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Essence of Murli 21-05-2013

Essence: Sweet children, first of all, have mercy on yourselves. Then it is your duty to show your family the true way to go to heaven. Therefore, make full effort to make them worthy too. 

Question: On the basis of which race will you become the masters of Shivalaya? 

Answer: Run the race of following the Mother and Father.Make a promise of purity for just one birth. Remove your heart from hell. Shiv Baba is establishing Shivalaya for you where you will rule in the living form. By remembering the Father and heaven while at your business you will receive the tilak of sovereignty, that is, you will become the masters of Shivalaya. 

Song: You are the Mother and Father. 

Om shanti. You have to say something or other: "Om shanti" or "Salutations to Shiva". They say "Salutations to the Supreme Soul" whereas we say "Om shanti". This is giving the introduction of the self and the Father. Those people sing the praise: "You are the Mother and Father...", whereas you are the children. The Father, whom devotees praise on the path of devotion, is personally sitting here in front of you today. He definitely was in front of you and is now once again sitting personally in front of you. Only you children now know these things. Devotees don't know this. You children know that there is only the one Father who is praised. That Father is giving you children so much happiness that you won't become unhappy again for 21 births. You are personally sitting in front of such a Father. You know that He is your unlimited Father and that He is now serving to give us the happiness of heaven. The Father always creates the children, serves them and makes them worthy. It is as though the Father becomes a slave of the children. A physical father also makes so much effort to sustain the children. Day and night he is concerned to serve the children and make them worthy. He is the slave of a limited creation whereas this One is the unlimited Father. This One also says: Children, follow fully and become the masters of heaven by claiming your full inheritance. You always have to have mercy for children. A sensible father would say: Why should I not enable the children to earn this true income with me? Physical sustenance has been given to physical children for half the cycle. He sustained the children, brought them up and made them worthy. He made a will for the children, then shed his body and took another birth. He is a limited father whereas this One is the unlimited Father. He is a limited Brahma. He creates a creation and then becomes their slave. He has to work very hard to ensure that his children don't become spoilt through bad company and defame his name. However, that is temporary happiness. He doesn't know whether his children will turn out to be worthy or unworthy. Some are so unworthy that they completely ruin everything. They completely waste their father's wealth. This is why there has to be great caution. The unlimited Father is so concerned. He says: You claim your inheritance and also give the inheritance to your creation. However, even then, if the children are unworthy, they disobey the Father. The Father says "Study" but they don't study; they don't become pure. Scarcely a few, a handful out of multimillions, emerge who are obedient. You receive shrimat here. "You are the Mother and Father." This is praise of just the One. However, because of not knowing, people say in front of Krishna and Lakshmi and Narayan: You are the Mother and Father. That too is blind faith. Lakshmi and Narayan experience their reward. They have their own children. How can we call them the Mother and Father? In fact, this praise belongs to only the One. You heard in the song: The Highest on High is Shiv Baba. He is the Bestower of Salvation for All. He is the One who takes everyone to the land of peace and the land of happiness. Therefore, you must definitely follow the shrimat of such a Father. They understand that it is only from the Mother and Father that they receive a lot of happiness for 21 births. However, hardly anyone follows such shrimat. You receive a very elevated inheritance. The Father says: I have brought heaven on the palm of My hand for you children. You will become worthy when you follow shrimat. You have to take shrimat at every step. If you don't follow His directions, you won't be able to claim a high status. There was the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan in heaven. No one knows this. Previously, we also used to say: So-and-so became a resident of heaven. Or, when a sannyasi died, they would say that he merged into the light. However, no one goes there. Only the one Father is the Bestower of Liberation and Liberation-in-life. No one can go back until He comes. That is the incorporeal world. Incorporeal souls and the incorporeal Father reside there and that is also called the supreme abode. Those who have arrogance of science understand that they take birth here and die here too, just like mosquitoes. No one knows about the world cycle. No one can understand anything with the notion of omnipresence. You have now found the Father. He says: Children, now return home. I have come to take everyone back exactly as in the previous cycle. You souls have a lot of alloy in you. All souls and their bodies have become iron-aged. They have to become satopradhan once again. When you souls were satopradhan, the world was golden-aged. Pure souls had bodies that were like pure gold. They were called real jewellery. Look what they have become now. Not even one per cent real gold remains now. Alloy has been mixed in. The Father now says: Simply remember Me, your Father, and you will continue to become real gold and the soul will begin to fly. The wings are now broken. You will attain a status according to how much effort you make. This study is so elevated. God speaks: I teach you Raja Yoga through which you become kings of kings. You will become worthy of being worshipped by even the kings who are worshippers and who indulge in vice. It is remembered: You are worthy of worship and become a worshipper yourself. You know that you were worthy-of-worship deities, and that you then became moon-dynasty worthy of worship. We become worthy of worship and worshippers. The Father comes and makes us worthy of worship from worshippers. There is now victory for knowledge. The night of Brahma and the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris is now coming to an end. Those who study the scriptures do not know when the night begins. The day of Brahma is the golden and silver ages. The night begins from the copper age. All of these things are in the intellect of you children. Having completed our 84 births we will once again experience our fortune of the kingdom. This knowledge will not remain in the golden age. There, there is the reward. There, too, you receive your inheritance from your father. However, that is the reward of this time that you receive for 21 births. The whole play is based on Bharat. The kingdom of deities that existed in the golden age has now become devilish. There is the rule of the people over the people. The Father says: Children, hear no evil, see no evil... They show an image of monkeys. At present, humans have become like monkeys. This is why they show the faces of monkeys, but it applies to this time. This is called the extreme depths of hell. They continue to sting one another like scorpions etc. Children even kill their father. Maya has made everyone dirty. Bharat was heaven and it is now hell. The 84 births are those of the people of Bharat. The Father says: I explain so much to you. He says: / am your most obedient Father, Father-Servant, Teacher-Servant and Guru-Servant. I have now come. Guides too are servants of the pilgrims; they show them the path. I have now become the Guide to take you children to heaven. I liberate you. History will definitely repeat. In the Granth, it says: I am the Truth and that which-is true will take place... God is incorporeal. This is the praise of God. On the one hand, they say that He is beyond birth (ajoni) and, on the other hand, they say that He is omnipresent. Wherever I look, I only see You. We have come here to enjoy ourselves. Many people say this. The Father now says: Children, all of those things will make you drown. The notion of omnipresence drowns you. The Father explains so much to you. Some very quickly have the faith that they have to claim their inheritance from the Father. You cannot find another Father as sweet as this One. It is the Father who establishes heaven. Only when we find the Father do we become the masters of heaven. You should quickly make such a Father belong to you. I want the children who belonged to Me in the previous cycle; they are the ones who will come and become worthy or unworthy as they did in the previous cycle. The responsibility for the mother and the children is with the Father, the Creator. It is also His duty to make the children into the masters of heaven. First of all, have mercy on yourself. It isn't that Baba gives blessings, otherwise everyone would become Lakshmi or Narayan! This is a big examination. Only eight win the scholarship. Then, there are the 108. There is a lottery. The Father says: Forget your body and all bodily relations. Consider yourself to be bodiless and have the faith that you a soul. It isn't that you are God. They say that the soul is the Supreme Soul. They believe that a soul will merge into the Supreme Soul and that, until he merges into Him, a soul cannot be called the Supreme Soul. However, no one merges into the Supreme Soul. This drama is eternally predestined. There are five to six billons actors. All actors have received their own part which they have to play. Every soul has an immortal part recorded in him. No one but the Father can explain to you. The Father comes and gives you children the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end and makes you trikaldarshi. In pictures, they show deities with a third eye. In fact, neither deities nor shudras have a third eye. Only you Brahmins have the third eye of knowledge with which you know the occupation of everyone. You know the condition of the land of truth and the land of falsehood. Among you, too, it is numberwise according to the effort you make. This is a school. There is no question of blind faith here. Continue to do your business etc. Simply remember your Father and heaven and the tilak of the sovereignty will be applied to you. It is the soul that remembers. The sanskars are in the soul. Baba speaks to souls: I am your Father. You claimed your inheritance in the previous cycle too. You ruled the sun-dynasty kingdom and you then went into the moon dynasty. The degrees continued to decrease as you became merchants and then shudras. You have now remembered that the play is coming to an end. Constantly remember Me alone and your sins will be absolved. If you don't follow shrimat but become body conscious, you will be hurt. Then the omens of Jupiter will change and bad omens will come. If you divorce the Father, you will become a resident of extreme hell. The Father says: If you want to claim a high status, then race. If you claim a high status now, you will claim it every cycle. Simply promise to remain pure for one birth and you will become masters of heaven for 21 births. Now remove your heart from hell. Shiv Baba is establishing Shivalaya for you where you will rule as living deities. So, do you want to become a master of Shivalaya? Follow the mother and father. Whatever they have is all for you children. You are the ones who will become kings. You were that. You have now become beggars. It is not a question of those of other religions. It is those who belonged to the deity religion who have been converted into other religions. This is why the population of Hindus has declined. Otherwise, the population of Bharat should be the largest. God is teaching you. Therefore, you should pay so much attention. This is a very wonderful study. Old ones, children and young ones are all studying here. Even those who are ill can study. If you don't remember the Father and the inheritance, Maya will slap you. You should write in blood: I will remember Baba day and night. I will hold on to Baba's hand very tightly. I will do whatever Baba says. Shiv Baba says: Look after your children. Out of whatever is left, give two handfuls for Shiv Baba's service and, in return for that, the reward you receive will be equal to what a wealthy person would receive by giving a hundred thousand. You receive the instant practical fruit. Achcha. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. Forget your body and all bodily relations and practise becoming a bodiless soul. Take shrimat from the Father and follow it at every step. 

2. Pay full attention to the study. Have the determined thought: I will remember Baba alone day and night and I will definitely do that which Baba tells me to do. Hear no evil, see no evil. 

Blessing: May you have faith in the intellect and remain carefree by finishing all worries in the fire of love. 

Those children who have faith in the intellect remain carefree in all situations. All their worries have finished. The Father lifted you off the pyre of worry and seated you on His heart-throne. You had love for the Father and, on the basis of that love, all your worries finished in the fire of love as though they had never existed. There is neither any worry of the body nor any waste in the mind. There is no worry about what will happen to your money. With the power of knowledge, you now know everything and so your life has become carefree, beyond all worries. 

Slogan: Become so unshakeable and immovable that no problem of any type is able to move the foot of your intellect. 

Essence of Murli 20-05-2013

Essence: Sweet children, you are spiritual social workers. You have to serve to make Bharat into heaven and make the land of sorrow into the land of happiness. 

Question: In which aspect do you Brahmin children become experts at the confluence age? 

Answer: You have now become experts at fulfilling the desires of all human souls. Human beings desire to attain liberation or liberation-in-life and you have to fulfil that desire. You show everyone the path to peace. Peace is not found in the forests, but the original religion of the soul is peace. Become detached from your body and remember the Father and you will receive the inheritance of peace and happiness. 

Song: Look at your face in the mirror of your heart, o man! 

Om shanti. The unlimited Father is explaining to His long-lost and now-found children, the ones who know the Father and have taken refuge with Him. It is said: God, I have come to seek refuge with You. Refuge is taken when the Father comes and explains to you children. Devotees seek refuge with God because, here, everyone is unhappy. Bharat is the land of sorrow. They continue to cause sorrow to one another. The Father has explained that this is your gathering of swans. No one except pure children can come here. The Father explains: Children, pure Bharat is called the land of happiness. No other land can be called the land of happiness. Bharat becomes the land of happiness and Bharat becomes the land of sorrow. People of Bharat are very unhappy because they are impure. However, no one explains these things to them. The Father explains: Sannyasis are pure and they leave their home and family but they themselves sing: The Purifier is Rama who belongs to Sita. You have now come to the Purifier Father. The one Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, purifies the whole world. Human beings cannot purify human beings. This is the impure world. Not a single person is pure. They say: Oh Supreme Father, Supreme Soul! Then they say that God is omnipresent. Shivohum, tattwam! (I am Shiva, and the same applies to you.) All the poor helpless people have forgotten the Father. When a person is drunk, then, even though he may have gone bankrupt, he is very deeply intoxicated through the alcohol. In the same way, people don't know that it is these vices that make them impure. This is why, in order to become pure, sannyasis leave their home and family. However, that is the path of isolation. The Father has come here. Those who have been unhappy for half a cycle come here and take refuge. It is Maya that makes you unhappy. Everyone is greatly diseased with the five vices. Ravan has made human beings into complete devils. When this land completely becomes the land of sorrow, the Father comes and establishes the land of happiness. You are spiritual social workers. The Father makes you do service: Children, make this Bharat into heaven. Everything depends on yoga. If someone stayed in yoga very well for seven days, it would be a wonder. Generally, hardly anyone is able to stay in yoga. They remember their home or their mind wanders everywhere. Seven days are very well known; they hold readings of the Gita, Bhagawad, Granth etc. for seven days. This system is one of this confluence age. You have to stay in a bhatthi for seven days. No one should be remembered. Your yoga should be connected to the one Father alone. It is very difficult to stay in this stage constantly for seven days. The memorial of you children is also here. You are now sitting beneath the tree and doing the tapasya of Raja Yoga. There is Jagadamba and also you children. You are the ones who fulfil all the desires of all human beings for heaven, that is, you are those who give the fruit of liberation and liberation-in-life. You are experts. No one in the world knows what liberation or liberation-in-life is. They don't know who gives it or who can make everyone in the impure world pure. Sannyasis leave their home and family for peace and go into the forests, but they cannot find peace. The original religion of souls is peace and yet people search for it outside. No one knows that the original religion of souls is peace. (The example of the queen's necklace.) Those are your organs, and you can make them work or not. I, the soul, detach myself from this body, just as the soul becomes detached at night. The soul forgets everything; that is called sleep. Here, you simply sit in peace. The soul says: Having made the physical organs work, I have become tired. Achcha. Detach yourself from the body. Those are your organs to work with. Only the Father gives you this knowledge. Detach yourself and sit down. Don't say anything. However, for how long would you sit detached in that way? You know that no one can stay without performing actions. You become detached, but you also need the benefit of that. If you only detach yourself, there will not be that much benefit. Detach yourself and remember Me and you will be benefited and receive power. The Father explains to His children: Children, this is the court of the knowledge of Indra. All of you sitting here are jewels. If anyone with a stone intellect sits here, he would spoil the atmosphere because he would not stay in remembrance of Shiv Baba. He would continue to remember his friends and relatives. You have to remember the Father constantly. This is not a common spiritual gathering. This is a big university. If an uneducated person sat in a medical college, he wouldn't understand anything. He wouldn't be allowed in. He wouldn't be able to understand anything by simply observing. Nor can impure, vicious human beings understand this knowledge. This is why such people are not allowed here. If they come to class to listen to a lecture, they wouldn't be able to understand anything. This is a university to change from dirty beings into clean and pure deities. No such beings are allowed here just like that. They cannot know the Father. The Father is incognito. You know that you have taken refuge with the unlimited Father in order to claim the inheritance of constant happiness from the Father. The Father Himself says: This body of Brahma is the last one of many births and is in its stage of retirement. This one has also studied many scriptures. I am now telling you the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures through this one. They have shown the scriptures in the hands of Brahma. They show Brahma emerging from the navel of Vishnu. It has been explained how Brahma emerges from the navel of Vishnu and how Vishnu emerges from the navel of Brahma, how Brahma and Saraswati become Lakshmi and Narayan, and then, having completed their 84 births, how they become Brahma and Saraswati at the end. They have then shown Nehru emerging from the navel of Gandhiji. There is no ocean of milk here. This is the ocean of poison. They show an ocean of milk in the golden age. You children know that Maya made you unhappy for half the cycle. No other place is as unhappy as Bharat. No other place can be as happy as Bharat either. The Father says: The deity religion has to disappear. Only then do I come and once again establish the new religion. It is truly being established now. You children have come and are claiming your inheritance from the Father. You know who rules in heaven. In their childhood they are Radhe and Krishna and they then become Lakshmi and Narayan. The Father has now come. Lakshmi and Narayan are studying with different names and forms. The ugly form of Shri Krishna is sitting here. The Father takes this one across to the other side. In the scriptures, they have shown Krishna being carried in a basket across to the other side. Shiv Baba has now come. He seats you children on His eyes and takes you to His home and then sends you to heaven. The Father teaches the whole clan and then takes them from the land of Kans to the land of Krishna. It is not a question of just one. He removes all of you from the land of Ravan, He seats you on His eyes and takes you to the land of happiness. I have come to enable you children to reach heaven. Then this old world will be destroyed. They have mentioned the war in the scriptures. However, they don't understand anything. This Dada has also studied many scriptures. Baba says: Now forget all of them and constantly remember Me alone. I am the Satguru of all. The iron age is called the land of Kans and the golden age is called the land of Krishna. I am now taking you from the land of Ravan to the land of Rama, the land of Krishna. Will you go to the land of happiness, the land of Krishna? They sing: Chant the name of Radhe-Govinda. That is the path of devotion. You are now once again becoming Radhe and Govinda. Now you have neither of the two crowns - neither the, crown of light nor of the kingdom. Only those who are pure are given a crown of light. Lakshmi and Narayan are ever pure. They never have to renounce anything. Sannyasis take birth, then renounce their home and family in order to become pure. You have renunciation in this one birth for 21 births (of purity). They don't become pure for 21 births. They take birth to vicious ones, they become impure and then they leave home in order to become pure. That is rajoguni renunciation. The Father says: I am knowledge-full. Knowledge-full, blissful - I alone have the full knowledge. I give you children the full knowledge of the subtle region, the incorporeal world and the corporeal world and the beginning, the middle and the end of the world through which you become full. Deities are full. You children have come into the lap of the Father. You know that you are following shrimat and are once again claiming your fortune of the kingdom. This is a game of victory and defeat. Those who are defeated by Maya are defeated by everything. Those who conquer Maya conquer everything. You have yoga with the Almighty Authority Father, take power from Him and gain victory over Maya. You understand that your drama of 84 births is now coming to an end. We are once again claiming our fortune of the kingdom. Lakshmi and Narayan are shown in an ocean of milk. This is the ocean of poison. Radhe and Krishna are young children. People rock Krishna in a cradle with a lot of love because they believe that he was the prince of heaven. Krishna is said to be 16 celestial degrees full and Rama 14 degrees. That same Krishna also becomes 14 degrees from 16 celestial degrees full; he has to take rebirth. Baba has explained that not everyone takes the full 84 births. Those of other religions do not take 84 births. These things have to be understood. You definitely have to receive your inheritance from the Father. He is the Creator of heaven, and so He would surely make you into the masters of heaven. That Father resides in the supreme abode. We too come from there. You have to remember Baba very well. You will receive peace through remembrance. People ask: How can we have yoga with Supreme Soul? They become confused. You have received this full understanding. The Father comes at the confluence of the land of sorrow and the land of happiness. The end of the iron age is the land of sorrow, and the beginning of the golden age is the land of happiness. Only the Father removes you from the land of sorrow and makes you sit in the land of happiness. This is a matter of understanding. No one without purity can study this knowledge. That is why impure ones are not allowed to sit here. You have to explain: You have been greatly diseased for half the cycle. Maya has made you greatly diseased and this is why you are first kept in a bhatthi. You children know the occupation of everyone. When you go to the Shiva Temple, you understand that that Baba is the Bestower of Liberation and Salvation. Bharat is the greatest pilgrimage place. However, they have put Krishna's name in the Gita. They have made Shiv Baba's name disappear. Shiv Baba Himself comes and liberates everyone from sorrow. The water of the Ganges is not the Purifier. That comes from the mountains. How can that be called the Purifier? That is called blind faith. Look what human beings continue to do! It is sung that no other birth is as valuable as a human birth. Your present birth, when the Father has come, is valuable. This is your most valuable birth. You become pure and make Bharat into heaven. That is why you Shiv Shaktis, you mothers of Bharat, have been remembered. You know that, with the help of purity, Baba makes not only Bharat, but the whole world, pure. Those who give their finger of purity and who remain manmanabhav are helpers. You understand the meaning of this. This Dada didn't understand at first either. He had adopted many gurus and studied many scriptures. This is why Baba says: Constantly remember Me alone. I alone am your everything. I am the Bestower of Liberation and Liberation-in-Life. Human beings are impure. You have now come to Shiv Baba to claim your inheritance through Brahma. No one can come here without this faith. If they did, they would spread even more peacelessness. You take Bharat into supreme peace. This is the task of establishment which human beings cannot carry out. You are doing this with Shiv Baba's help. What prize do you receive? I make you into the masters of heaven. If, after belonging to such a Baba, you don't have faith in the intellect, Maya completely swallows you. Achcha.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. Renounce the old world in this one birth and become the Father's complete helpers. Give your finger of purity and remain manmanabhav. 

2. Do the service of taking Bharat into supreme peace.Detach yourself from that body, stay in remembrance of the Father and take power from Him. Give the donation of peace. 

Blessing: May you be knowledge-full and cure yourself by taking the pill or injection of happiness. 

Brahmin children can cure themselves of their own illness. The nourishment of happiness is such that it begins to take effect in a second. When doctors give you a powerful injection, it brings about a change. In the same way, when Brahmins give themselves a pill of happiness or an injection of happiness, the form of their illness changes. The light and might of knowledge helps a lot in making the body function. When an illness comes, that is a means of giving rest to the intellect. 

Slogan: Those who attain total success with concentration of the mind become embodiments of success. 

Essence of Murli 19-05-2013

19/05/13   Madhuban   Avyakt BapDada   Om Shanti   06/02/76 

Baba's co-operative right and left hands 

Today, BapDada is especially seeing all His children in the form of those who co-operate with Him. Do you remember or have you seen the memorial of your form that co-operated with the Father? What is that form? That co-operation is shown in the form of arms. Just as the main limbs of the body are the arms, in the same way, all of you co-operative children are the main instruments for BapDada's task. Do you constantly co­operate with BapDada, that is, do you carry out all your work while considering yourselves to be the arms? Included in the arms are the right and left hands. In carrying out any task, someone who constantly fulfils his responsibility accurately in that task, or who is a helper, is said to be a right hand. One is the right hand and the other is the left hand, but both are co-operative. This is why the many arms of sakar Brahma are very famous. Whom would you call a right hand! All are hands. No task can be accomplished without a hand. This is why there are the sayings in the corporeal world: "Give your finger in this task", "Lend a hand for this task". So the arms, the hands and the fingers are signs of co-operation. All are co-operative, but numberwise.  

The speciality of a right hand is to be constantly clean, that is, to be pure and elevated. Just as any auspicious task is performed with the right hand, in the same way, BapDada's co-operative right hands remain elevated, that is, pure in their words, deeds and connections. That is, they constantly move along while considering themselves to be instruments for an elevated task. Just as it is the soul that powers the hands to do the work - the arms are the ones who carry out the task and the soul inspires - in the same way, while constantly having the awareness of Karavanhar Baba, the right hands consider themselves to be the ones who are karanhar (those who carry out a task). They do not consider themselves to be karavanhar (the ones who inspire); this is why their actions are filled with the greatness of being unique, egoless and humble for the construction of the new world. At every second, their every thought would be completely clean, that is, pure, which, in other words, would be called having honesty and cleanliness. The right hands are especially powerful. In order to lift a particularly heavy object, it is generally the right hand that is used. In the same way, the co-operative right-hand souls are easily able to lift the burden, that is, the responsibility of the task of world benefit and world transformation. That is, they would experience themselves to be responsible; they would constantly experience themselves in the stage of a master almighty authority. The speciality of a right hand is to do a task with speed. The co-operative, right-hand souls would be fast effort-makers in putting everything into practice and imbibing every subject. They would always be ever ready. These are the specialities of the right hands. 

Left hands are also constantly co-operative. However, as well as that cleanliness, there is sometimes uncleanliness, that is, there is some impurity in their thoughts, words or deeds. That is, they are not completely pure and clean. They are also less intense in their speed of effort. They would do something, they would think about something but would be left, that is, they would do it a little late. They would co­operate and do everything, but would lack the courage to take the full responsibility. They would constantly have zeal, enthusiasm and courage but would not be independent. Their stage over a long period is like that of a lawyer. They would think of many rules and regulations but attain less benefit. They would not be able to become their own judge (justice). They would feel the need of a judge (justice) for the final judgment in every aspect. The right hands are lawful judges, but not lawyers. 

Now check yourself as to whether you are a right hand or a left hand. Are you a lawyer or lawful? Both co­operate with BapDada. By constantly considering yourself to be co-operative (sahyogi), you will become an easy yogi (sahaj yogi). By considering yourself to be an instrument, a karanhar of Karavanhar BapDada, you will remain carefree and cheerful. So, today, BapDada was seeing His co-operative children. All of you are the arms, are you not? Do all of you have the pure thought in your heart that you are the world transformers who are to transform the world? Before transforming the world, have you completely transformed yourself? The less transformation there is in yourself, the slower the speed of world transformation will be. Only with self-transformation will you be able to transform the time. Look at yourself and you will automatically be able to tell the time. You are the clock for the time of transformation. So look at the time in the clock of the self. The attention of all the souls of the world is now on you instruments who are the clock to see what the time is at present. Therefore, consider yourself to be an instrument for bringing the period of this old world to an end and make yourself complete. Do you understand? Achcha. 

To such world transformers who change night into day and the old into new, to BapDada's elevated co­operative, that is, constantly easy yogi children, to the world benefactor elevated souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

19/05/13   Madhuban   Avyakt BapDada   Om Shanti   08/02/76 

Wonder through the balance of connection and correction 

Teachers should pay special attention to two aspects. What are the two aspects? Firstly, that you have a connection with Madhuban, the Father and the divine family, according to the code of conduct. A connection according to the code of conduct is that whatever thought you have or action you perform, you should have the practice of having it corrected at every moment. The two things are, firstly, to have an accurate connection, and, secondly, to pay attention to correcting yourself at every moment. If one of these two aspects is missing, you will not be able to become an embodiment of success. In order to correct yourself, you need to have a constant stage of detachment. If you do not give correction as a detached observer, you will not be able to have an accurate connection. Therefore, check whether you are constantly correcting yourself in every aspect at every moment. One is the connection of the intellect which you call the pilgrimage of remembrance. The other is performing actions in the corporeal world while in connection with your corporeal family. Both connections should be accurate. Is your connection in the corporeal form according to the code of conduct? Within the spiritual family, if, instead of having a soul-conscious connection, you have a connection based on body consciousness, then that is not an accurate connection. 

Those who know how to correct and connect maintain constant spiritual intoxication. They have a balance of being loving and detached. Look at a circus: a balancing act has become such a wonderful method of earning an income. They show balance as a wonder, an art. So, here, too, when there is balance, there will be a wonder and also an income. If there is even a little bit more or a little bit less, then neither would it be a wonder nor an income. When you are cooking something, if there is not the right amount of everything, then, no matter how beautiful the dish may appear, it would not taste delicious. In order to make your life elevated and successful, keep the balance, that is, let there be equanimity. 

Secondly, you should be able to make your form powerful according to the problems and the time. If the situation is one that you need to face, then become an embodiment of the power to face. If the situation is one that you need to tolerate, then become an embodiment of the power to tolerate. You should have such a practice. To be a teacher means to have balance. You should have the power to adopt any form according to the time. What would you call it if where love is needed you adopt power, and where power is needed you have love? It means you do not have the power to adopt the right form according to the time. In that case, there is no result of service nor is there any success. In order to become a number one teacher, first of all imbibe that thing yourself and then tell others to do it. It should not be that you don't do something, and yet you keep telling others to do it. Before you give a direction to others, check whether that has been instilled into yourself. If you tell others to be tolerant and you are not tolerant, you cannot be called a teacher. A teacher means a teacher who gives teachings. If you yourself are not an embodiment of the teachings, you cannot be an accurate teacher. Constantly remember the slogan: A teacher means an embodiment of the teachings and one who maintains balance. You now have to become a teacher of quality. Your vision should not be on the quantity. Quality can become instrumental for everyone's benefit. You don't now have to increase the quantity of teachers, but their quality. Do you understand? 

Personal meeting: The combined form of dharma and karma. 

In today's world, both dharma and karma are remembered as being special. Both dharma and karma are essential. However, nowadays, those of dharma have become separate from those who believe in karma. Those who believe in kanna say: Do not speak of dhanna but act, whereas those who believe in dhanna say that they are renunciates of karma. However, at the confluence age, Brahmins combine dharma and kanna. So, throughout the day, do your dharma and karma remain combined? Dharma means to imbibe divine virtues. All types of dharna means the imbibing of being an embodiment of knowledge, of the divine virtues and of being an embodiment of remembrance. Any type of dharna is said to be dharma. So, throughout the day, no matter what type of responsibility you have to perform actions for, whether it is physical actions, ordinary actions or intellectual actions (where you need to use your intellect), do you have dharna, that is, the combined form of dharma and karma in every action? What is the result for the majority of you? 

It is said: Two swords cannot be kept in one sheath, that is, you cannot hold two sweet balls in one hand. However, something impossible becomes possible at the confluence age. Here, both things happen simultaneously. You are taught to practise dharma and karma. So the confluence age is a special age because the specialities that cannot be in any other age exist at the confluence age. This is why it is called a special age. Those who have the practice of the combined form - that of the Father and the child - can have the experience of the combined form of the reward, that is, of Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan. They can claim a right to this. Do both of these remain together? Does it remain like this for the majority or not? What do you think is your result? Are you all engaged in this practice? Only when you constantly have this combined form will you be able to imbibe the combined form of the reward of Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan. If dharma is not combined with karma, then it is just an ordinary action. This is why you should fill every action with the sweetness of dharma. 

You have to check whether dharma and karma are both together. Check that you do not put aside dharma and perform actions or at the time of dharma you put aside karma. This is also isolation, just as those on the path of isolation are alone. A household means combined. Since you are combined from the beginning of your part, you are those of the family path, then in your effort, too, you have to make the effort of living in the household, that is, it should not be that of the path of isolation, that is, it should not be isolated. For instance, those people leave their family and go away alone. In the same way, if you put aside dharma and become engaged in performing karma, that also becomes the path of isolation. So, constantly be on the household path. When everyone's practice becomes complete, the time will also come to an end because you have to fill this effort-making life with the sanskars of the household path. So, if you do not fill yourself with the sanskars of the combined form, how will you be able to exist there? The household path is wonderful, is it not? Whether you say it is the household path of dharma and karma or the household path of karma and yoga, it is the same thing. Achcha. Om shanti. 

Blessing: May you be a pure soul who merges yourself in the Ocean of Love and finishes the dirt of the consciousness of "mine". 

Those who constantly remain merged in the Ocean of Love do not have any awareness of anything of the world. Because of being merged in love, they easily go beyond all situations. It is said of the devotees: This one remains lost. However, children remain constantly drowned in love. They do not have any awareness of the world and all their consciousness of "mine" is finished. The consciousness of "mine" for many things makes you dirty, whereas when you only have the Father as "mine", all the dirt then finishes and the soul becomes pure. 

Slogan: To imbibe the jewels of knowledge into your intellect and to inspire others to do the same is to become a holy swan.