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Essence of Murli 05-05-2013

05/05/13     Madhuban     Avyakt BapDada     Om Shanti     28/01/76 

Gathering of the spiritual stars 

Today, BapDada is seeing a gathering of the spiritual stars. There are three special types of star within the gathering. Does each of you know which type of star you are? One are the stars of success, the second are the lucky stars and the third are the stars of hope. Now, each of you can ask yourself: Which star am I? While engaged in activities throughout the day, do you experience yourself to be an embodiment of success, that is, a star of success in your thoughts, breath, time, words, deeds, connections and relations? Just as you have received peace, happiness and the prosperity of the jewels of knowledge from the Father as your birthright, in the same way, do you experience success as your birthright at every moment and in every aspect? That is, do you experience attainment easily or after having had to work hard for it? Is it that you experience greater labour and less success? To the extent that you think and you perform deeds, do you experience to the same extent the practical fruit of your thoughts and deeds? Or are you moving along with hope of fruit in the future, thinking: "It will happen. If not now, it will happen at some time."? At the time of creating thoughts, do you also have the faith-filled.thought that success is already guaranteed? Just as there is praise of earning multimillions at. every step, in the same way, success is merged in every step. The tree of success is merged within the seed of thought and deed. There should be the experience of success following .deeds like a shadow. This is known as being a star of success. 

Second are the lucky stars. There is also a number within the lucky stars. The speciality of the lucky stars is that whatever thoughts they create or deeds they perform, the labour they do for that is just for name's sake, because they receive a greater reward than the effort they put in. Whilst knowing their luck, the lucky stars thank BapDada a million times at every moment because Baba has opened the lock of their luck. In the heart of the lucky stars, in their words, there will automatically be constant praise of the Father who has made them great. From their face, you would constantly be able to see the sparkle of happiness. Their special plan would constantly be to glorify the Father's name and give Him a return, that is, they would have a plan to reveal the task of the Father through their practical life. They would constantly be loving to the Father and would inspire others to have love for Him. They would constantly have this slogan in their awareness and in their words: Wah Baba! Wah fortune! Do you consider yourselves to be such lucky stars? 

Third are the stars of hope. What would be their speciality? Some stars of hope even become stars of success. Stars of hope constantly move along with the company of the Father and elevated souls. At every step, they move along with support. In their every thought and deed, they would think: Is this possible or not? Is this elevated or ordinary? Should I do this or not? They would not have judgement power, that is, they are not able to become their own justice. In order to make a. judgement, they would constantly need a judge to decide for them. They would be those who have elevated thoughts, but not those who have determined thoughts. In every situation and on the field of service, they would have zeal and enthusiasm but they would be lacking courage. They would need a companion to give them courage. They would have very good plans and even their thoughts would be powerful, but they would not be able to complete them practically. They would only be able to fulfil 50% or 75% of their thoughts and actions. However, they have one speciality: because of taking support at every moment, they would have constant remembrance of Baba. Words of faith and intoxication would emerge from their lips: Our Baba is with us. They constantly have the hope that eventually the day will come when they put their thoughts into practical action. They are never disheartened. Because of being respectful to everyone in their relations and connections, they are loved by everyone. On their face you would be able to see the sparkle of the love and company of the family. Such stars of hope are constantly safe from a particular type of attack by Maya. What is that? They never become body conscious - they never have arrogance of their cleverness or arrogance of their intellect. They remain safe from this. It isn't that their intellect never works. They do have plans and they do create thoughts, but because they are not firm thoughts, they have to take support. Now, do you understand who the three types of stars are? Even the Father has hope that the stars of hope can take a high jump at any moment. At any time, those in whom there is no hope can become those in whom everyone has hope. These are the stars of hope. Some have a wonderful part within the drama to have hope in those for whom there is no hope. Achcha. To those who reveal the aim and qualifications for making the self into a star of success, to those who have a right to all powers, to those who have a right to all attainments from the Father, to those who have a right over Brahmand (incorporeal world) and the (corporeal) world, to those who attain victory over Maya and matter, to such victorious stars, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 


The Spiritual Flame and the three types of Spiritual Moth. 

Today, the Spiritual Flame is looking at the spiritual moths. All the moths are engaged numberwise in surrendering themselves to the one Flame. The number one moths do not have any concern for themselves, that is, they have no concern of body consciousness, of day or night, of hunger or thirst, of their own physical comforts, of their rest or anything else. They are totally lost to all awareness of all physical things, that is, they are constantly merged in love for the Flame. Just as the Flame has the form of light - it is the form of light and.might - in the same way, they themselves are the form of light and might. The second type of moth definitely become attracted to the light and might of the Flame. They even wish to come close to it and become equal to it, but the awareness of the body and bodily relations, the awareness of physical comforts, the awareness of the tamoguni sanskars of body consciousness doesn't allow them to have the courage to come close. They constantly waste their time spinning around in the awareness of all these different things. The first number moths are .those who are absorbed in the Father's love, that is, they adopt the form and powers that are equal to the Father's; they merge all the Father's treasures within themselves. They are those who become equal, that is. they merge in the Father, that is, they totally die alive. The second type is those who go around in many different types of spinning, those who get caught up in a variety of different awarenesses. The first are those who become equal and the second are those who constantly keep on thinking. The third type of moths are attracted when they see the moths; they even think about it, but they are constantly caught up in conflict, that is, they wish to keep their feet in two boats. They want the temporary happiness that Maya offers, and they also want the imperishable attainment from the Father, the Flame. These are the moths who constantly keep on asking questions. The second variety is those who think about it and the third variety is those who question it: Should I do this or not? Will there be attainment or not? Is it possible or not? Is it difficult or easy? Is this the only true path or are there other paths? They constantly question themselves and ask the experienced souls also. They have the desire, but lack the courage to become completely ignorant of even the knowledge of desire. They wish to meet the Father, but do not want to die alive. Their heart sinks when they have to die alive or if they have to leave something. These three types of moth come to surrender themselves to the Flame. 

Now, ask yourself: What type of moth am I? Has the spinning in the different types of awareness finished or is there still something that pulls you towards itself? If, even now, you still go around in the awareness of something wasteful, you cannot attain the confluence-aged title of being a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. Those who are not the spinners of the discus of self-realisation cannot become the rulers of the globe in the future. You have spent 63 births going around in many different wasteful things. Why do you allow the same sanskars to emerge even now at the confluence age, even against your conscious wish? Do you experience attainment or disappointment when spinning around? Having gone around the 63 births and wasted everything, having forgotten the self and the Father, have you yet not become sufficiently tired that you still keep on going around even after .having found your destination? While having imperishable attainment, does perishable, temporary attainment still attract you? Can you still see someone who will enable you to find other destinations? Or is it that while knowing about the most elevated destination, you have kept the means of a temporary destination for such a time of need? There are many who are very clever in this way. They are very clever at the time of taking everything, but, when it comes to renouncing, they become very clever with the Father. What cleverness do they show? At the time of renouncing something, they become very innocent. "I am still an effort-maker; I will be able to renounce it at the right time; circumstances are such; the karmic accounts are very strong; I wish to do it, but what can I do? It will happen gradually." They become very innocent in this way and make excuses. They even begin to give knowledge to the Knowledge-full Father. They relate the stories of their own karma to the One who knows of the philosophy of karma. And then, at the time of taking, they become very clever. What do they say when they become very clever? "You are the Merciful One, You are the Bestower of Blessings. I also have a right. Since I have become Your child, I should also have the full right." In taking, they want to take - everything, and in renouncing, they keep something hidden away, that is, they hold on to their old sanskars, their nature and old relations. They want to hold on to that at the same time, and so this is being clever, is it not? They want to claim the full share, but only give according to their capacity. What status would those who are clever in this way attain? What cleverness does the drama reveal to those who become clever in this way? Everyone has a right to heaven, but everyone is numberwise in the kingdom. The Father gives everyone the inheritance of heaven, but each one's seat is according to their number. According to the drama, they attain the status according to the effort they have made. The Father doesn't give a number. He doesn't give different knowledge to those who are to become kings and different knowledge to those who are to become subjects. The study He teaches to those who are to become part of the sun dynasty is not different from that of those who are to become part of the moon dynasty. He does not stamp .some with the stamp of being a maharathi and some with that of being a horse-rider. However, according to the drama, whatever effort one makes, one receives a status accordingly. Therefore, just as you become clever in taking, so too, become clever in giving. Do not be innocent. Know the cleverness of Maya and become the conquerors of Maya. Check that, instead of one correct destination, you are not still holding on to many temporary destinations, where the intellect wanders even against your conscious wish. When the intellect wanders somewhere, it means that it still has another destination. So now, check and finish all limited destinations. Otherwise, these destinations will distance you from the one most elevated destination. The. Father gives very clear shrimat of how to do something, and the children then begin to question it, saying, "How should I do it?" (kaise). Now, finish "how?" and begin to move along as the Father is making you move (aise). Achcha. 

To the number one moths, the lighthouses and might-houses who are equal to the Flame, to those who finish all the different types of spinning and become the spinners of the discus of self-realisation, to those who claim a right to becoming the masters of the world, to those who take every step according to the Father's shrimat, to those who accumulate an elevated income of multimillions at every step, to the moths who constantly remain absorbed in the Father's love, love, remembrance and namaste from the Father, the Flame. 

Blessing: May you be free from the bondage of karma and move along with the recognition of the philosophy of karma by being an embodiment of knowledge. 

Some children use force, renounce everything, step away and become separated physically but because of having karmic accounts in the mind they continue to be pulled. Their intellect continues to be pulled. This becomes a big obstacle. Therefore, if you want to step away from anyone, first have it verified by the instrument souls because this is the philosophy of karma. By breaking away from someone by force, your mind will repeatedly be pulled to that one. So, recognise the philosophy of karma by being an embodiment of knowledge and have everything verified and you will easily be liberated from karmic bondages. 

Slogan: Remain set on your seat of self-respect and Maya will surrender herself to you. 

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