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Essence of Murli 29-09-2013

Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 09/05/77

Complete purity is the decoration of those who play a special part.

Do you consider yourselves to be the specials actors who are playing a special part within this drama! Do you know what the speciality of this special part is? The speciality is that you are playing your part as the Father's companion and, along with this, while playing your own part, you also remain stable in the stage of a detached observer. So the speciality is being the Father's companion and remaining a detached observer. It is because of these specialities that you are known as special actors. So, constantly check: Do I constantly have both these specialities while playing every part? Otherwise, you would be called an ordinary actor. It would not seem right for the Father to be elevated and the children to be ordinary. 

What is the decoration of playing a special part? Complete purity is your decoration. There shouldn't be the slightest trace of impurity even in your thoughts. Do you constantly have such a decoration? None of you are those who play a limited part for a short time, but you are those who play an unlimited part at every second through every thought. This is why each of you is an image that is constantly decorated and constantly an embodiment of purity. The decoration of this time becomes imperishable for birth after birth. 

The time for filling yourself with the important sanskars is now. It is at this time that you are recording sanskars in the soul for every birth. When something is being recorded, attention is paid at every second. There has to be attention paid to there being no type of tension; even if there is tension, there has to be attention paid. If there is any type of tension, you would not be able to record very well. Instead of earning an elevated name for all time, what would be remembered is that you weren't able to record as well as you wanted to. Therefore, remain beyond every type of tension - tension of the self or time - and pay attention to having the Father's company while playing your part, second by second. The basis of tension in souls who are master almighty authorities, the children of the Almighty Authority, the knowledge-full souls is just two words. What are those two words? Why? and what?. Tension in any situation arises when you have these two questions in your intellect, "Why did this happen?" or "What happened?" However, you elevated actors of the confluence age cannot have the tension of "Why" and "What", because you know everything. With the specialities of being a detached observer and Baba's companion, there can never be any tension while playing any part in the drama. So, understanding this to be a specially benevolent time, record every second's sanskars in the number one stage. 

Do you know the seat of the knowledge-full stage, that is, the stage of this confluence age? On the path of devotion, what have they shown the goddess of knowledge, Saraswati, seated on? (A swan.) Why have they portrayed a swan? What are the special virtues of a swan? The special virtues are: 

i) Being knowledge-full, being able to discriminate between right and wrong (real and false) is also to have knowledge. So, the seat of someone who is knowledge-full is portrayed as being something knowledge-full. So, the swan has the special knowledge to discriminate between right and wrong. 

ii) Secondly, the memorial of your stage is also shown in the form of a seat. Those who always take the food of pure thoughts, whose intellect imbibes virtues from all souls and from creation are the souls who have been portrayed as those who pick up pearls. 

iii) Thirdly, cleanliness. The sign of cleanliness is the colour white. Cleanliness means purity. Therefore, the seat of the swan is the symbol of remaining constantly seated on the seat of being knowledge-full. Saraswati has been shown as a constant server by her playing the sitar. Constantly to play this sitar of knowledge means to be a constant server. Just as the seat is portrayed as a memorial, so too, to play your part, having imbibed all these specialities, is the special part. Therefore, constantly play your part while considering yourself to be a special actor. 

You are not subservient to matter, are you? No element of nature should bring you into upheaval. As you progress, many test papers will come. Your stage should not be based on any physical facilities. Together with becoming a conqueror of Maya, you also have to become a conqueror of matter. If, in the midst of upheaval of matter, you have the slightest tension in your thoughts such as, "What is this? Why did this happen? How will this be possible?", that is, if your attention is reduced, you will not then be able to pass fully. Therefore, you have to remain constantly unshakeable. Achcha. 

To those who remain constantly seated on the seat of a knowledge-full one, to those who play an elevated part at every second, to those who pass every paper fully, who pass with honours, to those who remain stable in the remembrance of the one Father, to such elevated souls who are always equal to the Father, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

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Both you Shakti and Pandav Armies are those who are able to recognise Maya and chase her away, are you not? You are not those who are frightened and come to a standstill, are you? Generally, warriors use the slogan, "To be defeated, to retreat or to stop is the work of weak ones. "A warrior means to kill or to be killed." You are also the spiritual warriors in the spiritual army. Spiritual warriors, too, are never afraid, never retreat, but continue to move forward and are constantly victorious. So, are you those who will be victorious or those who become afraid? After battling a lot, do you sometimes become tired? Or, after battling every day, do you become careless? In fact, it becomes like this when someone has to do the same thing every day. You think: "This will continue all the time. How far am I going to continue to do this? It is a question of one's whole life, not a question of just one year." However, if you look at the whole life in terms of a reward for 5000 years, then, is it a matter of one second or of your entire life? If you look at it in unlimited terms, it is a matter of a second. Those who have a broad, unlimited intellect will look at everything in terms of the unlimited; they will never become tired. Out of the whole cycle, you have three-quarters attainment and only a little experience of descent at the end. On the basis of this short time, there is attainment for three-quarters of the cycle, and if you look at everything in this way, then this is nothing. You have the unlimited Father and your inheritance is unlimited. Therefore, keep your intellect in the unlimited and finish limited things. Do you understand? When you are moving with someone's support or someone else is taking you, there is no question of being tired. The Father is carrying you in His lap of the companionship of remembrance; so why do you walk and become tired? Why do you climb out of the lap of His constant Company so that you then have to cry out in distress, "What can I do?" You don't have to do anything, and yet you become tired! What is the reason for this? Your own lack of understanding. You become stubborn, just as a child becomes stubborn. You have the stubbornness of a child and follow the dictates of your own mind, and you therefore cause yourself distress. So do not be stubborn like a child. If the dictates of your own mind are mixed with shrimat, then those who mix manmat with shrimat receive punishment. The Father does not give punishment, but you bring punishment upon yourself. To lose your happiness and power is punishment, is it not? 

You would definitely be coloured by the company of the person you are close to. If you are close to the Father, you would definitely be coloured by the colour of His company. As the colour of the Father is spiritual, whoever keeps His company will be coloured with the spiritual colour. If there is the company of just the One, you would be coloured by one colour. If you constantly have the company of the Almighty Authority Father, you can never wilt. If there is the connection, you continue to receive the current. If the connection is all right, you automatically receive the current of all powers, and when you continue to receive all powers, you remain constantly happy; your sorrow finishes. The confluence age is the time of happiness, and so if someone experiences sorrow at such a time, that would be very bad, would it not? 

What main signs indicate that you are a mahavir? According to the present time, to experience the stage of ascent at every second and in every thought indicates that you are a mahavir. Those who are not mahavirs will sometimes experience the stage of ascent for some seconds, in some thoughts and, at other times, they experience the stopping stage. The stage of ascent automatically enables you to become an instrument for the service of bringing benefit to everyone. One can also bring benefit to some through vibrations and the atmosphere. This is why it is said that due to one's stage of ascent, there is benefit for everyone. They then become instruments to show the path to many. They do not experience stopping or becoming tired. They are constantly tireless and maintain their zeal and enthusiasm. Those who never lose their enthusiasm are called mahavirs. Those who stop are called the cavalry and those who become tired are the infantry. Those who constantly continue to move along are mahavirs. Their vision will never be drawn to any form of Maya. They will not even see Maya. Even while seeing any form of Maya, they will not see it. To be a mahavir means to have full knowledge, and those who have full knowledge can never fail. It is only when you have not made a particular aspect of a lesson firm that you fail. You mustn't just have knowledge, but you have to become knowledge-full. Such souls will not speak such words as, "This is something new. I don't know anything about this." 

What is the last effort and the last service! The effort and the service needed now is that of making the atmosphere powerful through your attitude, because the majority is powerless in being able to move ahead through their own effort. So, it is extremely essential to give weak, powerless souls power through your own attitude. This service is now needed because they have heard everything through words and have all now become full; they feel that all of this is nothing new. They do not wish to take any more through words. One's attitude has a direct connection with the atmosphere. When the atmosphere is powerful, everyone will be safe. This is the special service required nowadays. A bestower of blessings (vardaani) means one who serves through his attitude. A great donor (mahadaani) is one who serves through words. Nowadays, it is the stage of a bestower of blessings that is required. You can do whatever you want through your attitude. Your time for taking blessings has now finished. Children of the Bestower are bestowers. A bestower does not need to take, so now become a bestower of blessings. Just as you make plans for the expansion of. service, so, too, now make plans for progress in your effort. In service you need the co-operation of others, but in planning your own progress in effort you can achieve a lot with the Father's co-operation. Now fix a programme for your thoughts, words and deeds. Keep a daily diary for yourself. Only then will you be able to claim a number ahead. Otherwise you will not be able to claim a number ahead, but will have to stay behind. These are the signs of those who move forward. Achcha. 

Blessing: May you be a master world benefactor and have an unlimited attitude, the same as the Father. 

An unlimited attitude means to have an attitude of benevolence towards all souls. This is what it means to be a master world benefactor. Do not have an unlimited attitude for only those who belong to you or for the limited souls who are instruments for you, but have an attitude for the benefit of everyone. Those who move along while content with their own progress, their own attainment and their own contentment are self-benefactors. However, those who have an unlimited attitude and remain busy in unlimited service are said to be master world benefactors, the same as the Father. 

Slogan: Only those who remain in equanimity in praise and defamation, respect and disrespect, benefit and loss are said to be yogi souls. 

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