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Essence of Murli 28-04-2013

28/04/13    Madhuban    Avyakt BapDada    Om Shanti    27/01/76 

Three elevated Godly Blessings 

Today, the oldest and the new children are pleased to claim their birthright of celebrating a meeting in their original home, their corporeal sweet home, Madhuban, the heavenly ashram. Seeing such happy souls and seeing the attainment and fortune of those souls, BapDada too is happy. Just as children are happy when they receive an inheritance from their father, that is, they are pleased, in the same way BapDada is also pleased to see the " last and so fast" effort-makers deeply engrossed in the love of making intense effort. The faces and personalities of those who are making fast effort are like those of the Father; they are constantly visible as spiritual. There isn't any thought or awareness other than of spirituality, that is, all the powers that are attained from the Father are visible. In their every look, the spirituality to take every soul beyond with a glance is visible. 

In order to attain such an elevated stage you must constantly remember two things, 1) Consider yourself to be an immortal image, 2) Constantly consider yourself to be a trikaldarshi image. The incorporeal stage is to be seated on the immortal throne and to be an image of immortality. In the corporeal karma yogi stage you are a trikaldarshi image seated on the Father's heart-throne. Before putting any thought into practical form, check these two things: Are you stable in both forms - incorporeal and corporeal? By having this awareness, you will automatically become an embodiment of power, that is, you will experience health, wealth and happiness at every moment. Even if the suffering of karma through the body may be bigger than a crucifix, by constantly considering yourself to be a detached observer, you will not be influenced by the suffering of karma. All the suffering of karma will be experienced as a thorn rather than a crucifix. The happiness of being free from the suffering of karma for birth after birth in the future becomes the medicine to settle the suffering of this karma. Happiness becomes the nourishing medicine. 

Now, check yourself: Do I remain constantly healthy? Have I attained the blessing of being ever healthy? Have I attained all three blessings of being ever healthy, wealthy and happy from the Father, the Bestower of Blessings? By being influenced by any type of illness of Maya, you are not losing your inheritance of being ever-healthy all the time, are you? Have you received the blessing from the Father of being ever-wealthy, that is, of being full of the treasures of all powers? Do you experience yourself to be a master of all treasures? That is, there is the praise of nothing lacking in the treasure-store of the deities, but the praise of the Brahmins is even more elevated than that of the deities. No power is lacking in the treasure-store of Brahmins. Do you experience yourself to be ever-wealthy in this way? 

As well as being ever-wealthy, do you also experience yourself to be ever-happy, that is, constantly happy? If you do not have any attraction to matter or to Maya you can then remain constantly happy. Those who are constantly happy always have just one thought in their awareness: I have attained that which I wanted to attain; there is nothing left to attain. What would be the sign of those who remain stable in such a thought, that is, those who remain ever-happy ? Those who remain constantly happy would constantly continue to donate happiness to all souls through their thoughts, words and deeds. They would always be removers of sorrow and bestowers of happiness, the same as the Father, to any soul and constantly experience themselves to be emperors of the land without sorrow. An emperor means a bestower. Through the vibration of every thought of a soul who remains happy in this way, through their spiritual glance of one second, through one second's connection and through one word, any unhappy soul who is experiencing sorrow would experience themselves to be happy and joyful. The duty of such a soul would be to give happiness and receive happiness. Just as people are happy on seeing their worthy king, in the same way, no matter how much sorrow a soul would be experiencing, on seeing an ever healthy, wealthy and happy soul, that soul would experience happiness. A soul without attainment would begin to swing with happiness on seeing a bestower. Do you experience yourself to be like this? Are you children of the Bestower, the same as the Bestower, the same as the Father, or are you like the devotees who take? Or, do your receiving and giving take place at the same time? You have to receive so that you can give. The treasures are for distributing and for world benefit. At every second, as well as being those who receive, also be the bestowers who give because only then would you be called world benefactors. Check your account of receiving and giving. Are you taking as much as you have to take and along with that, are you also giving as much as you should be giving? Are your receiving and giving simultaneous and equal? Only such world benefactors can become world emperors. Do you understand? 

To such great donors, who make all souls full of all attainments, to those who make beggar souls into those who have a right, to those who make weak souls powerful, to the ever-healthy, wealthy and happy most elevated souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

Personal meeting with BapDada: 

Do you constantly experience yourself to be with BapDada? Or do you experience yourself to be alone? Just as the Father is shown as One with a thousand arms and, while being the Almighty Authority, He is shown in the memorial with the children as His arms, in the same way, do you children also constantly experience yourselves to be with the Almighty Authority Father or only sometimes ? Those who constantly experience His constant company will never feel any need to experience the company of a bodily being. Such souls will never take the support of bodily beings for any service. To take co-operation according to the code of conduct and according to the gathering is a different matter. However, to remember a bodily being in any circumstance, thinking that that person will help you overcome that circumstance, that they will give you advice or support proves that you do not constantly have the support of the Almighty Authority with you. Because someone who has constant company of the Father has a close relationship with Him, he will remember Baba in his thoughts and heart-to-heart conversation, that he should ask Baba about that. It also happens that you remember an instrument teacher, a companion or an equal for a task, but you constantly remember 'Baba, Baba' in your mind and intellect. Since Baba has promised you that He will give you His direct company, you should take the benefit of that promise. At this time, you can have a personal relationship with both Fathers. It will not happen again throughout the cycle. Take the full benefit of the attainment that you are able to have at only this time and at no other time. No matter what happens, always remember Baba. This is known as being a constant yogi. To have remembrance of the Father at every step is also yoga. Are you such constant yogis or do you have to become those? Since the Father Himself is making an offer to give you His company, you should accept that offer, should you not? For half the cycle, you were trying to convince the Father to give you His company, and now that the Father Himself is making you an offer, you should accept it. Generally, when someone is offered something physical and that person does not accept it, it is not considered to be good manners. Would you consider that respectful? This is an offer from God. To be constantly with the Father means to be a constant yogi. He is constantly light, and so by being in His company, you will also become light and light in feeling; so, you become double light. Since the Father is offering to carry your burden, why are you carrying the burden? Those who are carrying a burden cannot move at full speed. So, now, become light of all types of burden. Clear every corner inside yourself. Do not hold on to any rubbish within yourself. Do not think that you will give it when you have a chance. It is, after all, rubbish, and germs grow where there is rubbish. To keep them means to make them grow. So when you keep yourself empty of rubbish you will be able to fill yourself with the treasures you have received from the Father. Achcha. 

Some points from Avyakt Murlis - Become a master bestower. 

BapDada now wants the children to become master bestowers. Give to others what you have received from the Father, Do not have any desire to receive anything from souls. Become merciful and co-operate with your virtues and powers: be generous hearted. The more treasures you give to others, the more your treasures will increase. Perishable treasures decrease by giving, whereas imperishable treasures increase; give one and receive a thousand fold. 

A master bestower is one who is constantly full and overflowing. Perfect idols, who are full of the treasures of experience, will automatically become master bestowers. Bestowers are servers. Bestowers cannot stay without giving to others. Through their virtue of being merciful, they give courage to some and power to other weak souls. They are master bestowers of happiness. Always remain aware that you are the children of the Bestower of Happiness, master bestowers of happiness. Those who are bestowers would definitely bestow whatever they have within themselves, because only then would they be able to give. If people don't have anything to eat themselves, how could they be bestowers? Therefore, as is the Father, so should be the children. Baba is called the Ocean. An ocean means unlimited, that which has no end. In the same way, you are master oceans, not rivers or ponds. So, continue to give selflessly, just as the Father does. 

At the time of peacelessness, become master bestowers of peace and give peace to others; do not be afraid. You know that whatever is happening is good and that whatever is to happen will be even better. Human beings are influenced by the vices and will continue to fight. This is what they do all the time, but your duty is to give peace to such souls, because you are world benefactors. World-benefactor souls, as master bestowers, constantly give to others. Become a master bestower and give love, compassion and co-operation. Remember that, in Brahmin life, receiving is in giving. 

At present, everyone needs imperishable happiness. All are beggars for happiness, whereas you are children of the Bestower. The duty of the children of the Bestower is to give. Distribute happiness to whomever comes into contact or relationship with you. Become so full that no one who comes to you goes back empty-handed. Souls of the entire world will now come in front of you and beg for peace and happiness. You children of the Bestower must become master bestowers and make everyone prosperous. Therefore, fill all your treasure-stores with all treasures in advance so that no one who comes to you will go. back empty handed, but will go back having become full. You will experience this scene as you progress further. Therefore, at the confluence age, you elevated souls should become limitless and constantly great donors. Always remain aware that you are a child of the Bestower, a constantly great donor. Any soul who comes in front of you, whether a Brahmin or one without this knowledge, definitely has to receive something or other from you. 

A king means a bestower. If you have limited desires or desires for attainment, then, instead of being a king, you become a beggar. You are children of the Bestower; elevated souls filled with all treasures. The indication of being full is to be a limitless, great donor. Such a soul cannot stay for even a second without donating. Brahmin souls already have knowledge. You must become bestowers for them in two ways. Firstly, whatever power souls need, use your mind, that is, your pure attitude and vibrations, to donate that power to them, that is, co-operate with them. Secondly, through the activity of your life, constantly be an embodiment of virtues. Become a practical sample and co-operate with others so that they can imbibe virtues easily. This is known as donating virtues. To donate means to co-operate. 

At present, you need to become a bestower of virtues by performing special deeds. Therefore, have the thought: I have to be a constant embodiment of virtues and perform the special task of making everyone else an embodiment of virtues. There is a lot of knowledge, but you now have to allow the virtues to emerge. Become an example of being full of all virtues. You are children of the Bestower and so continually give others what they need. No one should go back empty handed. You have limitless treasures. If someone needs happiness, love or power, give that to him. 

The pure thought should emerge in you that, as children of the Bestower, you have to be instruments to give all souls their inheritance so that no one remains deprived. No matter what others are like, they at least belong to the Father. You are children of the Bestower, and so distribute with a generous heart. Even the souls who are stumbling around in sorrow and peacelessness are also part of your family. Members of one's family are given co-operation. So, at present, in order to become a great donor, especially allow the virtue of mercy to emerge. Do not have any desire to take from anyone. Do not think that you will only give to them if they accept you or speak well of you. Become a master bestower and continue to bestow through your attitude, vibrations and words; only then will the nine hundred thousand souls be prepared. Become unlimited bestowers and stand on the world globe and spread vibrations of unlimited service. Become great bestowers. Go into the unlimited and all limited matters will then automatically finish. 

Blessing: May you be full of all attainments and experience the Lord to be present in front of you by constantly saying "Yes indeed, my Lord" according to shrimat. 

When children say "Yes indeed, my Lord" to the Father in every situation according to His shrimat, it ensures that the Father is always present in front of the children. When the Lord has become present in front of you, you will not then lack anything but will be constantly full. With the attainment of the Bestower and the Bestower of Fortune, the star of fortune will begin to sparkle on your forehead. 

Slogan: Be one with a right to the Godly inheritance and there will not be any dependence. 

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