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Essence of Murli (English) 07-04-2013

07/04/13   Madhuban  Avyakt BapDada  Om Shanti  22/03/96 

The personality of Brahmin life is to go beyond all questions and to be constantly satisfied. 

Today, BapDada, the Bestower of all attainments, is seeing all His children who are embodiments of full attainment. You have had a lot of attainments from BapDada, and if you were to make a list of them it would be a very long list, and so, instead of speaking about the long list, you simply say: Nothing is lacking in this Brahmin life. So, BapDada is seeing that you have a lot of attainments. It is a long list, is it not? What would be the sign in the practical life of someone who has all attainments? You know this, do you not? The sign of all attainments is that the personality of satisfaction would be constantly visible on their face and in their activities. It is the personality that attracts someone. So the sign of all attainments is the personality of satisfaction, which can also be called contentment. However, the sparkle of satisfaction that should be constantly visible on their face is not visible. Sometimes, they are satisfied and sometimes they have questions. There are two types of children: One type is those who are embodiments of questions and ask "Why? What? How? When?" as soon as a situation arises. They are the ones who are embodiments of questions, and the other type is those who are constantly embodiments of attainment, that is, they are completely satisfied. They would never have any questions in any aspect because they are full of all attainments. So the questions "Why? What?" cause fluctuation, and those who are full never fluctuate. Something that is empty fluctuates. So ask yourself: Do 1 remain constantly satisfied? Not just sometimes, but constantly? Would those who are ten years in knowledge be this constantly or not? You are not saying "yes". You are still thinking. Are you still thinking about it? If there is a lack of satisfaction it means there is a lack of attainment and a lack of attainment means there is one desire or another still remaining. The foundation of jealousy is desire and a lack of attainment. Very subtle desires pull you towards lack of attainment and then in a royal language, you say: It isn't my desire, but if it happens it would be good. However, where there are temporary desires, there cannot be anything good there. So check whether there are any royal form of desires in your life on the path of knowledge or whether there are gross desires. It has been seen that gross desires have now finished, but, even after knowledge, royal desires still remain in a subtle form. So check these. BapDada now wishes to make all the children full and perfect, the same as the Father. Whomever you have love for, it is not difficult to become the same as that one. 

Do you have a lot of love for BapDada or do you simply have love? (a lot of love.) Are you sure? So, is it a big thing to renounce something or to transform something out of love? (it isn't.) So, have you had complete renunciation? Have you done what the Father wants and what He has asked you to do? All the time? It will not do to do this just sometimes. Do you wish to claim the fortune of the kingdom for all time or for just some time? You wish to claim it for all time, do you not? So, there should constantly be satisfaction; no other feeling should be visible on your face or in your activity. Sometimes it is said: Today, this sister's or this brother's mood is different. You yourself also sometimes say: Today, my mood is different. What would you call this? Is that constant satisfaction? Many children experience satisfaction (prashanta) on the basis of their praise (prashansa). However, that satisfaction is temporary. Today, they would have that satisfaction, but it would finish after some time. Also check that your satisfaction is not based on any praise. This is the same as when they construct buildings nowadays: they use a little bit more sand than cement in them; it is mixed. It is the same here, that the foundation is mixed. It is not accurate. Then, if there is the slightest storm of any adverse situation or any type of fluctuation, it finishes your satisfaction. You do not have such a foundation, do you? 

BapDada has also told you earlier, and is now underlining it, that the royal form of desire is name, regard and honour. You may take the support of service and wish your name to be glorified in service. However, those who do service chasing after a name, in that they are very serviceable and attract others very well, they have their name glorified for only a temporary period. Those who do service on the basis of earning a name make their name go to the back of the list of those who are to claim a high status, because they eat unripe fruit which will never ripen. So, how can you eat ripe fruit if you have already eaten unripe fruit? You did service and earned a name; that is unripe fruit. Or you have a desire: I did a lot of service, and I am an instrument for maximum service. So, those who do service on the basis of earning a name are those who eat unripe fruit. Can there be any strength in unripe fruit? You think: I did so much service, and so I should receive regard as a result. That is not regard (maan), but arrogance (abhimaan). Where there is arrogance, there cannot be any satisfaction. The greatest honour is to attain honour in BapDada's heart. Even if you receive honour in the hearts of other souls, those souls are those who receive or are master bestowers, not the Bestower. So if you wish to receive honour, then attain your honour in BapDada's heart constantly. All those royal desires do not allow you to become an embodiment of attainment, and the personality of satisfaction is therefore not constantly visible on your face or in your activity. If, in any situation, your mood of satisfaction changes, then that is not permanent satisfaction. The mood of Brahmin life is to be constantly cheerful and careful; your mood should not change. However, in royal words, you say: Today, I want solitude. Why do you need this? You desire to step away from doing service or being with the family, and you say that you want peace and solitude. Today, my mood is like this. So, do not change your moods. There may be any reason, but are you those who change the reason into a solution or those who get caught up in the reasons? You are those who find solutions. What contract have you made? You are contractors. are you not? So what contract have you made? That you will even change the mood of the elements. You also have to change the elements. So can those who change the elements not change their mood! Does your mood change or not? Do you sometimes change >our mood? You then say that you would like to go and sit by the ocean, not the Ocean of Knowledge, but a physical ocean. Foreigners do this, do they not? Or, they would say: I don't know why, but today, I feel very lonely. So, where did the combined form of the Father go!1 Did you separate yourself from Him? You become separated from being combined, is this called love? In fact, being in an "off-mood" is something very serious, but even to keep changing your moods is not good. Those who have an off-mood show a variety of games. BapDada sees that they show many games to their seniors and even their companions. Do not play such games, because BapDada has a lot of love for all the children. It is not that BapDada just wants the special instrument souls to become the same as the Father and is not concerned whether others become that or not; no. BapDada has to make everyone equal this is BapDada's love. Do you know how to give the response of love? Or, do you give the return of this through your mischievous games? Sometimes, you show mischievous games and sometimes you show the response by being equal. That time has now finished. 

You are now celebrating the Diamond Jubilee, are you not? After 60 years, you generally start the age of retirement. You are no longer small children, but are in the stage of retirement, that is, you are experienced souls who know everything: knowledge-full, powerful and successful. So, just as you are constantly knowledge-full, so too, you are also powerful and successful, are you not? Why are you sometimes not successful? What is the reason for this? In fact, success is the birthright of all of you. You say this, do you not? Do you just say it or do you also believe it? So, why do you not experience success? What is the reason for this, since it is your birthright? So. why do you lack attaining this right and experiencing it? What is the reason for this? BapDada has seen that the majority of you allow weak thoughts to emerge in advance: I don't know if this will happen or not. These weak thoughts of yours do not allow you to become an embodiment of satisfaction, but they make you an embodiment of questions. "Will it happen? Will it not happen? What will happen? I don't know if..." These thoughts become a wall, and success gets hidden behind this wall. Your slogan is: One who has faith in the intellect is victorious. Since this is the slogan of this time, it is of the present and not the future. Since this is the slogan for the present time, what should you remain at all times? Satisfied or full of questions? So Maya spreads a web of your own weak thoughts and you become trapped in your own web. Finish the web of weak thoughts with the awareness, "I am victorious". Do not become trapped in it, bat finish it. Do you have the power to finish it? Do not finish it gradually, but do it instantly in a second. Do not allow this web to grow. Once you become trapped in this web, it is very difficult to leave it. Victory is my birthright. Success is my birthright. This birthright is a Godly birthright which no one can snatch away from me. Those who have such faith in the intellect would easily and automatically remain constantly satisfied. They would not need to work hard for this. 

What is the second reason for a lack of success? You yourselves tell others to use their time, thoughts and wealth in a worthwhile way. To use something in a worthwhile way means to attain success. The basis of success is to use everything in a worthwhile way. If you do not attain success it is because you are not using one treasure or another in a worthwhile way. That is why you don't attain success. There are many treasures and you know the list of all treasures, do you not? So, check which treasure you did not use in a worthwhile way and just wasted. Then you will automatically attain success. This is an inheritance and also a blessing. Use everything in a worthwhile way and attain success. Do you know how to use everything in a worthwhile way or not? Do you then attain success? To use something in a worthwhile way is the seed and success is its fruit. If the seed is good it is not possible for you to not attain any fruit from it. There must be something lacking in the seed of using everything in a worthwhile way because that is why you do not attain the fruit of success. So, what do you have to do? Constantly maintain your personality of satisfaction. Those who are satisfied will have very good experiences. In fact, when you see those who are satisfied, they seem so beautiful. It feels so good to be in their company and to sit and talk to them, whereas if someone who asks many questions were to come, you would become fed up. So, keep the aim of what it is that you have to become. Do not be one who asks many questions, but one who is satisfied. 

Today is the last day of the season and so what is done finally on the last day? When anyone creates a sacrificial fire, what do they do finally? They sacrifice everything. So, what will you do? Sacrifice being an embodiment of questions. Why does this happen? What is happening?... No. Since you are knowledge-full, there shouldn't be any questions of "Why" or "What". So, from today, sacrifice all of those wasteful questions. Your time and the time of others will also be saved. The time of the Dadis, is also spent in this: Why is this like this? What is this? How is this possible? So, save this time. Save your own time and also that of others. Accumulate in your savings account. Then, eat, drink and live in comfort for 21 births. You will not have to accumulate anything there. So, have you sacrificed this or will you still think about it? If you wish to think about it, you may do so. Ask yourself: How will this be possible? Will I be able to do this or not? Just think about this for a minute. Complete this task very well. Ask yourself as many questions as you want in one minute. Have you asked yourself? Did you also sacrifice them, or did you just ask the questions? Did you finish all questions for the future? (After one minute of silence.) Have you finished them? (Ha ji.) Do not just say "yes" for the sake of it. You have experienced over a long period of time that to ask questions means to become distressed and to distress others. Therefore, maintain the honour of your faith and your birthright and you will not become distressed. When you go beyond this honour, you then become distressed. Understand? Did you understand this clearly? Or, do you say that you understand it now, but when you return abroad you will say that it is difficult? It is not like this, is it? Achcha. 

To all the souls in all directions who transform themselves from being an embodiment of questions, to the elevated souls who constantly have the personality of being satisfied, to the souls who are aware of their victory and their birthright, to the special souls who are an embodiment of remembrance, to the souls who use everything in a worthwhile way and thereby easily attain success, to the souls who are close to the Father, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

Blessing: May you be a true effort maker who remains constantly light and happy by imbibing cleanliness in the form of contentment in relationships. 

Throughout the whole day you have relationships with a variety of souls. Check those and see what the percentage of contentment was in yourself and contentment in your relationships with other souls throughout the day. The sign of contentment is that you will be light and happy within yourself, in your own mind, and that others will also be happy. The cleanliness, that is, the contentment, in relationships is the honesty in relationships. This is why it is said that the soul dances when there is truth. A true effort maker will constantly dance in happiness. 

Slogan:Those who have no sorrow about anything are the carefree emperors of the land that has no sorrow. 

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