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Essence of Murli 12-05-2013

12/05/13    Madhuban    Avyakt BapDada    Om Shanti    02/02/76 

The account of the devotees and the Pandavas. 

Today, BapDada was seeing the account of His three types of children. What are these three types? First are the mouth-born progeny, the Brahmins who co-operate with BapDada in His task of establishing the new world. Second are the devotees who remain constantly engaged in thinking about and calling out to BapDada and the Brahmins. Third are the Yadavas who are instruments for the transformation of the old world. The task of establishment has to be completed by all these three types of children. This is why BapDada was seeing the account of all three types of children. So what did BapDada see? Of course, all the children who are instruments for a particular task are definitely engaged in their own task. However, until they have reached the extreme intensity of their task, there cannot be the end, because the sign of the end is the extreme. All three have force in their task, but it is only full force that will enable them to finish the course of their task. 

Within the account of the devotees, Baba saw that 75% of them have selfish motives to attain name, fame and. honour as temporary fruit of devotion. This. is why the account of the fruit of their action is now finished. The Father does not need to give them any fruit. The remaining 25% of devotees are doing devotion, numberwise, according to their love. They are to receive the fruit of their devotion in this old world because the account of devotion is now to.finish for half a cycle. The state that Baba saw in these devotees is that they receive the fruit of their temporary love instantly, that is, they do something now and they instantly receive its fruit for a short, temporary period. It does not accumulate for the future. The form of attainment of the devotees is like that of ants that develop wings in the rainy season and begin to fly in happiness. However, their short period of flying finishes them off in that particular season. They attain something there and it then also finishes there and then. In the same way, the devotees of today, that is, the iron-aged tamopradhan devotees, are those who become happy with the fruit of temporary attainment. This is why, according to the drama, the task of attaining their fruit is now almost finished. Now, the task of 5% of attainments still remains. Therefore, they will call out very forcefully. With full force, they will especially invoke the Shaktis to give them blessings, power, and courage. This is now to go into its extreme and then finish. So, the register of the devotees is now almost complete. The little that remains will be completed when they receive the little fruit of whatever actions they perform. That was the news of the devotees. 

Next is the news of the Yadavas Army. What did Baba see in their account? Question marks were visible in their every step. They were very eager to increase their speed, but the more they intensified their speed, the more a wall of question marks would come up in front of them and this would prevent them from having a fast speed. What are the question marks? One question is: Who will begin this? Should I start it or should the other one start it? The second question is: Should I do it now or when should I do it? The third question is: What would be the result of this? Sometimes, the fire of anger would ignite, but then the sprinkling of the water of the thought of what would happen would cool the fire down. The fourth question is: Who is making all of this happen? Who is inspiring us all? They become confused about this. So what state did Baba see in them? They are not able to understand their own selves. They are caught up in the conflict of having that awareness (hosh) with that full force (josh) and they, therefore, distress themselves. They wish to be in solitude, but their intellect is not able to become concentrated. This is why they come into that force again and again. They make their plans with great speed, they even have all the necessary preparations made; they set their time, army, weapons and the place and think that it is now about to happen. They remain ready with their immediate preparations. However, at the last moment, when it is to happen practically, the signal of being confused comes up. This is why there is now just the difference of one second from the One who is inspiring them to have all their preparations ready. They have made all the necessary preparations, but are waiting for the inspiration of that one second. Their preparations have reached the stage where it only takes one second. They have finished their preparations and are now waiting. So Baba saw that their account was that of having made full preparations. They are now simply engaged in one task: they have refined everything but are now finalizing their preparations with their conscience. One file of finalizing everything now remains. That was the news of the Yadavas. Now, do you wish to hear about yourselves? 

Those who are receiving inspirations are ready, but what about those who are giving inspirations? In fact, it is said: Those who give, give constantly whereas those who take become tired. However, in this situation, those who are to take become tired because of not receiving. Those who are to take are ready to take, whereas those who are to give are still busy with themselves. So what was the account of the mouth-born progeny of Brahmins like? Do you know or. should Baba tell you about it? What speciality did Baba see in the register of the Brahmins? Good wishes for world transformation and world benefit have emerged in the majority. However, just as the speed of the Yadavas cannot become fast because of the question marks, in the same-way, while moving along, even though Brahmins are definitely to receive the instant fruit of their elevated wishes, the good wishes merge into one form or other of royal desires. And so there is a tug of war in the state of the Brahmins between good wishes and a royal form of desires. Just as birds finish ripe fruit, in the same way, the bird of desires finishes the fruit attained from good wishes. Because the method of transformation of the Brahmins is not that of becoming an embodiment of success, the good wishes change into desires. Therefore, their effort is not able to be volcanic. The volcanic form of Brahmins will ignite the flames of destruction. This is. why, in the register of the Brahmins, just the final intense effort of coming last and going fast remains. .The task. of the Yadavas is almost accomplished whereas the task of the Pandavas is going to become complete. The Yadavas are waiting because of the Pandavas. The stage of the elevated and spiritual honour .of the Pandavas will .finish the situations of distress of the Yadavas. So, with your honour, give distressed souls the blessings of peace and comfort. Do you understand? Did you hear about the account of all three? Achcha. 

To those who have the volcanic form and who transform all perishable desires into elevated and good wishes, to those who are constant bestowers like the Father, the Bestower and the Bestower of Blessings, and who, in the form of great donors and bestowers, bestow the final, temporary fruit to the devotees, to the souls who, as perfect angels, fulfil everyone's desires, love, remembrance and namaste from BapDada. 

Personal meeting: The sign of being loving to the Father is to become angelic. 

Does your future constantly stay in front of you? The more you instrument souls keep your future in front of you, the more you will be able to inspire others to create their future. If your future is not clear, you cannot show them the path to make their future clear. Is your future clear to you? Before you become an emperor or empress, are your future angelic form and karmateet stage clearly in front of you? Do you experience yourself as having played that part of the angelic form every cycle and that you have to play it now? Does that glimpse come in front of you? Just as you can see your form in a mirror, in the same way, are you clearly able to have, through your effort, a glimpse of your angelic stage in the mirror of knowledge*? Unless you are able to have a glimpse of your angelic form clearly, the future will not be clear to you. Until then, you will constantly keep having such thoughts as: Perhaps I will become this or that. However, if you are able to have a glimpse of the angelic form clearly, you will then be able to see everything clearly. So, are you able to see that or is it still behind a veil? Just as you have the unveiling of a picture, in the same way, when will you have the unveiling of your angelic form? Will you do it yourself or will you invite a chief guest! Now, remove the curtain of weakness from your efforts and you will have a clear angelic form. Now, while walking and moving, you should experience yourself to be the same as you saw in the sakar form. While walking and moving around, it was either the angelic form or the future form that Baba experienced. This was why others also had the same experience. "I am a teacher. I am a server." This form was automatically adopted according to the time. Now, experience yourself to be in the angelic form and you will have visions. Of what form will the visions be? The angelic form - the angelic form while walking and moving around. If you do not become an angel in a practical way, how would you be able to give visions? So what is the special effort for the teachers! Just that I, an angel, have come onto this earth for service. Angels emerge and them merge. Angels do not stay constantly in this corporeal world; they perform their duty and disappear. So when you become such angels, you will not be able to keep your feet in the old world of your body and bodily relations. Since you say that you are loving to the Father but you remain a resident of the corporeal world throughout the day, how can you be loving to the Father if the Father is a resident of the subtle region? Therefore, become an angel who is a resident of the subtle region. Now close and finish all gates to all attractions and attachments, because only then will you be said to be loving. The last stage is to be here while not here. You are special instruments for service and so you also have to be special in your efforts. When others experience you to be like angels as you walk and move around, they will also be able to take inspiration. If you go beyond the awareness of the corporeal world, you will no longer waste your time over trivial matters. So, now, take a high jump. Go from the corporeal world into the angelic world and have an angelic form: this is called taking a high jump. Little things will then not suit you. This is the special gift from the Father. To accept the gift means to be the angelic form. The Father is giving you the picture of the angelic form as a gift. All the old things will be finished with this gift. You must not start to chant "Why?" or "What?". When you have all three powers - the power to decide, the power to discern and the power to transform - you will be able to give good news to one another. If you do not transform yourself, you would not be able to transform others. 

Question: What power do you especially need in order to put any plan into Us practical form? 

Answer: The power of transformation. Unless you have the power of transformation, you will not be able to put your decision into a practical form because, at every place and in every situation, whether it is for the self or for service, you definitely have to transform something. Just as, in order to become an embodiment of success, you have to transform your sanskars and nature, in the same way, in service, you have to transform your ideas somewhere or other. Those who have the power of transformation are able to become successful in any situation because they are those with many forms. They will use. their plans for service and points in their practical lives. For both, the power of transformation is needed,. Because of being knowledge-full, you are able to decide that you need to have this, but you are not able to transform it. The reason for that is a lack of the power of transformation. Those who have the power of transformation will be loved by all and will always be successful. By having determination in your thoughts, you are able to have the instant fruit. You have to transform something and definitely become successful. This is the determined thought. Success is invoking the embodiments of success. It thinks "When the embodiments of success come, I can become the garland around their necks". Achcha. Om shanti. 

Blessing: May you be a hero actor who becomes a flying bird instead of dangling on the branch of elevated deeds. 

At the confluence age, the elevated deeds that you perform are branches of diamonds. No matter what type of elevated deed of the confluence age it is, to be tied in the bondage of elevated deeds or to have limited desires is a golden chain. You must not dangle on the golden chains or diamond branches because a bondage is a bondage and this is why BapDada is reminding all the flying birds to go beyond all bondages, that is, beyond all limitations and become hero actors. 

Slogan: The face is the mirror of the inner stage and so your face should never be dry (khusk), but it should be happy (khushi). 

12-05-13 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज:02-02-76 मधुबन 

भक्तों और पाण्डवों का पोतामेल 

वरदान:- श्रेष्ठ कर्म रूपी डाली में लटकने के बजाए उड़ता पंछी बनने वाले हीरो पार्टधारी भव 

संगमयुग पर जो श्रेष्ठ कर्म करते हो - यह श्रेष्ठ कर्म हीरे की डाली है। संगमयुग का कैसा भी श्रेष्ठ कर्म हो लेकिन श्रेष्ठ कर्म के बंधन में भी फंसना अथवा हद की कामना रखना - यह सोने की जंजीर है। इस सोने की जंजीर अथवा हीरे की डाली में भी लटकना नहीं है क्योंकि बंधन तो बंधन है इसलिए बापदादा सभी उड़ते पंछियों को स्मृति दिलाते हैं कि सर्व बंधनों अर्थात् हदों को पार कर हीरो पार्टधारी बनो। 

स्लोगन:- अन्दर की स्थिति का दर्पण चेहरा है, चेहरा कभी खुश्क न हो, खुशी का हो। 

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