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Essence of Murli 02-04-2013

Essence: Sweet children, do not be influenced by Maya and thereby act against God's directions. Never have the Father defamed. 

Question: How is Maya also the Father's helper? 

Answer: When she sees that some are disobeying shrimat or don't listen to the Father, when some are not following shrimat, she eats them raw, she slaps them. A sensible person is one who, by having remembrance of the Father, recognises Maya and doesn't become influenced by her. 

Song: The heart says thanks to the One who has given it support. 

Om shanti.Whose praise did you children hear? That of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. You children know that you now have to remember such a Father and claim your inheritance of heaven from Him.The Father's orders, are: Constantly remember Me and consider yourself to be a child of mine in the form of a soul. This is your destination.The Father's residence is now only Madhuban. So, how can you receive an inheritance from the Father?The more you remember the Father, the more your sins continue to be cut away, and those who continue to remember the Father's inheritance continue to accumulate treasures in their accounts.This is the type of business that the Father teaches you. You have to remember such a Father constantly. If you don't remember Him, Maya throws stones at you. Maya is no less. No matter how much some say they are Baba's children and how much they continue to do subtle or physical service, if they don't know how to have yoga with the Father, they wouldn't be called worthy children. The Father never gets angry with anyone. He never looks at anyone with any other vision, but when He sees that someone's activity is such, He understands that that person is under devilish dictates. Maya completely finishes such souls with just one punch and then they cause so many obstacles. The sins then accumulated by that person are more than that of someone without knowledge. Some stay close and yet they don't recognise Baba at all. The Father says: That too is fixed in the drama - that they don't hear even while listening. So, what can Baba do? Nowadays, no matter how many blessings you give to human beings or how much you love them, they make themselves into a Bhasmasur (devil who burnt himself) while just sitting there doing nothing. In fact, there is the difference of day and night between the Godly community and the devilish community. No one in this world has yoga with the Father. The Father then comes and makes such children belong to the Godly community. Among you, too, some belong to God and follow His directions, whereas those who don't follow His directions become a burning Bhasmasur and then die. You are becoming deities, the masters of heaven, by following God's directions, whereas others, instead of going to heaven, sit on the pyre of lust and burn themselves. Baba uplifts you children in such a wise way, but Maya is such that she attacks you in such a way that you become instruments for defaming the Father. Sensible children follow the Father's shrimat at every step. The first of the Father's order's is: Remember Me, your parlolik Father, so that you can be reformed. The daughter Maya eats raw those who don't have yoga with the Father and who don't follow shrimat. Maya is called a daughter because she helps. The Father has come from the supreme abode to teach you children and make you into Narayan from ordinary children, and yet you become disobedient to such a Father. As soon as some go outside, Maya slaps them in such a way that there is then mercy -for them. In some cases, the poor mothers and daughters are in bondage. If there is the slightest intoxication of lust, you fall. Poor, innocent weak mothers are assaulted so much. They are tied in bondage so much. The sins of all of that are accumulated by those people. They experience severe punishment, don't even ask! Maya knows who the children are of the previous cycle who conquered her and took Baba's side. She too is clever. When she sees that you are disobeying the Father, she puts a lock on you. The Father knows that you innocent, weak mothers and kumaris benefit Bharat The Father is very much concerned about the mothers.You children should also be concerned about the mothers.You should not have your own arrogance.The Father Himself says: Salutations to the mothers. You have to be very cautious and not have any dirty activity. Check that you are not performing any wrong actions. The Father says: Claim your inheritance from the Father. You have come here to become deities. There are definitely going to be many obstacles in the establishment of a religion. At the time of Christ, many such people emerged who defamed him. The devilish community killed him; they didn't recognise him. Now churches etc. are built to him, but there is no benefit through that. They belong to Maya and become tamopradhan. No matter where they go, they don't find anything. Day by day, people continue to become even more unhappy and tamopradhan. For instance, when they go to Guru Nanak, what would they receive from him? He would simply say that they have to become pure or remain pure. However, they still remain impure. They simply sing devotional songs to him, and so they don't receive anything. Everything has now become a graveyard. They don't know anything about knowledge at all. Maya has made them devilish. Anger is very bad and through it you make yourself into a Bhasmasur. Then, instead of accumulating, you incur a loss. You come here to make your fortune or you say that you have come to claim your inheritance of heaven from Baba. OK, you have to remember the Father all the time; you have to follow His shrimat. If you don't, you become as you were. Then, you will continue to fall cycle after cycle. You can then never be uplifted. If you make effort now, you can become the most elevated. The Father explains to you so much! It is also written on the board: World Spiritual University established by the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. You have to claim the inheritance of the kingdom of heaven from Him. If you come here and then leave Baba, others would say: Perhaps it is not God there that you left Him. So many would then have doubtful intellects. Everyone's sin is then accumulated by that one instrument-soul. If you don't follow shrimat, how can you become elevated? You cannot be harmed if you follow shrimat. He is the Father and also Dharamraj. Dharamraj sees what sins you commit. You defame Me. The laws are very strict, but some children don't understand. You raise your hands saying that you will marry Lakshmi or Narayan and yet you perform such actions, don't even ask! As you progress further, this fortress-will become such that no impure beings will be able to enter. Now. Maya catches hold of many by their nose. That incorporeal Father has come and taken these eyes on loan. He sees which one is a first-class child and which one is a thorn. The Father explains: Children, you have to become the masters of heaven. Why are you not making appropriate effort? Baba is the Almighty Authority. Fie comes to enable you to conquer Maya. He says: Sweet children, have a little fear of punishment. Become obedient by following shrimat. Havs mercy for yourselves! If you do anything under the influence of Maya, you will become like an evil spirit. A special goddess (Mother Bhawani who invokes evil spirits) is remembered. Some become her heirs and some become evil spirits. All of you are the goddesses who give everyone the nectar of knowledge. Faithful children receive blessings from their parents. If they are not faithful, it is better that they live somewhere far away peacefully. Achcha. 

Sweet versions of Mateshwari - 8/1/57 

God is the One who reforms the fortune that has been spoilt. 

Everyone knows that it is only the one God who creates the fortune of all human beings. God is said to be the Master of Fortune. He comes and creates the fortune of us souls. God is the One who reforms the fortune that has been spoilt. It is a complete mistake to say that to create and reform is in God's hands. It is in God's hands to create fortune, but when people forget that One who creates fortune, their fortune is then spoilt, that is, it is in the hands of human beings to spoil their fortune. It is when people forget themselves and they forget their Father that they perform wrong actions and, because of this, they cross out their fortune. So, it is human beings who spoil their fortune and God who creates it and this is why God is said to be the Bestower of Happiness, not the Bestower of Sorrow. Look, when God Himself incarnates on earth, He reforms the spoilt fortune of everyone, that is, He grants salvation to everyone and this is why God is said to be the One who uplifts everyone. God says: Children, I come at the confluence age and create everyone's fortune. It isn't that someone's fortune would be created and that it would not be created for others. God creates everyone's fortune because all human beings are connected with the whole world and this is why it is said to God: One who creates fortune, come in front of us! This proves that God is the one who creates fortune. 

Second murli: Main inculcation in order to create a life of happiness. 

What point should people keep in their intellects in order to make their lives happiness? First of all, understand the main thing which is that we have to stay in remembrance of the Father whose children we are at every breath. We have to remain engaged in that effort fully. "At every breath" means that the yoga of the intellect is constantly connected; that is called continuous yoga, that is, the unbroken mantra of remembrance. This remembrance is not something that is chanted nor is it something to focus on by keeping an idol in front of you, for this remembrance is yoga of the intellect. This remembrance can only be constant when you have the full introduction of God for only then can you pay proper attention. However, God clearly says in the Gita: I can neither be found through dhyan (yoga) nor through chanting. You do not have to keep My image in front of you or concentrate on that, but you have to attain God through knowledge and yoga and this is why you first of all need to have knowledge. Remembrance cannot be permanent without knowledge. You have to be aware of the knowledge of that idol; that is, remembrance is connected with knowledge. With knowledge, you can either sit and imagine with your mind or sit and have a "darshan" (glimpse). However, only if you have knowledge beforehand of something you have seen can you have yoga and dhyan (concentration) accurately. This is why God says: You need to have knowledge of who I am and how you can have yoga with Me. For knowledge, you first of all need to have the right company. You have to keep all of these points of knowledge in your intellects for only then will you be able to have accurate yoga. Achcha. Good morning. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. Be obedient and faithful to the Father and become worthy of receiving blessings.Do not be disobedient in any way. 

2. Never perform any wrong actions and thereby cross out your fortune. Do not become Bhasmasur. Be concerned about being punished by Dharamraj. 

Blessing: May you be a master almighty authority and go on a pilgrimage to the sweet home in a second with the vehicle of a pure mind and a divine intellect. 

Scientists try to invent instruments that have a fast speed and they spend so much money, time and energy on that, but you have a vehicle with such a fast speed that, without spending any money, you can just think of somewhere and you arrive there. You have the vehicle of pure thoughts and a divine intellect.With the vehicle of a pure mind and a divine intellect, you can travel whenever you want and come back whenever you want. No one can stop a master almighty authority. 

Slogan: When your heart is constantly honest and truthful, you will continue to receive blessings from the Father, the Comforter of Hearts. 

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