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Essence of Murli 27-04-2013

Essence: Sweet children, die alive. Continue, every day, to make the first lesson firm of being a bodiless soul. 

Question: Who would be called completely surrendered? 

Answer: Those who are completely surrendered are soul conscious. Even this body is not mine. I am now becoming bodiless, that is, whatever I have, body, mind and wealth, I am offering that to Baba. To end all the consciousness of "mine" and live as a complete trustee is to surrender completely. Baba says: Children, belong to Me and end your attachment to everyone. Do your business, look after it and settle the debt of the sustenance you have received from your parents, but do that as a trustee while following the Father's shrimat. 

Song: I have come to Your doorstep having taken an oath ...

Om shanti. Children heard the song. The song definitely has a meaning to it. So the Father sits here and explains its meaning to you. It is called dying alive and belonging to the Father. After belonging to a father, you adopt a teacher and then a guru. It isn't that all worldly people have gurus. The majority have gurus. Christians christen a child when he is born. They also put the child into the hands of a guru; that could be a priest or someone else. The priest is not Christ. They say: I become a Christian in his name. You children now know that you first belong to the Father. Whatever you have, your body, mind and wealth, you surrender them to Baba. You die alive, that is, we souls belong to Him. This should remain in your intellect. Whatever things you say are "mine", for instance, "My body, my wealth and prosperity, my relations etc.," forget them all! You forget all of that when you die. The destination is very high. Make it firm that you are a bodiless soul. It isn't that you shed your body and die; no. The soul has not become completely pure. Although you belong to the Father, Baba says: You souls are impure. The wings of the soul are broken, and so the soul isn't able to fly. Because of being tamopradhan, not a single soul can return home. Maya has completely broken your wings. Baba has explained that souls are the "flying squad" . They go faster than anything else. There is nothing faster than a soul. No one can catch a soul. At the end, all souls will fly like a swarm of insects. Where will they go? They will go very far away, beyond the sun and the moon. They will then not return from there. Those rockets go up there and then come back. They cannot reach the sun. You have to go very far beyond that. You have to go even beyond the subtle region, to the incorporeal world. You will go very quickly. The soul receives wings. The soul settles all accounts and becomes pure. There is a lot of praise written of this time of settlement. All souls have to settle their accounts and return home. Now, all souls are dirty and sinful; they continue to take rebirth here. You know that this is an unlimited drama. All actors definitely have to come here from there to play their parts. All souls have to come onto the stage. When it is the time of destruction, everyone has come by then. What would they do staying up there? An actor would not sit at home without playing a part. He definitely has to come into the play. When everyone has come down from there, the Father takes everyone back. The Father says: Although I am here, souls still continue to come. There continues to be growth here, numberwise. You will then also return numberwise. Everything depends on your stage. This is why you have to die alive. It takes effort to have the faith that you are a soul. Children repeatedly become body conscious and forget. You will become soul conscious when you are completely surrendered: Baba, all of this is Yours. I too am Yours. It is as though this body doesn't belong to me. I now shed it. Baba, I belong to You. Baba says: Belong to Me and break your attachment away from everyone else. However, don't think that you can just come and sit here. You also have to do your business and look after your home. You have to fulfil your responsibility of looking after your children. You have to serve your mother and father and give them their return. Children accumulate a debt of the sustenance they receive from their parents. This Father is now sustaining you and so He first makes you surrender everything. Give everything! You are then also sustained with that. This is Shiv Baba's treasure store. The Mother and Father are sustaining you children. All those who came in the beginning quickly surrendered everything. They didn't keep anything with themselves. He surrendered everything and so he couldn't give anyone even a paisa from that wealth without permission. There is the story of King Harishchandra in the scriptures. However, none of that is right. Bharat was completely pure. No one else is as pure and happy as the people of Bharat were. Bharat is the biggest pilgrimage place where the Purifier Father comes and makes the whole world, including the elements, pure. Now, all of these elements etc. are your enemies. There will be earthquakes and storms etc, because all the elements are tamopradhan. There will be natural calamities that will cause a lot of sorrow. At this time, everything causes sorrow. In the golden age, everything gives happiness. There, there won't be any storms or a hot climate etc. Very few amongst you understand this. Today, they are here and tomorrow,they are not here. Therefore, you would say that they didn't understand anything. Although they come here, not all of them stay here. They go from here and, ten days later, news would arrive: Baba, so and so has been eaten by Maya. This continues to happen. They are young flowers. If they were big, they would bear fruit. When the fruit comes, you also then have the power to make others equal to yourselves. Such ones bear fruit. Now that you belong to the Father, you also have to create subjects. Heirs also have to be created. It isn't enough simply to become a guide and come to Baba and say: Baba, I have arrived here. No, the destination is very high. You say: There are many storms of Maya. Oh! You are the children of the Father and so storms will definitely come. You say: Baba, I belonged to You. I claimed an inheritance from You and, while taking rebirth. I went through 84 births and have now come and become Yours. I will definitely claim my inheritance from You. Therefore, you have to remember such a Father so much. You also have to make others equal to yourselves and give the return. How else would you become masters? How would you create your heirs? Subjects are needed. Heirs who can claim the throne are also needed. Many come to Baba and then divorce Him. When the intellect's yoga is broken, the game is over. Some children come and ask Baba: Baba, how can I make my stage so strong that I am unaffected by storms? Baba continues to show them the way: Remember the Father! There will be storms. Have you ever seen boxing where only one fighter continues to be beaten? Definitely both would have courage. If one of them punches once, the other one probably punches ten times. This too is boxing. If you continue to remember the Father, Maya will continue to run away. However, this will not happen instantly. You have to wrestle with Maya. Don't think that Maya will not slap you. No matter who it is, this is big boxing. Many become afraid. Maya completely frustrates you! This is a battlefield. Maya causes many obstacles to your connecting your intellects in yoga. All the effort is in yoga. Although Baba says that He loves knowledgeable souls, it isn't that He only loves those who give knowledge. There also has to be full yoga. You have to remember the Father. Don't be afraid of the storms of Maya. You are becoming the masters Of the world. The rosary of 16,108 is very big. It will be completed at the end. There will have been so many princes and princesses by the end of the silver age. There are some signs. There are the signs of the eight and also the 108. This is absolutely right. By the end of the silver age, there will have been 16,108 princes and princesses. They won't be there at the beginning. At first there are a few and then growth continues to take place. All of them are created here. You now have a very good chance. However, it does require a lot of effort. You also say in the song: I will never leave You. I will die. Baba says: All of this is for you children. Children say: Everything of mine is Yours. You say that God gave you everything you have. The Father now says: All of this is to end. Destruction does take place. What do you have? Even that body will end. I am now exchanging everything for you. You simply exchange everything. The Father says: Children, become bodiless! Remember Me! Surrender everything! The Father says: I explain to you the essence of all the scriptures etc. Those who have studied the scriptures understand this. The Father says: I explain this to you through the mouth of Brahma. I taught you Raja Yoga in the previous cycle and made you into kings and queens and I am now making you into those again. Human beings can never relate the Gita to human beings; they cannot teach them Raja Yoga and make them into kings and queens. Then, what is the benefit of listening to the Gita? The Father says: I Myself come every cycle and make you into the masters of heaven. Only when you belong to Me will you become heirs. To the extent that you stay in yoga, the purer you will accordingly continue to become. Baba, all of this is Yours. I am just a trustee. I will not do anything without Your orders. You also have to take directions on how to earn your livelihood. Generally, it is the poor who give their full accounts. Wealthy ones cannot do that. They cannot surrender themselves. Scarcely a few emerge. Janak is well known for that. If they have children and joint property, how can they be separated? How can the wealthy ones sell their property so that they can surrender themselves? The Father is the Lord of the Poor. The mothers are poor, but the kumaris are even poorer than they are. Kumaris never have the intoxication of an inheritance. Sons have the intoxication of their father's property, and so they have to leave all of that and then claim an inheritance in Paradise. Donations are always given to the poor. Bharat is the poorest of all. America is the wealthiest of all. Would they be given an inheritance? Bharat was the wealthiest of all. There were no other religions. There were just the people of Bharat. There was one language. God is One. I establish one sovereignty, one religion and one language. I establish the one Almighty Government and then, from one, there are two and three. There are so many religions now, and then there definitely has to be one religion. It is a matter of 5000 years. When a person dies, they think that he has become a resident of heaven and has perhaps gone up above. In the Dilwala Temple, they show heaven up on the ceiling, and so people become confused. In fact, heaven is not up above. You now know that you have to go to Baba and then come here and rule. This knowledge should remain in your intellects so that you can explain to anyone. Maya eats weak ones raw. Baba receives news: So and so shot such an arrow that I belonged to Baba. It is written in the scriptures that the kumaris were made to shoot arrows. These are called the arrows of knowledge. You simply have to remind them of the Father. However, it is not a question of physical arrows. They don't know anything. They wrote whatever entered their minds. There is a lot of dirt. There are also so many with occult power. When the truth emerges, falsehood causes opposition. You now understand that Shiv Baba is incorporeal and that Brahma is corporeal but there is no question of anyone emerging from a navel. Because of falsehood, people are unable to understand the truth. Nowadays, they have created such first class imitation jewellery that the real things are hidden. When you tell anyone the truth , it feels like chilli to them. Oh! but you have to claim your inheritance from the most beloved Father. How can He be omnipresent? There is no meaning to omnipresence. God, the Father, creates heaven and so we should be the masters of heaven. So. why have we become so poverty stricken? We are children of the Father and so why are we not the masters of heaven? How did we become the masters of hell? God is the Creator of the new world. It isn't that He establishes the old world. The Father would not build an old home. So, you should have such thoughts. Achcha. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. Don't be afraid of the obstacles of Maya. Remove all obstacles by having remembrance of the Father. 

2. Surrender everything with your intellect, become bodiless and remember the Father. Together with being a gyani soul, you definitely also have to be a yogi. 

Blessing: May you be constantly happy hearted and remain beyond all questions while coming into relationship and connection with every soul. 

While coming into relationship and connection with every soul, never let this question arise in your heart: Why is this one doing this or saying this? This matter should not be like this, it should be like that. Those who remain beyond these questions are able to remain constantly happy hearted. Those who form a queue of these questions and create a creation of them also then have to sustain it; they have to give it time and energy. Therefore, have birth control of this wasteful creation. 

Slogan: Merge the Father, the Dot, in your eyes and no one else can merge in them.


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Essence of Murli 26-04-2013

Essence: Sweet children, knowledge is nectar and yoga is fire. All your pain and sorrow will be removed by knowledge and yoga. 

Question: What taste do you develop through knowledge and not through devotion? 

Answer: The taste for liberation in life. By performing devotion no one can taste the sweetness of liberation in life. When the Father comes, the directions He gives to you children are knowledge and, by following those, you receive the sovereignty of heaven. 

Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord! 

Om shanti. The innocent Baba of the children is explaining to you children. He is called Shiva, the innocent Baba. Shiva is always called Baba. Whether they look at His image Or not, they remember Shiva, the Innocent Lord. Shankar, Vishnu and Brahma cannot be called the Innocent Lord. By saying "Innocent", it is the image of incorporeal Shiv Baba that enters the intellect of you children. You children now know this in a practical way. The mouth of no one on the path of devotion is sweetened by saying "Baba", the Innocent Lord. No matter how much they praise Him, their mouths will not be sweetened. You children now remember Shiv Baba. By saying "Shiv Baba, the Innocent Lord", your mouths are sweetened. Shiv Baba teaches us and makes us into the masters of the world. By saying "Baba", you children surely remember the property. You children know that He is Shiv Baba. He is the Seed of the human world too. There is only one seed of a tree. So, He is the one Seed of the human world tree through which the human world is created, because He is the Father. All the rest are His children. The God of all the devotees is the one Father. Devotees remember God but they don't know Him fully. This too is fixed in the drama. I make all you children ever happy with the power of this knowledge and yoga and then I hide away. There is only one Ocean of Knowledge. Similarly, there is one ocean of water, but it has been divided up: This ocean belongs to India, and that ocean belongs to so and so. There is actually just one ocean. In the golden age, this ocean cannot be divided up. There is just the one ocean and you are going to become the masters of that. There aren't as many lands there. There is the one kingdom of the one Father. In this Bharat, there was just the one kingdom of the World Almighty Authority. The kingdom of deities is also called the kingdom of gods and goddesses. Those abroad call them "gods and goddesses", but they don't know when they used to rule or how they received their kingdom. The Ocean of Knowledge is only the one Father. He alone grants everyone salvation through knowledge. You children know that the Ocean of Knowledge is now sitting in front you. The Ganges of knowledge emerge from Him and grant salvation to the whole world. This is also called the nectar of knowledge. Because of the word "nectar", devotees wash the feet of their guru and consider that water to be nectar and drink it. In fact, that is not called nectar. Nowadays they also call a medicine the nectar that ends all pain. It isn't like that either. The Father sits here and teaches you children yoga. Yoga is not called nectar. With the fire of yoga, all your illnesses will be removed for 21 births, not those of this birth. You will have to continue to suffer them till the end. This is a matter of yoga. The Father says: Have yoga and all your illnesses will be removed. Then you will never fall ill. You are making effort to receive health and wealth from the Father. There is no illness there. I teach you such actions that there won't ever be any illness. They say that God Vyas wrote the scriptures. However, all of this is fixed in the drama.. The name of Vyas has been mentioned. This drama is eternally predestined. Whatever you have seen is fixed in the drama. It is eternally predestined. It cannot be changed. The path of devotion begins with the copper age. No matter how much devotion people perform or how much they study the scriptures, they cannot return home. They definitely have to become tamopradhan from satopradhan. No one can leave this field of action. You know that all of us were satopradhan, and that we have now all become tamopradhan. We had to become that according to the drama. On the path of devotion it becomes dark as soon as the night begins. At first, there isn't as much darkness as there is at this time. The night is also first satopradhan, then rajo and then tamo. As the degrees gradually lessen, there is extreme darkness. Now there is an unlimited eclipse over the world; there is extreme darkness. It is not a matter of this moon; it is a matter of the whole world. There is the eclipse of Ravan. The whole world begins to be eclipsed from the copper age. It becomes eclipsed little by little. It takes 2500 years for Bharat to become completely dark by the end. There is now extreme darkness. It is the Father who brings about total light, that is, the day. The Father makes impure ones pure. Maya, Ravan, then makes it into the night, extreme darkness. While doing devotion, people have been remembering God. God would not remember God. You should explain to those who believe in the notion of omnipresence that God, the Father, is One. He is the Seed of the human world tree. All the rest are the creation. There could never be such praise of creation. If someone says that a soul is the Supreme Soul, there can't be any praise of God being sung.There is praise of only that one Father. He is the Purifier, the Seed of the human world tree, the Truth and the Living Being. He is the Ocean of Bliss and the Ocean of Knowledge. This praise cannot belong to any human being. You taste the sweetness of liberation in life through knowledge in a second, in the Gita, it says: God speaks. To hold sacrificial fires, do tapasya, go on pilgrimages, read the Vedas and scriptures are all the path of devotion. No one can come to Me through any of that. All have to come to play their part by the end. God, the Father, is One. He alone is Karankaravanhar. This is why He enables the golden aged, original, eternal deity religion to be established through Brahma. Human beings cannot be called Karankaravanhar. God alone is called the Creator and Director. He continues to give directions to you children. Directions are called knowledge. He Himself sits here and explains to you children. The soul sees through these eyes. The soul resides in the centre of the forehead and speaks through the mouth. Only when the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, comes can He speak knowledge through the mouth. He says: I am sitting in the chariot as the Charioteer. I teach you easy Raja Yoga. You are Raj Rishis. There isn't any human being who would say: Beloved children, you are Raj Rishis. No one except the Father has the power to say this. Only the Father says: O children. This one's soul also listens. He says to this one too: O child, you are a Raj Rishi. I have to give you teachings for the kingdom. I gave you knowledge 5000 years ago. I come to give you teachings every 5000 years. No sage Or holy man can say this. Only the Father says this. He is also called the Boatman. He truly liberates you from the ocean of poison and takes you to the ocean of milk. You will remain seated there in great comfort. You now know that the Father says. I enter the body of Brahma. Then this Brahma and Saraswati become the form of Vishnu. You become the masters of the land of Vishnu. These are incognito matters. Only you children know them. No one else knows them. When someone comes, first of all explain to him that God, the Father, is One, and so surely all the rest are His children. There is only the one Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. He is the Seed of the human world tree. The God of all the devotees gives everyone happiness. Here, in the iron age, everyone is very unhappy. Human beings are crying out in distress. In the golden age, there is no question of sorrow. Here, there are so many devotees throughout the whole world. All of these temples and mosques etc. are the paraphernalia of the path of devotion. They don't exist in the golden age. That is the devotion cult and this is the knowledge cult. When the night begins, they first build the temple to Somnath. Therefore, when someone comes to you, first of all explain: God, the Father is One. It is only in Bharat that they sing: You are the Mother and Father. This is the Mother Father country. There are both the World Mother and the World Father. The Dilwala Temple has been built accurately. The images of Lakshmi and Narayan have been created accurately in the temples, but no one can make an image exactly like the original. They select an actor's image and use that. Those people ruled the kingdom in the golden age. People say that it used to be the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan in the golden age. There is no history of the childhoods of Lakshmi and Narayan. There is the history of Radhe and Krishna. They celebrate the birthday of Krishna, so what happened to the birthday of Narayan? They have then shown Krishna in the copper age. Radhe and Krishna are a princess and prince. Both live in their own kingdoms. They must definitely have married. There is no kingdom of Radhe and Krishna. There are the sun and moon dynasty kingdoms. The sun dynasty Krishna cannot enter the moon dynasty. People are very confused. Therefore, first of all, explain that God, the Father, is One. All those other fathers are limited. A wife was adopted and then children were born. He adopted the wife; He didn't give birth to the wife. The unlimited Father says: I enter this one and adopt him. How did God create the world? No one knows this. It isn't that annihilation takes place and that he then comes on a leaf in the ocean. If it were like that, how could Krishna alone create the world? In that case, a couple would be needed. A female would also be needed. However, there is nothing like that. The Father says: I adopt this one. All of you say: Baba, we are Your mouth born creation. I take the support of this mouth. I say: O child! You also say: O Shiv Baba! We were Your children and have become this once again. The Father says: I have brought the gift of Paradise for you children. You are sitting here in order to become the masters of heaven. This is Raja Yoga and a kingdom is being established. Other preceptors would not say: I establish the Christian kingdom or I establish the Sikh kingdom; no. You are receiving teachings to claim the kingdom of the new world. This is a wonder, is it not? God, the Father, is the Creator of heaven. So, we surely have the right to claim the kingdom of heaven from Him. You had the kingdom in the golden age. You now know how He creates the human world. God speaks: This is My mouth born creation. All the rest are the physical creation of Ravan. Those brahmins are born through the womb whereas you are the mouth born creation. You can explain that the children of Brahma are definitely Brahmins. Brahma is Prajapita Brahma, and so his children are also Brahmins. The children of Brahma are Brahmins. You Brahmins are the real children of Brahma. Brahmins are the highest of all. Brahmins are placed as the topknot. Just as they have omitted God, the Highest on High, from the Trimurti, in the same way, they have also omitted the highest on high Brahmins topknot. They don't show Brahmins in the variety form image. They simply speak of deities, warriors, merchants and shudras. First of all there are you Brahmins. You are doing so much service. The Highest on High is God and then there are you children who have been created by Him. Shiv Baba doesn't go to the new world; you go there. Shiv Baba says: I give you the kingdom and My name then disappears; I hide away. No one knows what I did or how I created the world. When a new person comes, you mustn't beat your head too much with him. First of all, give him the Father's introduction. He is the Creator of heaven; Deities were the masters of heaven. Then, after taking 84 births, they are now in the shudra clan. They are then made Brahmins. There are the different clans. There is also the picture of the variety form image. Along with the topknot of Brahmins, you have to show Shiva. Just as you show Shiva above the Trimurti, in the same way, you also have to show Shiva above the Brahmins. You have to explain that Shiv Baba creates Brahmins through Brahma. Then, from Brahmins, they become deities, then they become warriors, then merchants and then shudras. First of all, explain about Alpha to anyone who comes. That Father creates the world through this Brahma, and so all become brothers and sisters. All souls are children of Shiva. Then the human world is created. Therefore, first of all, there are Brahma and Saraswati, the Brahmins, and then they become the deities, warriors etc. This human world tree grows in this way. Everyone has forgotten that Father. Look, BapDada explains so clearly! Children also have to study. Achcha. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. We are Raj Rishis. Maintain the intoxication that God Himself teaches us Raja Yoga and gives us our inheritance of the kingdom. 

2.Burn your sins with the fire of yoga and become free from all illness for all time. Settle all the suffering of karma of this birth by staying in yoga. 

Blessing: May you be fortunate by becoming an instrument for service by transforming the suffering of karma into karma yoga. 

Karmic accounts of the body should never be experienced as obstructing your attainments or your path of effort. Your body should never stop you from doing service. A fortunate soul becomes an instrument for service of one type of another even at the time of the suffering of karma. Whether your suffering of karma is minor or major, do not expand its story. To speak about it means to waste your time and energy. A yogi life means to transform the suffering of karma into karma yoga; this is a sign of a fortunate soul. 

Slogan: Let there be mercy and good wishes in your vision of ego and insult will then finish. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Essence of Murli 25-04-2013

Essence: Sweet children, in order to become elevated, constantly continue to follow shrimat. Even Lakshmi and Narayan became elevated by following shrimat. 

Question: Why have people created the memorial of the Gaumukh (mouth of a cow) on the path of devotion? Why is there praise of the Gaumukh? 

Answer: Because, at the confluence age, the Father places the urn of knowledge on the mothers. Nectar of knowledge emerges from your mouths and everyone becomes pure through this. You mothers of Bharat are called incarnations of Shakti. You fulfil everyone's desires and this is why the memorial has been created. 

Song: Show the path to us blind ones, dear God! 

Om shanti. Children heard the song. Children on the path of devotion call out to the Father: We have become without sight or intellect, so show us the path! They remember their Father and call out: Oh Prabhuji! He is called the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. All human souls remember the Father. We are very unhappy in this impure world. We have been stumbling around from door to door. Wherever we go, we don't know the occupation of those we go to. People go to the Shiva Temple but they don't know who Shiva is. Wherever people go, they bow their heads there. They don't know who He is or when He came. Even when they go to the Lakshmi and Narayan Temple, they don't know when they came or how they claimed their kingdom. They don't know anything at all. When you go to Dilwala Temple, Adi Dev is sitting there, but no one knows who he was. People go to Jagadamba, but they don't know when she came or what she did. They simply go and bow down to her. They pray: Give me a child! Give me this! Give me that! They don't know anything at all. They go to that Gaumukh; they make so much effort to go up and down the steps. They don't know anything about what it is that is there. They have made a stone mouth of a cow and say that the Ganges emerges from the mouth of the cow. Nectar cannot emerge from the mouth of an animal. People go on pilgrimages, but they don't know anyone's occupation or when they came or what they did when they came. Why do they worship them? Because of not having an intellect, they call out "Oh Prabhu! Oh Baba!" because He is the Father of everyone. Human beings are said to have three fathers. One is Shiva, the Father of souls. The second is Prajapita Brahma, the creator of the human world, that is, the human genealogical tree. The third is their physical father. Devotees remember the one God: Come and show the path to us blind ones so that we become like that for all time. This iron age is the land of sorrow. The golden age is the land of happiness and the place from where we souls come when we come here to play our parts is called the land of peace. Here a soul receives the harmonium (instrument) of a body, these physical organs, through which he acts. The soul is imperishable and the body is perishable. A soul is a child of the parlokik Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. A body is a child of a physical father. The Father of all souls is just the One and you receive an inheritance by remembering Him. You cannot receive an unlimited inheritance of peace and happiness from any human being, no matter who it is. Even Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are called deities. The Supreme Soul is Shiva. It is said: Salutations to the Supreme Soul Shiva. It would not be said: Salutations to the Supreme Soul Brahma. So, no one knows the occupations of those to whom these temples have been built. The Highest on High is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva, and then the creation, Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar, is created. Shiva, the incorporeal One, is different from Shankar, the subtle deity. God is One. Explain this riddle very well. First of all, know the Father who is the Creator of heaven. People continue to stumble around on the path of devotion. Lakshmi and Narayan are the masters of heaven. There is constant happiness there. Here, all are unhappy. This world is impure. In the golden age Bharat was the pure household ashram. The king, queen and subjects were all pure. It is only the one Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who purifies the impure. Radhe and Krishna are the prince and princess of the golden age who become Lakshmi and Narayan after their marriage. Heaven is called Shivalaya. The Father is now purifying everyone through you mothers of Bharat on whom the urn of nectar is placed. There was the pure kingdom in Bharat and there is now the impure kingdom. Instead of the pure household ashram, it has become the impure household, and the Father has now come to make it pure. The Father speaks to souls: I, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, have come. Souls remained separated from the Supreme Soul for a long time. You have been separated for a long time. You have now become completely diseased, poverty stricken, worth a shell. If you now want to become the same as I am, then make effort. You mothers of Bharat are incarnations of Shakti. You consider Shiv Baba to be your Father. By having yoga with Him, you receive power through which you conquer the five vices and become conquerors of Maya and thus conquerors of the world. This is a play of victory and defeat. By understanding the world history and geography, you can become rulers of the globe. The Father gives you the inheritance of purity, peace and happiness for heaven. This is Raja Yoga. Hatha yogis cannot teach you Raja Yoga. You children are now receiving shrimat through which you are becoming elevated. You children of Ravan have become corrupt. Bharat has been following the dictates of Ravan and has become unhappy and poverty stricken. Jagadamba was the one who fulfilled everyone's desires. She too was a mother. Jagadamba made Bharat into heaven by following shrimat and this is why she is praised so much. You cannot become the masters of the pure world without adopting purity. The path of devotion continues for half the cycle. The Father now says: If you want to become a master of the pure world once again, then come and understand. You are now receiving shrimat and so you have to follow it. Mine is one Shiv Baba and none other. People take 84 births. You are Shaktis. By having yoga with Shiv Baba, you receive power. Otherwise, you can never become the masters of heaven. You receive an inheritance for 21 births at the confluence age from the parlokik Father and you therefore have to make effort. You also have to benefit your children. You will then become the masters of heaven. This is the school of Raja Yoga. God speaks: Children, I teach you Raja Yoga through which you will become kings of kings, the masters of heaven. Simply remember the Father and your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. The Father will send you to the land of happiness. The Father says: I alone come and take everyone back to the land of peace and the land of happiness. This devotion etc. does not exist in die golden and silver ages. There is limitless happiness there for 21 births. The Father now says: Conquer this Ravan. To get married for vice is to completely ruin yourself. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, has issued an ordinance: Become pure and you will become the masters of the world. If you want to go from this land of sorrow to the land of peace and happiness, then understand these matters. You know that only the Father, no human being, can be called God. That is wrong. God is only One. You children now know the biographies of the Supreme Soul Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar and Lakshmi and Narayan. You can become as elevated as Lakshmi and Narayan by following shrimat. You definitely do have to become pure. If you continue to remember the one Father by following the shrimat of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, and become pure, you will receive your fortune of the kingdom for 21 births. These are such easy matters! By understanding them, you can be liberated from the stumbling, weeping and wailing of the path of devotion for 21 births. You have to explain how the golden age is established and how this cycle then turns. Understand the history and geography of the whole world. Only human beings would understand this. You have to follow the shrimat of the one Father. Only the one Father has mercy for everyone. He is the Ocean of Knowledge and the Ocean of Happiness. He gives you mothers the urn of knowledge through which you can purify everyone. However, the water of the Ganges cannot purify anyone. You mothers are the sacred cows who receive the urn of knowledge. Here, this is a study. You have to study and become deities. There are the Brahmin, deity, warrior, merchant and shudra clans. The cycle of 84 births continues to turn in this way. By knowing this cycle, you can become the kings and queens who rule the globe. Achcha. 

To the beloved, long lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from Bap, Dada, and sweetest Jagadamba. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Sweet elevated versions of Mateshwariji - 01/01/57 

Expansion of the incorporeal world and the corporeal world. 

We now know from God Himself that one is the incorporeal world and the other is the corporeal world. The incorporeal world is called Brahmand, that is, it is the great element of eternal light, the supreme abode, which is the place of residence of us souls and the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. It is from that incorporeal world that God sends us souls to the corporeal world in order to play our parts. Just as there is the tree of Brahmand, in the same way, there is a tree of souls with bodies in the corporeal world. An example is given of a physical tree, of how the roots of that tree are underground. In the same way, the human world tree is said to be an inverted tree because the roots of the human world tree are up above in the incorporeal world. There, too, each religion's section is separate. In that world, there is no light of the sun or moon, but that world itself is a world of the element of eternal light, which is completely subtle compared to the physical elements. Just as the corporeal world is made up of the five elements - ether, air, fire, water and earth - and in that, the earth is a physical element and water is subtle compared to earth, more subtle than that is fire, more subtle than that is air and then there is the element of ether. Even more subtle than these five elements is the sixth great element of eternal light, which is in the incorporeal world, beyond this physical world, where we souls reside in our point form with our Supreme Father, me Supreme Soul. So, this physical world is separate from Brahmand. 

Annihilation never takes place on the earth. 

Annihilation never takes place on earth. People think that annihilation took place on this earth at some point; they think of it just like that. Annihilation means that water floods over all the earth. A new world is established and they show the beginning of that world and how the deity Shri Krishna comes at the beginning of the world, floating on a pipal leaf, sucking his thumb. Then the world is created in that way. That is why Kaag Bhushan (poet) has written: I have seen annihilation many times. This is easy and something for which you are able to use your intellects: When we say that annihilation means total flooding, it means that not a single person then remains on earth. It is said about Kaag Bhushan that he saw annihilation many times, so how can that be said to be annihilation? People don't know the meaning of annihilation. The correct meaning of annihilation is that the world has become unhappy because of so much impurity on the earth and there is annihilation of that impurity. The world then becomes pure, that is, the tamoguni world changes and becomes a satoguni world. This means that annihilation does not take place on the earth, but annihilation of the devilish defects takes place on the earth. Annihilation of human beings does not take place. If there were to be annihilation of the world, should we then consider the versions of God mentioned in the Gita that the world continues eternally to be false? Definitely, there is destruction of the old world, of the tamoguni world, and then the new, satoguni world is established. So, the tasks of destruction and establishment take place at the same time. So, we wouldn't say that there is annihilation in the world, but heaven and hell are established on this world itself. However, when it is heaven, there is no hell and when there is hell, there is no heaven. Heaven is said to be the place where the pure deities reside and hell is the land of mortality where impure human souls reside. So, there is annihilation of impurity. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. Follow shrimat with the power of purity and serve Bharat to make it into heaven. Tell everyone the ordinance of the one Father: Become pure and you will become the masters of the pure world. 

2. Give everyone the introduction of the three fathers and show them the way to go from the land of sorrow to the land of peace and the land of happiness. Free everyone from wandering around. 

Blessing: May you constantly receive the divine sustenance of blessings and thereby experience an easy and elevated life and have the fortune of happiness. 

At the confluence age, BapDada sustains all the children through three relationships. In the relationship of the Father, He sustains us with the awareness of the inheritance. In the relationship of the Teacher, He sustains us with teachings. In the relationship of the Satguru, He sustains us with the experience of blessings. Everyone receives these at the same time. Through this divine sustenance, you will continue to experience an easy and elevated life. The words 'labour' and 'difficult' should finish and you can then be said to have the fortune of happiness. 

Slogan: Along with being loving to the Father, to be loving to all souls is truly having good wishes. 


मुरली सार:- ''मीठे बच्चे-श्रेष्ठ बनने के लिए सदा श्रीमत पर चलते रहो, लक्ष्मी-नारायण भी श्रीमत से इतने श्रेष्ठ बने हैं'' 

प्रश्न:- भक्ति में गऊमुख का यादगार क्यों बनाया है? गऊमुख का गायन क्यों है? 

उत्तर:- क्योंकि संगम पर बाप ने ज्ञान का कलष माताओं के ऊपर रखा है। तुम्हारे मुख से ज्ञान अमृत निकलता है जिससे सब पावन बन जाते हैं। तुम भारत माताओं को ही शक्ति अवतार कहा जाता है। तुम सबकी मनोकामनायें पूर्ण करती हो इसलिए यादगार बना हुआ है। 

गीत:- नयन हीन को राह बताओ... 

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:- 

1) पवित्रता के बल से, श्रीमत पर चल भारत को स्वर्ग बनाने की सेवा करनी है। सबको एक बाप का आर्डीनेंस सुनाना है कि पवित्र बनो तो पवित्र दुनिया के मालिक बनेंगे। 

2) हर एक को तीन बाप का परिचय दे, दु:खधाम से शान्तिधाम और सुखधाम में चलने की राह दिखानी है। भटकने से छुड़ाना है। 

वरदान:- वरदानों की दिव्य पालना द्वारा सहज और श्रेष्ठ जीवन का अनुभव करने वाले सदा खुशनसीब भव 

बापदादा संगमयुग पर सभी बच्चों की तीन संबंधों से पालना करते हैं। बाप के संबंध से वर्से की स्मृति द्वारा पालना, शिक्षक के संबंध से पढ़ाई की पालना और सतगुरू के संबंध से वरदानों के अनुभूति की पालना.. एक ही समय पर सबको मिल रही है, इसी दिव्य पालना द्वारा सहज और श्रेष्ठ जीवन का अनुभव करते रहो। मेहनत और मुश्किल शब्द भी समाप्त हो जाए तब कहेंगे खुशनसीब। 

स्लोगन:- बाप के साथ-साथ सर्व आत्माओं के स्नेही बनना ही सच्ची सद््भावना है। 


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Essence of Murli 24-04-2013

Essence: Sweet children, the happiness of this iron aged world is like the droppings of a crow. This world is now about to go and you must therefore have no attachment to it. Remove your attachment to it. 

Question: Which children cannot connect the love of their hearts to this old world? 

Answer: Those who are obedient, faithful and have faith in the intellect cannot have love in their hearts for this old world because it is in their intellects that this world is about to be destroyed. This pomp of Maya is a game of magic. It now has to be destroyed. Dams will burst, there will be earthquakes, the ocean will swallow the land. All of this is to happen; it is nothing new. If you remember your sweet home and sweet kingdom, your heart cannot be attached to this world. 

Song: What can storms do to those whose Companion is God ! 

Om shanti. This is a song based on faith. When you belong to the Father and He comes, He comes and becomes our Companion. You children know that the storms of destruction come when the Father comes. The Father comes to destroy the old world and establish the new world. There will be earthquakes and the ocean will swallow the land from below and rain will swallow the land from above. All of this is to happen. They have just created the song. You children, who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan, know that the old world truly is to be destroyed. The Father has come to establish the new world. He makes Brahmins into the masters of the whole world. He enables the old world to be destroyed and gives you children the kingdom of the whole world as your inheritance. You know that you receive the inheritance from the Father of becoming masters of the new world. This old world is of no use. People think that heaven is now created, but all of that is the splendour of Maya. All of those things are just glitter (gilded). The whole kingdom is like rolled gold. It is like a mirage and people become happy with that. Earlier, when it was the kingdom of the Muslims, there weren't any aeroplanes or motors etc. All of this is the splendour of Maya. They make so many plans. You children know that all of this is to be destroyed. There will be earthquakes and dams will burst with flood water everywhere. People think that all of these things will bring happiness, but they will all only bring sorrow. These aeroplanes are also such that they cause sorrow; bombs will be dropped from them. Children forget all these things and this is why their hearts become attached to the old world. Those who are obedient, faithful and complete helpers of the Father, those who have total and firm faith in the intellect, know that whatever happens, none of those things are new. The destruction of the old world has taken place many times before and it will definitely happen again. Those people think that many new things are being invented and that heaven is being created. However, only you children know that all of this is a game of magic. Just as when they polish old gold and make it shine, in the same way they paint this old world and make it beautiful. They continue to make plans for this everywhere. They are not even aware that destruction is going to take place. Only you Brahmins know that the old world is to be destroyed. People say: This old world will be destroyed and then God will come and establish the new world. First of all, He will create Brahma and then the human world will be created through him. However, they don't know when that will happen. The Father sits here and explains to only you children. Shrimat is from God. When you speak of shrimat, it should be understood that these are the elevated directions of God alone. Shrimat cannot be said to be of Brahma or Vishnu. Human beings don't know how God comes and gives shrimat through the body of Brahma. Since they think that he is a resident of the subtle region, they don't understand how Brahma comes down below. Therefore, because of not knowing any of these things, they have mentioned Krishna's name. It is not possible that Krishna has an ordinary form for God to enter him. No one knows these things. The father says: I too adopted many gurus but I didn't know anything. I forgot who had given shrimat. The incorporeal One is the most elevated of all and shrimat is from Him. People say: Salutations to Shiva. His praise is limitless. Only you children know these things. It takes so much effort to make all of these things sit in someone's intellect. Devotees now need God's directions. This is fixed in the drama. The God of the Gita came and gave the devotees directions. So, how can devotees be uplifted? Devotees say that God is omnipresent. If devotees are God, just what would their condition be? The Father sits here and explains that God is just the One and that He comes to protect the devotees. At this time, all human beings are in Ravan's cottage of sorrow. No human being, sage or holy man can give you protection. God has to protect the devotees. People don't know that they are living in the impure world of hell. Heaven is called the pure world. Only a handful out of multimillions will understand these things. Only you long lost and now found children of the previous cycle will come. You become long lost and now found every cycle. Some become this completely and some are eaten raw by Maya. Because they don't remember the Father, the vices quickly come to them. When the first vice of body consciousness comes, there would then be a desire for the others too. This is why the Father says: Become soul conscious, bee everyone has to return home. Here, there is nothing but sorrow. The happiness of the iron aged work, is like the droppings of a crow. Sannyasis say this and you also understand it. You children know heaven and hell. There is no happiness in hell. To have attachment to anyone in hell is to destroy your own state. Do not be attracted to anything. You should explain that this old world is to end. This world is of no use when body consciousness comes, your heart first becomes attached to someone. Those who are soul conscious will remain beyond this old world. Their renunciation is limited whereas your renunciation is unlimited. We are forgetting this old world. It is one that gives total sorrow. However, there is only a little more for us to do in this world, for it is almost finished. Otherwise, you are guests for only a few more days. So Brahmins themselves say: We are guests for a few days in this old world. We will go to our sweet home and .sweet kingdom and experience happiness there. We now have to leave. This old world is to become a graveyard. Therefore, forget everything including your body. This body is an old shoe that has to be renounced. You have to stay in yoga. Your lifespan will increase by staying in yoga and you will claim your inheritance from the Father. The lifespan of those who are body conscious cannot increase. They have love for the body. If someone's body is beautiful, he or she has love for the body. They would massage it very well just as they polish vessels. The more you stay in yoga, the more the soul will become worthy of claiming a new vessel. No matter how much soap, Vaseline, powder etc. you put on the body, it is still an old body. No matter how much you repair an old building it still looks like a derelict building and this body is also like that. If you talk to yourself in this way, your heart will be attached to the Father and the inheritance. You mustn't attach your heart to anything else. I am a soul and I am going to go to the Father. By remembering the Father, you will continue to benefit and your lifespan will continue to increase. The soul understands: I am becoming pure with the power of yoga. This body of mine is of no use. Even though sannyasis remain pure, their bodies are still impure. Here, no one's body can be pure. There, their bodies are not created through poison. Only you children know these things. If creation took place in heaven through vice, why would it be called viceless? There, both souls and bodies are pure. You know that, at this time, even the five elements are iron aged and so you receive bodies accordingly. There is then illness etc. There, your bodies cannot become ill. All of these things have to be understood. There, your bodies are new. The elements become satopradhan. There, there is no medicine etc. The bodies shine all the time. Their bodies become as pure as gold. Now, they are like iron. It is a wonder how the body changes even though it is not polished. The body really does become as pure as gold and that is called golden aged. Their bodies are not of gold. Lakshmi and Narayan are called the Lord and Lady of Divinity. Look how satopradhan their bodies are. They are praised so much. Now, even these five elements are tamopradhan. Bodies here are created through poison. There, it is a matter of the power of yoga. Children will definitely be viceless in heaven. Lust, the great enemy, doesn't exist there. The Father says: This lust causes you sorrow from its beginning through the middle to the end. That is called the completely viceless world and this is called the completely vicious world. All have these five evil spirits in them. You can attain victory over these five evil spirits when you have yoga with the Almighty Authority Father and with this power of yoga you become the masters of the world. Therefore, you are the incognito Shiv Shakti Army. The army is having yoga with Shiv Baba and receiving power. That Almighty Authority Father is the one God father who establishes the kingdom of heaven. He comes to make you into the masters of heaven. You are now not worthy of heaven. I come every cycle and make you children worthy of ruling the kingdom of heaven. You are now masters of hell. People say: So and so died and became a resident of heaven. They don't understand at all that they are in hell. In fact, no one knows about heaven. It is said: This is heaven for those who have a lot of wealth and prosperity. Oh! but there are so many illnesses etc. So, how could this place be called heaven? The golden age is called heaven. There is no heaven in the iron age. The Father has explained that this is the vicious world. Every woman is Draupadi and Parvati. The Lord of Immortality is telling every woman the story of immortality. Every Draupadi will be saved from being stripped. The unlimited Father sits here and explains these things. That is the viceless world, the totally viceless world where there is no vice at all. A soul comes and enters a womb and it is completely pure at that time. The soul that comes is pure and he therefore doesn't experience any punishment in the womb. Here, everyone receives punishment. Achcha. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. Consider yourself to be a guest in this world. Become soul conscious and remain beyond the old world and your old body. 

2. Cleanse the soul and the vessel, the body, with yoga. This body is of no use. Therefore, don't have attachment to it. 

Blessing: May you be an idol of contentment who attains the throne of the future kingdom with the certificate of contentment. 

"I have to remain content and make everyone content". This slogan should be constantly written on the board of your forehead because those who have this certificate will claim the certificate of the future kingdom.Every morning at amrit vela, bring this slogan into your awareness. Just as you write a slogan on a board, in the same way, constantly keep this slogan on the board of your forehead and everyone will become an idol of contentment. Those who are content are constantly happy. 

Slogan: Only those who interact with others with love and contentment become idols of contentment. 

Essence of Murli 23-04-2013

Essence: Sweet children, clean the cloth of the soul with Lux (aim) soap. Let no dirt remain inside you. 

Question: Which deep philosophy of kanna do effort making children know and therefore always remain engaged in their efforts? 

Answer: There is a burden of sinful actions of many births on souls and also many strong sanskars. Those sanskars cannot be transformed without yoga. Souls have become completely dirty by performing sinful actions. This is why you have to make the effort to become clean. Souls cannot be cleansed except with remembrance. Storms will come in remembrance, but no matter how many storms come, such souls will always remain engaged in their efforts. 

Song:I am a small child, You are the Almighty Authority!.... 

Om shanti. Those who come and belong to the Father say: O Baba, I am a new young child. Someone may be one month old, another eight days old. Here, all are young. New children would say that they are young. Some are 20 years old and some are 15 years old; they continue to grow. They say: I have become Your child, but I am a young child. Give me my inheritance! Shower knowledge on me! There is the shower of knowledge. This one is called the Lucky Chariot. The one who brought the Ganges of knowledge and the nectar of knowledge has many names. He is called Bhagirath (Lucky Chariot), Arjuna and also Daksh Prajapati. There is just the one Father of the People who gives everyone an aim. Many children whose clothes are completely dirty and old come. All clothes are different. Some are so worn out that they are torn apart when being washed. The Father says: This laundry started so many years ago. He has been washing the clothes all this time. Some have become clean whereas others, no matter how much you wash them, remain dirty. When you beat them hard with the stick of knowledge they are torn apart. They then run away. It is understood of those who do not become clean, who do not become pure and purify others, that it is not in their fortune. Those who become good also wash the clothes of others. This is also a laundry. When a soul becomes pure he receives a pure body; he becomes beautiful from ugly. All are ugly at this time. The Father has come to make you into emperors of emperors from sinful souls. You come to know everything about this birth, but you are not aware of anything of your previous births. When you explain to others and they still don't realise or reform themselves, it is then understood that perhaps they were very impure previously and that is why their sanskars are unable to be reformed. It is like when water is sprinkled onto a hot griddle and it dries up completely. God comes and cleanses you with Lux soap. Each one's pulse is felt. The Father explains to you very easily: Children, by remembering Me, you souls will continue to become pure. You also have to become conquerors of attachment. The Father is the most beloved. Devotees have been doing devotion from the copper age for half the cycle. They are the ones who are then going to become deities. You are able to know this. The Father says: While walking and moving around, remember Me, your Father. For instance, when a kumar and kumari become engaged to one another, they remember each other. Here, some even leave the Bridegroom and become those who run away. You don't even remember the Bridegroom who makes you into the masters of heaven! No one else could say this. I have come to uplift souls as sinful as Ajamil, exactly as I did in the previous cycle. The clothes of some are good but others are dirty. A wife says: Baba, make me pure and clean. Her husband would say: I can't stay without vice. So, there is then a quarrel. Innocent ones are assaulted so much. Those who don't become pure create many obstacles. No one can stop sannyasis (from leaving their homes). Even the Government cannot tell them: Who is going to look after your children etc? Here, there is a quarrel because of this. One becomes pure and the other remains as sinful as Ajamil. Those whose intellects have firm faith are not concerned about anyone else. They become complete destroyers of attachment. They would even kick aside a kingdom. On the path of devotion, there is the example of Meera. There are many such examples on the path of devotion. Here, there are scarcely any such examples. Yes, such ones will emerge who would say: I want to become pure. They would instantly say: I am not bothered about the kingdom. Just as those kings were not bothered about their queens and left them, in the same way, now such queens will emerge who won't be bothered about the kings. I am going to become a master of heaven! The names of the kings who adopted renunciation are mentioned on the path of devotion. This is now the path of knowledge. Each one of you can understand to what extent you have become a laundryman. Why should you not become a good laundryman? Even amongst laundrymen it is numberwise. Abroad, they send their clothes somewhere else for washing and so they must definitely be washed very well. It is the same here. Some become clean very quickly and begin to follow shrimat. They become pure and also make others pure. When men don't become pure, the women have to tolerate so much. Nowadays, one has to be very careful because each human being is influenced by the five vices. Under the influence of anger, people cause a lot of damage. They say: Baba, I was influenced. They have arrogance of die body. When there is arrogance of the body, other vices also come. If you don't consider yourself to be a bodiless soul and remember the Father, your register will be spoilt. Storms will come in your mind, but you mustn't perform those acts through your physical organs. The Father says: To become a master of the world is not like going to your aunty's home! Lakshmi and Narayan became the masters of heaven and so they must have made some effort. The Father truly sits here and makes you into kings and queens of heaven, and so you have to follow His shrimat. Shrimat (elevated directions) are from the one Father, whereas ail others are directions from evil spirits. As soon as you forget shrimat, those evil spirits come. Maya quickly attacks you and makes you feel ashamed . You have to check yourself: How dirty am I? Good children like Kumarka etc. are doing service. Children go to wash the dirty impure clothes and enable others to conquer the five vices. The evil spirit of lust enters some and they completely defame the name. When they become dirty, they are no longer called BKs. Their register becomes completely spoilt. Baba beats them (the dirty clothes) with a stick so much in order to cleanse them. He says: Remember the Father and the clothes will be cleansed. Otherwise, the evil spirits will continue to come. If you are unable to imbibe, then understand that you are very dirty and that perhaps you were very bad in your previous birth. One should be ashamed. If you don't make effort, you remain dirty and won't become worthy. You come here to become worthy. If you are good cloth you will become part of the sun and moon dynasties. Baba has now given you unlimited, broad intellects. You now know the cycle of the whole world. People say: Oh Purifier! Therefore, He must surely be the One and only One who is called Heavenly God, the Father. He is the Incorporeal. It is now 5000 years since this laundry was last opened. Baba says: I open this laundry in Bharat every 5000 years. Through this yoga, you will become ever pure and you won't then become impure for 21 births. Maya doesn't exist there. You cannot go to Paradise without becoming pure. Many become subjects, but you mustn't be content with that. It is remembered: You are the Mother and Father and we are Your children. We receive a lot of happiness of becoming royalty, not of becoming subjects, through Your mercy. Tins is the land of sorrow. However, some are wealthy because they have performed good actions. This is the worldly kingdom whereas the kingdom of heaven is parlokik. You children know how both these kingdoms are received. The Father says: By following My shrimat, you won't experience punishment for 21 births. It isn't that you can leave your job etc. and come and sit here. Since your children etc. are your creation, you have to look after them. There is profit and loss in business. You have the reward in the golden age; there is no question of profit or loss there. Here, you profit so much through shrimat that there is no mention of loss for 21 births. By not taking the full knowledge, you receive a low status. By following shrimat you become conquerors of attachment and you thereby claim a good status. Such ones are respected here. You are to receive the kingdom numberwise, and so you should follow the mother and father. The mother and father learn actions and also teach you. They say: Follow shrimat and do not indulge in vice. Observe the precautions. They continue to give you many wise methods. Baba is the imperishable Surgeon whereas all the rest are patients. You become His helpers. You are assistant surgeons, numberwise. Shiv Baba alone is the cleverest imperishable Surgeon. It is numberwise amongst surgeons too: some earn hundreds of thousands whereas others are not even able to earn enough to feed themselves. Some let go of the Father's hand whilst moving along, and so it is said that they are dirty impure clothes. Their sanskars of many births pull them and so they are unable to imbibe knowledge. They are not coloured by knowledge. That too is the drama. Baba comes to give you happiness. Holy men will also be taken back to their own section in the land of nirvana. The original eternal deity religion of Bharat has disappeared. They have become corrupt in their religion and action. There is no one worthy to be called a deity remaining any more. It is because they don't exist that I come and create them. Therefore, I definitely also have to take souls of other religions back. People only wish to go to the land of liberation. The Father says: I have come for this. So, you children have to ask yourselves: Was I so impure previously that I am unable to imbibe knowledge? If you are unable to be seated on the throne of Mama and Baba, you will become maids and servants. The Father says: I have come to purify the impure. I have taken the support of this body. How else would I purify the impure? You children would say: We deities are becoming pure through the Father. We haven't become that as yet; we are effort makers. You have to follow shrimat and become elevated. Only the Father gives this knowledge. Only God, the Father, is called the knowledge full One. He is the One who gives you the information of the whole of Brahmand, the incorporeal world, the subtle region, the corporeal world and the beginning, middle and end of the world. You too become knowledge full. Some become knowledge full whereas others don't imbibe anything at all. It would be understood that it is not in their fortune. Good children make good effort very well. However you have to look after your home and family. In Karachi, they had the bhatthi for 14 years. Whilst those clothes were being washed, some became very clean and beautiful; some were torn apart and others remained dirty. Nowadays, they are hardly able to stay here for seven days. Earlier, there was the total bhatthi. If the bhatthi hadn't been there, you wouldn't have been prepared. Bricks are baked in a bhatthi (furnace). Some remain weak and some are broken. It is the same here. Many clothes are torn apart; by not following shrimat they are unable to be cleansed. You souls are now engaged to the Supreme Father. Shiv Baba says: I am ever pure. Continue to remember Me and you will continue to become pure. Practise this whilst living at home with your family. Those who are good children will start practising this very quickly; they will remain happy. They will stay awake at night and wash their souls. They believe that they will receive pure clothes by becoming pure. This is why Baba says: Become conquerors of sleep. Remember the Father and you souls will become pure. The time at amrit vela is very good. Baba advises you to remember Him at that time. If you feel sleepy, then put oil in your eyes, that is, make effort. You receive shrimat to remember Baba. Even though Maya brings storms, just continue to remember Baba. Achcha. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. Become a complete destroyer of attachment by following shrimat. Follow the precautions and interact with wisdom. Don't allow your register to be spoilt. 

2. Become a conqueror of sleep and especially stay in remembrance of the Father at amrit vela to cleanse the soul. Purify the soul with knowledge and yoga. 

Blessing: May you be a volcanic form and give the experience of spirituality by becoming an embodiment of power. 

Until now, there has been the attraction of the Father, the Flame. The Father's task is being carried out and the children's task has been incognito. However, when you are stable in your form of power, souls who come into connection with you will then experience spirituality. Those who say that this is good will be inspired to become good when all of you collectively become volcanic forms and lighthouses. When the stage of master almighty authorities is visible on the stage, everyone will then begin to circle around you like moths. 

Slogan: Only those who warm up their physical senses in the fire of yoga become completely pure. 

मुरली सार:- ''मीठे बच्चे - लक्ष्य सोप से आत्मा रूपी वस्त्र को साफ करो, अन्दर में कोई भी मैल नहीं रहनी चाहिए'' 

प्रश्न:- पुरुषार्थी बच्चे कर्मों की किस गुह्य गति को जानते हुए पुरुषार्थ में सदा तत्पर रहते हैं? 

उत्तर:- आत्मा पर अनेक जन्मों के पाप कर्मो का बोझ है, अनेक कड़े संस्कार हैं, उन संस्कारों को बिगर योग के परिवर्तन नहीं किया जा सकता। आत्मा पाप कर्म करते-करते बिल्कुल मैली हो चुकी है इसलिए इसको साफ करने की मेहनत करनी है। वह याद के सिवाए साफ नहीं होगी। याद में तूफान भी आयेंगे लेकिन कितने भी तूफान आयें वह पुरुषार्थ में सदा लगे रहेंगे। 

गीत:- मैं एक नन्हा सा बच्चा हूँ... 

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:- 

1) श्रीमत पर पूरा नष्टोमोहा बनना है। परहेज और युक्ति से चलना है। रजिस्टर खराब होने नहीं देना है। 

2) नींद को जीतने वाला बन अमृतवेले विशेष आत्मा को साफ बनाने के लिए बाप की याद में रहना है। ज्ञान-योग से आत्मा को पावन बनाना है। 

वरदान:- अपने शक्ति स्वरूप द्वारा अलौकिकता का अनुभव कराने वाले ज्वाला रूप भव 

अभी तक बाप शमा की आकर्षण है, बाप का कर्तव्य चल रहा है, बच्चों का कर्तव्य गुप्त है। लेकिन जब आप अपने शक्ति स्वरूप में स्थित होंगे तो सम्पर्क में आने वाली आत्मायें अलौकिकता का अनुभव करेंगी। अच्छा-अच्छा कहने वालों को अच्छा बनने की प्रेरणा तब मिलेगी जब संगठित रूप में आप ज्वाला स्वरूप, लाइट हाउस बनेंगे। मास्टर सर्वशक्तिमान् की स्टेज, स्टेज पर आ जाए तो सभी आपके आगे परवाने समान चक्र लगाने लग जायें। 

स्लोगन:- अपनी कर्मेन्द्रियों को योग अग्नि में तपाने वाले ही सम्पूर्ण पावन बनते हैं। 


Monday, April 22, 2013

Essence of Murli 22-04-2013

Essence: Sweet children, you are on a wonderful spiritual pilgrimage while sitting at home.Your pilgrimage is one of the intellect.Continue to move forward on this pilgrimage while performing actions and you will become pure. 

Question: What slippery and subtle things do you only hear about at this time on this path of knowledge? 

Answer:You know that all of you males and females are souls, brides of the one Supreme Soul, Shiva. The Bridegroom is the one God. Then, in terms of the body. We are Shiv Baba's grandsons and granddaughters. We have a full right to his property. We claim our Grandfather's property of constant happiness for 21 births. This is a very slippery aspect. 

Song:Our pilgrimage is unique... 

Om shanti. Those on the path of devotion have composed this song about the physical pilgrimage and the spiritual pilgrimage. They remember those who existed in the past. All human beings only know about physical pilgrimage. You can see that they have been going there for birth after birth. They only keep Badrinath, Shrinath etc. in their intellect. You children have also been remembering physical pilgrimages and you still remember them. You have been going on pilgrimages for birth after birth. You children now have knowledge of the spiritual pilgrimage in your intellect. The yoga of people's intellect is with corporeal pilgrimages. Your intellect's yoga is with the spiritual pilgrimage. There is the difference of day and night. You are now moving forward on the spiritual pilgrimage. You are on this wonderful pilgrimage while sitting at home. Would anyone be able to understand this pilgrimage? When you occupy yourself in your business etc. you don't remember it that much. However, when you sit down to churn the ocean of knowledge you would remember very well that you are on a pilgrimage. This knowledge is very easy. You children understand what the Purifier Father must truly be doing. There would definitely be a pilgrimage to make everyone pure. That is the sweet land of nirvana, which all devotees remember. No one knows whether God has to come to us or whether we have to go to God. They believe that their guru and their ancestors have gone to the land of nirvana or the incorporeal world. OK, what did they do there then? Did they just sit there? They don't know what happened at all. They simply say that so and so went beyond to the land of nirvana or that the light merged with the light, that the waves merged into the ocean. They know nothing of how the world cycle turns. The Father now explains to you: Only once, in this final birth, do you go on the spiritual pilgrimage. You can call it the spiritual pilgrimage or the pilgrimage of souls. First of all, you children have the faith that you are souls. It is said that embodied souls experience sorrow. Therefore, at this time, when souls are with their bodies, they are brides, looking for the Father. Males and females are all brides. Generally, a male would not be called a bride. However, these are very deep slippery aspects. You consider yourselves to be Shiv Baba's grandchildren, that is, when you are in a body, you are grandsons and granddaughters. Baba has explained that you have a right to the Grandfather's property. If a father is wealthy but his son is unworthy, it is possible that the father wouldn't give his property to his son. However, the Grandfather's property is in the royal family from the beginning of time. In the golden and silver ages you will be using your Grandfather's property. You are now claiming your property from the Grandfather. The Grandfather's property is so great! You claim the property of constant happiness for 21 births. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is the Grandfather. Brahma is called Baba. You say that you are claiming this property from your Grandfather. How much of the Grandfather's property you receive depends on how much effort you make. Just as this mother and father, Jagadamba and Jagadpita, are making effort, in the same way, you are also becoming just as elevated by making the same effort. You claim the full property from the Grandfather. You receive a kingdom. You know how long that sovereignty lasts. There are so many points. If you explain to anyone in this way, they would gradually be able to understand. There are definitely the two fathers. Everyone calls Prajapita Brahma father. Everyone believes in God. the Father. That senior One is the Grandfather and Brahma is His son. The name Brahma is very well known. Neither Vishnu nor Shankar can be called Prajapita. A creation would not be created in the subtle region. Brahma would definitely create Brahmins here. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, created the Brahmin community through the lotus lips of Brahma. Similarly, it would be said that Christ created the Christian community and that Abraham created the Islam community. Those names are mentioned. Shankaracharya also created a creation. Every tree has its branches and twigs. This is an unlimited tree. Its Creator, the Seed, is very well known. He is famous. The foundation is up above and the Seed is at the top. However, all the branches and twigs, that is, all the creation created by human beings would be said to be here. The Father Himself, the Seed, created this institution of Brahma Kumaris. He is the Seed, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, and He resides up above. It isn't that the seeds (the founders) of all the branches and twigs are at the top. These are very refined matters. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is always remembered up above. Christ would not be remembered up above. The name, form, place and time of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, are the same; they never change. The Father sits here and explains this very well. You children know that you are now changing from impure to pure. You don't always remain the same. At first you are 16 celestial degrees full and then you become 14 degrees and then the degrees continue to decrease. After the golden age, we continue to descend. At this time we are going to the very top. This is the path to go up and that is the path to come down. The praise of this One is very great. The Purifier is only One. Everyone remembers the One, but, because of not knowing Him fully, they remember bodily beings instead, because they have forgotten who the Purifier is. Surely, the One must be called that. This cannot enter the intellect of anyone except you children. Even among you, it is numberwise. You now understand that you are the grandchildren of the Grandfather and that you are sitting in Baba's home. That Grandfather is also present here. He would definitely incarnate here, would He not? You would say that your Grandfather is teaching you here. He comes from the supreme abode. That Grandfather of ours is spiritual whereas all other grandfathers are physical. So, the Grandfather says: You should jump with joy. Although kings and royalty are very wealthy, what does that Grandfather still give us? The sovereignty of heaven. You now understand these things. You then forget these things in the golden age. There, even Lakshmi and Narayan don't know who gave them the happiness of heaven. If they understood that, they would also understand what they were previously. These are very wonderful matters. Lakshmi and Narayan don't know who gave them their kingdom. Apart from you Brahmins, no one else knows this. Your status is even higher than that of the deities. Here, you receive the Grandfather's property. You know that this Brahma is truly the father and that the Grandfather enters his body. How else would He come to purify the impure? All souls come down from up above and adopt a body. He does not have His own body. All of these things are in the intellect of you children. He is called the Supreme Soul. This doesn't mean that God is larger and souls are smaller. There is no difference between the size of the Supreme Soul and souls. It isn't that God becomes smaller or larger. The Father says: I am so ordinary. My praise is very great because I come and make everyone pure from impure. I too am a soul. I give you the knowledge that I have in Me. It isn't that a soul becomes larger or smaller. Because souls don't have knowledge, they become dirty, they wilt; the lights are extinguished. Then, when the oil of knowledge is poured into them, the lights are ignited. However, what is a soul? It isn't a flame. A soul is just as cool as the Supreme Soul, He is the One who cools everyone down. It is remembered: Those whose limbs are cool. This one's limbs become cool when that One enters. He makes the one whom He enters very cool. You know how cool Baba is. Cool and hot. They have been burnt so much by sitting on the pyre of lust, don't even ask! Some are such sinful souls that, no matter how much knowledge you sprinkle on them, they don't cool down. So much effort has to be made on each one individually. Baba asks: Have you become cool? Sannyasis etc. would never ask this. Maya makes everyone impure; they continue to burn on the pyre of lust. You children know that you are children of Prajapita Brahma. Shiv Baba is the Grandfather and so you should receive His inheritance. There is one Baba and one Dada (Grandfather) and many children receive property from Him. No other human being can be called Prajapita. Shiv Baba is the Father of souls anyway. Now that you children are sitting personally in front of Him, you know that you are sitting with Shiv Baba. He is the Creator of heaven; He is your Grandfather. You are studying Raja Yoga from Him. You receive the property of heaven from your Grandfather so that you do not become poverty stricken for 21 births. You become very wealthy. Those who were worthy of worship deities have now become worshippers. You know that you claim your inheritance from Baba and that you will experience happiness for 21 births. You have claimed and lost your inheritance so many times. The day before yesterday you claimed your inheritance, yesterday you lost it and today, you are claiming it once again. You will then lose it again tomorrow. Only at this time do you know these things. At this time, you are becoming master oceans of knowledge through the knowledge full Father, the Ocean of Knowledge. You receive knowledge. It isn't that any of you become like a bright light. All of that is just praise. Similarly, it is Krishna's praise when it is said that there is light everywhere in the home when he takes birth. At that time, that was heaven, the day, anyway. There was light anyway. However, it isn't that light would emerge. That is just praise. In the same way, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is God, but all His praise is based on His acts. There has been praise of many. People say: So and so died and went to heaven. So, is heaven up above? In the Dilwala Temple, they portray heaven on the ceiling. Down below, there are Adi Dev and Adi Devi, Jagadpita and Jagadamba .Therefore, they are definitely sitting down below in hell. They are studying Raja Yoga to go to heaven. You children know that that is an accurate, identical memorial. We too have come and are sitting here. These are such wonderful matters! You children have come and belonged to the Grandfather and so your mercury of happiness should rise. You are becoming the masters of the pure world. No one can become a master of the world without making effort. That is physical effort whereas this is subtle. The soul has to make effort. Cooking chapattis and doing business etc. are all done by the soul. Baba is now engaging you souls in this spiritual business. Together with that, you also have to do your worldly business. You have to look after your children etc. Don't say: Baba, I belong to You; these are Your children and so You have to took after them! If Baba were to look after everyone, He wouldn't even be able to get a building that big. Even if He had hundreds of buildings as big as the Delhi Fort, where would He be able to keep so many children? That is not possible and the building would not have that capacity. The law is that you have to make effort while living at home with your family. If so many children were all to come here, how would everything continue? So, the Father says: Remember Me! You receive limitless treasures from the Grandfather. It is a matter of so much happiness! Not that much time remains. It is remembered: When Rama went, Ravan also went. In the future, you will continue to receive visions of what could possibly happen. As you come close to your home, you would see those trees etc. As you come closer, you would understand what is going to happen. Baba will also continue to give you knowledge. Achcha. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. Become as cool as the Father, sprinkle drops of knowledge and also serve to make human souls cool. 

2. Remember the Grandfather's property and stay in limitless happiness. Do spiritual business and claim the sovereignty of the world. 

Blessing: May you be a master teacher and give teachings to every soul through your every deed and word and while walking and moving around. 

Just as there are mobile libraries nowadays, in the same way, you are mobile master teachers. Constantly see your students in front of you; you are not alone, your students are always in front of you. You are constantly studying and also teaching others. A worthy teacher would never be careless in front of his students and would pay attention. Whether you are asleep, awake, walking or eating, understand at every moment that you are in a higher college and that your students can see you. 

Slogan:To make your sanskars completely pure with faith in the soul is elevated yoga.