Thursday, September 12, 2013

Essence of Murli 11-09-2013

Essence: Sweet children, give even a little wealth of knowledge to whoever comes to your door. First of all, ask them to fill in a form and then give the introduction of the two fathers. 

Question: What is the magic of the Father, the Magician? 

Answer: Look at the magic of the Magician Father! Such an elevated Father says: I have come to serve you. I also become your Child. When you children surrender yourselves to Me, I surrender Myself to you for 21 births. These are wonderful things. The Father teaches you with so much love. He fulfils all your desires. He doesn't even take any fees etc. from you. He is called the clever Entertainer. 

Song: The rain of knowledge is for those who are with the Beloved. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. Understand right and wrong and control the wild horse of your mind with the power of your intellect and become a conqueror of Maya and a conqueror of the world. Don't be defeated. 

2. Make Shiva your Child and sustain Him, that is, first of all make Him your Heir. Surrender yourself to Him fully. 

Blessing: May you be a fast effort-maker who experiences newness in every second of this new confluence age. 

At the confluence age, everything is new and it is therefore called the new age. Here, your waking up is new, your way of speaking is new and your way of walking is new. New means alokik. There is newness also in your awareness. All situations are new, your meeting is new and your way of seeing everything is new. You only look at the soul and not the body. You come into contact with one another with a vision of brotherhood and not with a physical relationship. Experience newness in yourself at every second in this way. Whatever your stage was a second ago, that is not your stage the next second, you are ahead of that. This is known as fast effort-maker. 

Slogan: To experience constant supersensuous joy and bliss in your life through God’s love is to experience easy yoga. 

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