Friday, September 13, 2013

Essence of Murli 13-09-2013

Essence: Sweet children, by having love and regard for the Father, you will continue to receive the Father's blessings and the rust of Maya will continue to be removed. 

Question: Why is it that some buds in this living garden do not bloom at all, but remain buds all the time? 

Answer: Because there is laziness in their efforts. They remain sleeping at the time of remembrance. Those who remain sleeping waste their time like that. Those who remain sleeping lose everything. They remain closed buds. Constantly blooming roses are those who have all-round parts in the deity religion. 

Song: This time is passing by. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. Always have the deep desire to have your sins absolved. Take care that you don’t commit any sins now. 

2. In order to remain safe from the eclipse of the omens of Maya, close your ears to evil things. Let your behaviour be satopradhan. Remain clean inside and out. 

Blessing: May you transform your temporary sanskars with your eternal sanskars and become a bestower of blessings and a great donor. 

Temporary sanskars are those that make you say or do something against your wishes, and this is why you say, “That was not my intention or aim, but it happened”. Some of you say that you didn’t get angry, but that it is your sanskar to speak in that way, and so those temporary sanskars compel you. Now, transform those sanskars with your eternal sanskars. The eternal and original sanskars of the soul are to be constantly complete, a constant bestower of blessings and a great donor. 

Slogan: To fly over a mountain of adverse situations through the effort of your flying stage is to be a flying yogi. 

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