on your physical illnesses and the form of karmic bondages will change into sweet relationships with the power of silence. With the power of silence, the suffering of karma, the severe bondages of karma, will be experienced as a line on water. Experiment with the power of silence on your body, mind and sanskars and become an embodiment of success. 

Slogan: Become a lamp of the clan and glorify the name of the Brahmin clan with the light of your awareness.