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Essence of Murli 17-02-2013

17/02/13   Madhuban   Avyakt BapDada   Om Shanti   16/02/96
Now, pay special attention to accumulating the treasures of time and thoughts. 

Today, Father Shiva, the Creator of the Trimurti, is giving His children trimurti greetings. Children have come to give greetings to the Father and so, in return, the Father is giving three types of greetings. First are the greetings for Shiva Jayanti, the second are greetings for the Diamond Jubilee and the third are greetings for your zeal and enthusiasm for doing service at the present time. So BapDada is giving three types of greetings to children everywhere. The service news of zeal and enthusiasm in everyone's heart continues to reach BapDada. This alokik birthday cannot take place at any other time throughout the whole cycle. Because, throughout the whole cycle, whether it is deity souls, great souls (mahatmas) or ordinary souls, souls have been celebrating the birthdays of souls. However, at this confluence age, whose birthday have you elevated souls come to celebrate? That of the Supreme Father; and the Supreme Father celebrates the birthday of the children. Even in the golden and silver ages, neither will the Supreme Soul celebrate your birthday, nor will you celebrate the birthday of God. So you are multi, multi, multimillion times lucky souls. Did you ever even think of this elevated fortune such as yours even in your dreams? You didn't think about it, did you? However, today, you are celebrating this in the corporeal form. So you have this happiness, do you not? Look, whether you are from this land or from abroad, all those sitting in this group, even if you are Madhuban residents, wherever you are from, you have arrived here and are sitting here today, and so you are so lucky! So, what song are you singing internally? Wah my fortune! And the Father also sings the song: Wah the fortune of My children! A group of souls who do special service is sitting here. Special souls from all directions have come. So you are the special souls who attain the practical, instant fruit of special service. The Father is pleased to see such elevated children. Are the children happier than the Father or is the Father happier to see the children? Are both the same or is the Father more happy? You are more happy! Achcha. 

Today, BapDada is seeing the rosary of the serviceable diamonds everywhere. All of you are part of the rosary, are you not? Are you the beads, the sparkling diamonds, of the garland around the Father's neck or are others this? Are you this, and not anyone else? People speak of the rosary of 108, but how big is the rosary of all of you diamonds around Bapdada's neck? One hundred and eight would be just all of you sitting down below. All of you sitting at the back are also this, are you not? First are those at the back. Look, the instant fruit of renunciation is that BapDada gives more congratulations to those who are sitting at the back; and, even more than them, to the ones who are sitting down below (in the Meditation Hall). 

BapDada sees the specialities of all the children. Even if you haven't become perfect but are still an effort-maker, there isn't a single child of the Father who doesn't have a single speciality. Each one of you has a speciality. The first speciality is that you are at least in the list of the handful out of multimillions. Another speciality is that, even though the great tapaswi souls, those who call themselves the 16,108 Jagadgurus, the scholars of the scriptures, even though the great Mahamandleshwars have not been able to recognise the Father, all the children of the Father have recognised the Father. Therefore, to know the Father is such a great speciality. You say from your hearts, "My Baba". By saying "My Baba" at least you claimed all rights. What would you call this? Those who have recognised the Father at least have the speciality of intellects which are able to recognise the Father. At least they have the power to discern. So, all of you have a very elevated power of discernment. Achcha. Today, all of you have specially come to celebrate, have you not? Today is the day for celebrating. It is, isn't it? Or, is today also just a day for listening to Baba? You also want to hear something? Achcha. 

People speak of Shiv Ratri, but what is it for you now? For you, if it is not the night, then what is it? Or is it amrit vela? You have come out of the night, have you not? Or is it still a little bit of the night? Has the night taken leave? Do you have any type of darkness? Or has it finished? Amrit vela is the time for constant blessings, and so you receive blessings, do you not? You would say that the Father comes in the night, but that it has become amrit vela, the golden morning and the diamond morning for all of you. So, does each of you see your form as one who has received such blessings? Maya does not make you forget your blessings, does she? Does Maya still come? Does she come sometimes? Maya will come till the final moments. She will not go away just like that. It is Maya's duty to come but your duty is to chase her away from a distance. You cannot tell her not to come nor chase her away after she has come. No, that time has now finished. The time when Maya came and made you fluctuate and you then chased her away has now gone. However, with the method of silence, you can recognise Maya from a distance. Do not waste any time in this. Maya also sees that you allow her to come and so she develops the habit of coming. If you instill a habit in a bird or an animal to come to your home, and then when you become fed up with that and try to chase it away it will not go because it has developed the habit. The Father has already told you earlier that some children even offer the hospitality of tea etc. to Maya. What tea do you offer her? You know about this, do you not? "What can I do? How can I do it? I am still an effort-maker. I haven't yet become perfect, but I will become this by the end." These thoughts are the tea. So, Maya sees that she is being offered tea. If you offer tea to someone, would that person go away or would he sit there comfortably? So, whenever any situation arises and you have the thoughts of "Why? What? How? This happens sometimes anyway! Who has passed as yet? Everyone has this" etc, this is offering hospitality to Maya. You offer her something savoury and also something sweet. What do you do then? Then, when you are distressed, you tell Baba to chase her away. You are the ones who allow her to come, so why should Baba chase her away? Why do you allow her to come? Why does Maya come again and again? Because you do not set yourself on the seat of a trikaldarshi at every second and while performing every deed. To be trikaldarshi means to know the past, present and future. You would then not have to ask Why? What? Because of being trikaldarshi, you would know in advance that these things arc to come, that this is to happen. Whether through the self, through others, through Maya or through the elements, all types of circumstances will arise in all directions. They have to come, but if your stage of the self is powerful, then any external situation is nothing in front of that. Is an external situation greater than the stage of the self? Which is greater? Or, is it sometimes the stage of the self and sometimes the external situations? Do they become greater sometimes? The method for this is to check all three aspects of time, the beginning, the middle and the end, to understand them, and then do whatever is required. Do not just look at the present. If you simply look at the present, then sometimes the external situations become greater and sometimes the stage of the self seems greater. In the world, too, people say think before you act! If you do not first think about it, then that later on takes on the form of repentance. Then you think, "If I hadn't done that, but had instead done this. So, to think later means these thoughts change into a form of repentance. However, to think about something beforehand is a sign of being an enlightened soul. In the copper and iron ages, you have been repenting in many different ways, have you not? However, to carry on repenting at the confluence age is not a sign of being an enlightened soul. Make yourself such that you do not have to repent in your mind for even one second. So, in this Diamond Jubilee, pay special attention to two treasures throughout the day: one is time and the other is thoughts. There are many treasures, but you specially have to pay attention to these two treasures. Every day, check how many elevated and pure thoughts you accumulated, because it is now that the bank has opened for you to accumulate for the whole cycle. In the golden age, this bank for you to accumulate will be closed. There will not be this bank nor will there be any other bank. You will all have so much wealth that there will be no need for anyone to take from anyone else. Why is it kept in a bank? Firstly for safety and secondly because you receive interest. Many are very clever in that they simply live on the interest they receive. If there are such clever ones at this time, that is good; at least they are accumulating. However, you have to sec how you are using the interest that you receive. So, in the golden age, neither will there be that bank nor will there be the bank for you to accumulate the spiritual treasures. Neither bank will exist there. At present, this bank gives you multimillion-fold return for one, but only when you accumulate one will you receive multimillion-fold. You won't get it otherwise; it is a proper account. So, it is firm for all of you that, in this Diamond Jubilee, you have to become real diamonds, is it not? Or, do you sometimes wonder whether you will be able to become this or not? You don't have the thought of not knowing, do you? No matter what happens, even if you have to have renunciation, if you have to have tapasya, if you have to become humble, no matter what you have to do, you definitely have to become this. Is this all right? Speak! Ha ji or na ji? (Ha ji). Just be careful, because it is very easy simply to say "Ha ji", but, in order to become Ha ji, you have to pay a lot of attention. The first renunciation is of the word "I” This word is very old, but in fact, this word today has taken on a very royal form. Even in your speech, this word 'I' should finish and be replaced with "Baba, Baba". In speaking about it, it may seem something ordinary. "I am a worthy soul. Because 1 am worthy, I should be given facilities and service accordingly. I am worthy, I am doing this." So, is this right'? "I am doing this, so why don't people say that 1 am doing this? Whether 1 am wrong or right, it would be said that I am doing it." You are not doing it It is Baba who is doing everything. The Father is Karavanhar (One who inspires), but I am karanhar (one who does). So why is it wrong to say that '"I" am doing it? When you use the word "I", whom do you refer to as "I"? The soul or the body? Who am "I"? "I" am the soul. It is not the body, is it? If someone who is soul conscious uses the word "I" with the awareness of "I am a soul", then that is right. However, if you use the word "I" out of body consciousness, that is wrong. Throughout the day, you use the word "I" a great deal, and, in fact, it will be used. So, practise being aware of the self: when you use the word "I", who are you? In fact, you are a soul. Do you refer to the body as "I"? You speak of it as "'mine". If you use the word "I" in soul consciousness, the soul will automatically remember the Father. There won't be any need to say anything. "I am a soul" - instil this practice, just as you have the wrong practice of the natural awareness of your name and- form when you speak of yourself. "'Who am I? lam so-and-so. What am I like?" You have had the wrong practice and it has become natural. You don't even have to think about it. When you use the word "I" with the wrong awareness you have to labour more and attain less result. Many children say that they are doing a lot of service, that they are making great effort, but that there isn't that much attainment. What is the reason for this? Everyone has received the same blessing. Or, do some have different blessings? Those of 60 years have the same blessing as those who are just one month old. The treasures of everyone are the same. Everyone receives the same sustenance; the daily timetable and the maryadas are the same for everyone. They are not different for some, it isn't that the maryadas for those in the foreign lands are different from the maryadas of those in India. It isn't like that, is it? Is there a slight difference? There isn't, is there? Since everything is the same, why is it that some receive success whereas others receive less success? What is the reason for this? Is it that the Father gives less help? Is it that He gives more help to some than to others? It isn't like that. Then why is it like this? What does this mean? That it is your own mistake. You either have the consciousness of "I" in terms of body consciousness, or you sometimes become jealous when you see the success of your companions. Because of that jealousy, you do the service that you should do with your heart with simply your head and not with your heart. In fact, fruit is received of service done from the heart. Children often use their head for service, but they don't use both their heart and their head together. It is good to use the head (the intellect) that you have received, but let it not be just the head. Those who do everything with their hearts also have the Father's remembrance in their heart. When you just simply do everything with the head, then for a short time you remember in your head: Yes, Baba is the One who is inspiring me; Baba is the One who is inspiring. However, after some time there will be that consciousness of "I". Therefore, keep a balance of both the head and the heart. So you have been told what you have to do for the Diamond Jubilee. Especially accumulate in your savings account. It shouldn't be that you simply check and say that you didn't do anything particularly wrong throughout the day today, that you didn't cause sorrow for anyone, that you didn't have any conflict with anyone today, that is, you didn't lose anything today. It is good that you didn't lose anything, but did you accumulate anything? You may have done service, but, in that service, did you also attain success in service with your spirituality? Did you accumulate success? It is good that you used your time for service, but in what way did you do that service? Many say that they are so busy doing service throughout the day that they are not even aware of themselves. It is very good that you remain busy, but did you accumulate the instant fruit of service or did you just labour? You may have used eight hours for service, but did you accumulate those eight hours in service? Did you accumulate that time? Or, did you accumulate half and was half of that time spent in running around and thinking about everything? Elevated thoughts and thoughts of good wishes and pure feelings have to be accumulated. So, note your account of accumulation throughout the day. When your account of accumulation increases you will automatically become a diamond. Even now, your time and thoughts are neither accumulated in the accounts of good or bad. It is good that you were saved from accumulating it in the account of bad, but did you accumulate in the account of good? Do you understand? Now save your time and your thoughts. The more you save and accumulate now, the more you will accordingly rule and be worshipped throughout the cycle. Even in the copper age, when you come into the stage of descent, whatever you have accumulated enables your non-living images to be worshipped. Therefore, note down all of this and you will find out how much time is spent wastefully or in ordinary things and how many ordinary thoughts you have. However, pay attention to one thing. For instance, your account of accumulation may be very low for a day and perhaps you become disheartened on seeing it so low. Instead, think that, even now, you still have a chance to accumulate. Put zeal and enthusiasm into yourself. Have a race with your own self, not with others. Have a race with yourself such as: if today you accumulated eight hours, tomorrow you will accumulate ten hours. However, do not be disheartened, because now is still the time for accumulating. The board of 'too late' has not yet been put up. As yet, the time for the final result has not been announced. In the world outside, what do good effort-makers do when the date of the final paper is fixed! Do they become disheartened or do they move forward in their efforts? So, you too mustn't become disheartened. Instead, you should have that much more zeal and enthusiasm and have the determination to increase your account of accumulation. Do you understand? You will not be disheartened, will you? Then the Father will have to labour. You will then begin to write long letters: Baba, what happened? This happened! Baba, save me! Save me! Do not do this. People go to your non-living images and ask for protection. Therefore, you are the ones who save and protect others not those who cry out: Save me? Save me! 

To the children everywhere who give greetings for the birthday, to the children in the combined form who constantly stay with the Father, to the children who make themselves and others move forward with constant zeal and enthusiasm, to the truly serviceable souls everywhere who move forward in service, multi, multi, multimillion-fold greetings and congratulations from BapDada. Along with love and remembrance, the Father is also accepting love, remembrance and greetings from the children. Baba is seeing that songs of greetings are being played everywhere in each one's heart. So, now, special love and remembrance and namaste for the confluence of giving and receiving love, remembrance and greetings. 

Blessing: May you be double light by surrendering yourself to the Father and also surrendering with your intellect. 

Give your responsibilities to the Father and also hand yourself over to the Father, that is, give all your burdens to the Father and you will become double light. Surrender with your intellect and nothing else will enter your intellect; everything simply belongs to the Father. Everything is included in the Father, and so there is nothing else that remains. If there is nothing else that remains, where would the intellect go? Only the Father, only the path of remembrance and by following this path you will easily reach your destination. 

Slogan: One who sits on the throne of stability and plays his part as a detached observer is an elevated actor. 

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