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Essence of Murli 03-03-2013

To be merged in remembrance means to be absorbed in love.

Out of the whole world, do you experience yourselves to be special sparkling lucky stars? You are so lucky that the Father Himself sings your praise. Could anyone have more elevated fortune than this? Do you experience yourselves to have such happiness that others, on seeing your happiness, have their clouds of sorrow removed, so that they forget their sorrow and begin to swing in the swing of happiness? It is remembered that iron, in the company of a touchstone, becomes like the touchstone. In the same way, do you experience yourselves to have the 'stage through which iron-aged souls, who come into contact with you, become golden aged? Do you see the picture of your fortune in the mirror every day of how beggars who come to you then depart having become prosperous with all treasures? At what time do you see this? At amrit vela? Do you have a fixed time for seeing this or do you see this at any odd moment while moving around? How many times do you see this throughout the day? Do you look in the mirror again and again or only once? Nowadays, it is the fashion to look'at your face in a mirror repeatedly. Those people look at their features whereas you look at your future. You don't pay attention to your features, but your attention is constantly drawn to your creating an elevated future. Do you look at the picture of your fortune to see to what extent spirituality is increasing within yourself? Those people look at their beauty and glamour with worldly vision to see how beautiful they look, whereas you look at your alokik picture to see the sparkle of spirituality. 

Today, Baba has especially come to meet residents of faraway lands, the double foreigners, that is, the children who are trikaldarshi. So, this is special luck, is it not? Do you consider yourselves to be so lucky? Do you consider yourselves to be multimillion times fortunate or one hundred times fortunate? Or, is even multimillion times nothing? What do you consider yourselves to be? Say that multimillions are merged in your every step. Therefore, what is someone whose every step is filled with multimillions? When you speak of any speciality or of your nobility, you say, That is beneath my feet. What is that compared to what I have? In the same way, multimillions are beneath your feet. Are you lucky to such a great extent? Even if you simply speak of your fortune, what will you become? While remembering your fortune, you become even more elevated than the Father; you become a crown of the Father's head. Have you seen the memorial of your most elevated stage? What is the memorial, the symbol, of your most elevated fortune, in which you are revealed as the highest of all? In the variety-form image, the topknot of Brahmins is shown as the highest. Is there anything higher than the topknot? Do those of the Shakti Army also consider themselves to be just as lucky? 

The Father is also happy on seeing the special fortune of the special children. Children have arrived at their home'from all different corners abroad. The children who have arrived at their home have finally reached their home having had this desire for half a cycle. Therefore, seeing that the children have reached their destination and that their desires are fulfilled, the Father is also happy. 

What is the speciality of the foreign group? The Father has special happiness to see the foreigners and their specialities, because the majority is those people of Bharat, and, even they are called foreigners. Within the majority, the first quality are those who, like moths, surrender themselves to the Flame as soon as they come, without even thinking about it. They heard the knowledge, they had an experience and they began to move along this path. Compared to the people of Bharat, the foreigners have this quality to a greater extent. The people of Bharat will first ask questions, then think about it and then, later, surrender themselves. The souls that have emerged from abroad have the speciality of surrendering themselves like moths to the Flame. Do you understand? It is like desperate souls sitting far away who have found their destination; the majority of souls visible in this group appears to be those who are desperate in this way. Do you now understand your speciality? Because of being moths, your effort is automatically nothing but remembrance and service and this is why you are able to go fast. 

Do you ask the questions Why? What? or When? Are you those who are going to be defeated by Maya's attack or those who are constantly victorious? You are those who will defeat Maya, not those who are defeated by Maya. Foreigners have a special lift from the Father and, because of the gift of this lift, you are going fast. Constantly keep this speciality with you. Instead of asking questions Why? or What?, constantly remain stable in the stage of a master trikaldarshi and put your thoughts and deeds into a practical form accordingly. When you are trikaldarshi, your questions Why? and What? will come to an end, will they not? So, remain constantly stable in the stage of a master trikaldarshi and constantly continue to move forward while remaining absorbed in remembrance of the one Father and considering yourself to be equal to the Father. Those who have yoga with the element of light constantly have the aim of becoming merged with the element or becoming absorbed in the element. However, they are not able to experience this. At this time, you understand, on the basis of knowledge, that to be merged in the remembrance of the Father or to be absorbed in love and to forget yourself is what they refer to as becoming one. When you are absorbed in love, that is, when you are lost in love, you become equal to the Father. Those people have referred to this as merging in One. So, do you experience this? Do you experience yourselves to be souls completely lost in the experience of love for the Father? What would be experience be of someone who is merged in the ocean at that time? He wouldn't be able to see anything but the ocean. So, to be merged in the Father, that is, to be merged in the Ocean of all virtues is known as being absorbed in love, that is, being merged in love for the Father. It is not to become merged in the Father, but to become merged in remembrance of Him. Do you have this experience? 

Seeing the group of foreigners, BapDada is seeing their future. What is the future of the group of foreigners? Not the future of the golden age - the future of the golden age is to be kings and queens -- but what is their future in the confluence age? (To reveal the Father.) However, when will you do that? What date will it be? Until you fix a date, powerful plans will not be created. The Kumbhakarnas of Bharat will be awakened by the foreigners. If you say that you will think about it some time in the future, they will also say, Yes, we will awaken later. This is why those who awaken others have to make their powerful plans with full force. When you set the aim of definitely doing something this year, they will think about definitely awakening this year. As yet, even those who are to awaken others haven't fixed their time. This is why those who have to wake up haven't fixed their time either. Just as those who awaken others think, We have to do this, in the same way, those people say, We have to wake up; we will wake up by the end. So, what is the future of the foreigners? You have to awaken the important people of Bharat. This is the future of the foreigners. You don't have to awaken ordinary Kumbhakarnas, but the well-known ones. Someone who has been awakened and who is able to awaken many others is said to be well known. The land, that is, the stage, is being prepared. Now, the actors simply have to play their parts. However, the parts have to be hero parts, this will not happen through an ordinary parts. When you play your hero parts, the Kumbhakarnas will awaken and wonder what is going on. Achcha. 

To such ignited lamps who are instruments to awaken the fortune, to those who constantly know the value of the-self and the time, to the embodiments of total success who are the invaluable jewels especially revealed in the showcase of the world, to those equal to the Father who put every thought into practice, who put every virtue into a practical form and use them for service, to such special souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

Avyakt BapDada's meeting with groups: 

The sign of the closeness of time is that success will be merged in every step. Even in your dreams, you will not wonder whether there will be success or not. Every task is guaranteed to bring success. You will not even think: Should I do it or not? Will it happen or not? You will not even have that thought. Whatever has to happen will automatically continue to happen. Success for Brahmins is like flowers strewn on the path to welcome them. When an important person comes, they scatter flowers along the path to welcome him. Therefore, just as you continue to become special, important souls, success also welcomes you in the same way that flowers do. It invokes you embodiments of success to adopt it. You, yourselves, do not have to invoke success, but success itself invokes the embodiments of success; there is this difference. 

Personal meetings: 
The recognition of Maharathis through the success of the powers. 

While seeing the jewel on the forehead, are you able to recognise the line of fortune on each one's forehead? You are easily able to recognise this from the vibrations of the elevated soul, which is the jewel in the centre of the forehead. You can easily understand from their vibrations the effort and experience of attainment of every soul. Just as something fragrant very quickly spreads its fragrance into the atmosphere and you are instantly able to tell from those vibrations whether it is something good or not, so too, the more your power of discernment increases, the more you will instantly be able to tell to what extent a soul has experienced spirituality as soon as that soul comes in front of you. You will also easily be able to understand to what percentage the soul maintains a spiritual stage. Just as you can tell the percentage of something with instruments of science, in the same way, with the power of silence, that is, through the stage of the soul, you will be able to understand all of this. This, is known as the power of discernment. To be discerning about someone through that one's sanskars, words and activity is common, but to be able to be discerning about someone through the vibrations of their thoughts is the real power of discernment. Do you understand? This is the power of discernment-of the maharathis. 

This power will increase that much when, even though someone may not be in front of you but is about to come to you or is far from you, but while being at a distance, on the basis of the power of discernment, you would be able to discern that one as you would discern someone who is in front of you. In other words, this is known as success of the powers. You will be able to attain this success. Those who have devotional spiritual knowledge have the power to be able to understand what someone wants to say even though he may not say it in words. They are able to tell in advance what someone wants to say; they are able to discern in advance what that soul is about to do. Similarly, here, too, you will be totally accomplished with the power of discernment. However, you have to use these powers accurately; you mustn't waste them or use them for a wasteful task. This success and power will then be instrumental in bringing a lot of benefit. You will develop this power. When others see someone with this power, the praise of the Shaktis, which has been remembered on the path of devotion, will emerge from their lips: You are this, you are this. All this praise will first be revealed practically and then be remembered as a memorial. This stage will also come, but only for a few and only for a short time. This is why Baba says: Those who stay till the end will be able to see and experience these scenes. Such Shaktis will also have the parts to give their finger till the end, will they not? Shaktis and Pandavas. but. it will be those who are embodiments of power, not those who are weak. Both will take place at the same time: on one side, there will be cries of distress and on the other side, there will be victory. That will be in an extreme form and this too will be in an extreme form. Achcha. 

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of all attainments and finish all name and trace of sorrow and peacelessness with spiritual intoxication. 

To maintain spiritual intoxication means to see the soul and be soul conscious while you are walking and moving around. By having this intoxication, you experience all attainments. All sorrow is removed from a soul who is an embodiment of all attainments and has spiritual intoxication. There is then no name or trace of sorrow or peacelessness because sorrow and peacelessness are born through impurity. How could there be sorrow or peacelessness where there is no impurity? Peace and happiness automatically come to those who are pure souls. 

Slogan: Those who are lost in the love of One are truly free from obstacles. 

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