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Essence of Murli 14-04-2013

14/04/13     Om Shanti     Avyakt BapDada     Madhuban     22/01/76 

The fast effort for the present last period. 

Today, BapDada has especially come to see the faces of the living chatraks who have come to celebrate a meeting, those who are the extremely loving, long lost and now found children. To the extent that the children, who constantly think of a meeting and who are constantly absorbed in this love, remember the Father. BapDada accordingly remembers them in return. Such multimillion times fortunate souls are loved by the Father and also by the world. Just as you children invoke the Father, in the same way, the souls of the world are invoking you most elevated souls. You are able to hear the sound of their invocation echoing in your ears. Especially at dusk, when the sun sets, together with saluting the Father, the Sun of Knowledge, they also salute the limited lights, the lucky stars, considering them to be beings of light who dispel darkness. Whose memorial is this? Do you elevated souls experience being invoked every day? This is because even the Father salutes such elevated souls who are the masters of the world and the masters of Brahmand. Therefore, souls of the world also took up the discipline of offering salutations every day. Do you experience yourself to be worthy of those salutations? You do not think that this praise or worship is only for the old, the special children, do you? 

The new children who are moving along with fast effort are especially merged in BapDada's eyes. Just as the Father is constantly merged in the children's eyes and they constantly experience His Company and closeness, in the same way, the children who have come later are not distant; they too are close. This is why, according to the drama, children who come at the end have a golden chance of moving fast by taking a high jump, that is, of coming first and they should constantly keep this in their awareness. BapDada is happy to see the zeal, enthusiasm and courage of the new children and is also giving them special love and co-operation. 

Now, this year, have the determined thought to fulfil the many desires and wishes of the souls of the world. To fulfil the desires of others means to make the self ignorant of any knowledge of desire. Just as to give is to receive, in the same way, to fulfil the desires of others is to make the self complete. The/as/ effort for the present last period is to perform a double task simultaneously. What is that? To give to others is to fill the lack within the self, that is, to create others is to become. On the path of devotion, people donate whatever they lack and, by donating that thing, they never lack it again. So giving becomes receiving. In the same way, in whichever subject you feel yourself to be lacking, whatever speciality or virtue you feel you lack in yourself, donate that particular speciality or virtue. That is, use that in serving other souls, and you will then experience that within yourself as the practical fruit of service. To serve means to receive the fruit. Now, there isn't that much time to make effort in which you can first give time to your own self and make time to serve others. Fast effort means to serve the self and others at the same time. At every second and in every thought, there should be benevolent feelings for the self and for the world. In the same second, you should be performing the double task; only then will you become one with a double crown. If you only perform one task at a time, then, as a result of serving either the self or the world individually, you will receive a single crown of light in the new world. That is, although you will attain a life of purity, a life filled with happiness and prosperity, you will not attain the throne and crown of a kingdom, that is, you will be rewarded with the status of a subject. The basis of attaining a double crown is to perform double service at the same time: to serve the self and others at the same time. This is the effort of coming last and going fast. Are you making such fast effort? You must have this particular checking at the present time. You will be able to change yourself and the time through this method. Achcha. 

To such children in whom there is hope, who transform themselves and the world, to those who constantly maintain good wishes for world benefit, the same as BapDada, to the fast effort makers who fulfil all desires of all souls, to the world servers and world benefactors who use their time and thoughts for service, to such most elevated souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

Personal meeting with BapDada: Become an embodiment of double light. 

On the path of devotion, Lakshmi is shown as a great donor, so what symbol is shown for a great donor? (Lakshmi's hands are shown open in the form of giving.) Wealth is overflowing from her palms. This is a memorial of the Shaktis. Lakshmi means the goddess of wealth, not physical wealth, but the wealth of knowledge. A goddess of the wealth of powers means one who gives. So, whether you give knowledge or powers, you have to become a goddess of wealth as is shown in the picture that has been created. Such is the image of your memorial, so do you experience yourself to be like that in the living form? Anyone who comes in front of you for even a second should experience having attained something through your drishti, and only then would you be said to be a goddess who bestows. This service is now needed because only then will there be world benefit. You definitely have to give to all these souls, so the form of giving is subtle and very powerful less time and higher attainment. How many such. Shaktis or goddesses who bestow have become ready? How many such goddesses would there be? In the same way, there is a number for the memorials too. Some are those who give at every moment, some are those who only give sometimes, some only give to certain people, some give to everyone. Some say that they would do something if they had a chance, if there was the field for it or if they received co-operation. Only then would they do it. So. what is their memorial? A date and time is fixed for their memorial too. Those who act constantly are also worshipped constantly. Those who take a chance on the basis of time or co-operation have a date fixed for their memorial. Some goddesses have their every action worshipped, even their change of dress. This proves that they donated at every moment while performing every action and such ones are called great donors and this is why their worship and their memorials are considered to be great. One are those who constantly fulfil the responsibility of love with their companions and the others are those who do not fulfil their responsibility of love even while being together. In their memorials, too, they do not have the companionship of the worshippers all the time; they would only come for their selfish motives, it is very clear in the memorial whose memorial it is. This too is a secret. You now have to become like that. You have to fulfil the responsibility of love with your companions all the time, not just at a time of need, but you have to fulfil the responsibility at all times. Not out of selfish motives, not for your own convenience, but you have to fulfil your responsibility with love and for all time. Achcha. 

Constantly be a jewel of contentment (points from avyakt murlis). 

At the present time, tension and distress are increasing a lot and, because of this, discontentment is also increasing. At such a time, all of you have to become jewels of contentment and make others content with the light of your contentment. First of all, you have to remain content with yourself, then remain content with service and then remain content in your relationships. Only then will you be said to be a jewel of contentment. BapDada wants you to give the cooperation of contentment to whomever each of you children meet throughout the whole year. Remain content yourself and also make others content. The self respect of this season is to be a jewel of contentment and this is why you have to remain constantly content and make others content. Remain constantly stable on the seat of this self respect. 

BapDada is telling you children to become constantly true servers. But if it is just service in name and you are disturbed by that, or you disturb others, then it is better not to do such service because the special virtue of service is contentment. Where there is no contentment, whether with the self or with those in contact with you, then that service will neither bring you any fruit nor will it bring any attainment to anyone else. Therefore, it is better to first of all make yourself a jewel of contentment and then engage yourself in service. Otherwise, a subtle burden increases on you and that burden becomes an obstacle to your flying stage.You have to remain constantly free from obstacles, constantly a destroyer of obstacles and constantly content and also make everyone else content. Servers constantly have to claim this certificate. To claim this certificate means to be seated on a throne. Have the aim of remaining constantly content and making others content. 

Any soul who has the experience of all attainments will be constantly content. The sign of happiness would be constantly visible on their face. When a server is content with the self and with everyone else, then there is automatically zeal and enthusiasm for service and co-operation. You don't then have to say anything to get anything done. Contentment easily brings zeal and enthusiasm. A server should especially have the aim to remain content and make others content. The more you experience yourself to be full of all attainments, the more you will experience yourself to be content. If there is the slightest feeling of lacking anything, then, where there is a lack, there is discontentment. Although this is not your kingdom and so you have to make a little effort, any problem here becomes a game. When you have courage you then receive co­-operation on time. Therefore, along with your contentment, give all souls the co-operation of contentment with your elevated stage. 

The One who is getting everything done is getting it done and I am just an instrument performing that task. To keep this awareness is the speciality of a server. With this awareness, you will be constantly content in service and effort for the self and whomever you become an instrument for will also be contented. To remain constantly content and make others content is a speciality. Brahmins means those who are sensible. They always remain content themselves and they also keep others content. If you become discontented by others making you discontent, you will not be able to enjoy the happiness of the confluence age. To be an embodiment of power and to keep ihe self away from the effect of the atmosphere of others means to keep the self safe. This is the way to achieve this aim. 

Those who do service and have remembrance from their heart while being in a gathering have to make less effort and they experience greater contentment, whereas those who do not have remembrance with love from their heart but simply have intellectual remembrance on the basis of knowledge, or who do service in that way, find that they have to work hard and they have less contentment. Even if they do have some success, the contentment in their heart is less. They would simply continue to think: it was good, but nevertheless, nevertheless.... whereas those who do it from their heart would continue to sing songs of contentment. 

Contentment is a sign of being fulfilled. If a soul is not fulfilled, whether because of physical hunger or hunger in the mind, then it doesn't matter how much he receives, because of not being fulfilled, such a soul will always be dissatisfied. Royal souls would always feel full even with a little. Where there is fullness, there is contentment. Any service that makes you discontented is not service. Service mean: the service that brings you fruit. If there is discontentment in service, leave that service but do not let go of your contentment. Always remain beyond any limited desires, remain full and you will become equal. 

The special blessing of the confluence age is contentment and the seed of this contentment is all attainments. The seed of discontentment is a lack of physical or subtle attainment. The praise of you Brahmins is: Nothing is lacking in the treasure store of Brahmins. That means, in the life of Brahmins. So. why should there be discontentment? Since the treasure store of the Bestower and the Bestower of Blessings is overflowing and you have such huge attainment, why should there be discontentment? Those who are jewels of contentment would be constantly happy in their mind, their heart, with everyone, with the Father and with the drama. Waves of happiness would be constantly visible in their minds and bodies. No matter what circumstances arise, whether any soul who is settling his or her karmic accounts continues to come in front of you, whether the physical suffering of the body continues to come in front of you, if you are a soul who is free from limited desires, because of being contented, you would always be seen as a sparkling star with a look of happiness. Contented souls would be always selfless and always experience everyone else to be innocent (blameless). Such a soul will not blame anyone else neither the Bestower of Fortune, the drama, other persons or the karmic accounts of the body or say that their body is like that. They would always be selfless and have an attitude and vision that is free from blame. The speciality of the confluence age is contentment. This is the special attainment of Brahmin life. If there is no contentment or happiness, then there is no benefit in becoming a Brahmin. Therefore, remain content and make everyone else content. There is real happiness in this. This is true service. Achcha. Om shanti. 

Blessing: May you be a great soul who constantly keeps with you the blessing of happiness in your Brahmin life. 

Happiness in Brahmin life is your birthright and to remain constantly happy is greatness.Those who constantly keep this blessing of happiness with themselves are great. Therefore,never lose your happiness.Problems will come and go, but your happiness should not disappear because problems are external situations which have come from others and they will come and go. Happiness is your own property and you always keep whatever is yours with you. Therefore, even if you shed your body, your happiness should not disappear. You will shed your body happily and receive a beautiful new one. 

Slogan: In order to receive congratulations from BapDada's heart, see none of the many things, but remain tirelessly engaged in service. 

14-04-13 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज:22-01-76 मधुबन 

वर्तमान लास्ट समय का फास्ट पुरुषार्थ 

वरदान:- ब्राह्मण जीवन में खुशी के वरदान को सदा कायम रखने वाले महान आत्मा भव 

ब्राह्मण जीवन में खुशी ही जन्म सिद्ध अधिकार है, सदा खुश रहना ही महानता है। जो इस खुशी के वरदान को कायम रखते हैं वही महान हैं। तो खुशी को कभी खोना नहीं। समस्या तो आयेगी और जायेगी लेकिन खुशी नहीं जाये क्योंकि समस्या, पर-स्थिति है, दूसरे के तरफ से आई है, वह तो आयेगी, जायेगी। खुशी अपनी चीज़ है, अपनी चीज़ को सदा साथ रखते हैं इसलिए चाहे शरीर भी चला जाए लेकिन खुशी नहीं जाए। खुशी से शरीर भी जायेगा तो बढ़िया और नया मिलेगा। 

स्लोगन:- बापदादा के दिल की मुबारक लेनी है तो अनेक बातों को न देख अथक सेवा पर उपस्थित रहो। 

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