Monday, August 12, 2013

Essence of Murli 12-08-2013

Essence: Sweet children, you can climb the steep ladder of remembrance when you have true love for the Father. It is only through the race of remembrance that you will be able to enter the rosary of victory. 

Question: What are the visible signs of your having true love for the one Father? 

Answer: If you have true love for the one Father, your love for the old world and old bodies will finish. To die alive is a sign of love. Let there be no love for anyone except the Father. Let it remain in your intellects that this is your final birth and that you now have to return home. Baba says: Children, you have completed the play of 84 births. Now forget everything and remember Me and I will take you back with Me. 

Song: O dweller of the forest, your name is the support for my life. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. This is the time of destruction. Therefore, break your love away from bodily beings and have true love for the one Father. Destroy your attachment to this old home. 

2. Become a nightingale of knowledge and do the service of making thorns into flowers like yourself. Run the race of remembrance. 

Blessing: May you be healthy in your mind and experience entertainment in your efforts through having new varieties of awareness of your fortune. 

In Brahmin life, because this is the last birth, no matter how weak or ill you are physically, the minds of all of you are healthy. They fly with zeal and enthusiasm. The sign of a powerful mind is that it reaches wherever it wants in a second. For this, you must constantly continue to fly while singing songs of your fortune. From amrit vela onwards, bring into your awareness new things of your fortune. Sometimes, keep one type of attainment in front of you and, at other times, another attainment. There will then be entertainment in your efforts. You will not get bored and you will experience newness. 

Slogan: Perform every action while considering its beginning and end and you will continue to achieve success. 

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