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Essence of Murli 21-04-2013

21/4/13     Om Shanti     Avyakt BapDada     Madhuban     23/01/76 

Revelation of the Father through having the highest and holiest thoughts, words and form. 

Do you create every thought and perform every action while considering yourself to be the highest and the holiest! Highest means the highest on high Brahmins. In the variety form image, Brahmins have been given the highest position. Just as your position is the highest, the topknot, so too, is your stage also the highest? Just as your name is so elevated, so your honour and your activity should also be the same. The praise of the Father is: God, the Highest on high. So. too, the praise of the children is: Highest on high Brahmins. The memorial of this elevated stage continues even today: whenever people carry out any elevated or auspicious task, they have it performed by those who are called brahmins (priests). Even today, you see and hear the memorials of the elevated deeds being performed at this time by the form of the true living Brahmins. On the one hand you are able to hear the praise of the elevated actions that you performed and on the other hand you are playing an elevated part. You can see the memorials and the practical both together. The memorials prove how elevated you were, are now and will be in the future. Just as Brahmins are the most elevated, so, too, the period of the Brahmins is the most elevated of all ages, that is, it is the time of the confluence age, the time of amrit vela and brahm rnuhurat (auspicious time of early morning). Why was this most elevated stage of the Brahmins created? Because it is only the Brahmins who attain the elevated fortune of being co-operative in performing the highest, most auspicious task. Are you able to keep in your awareness your elevated part, your elevated Father, your elevated position and your elevated honour? Throughout the whole cycle, you will not be able to attain such elevated fortune again. Even now, you hear about the memorials of such highest and holiest souls. Instead of people singing the praise of you Brahmins, they sing of your deity form. 

What is the praise of the holiest of all? People continue even now to sing the praise of the lotus eyes, the lotus hands and the lotus mouth even now. Now, check whether every physical organ of yours has become as detached as a lotus in a practical way. Just as a lotus is detached while forming relationships and connections, in the same way, are you detached from the attraction of the body, bodily relations and bodily world? Do any of the physical senses pull or influence you to see something or hear something? To be under their influence means to change from being the holiest to being an evil spirit. When you become an evil spirit....... the activity of an evil spirit is to experience sorrow and to cause sorrow to others. Then, from being the highest Brahmins, you become shudras. Therefore, always have the awareness that you are the highest and the holiest. Only when you have this awareness in a practical way. that is, only when you have this in your thoughts and in your form will you be able to celebrate the year of revelation. In order to reveal the highest on high Father, you yourself have to become an embodiment of the highest and the holiest. Otherwise, how can you reveal the Father? To reveal within yourself virtues and activities like the Father's is to reveal the Father Himself. Through performing an elevated task, you will glorify the name of the highest Father. Through your spiritual image, you have to reveal the spiritual Father so that every soul sees Father Brahma in every Brahmin. The creation should reveal their Creator. From everyone's mouth there should only emerge the sound that God Himself has made them so fortunate. Each one's fortune should glorify the image of BapDada. Each one of you should make yourself such a divine and clean mirror that many others have a vision of BapDada through that mirror. Only the practical stage of being equal to the Father will enable others to have a vision of the Father. 

The meaning of celebrating the year of revelation is to make the self equal to the Father. These physical means are just for name's sake because the permanent means is that of being an embodiment of success. An embodiment of success will automatically prove that it is God, the Highest on High who has made you so elevated. So, together with the facilities, also adopt the form of success. All three, your thoughts, words and deeds, should be the holiest and the highest. Only through having such a stage will you be able to reveal the Father. BapDada is happy to see the children's zeal, enthusiasm, elevated thoughts, effort and love but is also showing you a plan to be able to give co-operation in the future. Everyone has the same thought. United thought has great power. Stabilise yourself in a stable stage and put this thought into practice. There is praise even now of the image of fortune of every cycle, that is, it is eternal. Achcha. 

To those who reveal the image of BapDada through their fortune, to those who, like a lotus, remain constantly beyond temporary attractions, to those who stabilize themselves in the holiest and highest stage of self respect, the same as the Father, to those who reveal the Father's love, form and relationship to every soul, to such most elevated, highest on high Brahmins, love, remembrance and namaste from Highest on High Bapdada. 

BapDada meeting teachers: The way to make effort: 'if not now, then never' 

Teachers are special souls who are instruments for service. So, is your effort according to that, or is your effort the same as that of the students! According to your part, what special effort are you making? "To become perfect, to become satopradhan" is everyone's aim. That is general, but what special effort are the teachers making? At present, the special effort that you are making, or should be making, is for your every thought to be powerful. It should not be ordinary, !t should be powerful and not wasteful. What is the meaning of a teacher! To be serviceable. Not even one second should be without service. To study the murli and to check yourself is a gross aspect. 

As time is coming close, the special instrument souls have to make the effort to go faster than time. Do not say that there is still so much time and that your weaknesses will be removed; no. It should remain in your intellect, "If not now, then never." You should have the slogan "If not now, then never" for every thought and every second. Those who fill themselves with such sanskars of "now" will come into the golden age at the beginning, whereas those who say "at some time" will come in the middle period. Those who say "at some time" are waiting for time, and so they will also have to wait for their status. So, remember this slogan at every second and in every thought. If this lesson is not firm, you will constantly have sanskars of weakness. The sanskars of a mahavir are, "If not now, then never! To say, "That one is ahead of me, and so if that one does it, I will also do it", are sanskars of carelessness. Whatever thought you have, you have to do it now, not tomorrow, but today, not today, but now. It has to be done this instant. 

All of you are special souls, are you not? You do not consider yourselves to be junior, do you? In effort, everyone is senior. There can be senior and junior in your activities, but not in effort. Even the juniors can go ahead in effort. In business activities, the code of conduct has to be observed, but not in effort. Tn terms of effort, whoever does something will receive the reward of it. Now check whether your effort is according to this, or whether your effort is the same as everyone else's. That is, is it ordinary? Teachers are always happy. Teachers receive the lift of blessings from everyone. However, if they become instruments to make others weak, they also accumulate sin, and, because of this burden, are not able to do what they want to do. Those who have a burden are not able to climb high. This is why, if they are unable to change, even when they want to, there must definitely be a burden. Burn that burden with special yoga, with the codes of conduct and deep love. Otherwise, the time will pass in that burden and you will not be able to move forward. Wake up at amrit vela and set your seat. Are you set according to your seat ? Check this. Make your pose (stage) all right. Even if your pose is not correct, by checking you will be able to put it right. Aehcha. 

Personal meeting with BapDada: 

In order to celebrate the year of revelation, everyone has made special effort to reveal BapDada through the newspapers and cards. These too are essential tools for service. However, people look at and read the newspapers and cards etc. on the day they receive them, but then those things become merged in their awareness. You would not say that they completely vanish because it is the awareness that merges and then emerges at the right time. This is why one would not say that it has vanished, but that it has merged. Through this, the land receives a little water of love and introduction, but how could it give the fruit of revelation? Of course you watered it, but what for? To receive fruit. How will that fruit be received? That is, how will those thoughts take & practical form? You would not always have cards printed for this, would you? 

Nowadays, what desire do the majority of souls have? (to attain peace and happiness.) Of course, they desire to have peace and happiness, but what do the devotee souls in particular desire? The desire of the majority of devotees is to see light for even a second. How will you fulfil that desire? The eyes of Brahmins are the means to fulfil that desire. Through your eyes, they should be able to have a vision of the form of light of the Father. Your eyes would not be visible as eyes, but they would be seen as globes of light. Just as you see the sparkling stars in the sky, in the same way, your eyes would be like sparkling stars. However, this will only be visible when you stabilize yourself in the form of light. You should be light in your actions, that is, there should be lightness; your form should be of lightness and your stage should also be light. When the special souls make such effort and have such a stage and are embodiments of remembrance, then, on seeing you special souls, all effort makers will also make such effort. While performing actions, check again and again: Am I light in my actions? Do I have any burden of actions? The burden of action would pull you towards itself. If you do not experience any burden in your actions, then you will not be pulled by that but there will be transformation in your karma yoga. 

So, this method and form of celebrating the year of revelation is in everyone's intellect, is it not? Yon have made such a plan, have you not? You saw how Baba, in the sakar form, performed a great deal of action, was involved with the expansion, was entertaining and had contacts and relationships, and to the same extent was completely detached while having those contacts and relationships. Just as it is easy to interact and have relationships with others, so it should be just as easy to be detached. This practice is needed. At one moment it will be the extreme, and the next it will be the end. This is the effort for the last year and the last stage. Make such a plan. Rehearse this and perform this drill. Perform the drill: going into the extreme and then the end. At one moment be in a close relationship and the next moment be just as detached as you were in connection, as though merged in a lighthouse. A lighthouse means your home of light. One minute be on the field of action and the next minute be in the supreme abode. Achcha. 

Meeting the mothers: Benefit in sorrow and defamation 

BapDada has had special love for the mothers from the beginning. Who had the special part in establishment of the yagya? Who were the instruments? At the end, too, who will become instruments to bring about revelation and beat the drums of victory? The mothers. At the confluence age the gopis have a special part: Gopi Vallabh, the Father of the Gopis, has also been remembered. Mothers always have the desire that someone elevated should make them belong to him, that they find a good husband and a good home. What more do you want when the Father has made you belong to Him? Whenever any situation comes up in this benevolent age, don't see that situation, don't see the present time, but see the future in the present. That is, when someone is causing you sorrow or insulting you, just think that there is some benefit for you in that. The benefit is that that sorrow or insult will bring you closer in remembrance to the Bestower of Happiness. Do not sec the external form, but see it in the form of benefit, and then any situation will not seem a difficult situation. Through this, you will be able to make progress. Achcha. 

Blessing: May you be a master creator who uses your subtle powers in the task of establishment. 

Your creation of science is merging expansion into its essence. It is creating very subtle and powerful instruments for destruction. In the same way. you have to become master creators and use your subtle powers for the task of establishment. You have the greatest powers of all the power of elevated thoughts, the power of a pure attitude and vision of love and co­operation. So, light the lamp of hope of your dynasty with these subtle powers and enable them to reach their correct destination. 

Slogan: Where there is cleanliness and sweetness, there is success in service. 

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