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Essence of Murli 10-03-2013

10/03/13 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 27/02/96 

The Foundation of Truth is Purity and the Sign of this is Divinity on one's Face and in one's Activity. 

Today, the true Father, the true Teacher and the Satguru is seeing His children everywhere who are embodiments of the power of truth. The foundation of truth is purity, and the practical proof of truth is divinity on your face and in your activity. Many souls in the world call themselves truthful or consider themselves to be truthful, but complete truthfulness is based on purity. If there isn't purity, there cannot be constant truthfulness. So, what is the foundation of all of you? Purity. On the basis of purity, constantly being an embodiment of truth is natural and easy. Truth is not just speaking the truth and doing that which is truthful, but the first truth is that through which you received the power of purity or the power of truth.. Therefore, the first aspect is to know your true form: 1 am a soul. Previously, you did not know this true form. So, the first truth is to know yourself in your true form. Did you have the form of truth in terms of the physical body: "I am so-and-so or I am such-and-such?" To know the true form is firstly to know your own form and then to have the introduction of the Father. Do you know your own true form very well and do you have the Father's true introduction? Thirdly, you also know the world cycle in its true form: what this cycle is and what your part in it is! Do you now know your part well and very clearly? Your part is good, is it not? The best part is said to be that of the confluence age. However, compared to the souls of the world throughout the cycle, your parts of deity souls are also elevated. Even though the religious leaders and the great souls play their parts, those souls are not pure in both body and soul, whereas you deity souls are pure, both in body and in soul, which no other souls throughout the cycle are. So, no one apart from you souls has the elevated foundation of purity. Do you remember the part of the deity souls? Do you remember it? Do the Pandavas remember it? Deity souls have purity in a natural form. Mahatmas make other souls pure, but, on the basis of a lot of effort; it is not natural. Neither is it natural, nor is it part of their nature, whereas for you, you have a natural life of purity for half a cycle and you also have that nature, You do not make any effort there. The effort made here makes it natural there, because there is no name or trace of impurity there. You are not even aware that there is such a thing as impurity. This is why the practical form of your purity is that of the deities, that is, of divinity. At this time, no matter how truthful people of the world consider themselves to be, they still do not know the truth of their original form. They do not have the true introduction of the Father. So, you cannot call theirs the completely true form. You can only have the power of truth constantly when you have the awareness of the true form of yourself and the Father. So, your every thought will then be constantly true. At present, you even forget sometimes or, when you become body conscious, your thoughts are not constantly filled with the power of truth or the power of purity. Do you constantly have these types of thought or do you even have waste thoughts? Would you call waste thoughts truthful? You did not say anything false, so why would you not call them true? If someone were to say "I don't ever tell a lie, I always tell the truth", then the recognition of this truth is that there would constantly be divinity experienced in that one's thoughts, words, deeds, relationships and connections. You may be speaking the truth, but there isn't any divinity. You can see that someone repeatedly says: I am telling the truth, I am telling the truth, I am always truthful. However, if you are constantly truthful and yet there isn't that divinity in your words'or deeds, then others would not feel your truth to be the truth. They would feel that you are only trying to prove yourself; they would not be able to understand that that is the truth. In order to prove the truth, there is no need to try to prove it. If you prove your own truthfulness with stubbornness, that divinity would not be visible; it would only be something ordinary, which everyone in the world also does. BapDada gives the definition of truth in one slogan which you also heard from sakar Baba. What would one who is truthful look like? When there is truth, the soul dances. The soul will constantly dance in happiness. When you tiy to prove yourself with stubbornness, then if you observe your own or someone else's face, it would not be a face with happiness on it. The face would be filled with thoughts or sadness. It would not be a face of one who is dancing. Where there is truth, the soul dances in happiness. Days and nights spent in happiness are enjoyed very much, but if there is the slightest untruth mixed with the truth, life at that time would not be enjoyable. The meaning of truth is to be stable in your form of truth and then to create thoughts, speak words and perform deeds. 

Nowadays, people of the world clearly say for themselves: Nowadays, it is difficult for honest people to move along; they have to tell lies. However, at certain times, in certain situations, although Brahmin souls do not tell lies through their lips, you understand internally that, sometimes, you have to be very clever with others. That is not called a lie, but it is called cleverness. So, what is the cleverness? Of course you have to be this! So, those people tell lies clearly, whereas Brahmins tell them in a royal language. They then say:That was not my intention. It was neither my feeling nor my intention, but I had to do it; 1 have to interact in that way. However, you saw Brahma Baba, because he too was in the corporeal form. Of course, for the incorporeal One, you think: Father Shiva is incorporeal. He is sitting up above enjoying Himself; if He were to come down here, then He would know!' However, Brahma Baba, in his corporeal form, stayed with all of you. He was a student and he also had to withstand so much opposition for the sake of truth and purity. Did he move along with that cleverness? So many people advised him: Do not tell people directly that they have to remain pure. Instead, tell them that they just have to remain a little pure. However, was Brahma Baba afraid? In order for you to imbibe the power of truth, the power to tolerate is also essential. You have to tolerate, you have to bow down. You have to accept defeat. However, that defeat is not defeat. Although it feels like defeat at that time, it is victory for all time. 

With the power of truth, you are today celebrating the Diamond Jubilee, If you hadn't had purity or truth, then others would not have experienced on your face and in your activity the divinity that they experience today. Even if you are part of the infantry - it is numberwise after all - even if you are maharathis - not just those who are maharathis in name, but true maharathis, that is, those who move along with the power of truth, true maharathis- if you step away from the truth on seeing the external situations, saying: "I didn't say anything else, I just spoke a few words externally, I didn't mean that in my heart, I just spoke those few words physically", that is not being completely truthful. If because of truth you have to tolerate something, then that is not really tolerating. Externally you may feel that you are tolerating something, but that is being accumulated in your account in the form of the power of tolerance. Otherwise, what happens is that if someone is even a little weak in tolerating something, then he definitely has to take the support of falsehood. For that time, it feels as though he has found a support and that everything is all right, but he does not accumulate the power of tolerance in his account. Externally, he would feel that he is moving along very well, that he now knows the art of moving along cleverly. However, if he were to see his account, he would see that he has accumulated very little. Therefore, do not move along with this cleverness. Sometimes, you even move along while copying one another: this one is moving along in that way and her name has been glorified a lot; she has moved forward a great deal, whereas because we are honest and truthful we are left behind. However, that is not remaining behind; that is actually moving forward. In front of the Father, you are moving forward. Even if, in front of others, it seems as if you are moving backwards, with whom are you ultimately concerned? Are you concerned with the Father or with other souls? (With the Father.) So, to move forward in the Father's heart means to move forward in your reward for the whole cycle. However, if you copy souls here in moving forward, then you earn your name for this time, and you receive that regard. You come into the list of those who give lectures; you come into the list of those who look after centres, but it is only for this short time. You do not create a reward for the whole cycle. BapDada refers to this as: You made effort, a seed was sown and a tree grew, and you even received the fruit. However, you ate unripe fruit. The fruit of the reward is finished for all time. So do not copy others for temporary name, fame or honour. You may not earn a name here, but in the Father's heart, your name is ahead. Therefore, if you wish to become a diamond, then check yourself in all these aspects. Check that there isn't any type of flaw, even in a royal way, hidden in the diamond. So, with the power of truth, imbibe divinity. No matter what you have to tolerate, do not be afraid. The truth will automatically be revealed according to the time. You say: The boat of truth may rock, but it will not sink. In that case, it will take you to the shore. Therefore, be fearless! If you have to face anything, then keep Father Brahma's life in front of you. There were many situations of the world in front of Father Brahma, but there were also a variety of situations concerning the children. However, while remaining within the gathering and having responsibilities, he was victorious through the power of truth. Did Father Brahma not see the complications of the children? Souls with a variety of sanskars also came in front of Father Brahma. However, even while he had to tolerate all of those situations, the original stage of his power of truth made him completely perfect. 

So, what do all of you wish to become? This is not cleverness, is it? You speak very well, when you say: 1 didn't do anything. Of course, you also have to be a little clever, but for how long? So, now, imbibe the power to tolerate and face falsehood. Do not be influenced. Some think that they saw something in the maharathis and that it is the maharathis they have to follow, that Brahma Baba is not in front of them at the present time, that there are just the maharathis and so they followed them. However, even if the maharathis have mixed activity, if they too are moving along with cleverness, then the maharathis are not maharathis at that time. At that time, they are under bad omens. They are not maharathis. What slogan was it that the' Father gave? Follow the Father or follow the sister or brother. So, in performing practical deeds, keep Father Brahma in front of you, follow him, and, in becoming bodiless, follow the incorporeal Father. Even when there are very good children, they are following the Father. So, what do you have to do? Follow the father. Are you sure? Or, do you feel that, because you are getting a little advantage, you should take that and think that you will see about the future when it comes? Some even think: We may claim a low status in the golden age, but we will definitely be happy, because there won't be any sorrow there. At least we will have all- attainments! Even if we become the subjects of the subjects, we will not lack any attainments, and so let us take that pleasure now and we will see about the future later on. However, this temporary pleasure will also bring you a share of that punishment. So, do you accept that? Will you accept a little punishment? Will you also take that pleasure? No. 

So, remember all three things: purity, truth and divinity. Let there not be ordinary words, ordinary thoughts or ordinary deeds, but let there be divinity. Divinity means to perform deeds and create thoughts with divine virtues. This is divinity. When people ask, "What are sinful actions?", what do you tell them? To perform any deed under the influence of vice is a sin. This is what you understand, is it not? So divinity means to have thoughts, words and deeds based on divine virtues. So, do you understand the importance of truth? (Baba conducted drill.) 

Can you make yourself bodiless in a second? Why? How long did it take to have the thought, "I am a bodiless soul"? It took one second, did it not? So, every now and then throughout the day, continue to perform the drill: I am detached, bodiless and loved by the Father. You know how to do this, do you not? So, now, in one second, forget everything and become completely bodiless! ( BapDada conducted drill for five minutes.) Achcha. 

To all the souls everywhere who constantly keep the foundation of purity strong, to those who are constantly bringing about the golden age, that is, those who are spreading the vibrations of the power of truth throughout the world with their own power of truth, to those who constantly imbibe divinity in their thoughts, words and deeds; to the souls who have the natural practice of following the father, to such souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

Blessing: May you be an easy yogi who knows the importance of a full stop (dot) and so puts a full stop to the past. 

The easiest punctuation is a full stop. BapDada simply tells you the account of the dot. Become a dot yourself, remember the Dot and, after knowing about every scene of the drama, put a full stop. Know the importance of the dot and put a full stop to the past. Become a dot and you will become an easy yogi. In any case, you now have to become dots and return home. In the home, all of us reside in the dot form where thoughts, deeds and sanskars are all merged. 

Slogan: To be a karma yogi and remain in the stage of being up above while performing actions means to be a flying bird.

MURLI ENGLISH 10-03-2013
MURLI HINDI 10-03-2013

10-03-13 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज:27-02-96 मधुबन 

''सत्यता का फाउण्डेशन है पवित्रता और निशानी है-चलन वा चेहरे में दिव्यता'' 

वरदान:- बिन्दू की मात्रा के महत्व को जान बीती को बिन्दी लगाने वाले सहजयोगी भव 

सबसे सरल मात्रा बिन्दी है। बापदादा सिर्फ बिन्दी का हिसाब बताते हैं। स्वयं भी बिन्दु रूप बनो, याद भी बिन्दु को करो और ड्रामा के हर दृश्य को जानने करने के बाद बिन्दु की मात्रा लगा दो। इस बिन्दु की मात्रा के महत्व को जान बीती को बिन्दी लगा दो, बिन्दू बन जाओ तो सहजयोगी बन जायेंगे। वैसे भी अब बिन्दी बन घर जाना है। घर में सब बिन्दू रूप में रहते जहाँ संकल्प, कर्म, संस्कार सब मर्ज हैं। 

स्लोगन:- कर्मयोगी बन कर्म करते भी उपराम स्थिति में रहना अर्थात् उड़ता पंछी बनना। 

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