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Essence of Murli 07-03-2013

Essence: Sweet children, in order to become victorious jewels, die alive. Become soul conscious, and make effort to become the garland around the Father's neck. 

Question: Even though you children clearly understand the secret of the discus of self-realisation, why do you imbibe it numberwise? 

Answer: Because this drama is created very systematically. Only Brahmins can understand the 84 births and remember Baba. However, Maya causes obstacles in only remembrance for Brahmins; she repeatedly breaks your yoga. If everyone were to imbibe knowledge equally and pass easily, the rosary would be made up of hundreds of thousands. Therefore, because a kingdom is being established, everyone imbibes numberwise. 

Song: To live in Your lane and to die in Your lane. 

Om shanti. You children heard the song. This is the birth in which you die alive. When someone dies, the world ends for that person. When a soul departs, none of the maternal or paternal uncles remain either. It is said: He has died, that is, the soul has gone and merged into God. In fact, no one goes there, but people believe that the soul went back or merged into the light. The Father sits here and explains. You children know that souls have to take rebirth. Rebirth is called birth and death. It is possible that souls who come at the end only take one birth. They shed that body and then go back home. There is a big account where rebirth is concerned. There are millions of human beings. Baba cannot tell you the details of each one individually. You children now say: O Baba, we will now renounce all our bodily relations and become the garland around Your neck. That is, we have come to belong to You while alive. Effort has to be made with a body. A soul by itself (without a body) cannot make effort. The Father sits here and explains: When a sacrificial fire of Rudra is created, they make a large image of Shiv Baba out of clay. They also make many images of saligrams out of clay. What are those saligrams that people create and then worship? They believe Shiva to be the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. They keep Shiva as the main one. There are many souls. Therefore, they also create many saligrams. They would make 10,000 or even 100,000 saligrams. They make them every day and then break them and then make them again. This requires a lot of effort. Neither those worshippers nor the ones who have sacrificial fires created know who those saligrams represent. Are that many souls worthy of being worshipped? No. Achcha, even if you make 33 million saligrams to represent the people of Bharat, that too is not possible, because not everyone helps the Father. These are very deep matters and have to be understood. People spend four to five hundred thousand rupees in creating a sacrificial fire. Achcha, Shiva, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is right, but who are the children who are worshipped as saligrams? At this time, only you children know the Father and become His helpers. People also help. Those who remember Shiv Baba will definitely go to heaven. Although they may not give knowledge to anyone, they will still go to heaven. There will be so many of them but there are 108 main ones. Look Mama is such a great jewel! She is worshipped so much! You children now definitely have to become soul conscious. You have been body conscious for birth after birth. No human being would say: I, the soul, am a child of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. If you are His child, you should know His full biography. The biography of the parlokik Father is very great. So, children say: Baba, 1 will definitely die alive and become the garland around Your neck. There are big rosaries of souls. In the same way, there is also the biggest garland of the human world. Prajapita Brahma is the main one. He is also called Adam, Adi Dev, Mahavir. These are very deep things. You souls understand that all of you are children of the incorporeal Father, and that this is the genealogical tree of the human world. It is called the genealogical tree. When someone has the surname Agarwal, his children and grandchildren would also have the same surname. A family tree is created in this way. Gradually growing from one, the tree becomes big. All souls are the garland around Shiv Baba's neck. He is imperishable. There is also Prajapita Brahma. How is the new world created? Does annihilation take place? No, the world exists all the time. It is just that when it becomes old, the Father comes and makes it new. You now understand that you were the newest of all. You souls were new and pure. You souls were pure gold and, because of that, you also received golden jewellery (the body). That is called having an eternal (long-lasting) body. Here, the average lifespan of a person is 40 to 45 years. Some perhaps live up to the age of 100. There, your lives would not be less then 125 years on average. Your age is made like that of the kalpa tree. There is never untimely death there. You souls are children of Shiv Baba. Brahmins are definitely created through Brahma and they then create other people. First of all, you become Brahmins, the mouth-born creation of Brahma. There is one Shiv Baba, so then, where is the mother? This is a very deep secret. I come and adopt you children through this one. You die alive to the old world. When those people adopt children, they do so to give wealth. The Father adopts you to give you the inheritance of heaven. He makes you worthy. He will take you with Him. This is why you have to die alive to this old world. While living at home with your family, become pure and belong to the Father. We are residents of that place. Then, in the golden age, we will play our parts of happiness. The Father explains these things. They are not mentioned in the scriptures. The Father sits here and purifies you souls. He removes the dirt from souls. You receive the third eye of knowledge. They have then sat and created the story of the third eye. In fact, that refers to the present time. You now receive all the information of Brahmand and of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. The Father only comes once and explains to you. Sannyasis continue to take rebirth. This One simply comes and teaches you children. That is all! This is something new. These things are not mentioned in the scriptures. This is a very big college. The rule is first of all to understand very well for one week. You have to sit in the furnace. They have readings of the Gita or the Bhagawad for a week, and so they have to sit in the bhatthi (furnace) for seven days.. Everyone indulges in vice. Sannyasis leave their homes and become viceless. Nevertheless, they take birth through vice and then take up renunciation in order to become viceless. Some also believe in rebirth because they see the examples. Some shed their bodies having studied many Vedas and scriptures and so they take birth according to those sanskars. Therefore, they are able to recite scriptures in their childhood. They take birth and consider themselves to be impure. They would then take up renunciation to become pure. You become pure only once and become deities. You don't then have to renounce anything. So, their renunciation is limited. They themselves are unable to explain these things. Baba sits here and explains this. He is the most elevated Father and you have become His children. This is also a school and many new things emerge every day. He says: Today, I am going to tell you the deepest things of all. If you don't listen to Me, how would you be able to imbibe? The Father sits here and explains: Now that you belong to Me, shed the consciousness of the body. I have come as the Guide to take you back. You are the Pandava community.They are physical guides whereas you are spiritual guides. They take you on a physical pilgrimage whereas your pilgrimage is spiritual. They have given the Pandavas weapons and portrayed them on a battlefield. You children must now also have strength. When the number of you increases, your strength will also increase. The Father sits here and explains: I have adopted you through this Brahma. This is why He is called the Mother and Father. Everyone says: You are the Mother and Father and we are Your children. Achcha, He is called God, The Father. He is not called God, the Mother. So, how can you call Him the Mother? So, people then consider Jagadamba to be the Mother but no; she too has a mother and father. Who is her Mother? These are very deep matters. There is the praise, but who can give the proof and explain it to you? You know that that One is the Mother and Father. First of all there is the Mother. You truly definitely have to come to this mother Brahma first. I enter this one and adopt you. Therefore, this One is the Mother and Father. These things are not mentioned in the scriptures. The Father sits here and explains how you become the mouth-born creation. I create you through the mouth of Brahma. A king would say: I say that you are mine. The soul says this. However, that one would not be called the mother and father. These are very wonderful things. You know that you belong to Shiv Baba and so you have to renounce the consciousness of your body. To consider yourself to be a bodiless soul requires effort. This is called Raja Yoga and knowledge. Both words are included in this. When someone is dying, he is told to chant the name of Rama, or a guru would give him his name. When a guru dies, his son is made the guru. Here, when the Father goes back, everyone has to go back. This is the final birth in the land of death. Baba is taking us to the land of immortality via the land of liberation. It has been explained to you that when destruction takes place, the part of the iron age goes down below and the golden age comes up above. However, nothing goes in the ocean. You children come here to the Ocean to be refreshed. You see the dance of knowledge in person. The gopes and gopis are portrayed dancing with Krishna. This refers to the present time. The Father's murli is played in front of the chatrak children (a type of bird that eagerly awaits drops of rain). You children have to study this. Then it also depends on how much each one of you studies. You have to explain: Claim your inheritance from the unlimited Father. You say: Oh God! However, He is in fact the Creator, and so He would definitely create heaven. That One is the only Father who creates heaven, and that lasts for half the cycle. Baba explains so many secrets to you. You children have to make effort to imbibe it. Baba has also shown you the meaning of the discus of self-realisation so clearly. Only Brahmins can remember the cycle of 84 births. This is remembering the cycle by connecting your intellect's yoga. However, Maya repeatedly breaks your yoga and creates obstacles. If it were easy, everyone would pass and a rosary of hundreds of thousands would be created, but this drama is created systematically. There are eight main ones; there cannot be any difference in them. All the princes and princesses up to the end of the silver age study together-here. The subjects would also be studying here, since the kingdom is established here. Only the Father establishes a kingdom. None of the preceptors establish a kingdom. This is a very wonderful secret. Where did the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan come from in the golden age since there is no kingdom in the iron age? There are innumerable religions. The people of Bharat are poverty-stricken. The night of the iron age has ended, the day has begun and the kingdom has started. What happened? They show the play of Allah-Aladdin. Plenty of treasures emerge from there. You go and see Paradise in a second through divine vision. Achcha. 

The mother and Father, Bap and Dada and all the children, the whole family, are sitting together. To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. Do the service of refreshing everyone like the Father. Become chatraks and perform the dance of knowledge and also inspire others. 

2.Renounce any consciousness of your body and die alive to the old world. Practise being bodiless. Make yourself worthy of the inheritance of heaven. 

Blessing: May you be a charitable soul who becomes free from all sins by having the awareness of the pilgrimage place. 

Madhuban is the greatest pilgrimage place. On the path of devotion, it is believed that all your sins are absolved by going to a pilgrimage place. However, you children have the practical experience of this at this time: by coming to this greatest pilgrimage place, you become charitable souls. The awareness of this pilgrimage place makes you go beyond all the many problems.This awareness also works like a lucky charm. No matter what situation arises, by remembering the atmosphere of this place, you will begin to swing in the swing of happiness and peace. So, to come to this land is also a huge fortune. 

Slogan: In order to become a flying yogi, become one with the double authority of knowledge and experience. 

मुरली सार:- ''मीठे बच्चे-विजयी रत्न बनने के लिए जीते जी मरकर देही-अभिमानी बन बाप के गले का हार बनने का पुरुषार्थ करो'' 

प्रश्न:- स्वदर्शन चक्र का राज़ स्पष्ट होते हुए भी बच्चों में धारणा नम्बरवार होती है-क्यों? 

उत्तर:- क्योंकि यह ड्रामा बहुत कायदे अनुसार बना हुआ है। ब्राह्मण ही 84 जन्मों को समझकर याद कर सकते हैं लेकिन माया ब्राह्मणों को ही याद में विघ्न डालती है, घड़ी-घड़ी योग तोड़ देती है। अगर एक समान धारणा हो जाए, सब सहज पास हो जाएं तो लाखों की माला बन जाये इसलिए राजधानी स्थापन होने के कारण नम्बरवार धारणा होती है। 

गीत:- मरना तेरी गली में... 

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:- 

1) बाप समान सभी को रिफ्रेश करने की सेवा करनी है। चात्रक बन ज्ञान डांस करनी और करानी है। 

2) इस शरीर का भान छोड़ पुरानी दुनिया से जीते जी मरना है। अशरीरी रहने का अभ्यास करना है। स्वयं को स्वर्ग के वर्से का लायक भी बनाना है। 

वरदान:- तीर्थ स्थान की स्मृति द्वारा सर्व पापों से मुक्त होने वाले पुण्य आत्मा भव 

मधुबन महान तीर्थ है। भक्ति मार्ग में मानते हैं कि तीर्थ स्थान पर जाने से पाप खत्म हो जाते हैं लेकिन इसका प्रैक्टिकल अनुभव तुम बच्चे अभी करते हो कि इस महान तीर्थ स्थान पर आने से पुण्य आत्मा बन जाते हैं। यह तीर्थ स्थान की स्मृति अनेक समस्याओं से पार कर देती है। यह स्मृति भी एक ताबीज़ का काम करती है। कोई भी बात हो यहाँ के वातावरण को याद करने से सुख-शान्ति के झूले में झूलने लगेंगे। तो इस धरनी पर आना भी बहुत बड़ा भाग्य है। 

स्लोगन:- रमता योगी बनना है तो नॉलेज और अनुभव की डबल अथॉरिटी वाले बनो। 


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