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Essence of Murli 31-03-2013

31/03/13   Avyakt BapDada   18/01/76

Celebrate the day of remembrance in the form of the day of power. 

Today, BapDada, seeing all His children merged in love, is giving the response of love: May you constantly be a bestower of fortune and a bestower of blessings, the same as the Father. May you constantly be a world benefactor and one who has a right to the kingdom of the world. May you constantly be victorious over Maya, the elements and all situations. Today, BapDada was seeing a sparkling tilak of victory on each of the foreheads of all the victorious children. He was seeing the flag of victory in the hands of all the children.-Baba was hearing everyone's heart echoing: Victory is our birthright. Today, at amrit vela, Baba was listening to the invoking sounds-of love of all-the-children. Gopikas, completely lost in love, who had become distant physically and were far away, were merging into the Ocean of Love like a river. BapDada also became merged in the love of the children. The sweet pearls from everyone became the garland around BapDada's neck and merged in His heart. Various thoughts from everyone's mind were being heard like sweet music. Children from all around were garlanding BapDada with rosaries of remembrance. 

As well as today being the day of remembrance, it is also called the day of power. Just as BapDada placed the urn of knowledge on the children's head in the beginning and willed his body, mind and wealth to the Shaktis through the sakar form, in the same way, in the final period of the physical part through the corporeal body, on the day of this memorial, He willed will-power to the Shakti Army for world benefit. He himself became a resident of the subtle region and made the children the instruments for the corporeal world. That is why this is known as of power. 

Today, the Father was merging the love of all the children within Himself, beyond sound. At this time, the sound of complaints from everyone and invocation from everyone's mind were coming with fall force from all directions. Can all of you hear it? BapDada is especially giving the return of remembrance to the new children. Just as the older children received the lift of a double engine, in the same way, BapDada is giving the new children the gift of a special lift of incognito help: the experience of attainment and the treasure of happiness. Through their service and their experience of constant company, BapDada is transforming their complaints into zeal and enthusiasm. Just as new children have special attachment to the Father and service, so, too, BapDada has His special co-operative vision on the new children. The Father is also singing praise of the wonder of the new children. Achcha. 

To all the loving children who remain constantly merged in love for the one Father, to those who reveal BapDada, to the victorious souls who are instruments to be garlanded with the rosary of victory by all souls, to those who are equal to the Father and who reveal all the Father's virtues in a practical form, to those who use all their powers for service, to such world-benefactor children who have a right to BapDada's heart-throne, love, remembrance and namaste from BapDada. 

BapDada speaking to Didiji and others 

What was the special form of the children today? Along with their loving form, they also complained. The Father is an Ocean of Love, and so what is the speciality of an ocean? To the extent that there are waves, to the same extent there is stillness; it has both specialities at the same time. In the same way, the speciality of those who become equal to the Father is that, externally, they are embodiments of remembrance and, internally, they are embodiments of power. To the extent that they are embodiments of remembrance in the corporeal form, so they are forms of power to the same extent. There should be the balance of the two simultaneously. Do you have such a balance? Whatever day and time it is, you automatically take that form. However, there is spirituality when the balance of both forms are clearly visible at the same time. You are playing your parts and, at the same time, you should also have the stage of being detached observers. By having the stage of a detached observer, you will play your parts accurately. However, you will not become the form of your part, that is, you will not be influenced by the part. You will have will­ power. 

When you are able to adopt the form you want whenever you want, that is called will-power. The form of power should also be merged within the form of love. Simply to merge yourself in love is being physical (worldly). Spirituality is when you remain an embodiment of power as well as an embodiment of love. This is why the final scene of the powerful form is that of being a conqueror of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance. To the extent that there is great love, so you should be a conqueror of attachment to the same extent. So, what was the final paper you saw? While having love, Baba was the conqueror of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance. This last paper has been remembered as a memorial; that was Baba's practical demonstration. While having corporeal relationships, he had the power to accommodate as well as the power to tolerate; you saw the form of these two powers. On the one hand to merge in the love and on the other hand to finish the final remaining karmic accounts with the power to tolerate. You saw the power to accommodate, and the power to tolerate in the practical form. Does a father not have love for his children? Even while being an ocean of love, he was completely still. He was completely beyond the consciousness of his body; this was the last stage. Baba demonstrated this practically. It was at just around -this time (at-night): In the last paper he claimed the first number in a practical way. To put something into a practical form is easy,.but to merge it, you need will-power. You saw the entire part of how to merge. To merge the suffering of karma and also to merge love - this is will-power. This is the will-power that Baba willed to the children at the end. 

Personal meeting: The main basis of transformation is to remain busy in service at every second. 

What special chit-chat takes place in the heart-to-heart exchange of the maharathis? Generally, the subject that comes up with the maharathis is, "According to the time, how will transformation take place?" While looking at the time and the self, there is the question of what will happen. However, the main basis of transformation is to remain busy in service at every second. Every maharathi should constantly have the thought: Whatever time I have, that has to be used for service. Even when you are using time for an essential task for your body, you can use your mind to bring about world benefit at the same time while doing that. If you are not able to do something with words or deeds, you should have the thought in your mind of having benevolent feelings; that is also then accumulated in the subject of service. 

On the path of devotion, whom does one call a great donor? Great donors are those who do not use anything for themselves, but who use everything at every moment to serve others. Otherwise, they are just donors. Those who constantly and continually donate are called great donors. In the same way, while giving time to yourself personally, always consider yourself to be engaged in world service. Whenever you are sitting on a stage, you have to pay special attention because you are on the stage for service at that time. You therefore don't become slack. You pay full attention to service. In the same way, constantly consider yourself to be on the stage of service and transformation will take place through this. Whenever you recognise any weakness in yourself, constantly remain engaged in this task of service and, as a result of that service, you will have the attainment of blessings from the hearts of all souls and will also be praised. On the basis of this attainment you will experience happiness, and, by your remaining busier on the basis of happiness, whatever weaknesses you experience within yourself will finish. So, this is the way to transform yourself, to which you have to draw one another's attention and put into a practical form. To stabilise yourself on the pilgrimage of remembrance at the present time, according to the stage of being a world benefactor, is also accumulated in the subject of service. This is because the time of the maharathis spent now on the pilgrimage of remembrance is not just for the self, because that time spent on the pilgrimage of remembrance is for the self as well as for the benefit and service of others. You have already received a lot of time to experience for yourself, but it is now time for the stage of being a great donor and a bestower of blessings. 

So, what is the definition of a maharathi? A maharathi is one who has a double crown, that is, one who is a double server. There should be the balance of serving others as well as serving the self; such a soul is called a maharathi. The time of the children's childhood is for the self, and the time of responsible souls is for service. The time of the infantry and the cavalry will be used for the self a lot more. Sometimes, their stage will get spoilt. Sometimes they will have dharna, whereas at other times they will fail in their dharna. Sometimes they will make intense effort, at other times they will make ordinary effort. One moment they would be battling with one sanskar and the next moment they would be battling with another; they will waste a lot of time on themselves. However, maharathis would not be like this. Little children play with toys. They put everything right very quickly or they spoil something very quickly. Here, too, they play with the toy of their sanskars, sometimes putting everything right and sometimes spoiling. Sometimes they put everything right, sometimes they are influenced and sometimes they influence it. However, this is a sign of childhood, not of a maharathi. Achcha. 

Blessing: May you constantly make the one Father your world and always laugh, sing, fly and be happy hearted. 

It is said, "Your world can change with your vision". So your world has changed with your spiritual vision. Now, the Father is your world for you. There is now a difference between the,world previously and your present world. Previously, your intellect was wandering in the world, but now that the Father has become your world, your intellect has stopped wandering. You have found the Father who brings you unlimited attainment and so what else would you want? Therefore, remain constantly happy hearted while laughing, singing and dancing. Even if Maya makes you cry,do not cry. 

Slogan: When your heart is clean, your desires will continue to be fulfilled and all attainments will automatically come in front of you. 

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