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Essence of Murli 10-02-2013

10/02/13  Madhuban  Avyakt BapDada  Om Shanti  26/10/75 

Allowing the snake, that is, the vicious body, to finish the entire income. 

BapDada is seeing all the children as to whether they have all done the course since coming here. You have done the course, have you not? After the course, there was the revision course. After the revision course, the final course is the realisation course, that is, whatever you have heard, whatever you have attained, whatever activities you saw of the Father - to what extent have you merged all of that within yourselves and to what extent have you wasted it? Are you those who just heard or have you also become full? Have you become powerful, or have you just become those who sing the praise of BapDada and others? Have you become embodiments of knowledge, embodiments of remembrance, complete embodiments of all the divine virtues and embodiments of constant service? Or, have you just become those who remember all these things? Knowledge is very high; yoga is very elevated. It is essential to imbibe the divine virtues and the duty of oneself, a Brahmin, is to do service. Do you just remember all of these things or have you also become an embodiment of them? To realise yourself in this way is the last course. Just as you finish the old accounts at Deepawali and begin new accounts and also check your register, so too, all of you have to check your register from the beginning to the end. That is, you have to check how many marks you have claimed in each subject until today. According to the time, since your destination and your double aim can be seen clearly in front of you - the aim of the present, confluence-aged, angelic form and the aim of the future deity form - since your aim is clear, arc the qualifications for your aim just as clearly visible? Before bringing about world transformation, do you experience transformation in yourself? Have you checked yourself in this way? 

BapDada checked every child's register. BapDada also saw the results of those who wrote a story of their karma. What did Baba see? Many souls, due to fear or shame, didn't even bother to write. However, BapDada, in the form of the incorporeal Father and the corporeal father, clearly has the register of all the children from the beginning up to now. No one can erase this. There are three types of results in the register up to now. One is to hide, the second is to be trapped somewhere or the other and the third is to make excuses due to carelessness. Children are very clever in making excuses. They tell many wonderful stories in order to hide themselves or their mistakes. If such stories, from the beginning until now, were to be collected together, huge scriptures like those of today would have been created. By trying to prove their mistake to be correct instead of accepting it as a mistake, or in trying to prove something false to be the truth, many become like the black gowned lawyers of today. Instead of fighting with Maya, they are very clever in fighting such cases. However, they do not remember that justifying themselves at this time means that they are depriving themselves for many births of all the attainments of success from the Father. Those who try to prove something definitely have the sanskars of stubbornness. Such souls cannot attain salvation. At present, the majority have failed the first lesson of having pure vision, that is, of having an attitude of brotherly vision. Even now, there are very few obedient children who obey this first order of Baba's. Because of repeatedly disobeying this order, they continue to carry a burden on themselves. The reason for this is that they do not know the importance of the main subject of purity. They do not have the knowledge of the loss caused by this. 

To be trapped in any bodily being through your thoughts or deeds, to touch the snake of this vicious body, means to finish the income that you have accumulated until now. No matter how much experience of knowledge you have, or however much attainment you have experienced through remembrance, or however much service you may have done through your body, mind or wealth, by touching the snake of this body, then, just like the poison of a snake fills a person as soon as he is touched by it, so too, this snake, that is, the poison of being trapped by a body, finishes all income. It makes a black mark on your register of the income you have already accumulated, and it is very difficult to remove it. Just as the fire of yoga burns all the sins of the past, in the same way. the fire of indulging in vice burns all the charity performed in the past. Do not consider this to be something ordinary. This is something like falling from the fifth floor. Even now, many children, under the influence of the sanskars of carelessness, do not even understand this aspect to be a severe mistake or sin. They speak of it in an ordinary way: I made this mistake four to five times. I will not do it again in the future. Even when speaking about it, they do not have any form of repentance, but it is as though they are simply relating ordinary news. Internally, they have this aim: These things will continue to happen anyway. The destination is very high, and so how would I be able to do this? However, even today, BapDada is giving a warning to such sinful souls who also defame knowledge. It is this: If you do not finish this mistake today by considering it to be a severe mistake, you will receive very serious punishment. Because of the burden of being constantly disobedient, you will not be able to reach an elevated stage. Instead of standing in the line of those who have attained something, you will be standing in the line of those who arc repenting. There will be cries of victory for those who attain something, whereas sights and sounds of distress will emerge from the eyes and lips of those who repent. The Brahmins who attain all attainments will see such souls as those who are in the line of those who defame the clan. The ugliness of the sins committed by them will be very clearly visible on their faces. This is why you have to consider this to be a very strong mistake. Repent for your past mistakes from your heart now! Clear it with the Father and finish your burden by yourself. Punish yourself severely so that you are liberated from the punishment of the future. 

If, even now, you try to hide from the Father or you move along while trying to justify yourself, then it means to compromise yourself now. That means to cry out in distress at the end and to cry out in distress in your mind now: What can I do? I can't experience any happiness! I don't have any success! I don't have the experience of all attainments! In this way, you will cry out now and at the end as well. You will cry and say that that was your fate! To compromise yourself at this time means to cry out in distress again and again. If you simply compromise yourself at this time, it means that you are burning your elevated fortune for many births. Therefore, pay special attention to this particular aspect. Do not touch this poisonous snake even in your thoughts. To touch it in your thoughts means to make yourself unconscious. So, Baba especially saw carelessness in the register. Baba told you yesterday another result, of the aspects in which you stop instead of going into the ascending stage. Instead of a fast speed, you have a mediocre speed. This is the result of the majority of you. Therefore, now realise yourself, that is, finish the final realisation course. Check yourself very carefully in every subject: To what extent have 1 put into practical form all the codes of conduct, all of the Father's orders and elevated directions? Check this as well and offer the final sacrifice into the great sacrificial fire of Madhuban for all time. Do you understand? Do not take any wrong advantage of the Father's form of love at the present time. Otherwise, in front of the final form of the Great Death, you will have to repent one thousandfold for each mistake. Achcha. 

To those Brahmins and so deities, who understand through signals, to those who have all rights to all attainments, to those who let the past be the past and who make every thought of the present and the future elevated, to such lights of the Brahmin clan, to the stars of hope and the fortunate souls who awaken their own fortune as well as the fortune of the world, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

Avyakt BapDada's personal meeting with senior brothers and sisters. 

Just like Father Brahma, do the maharathis also constantly experience themselves to be instruments, the same as the Father? The speciality of the maharathis is that they lack the consciousness of "I". They would naturally have the nature of being an instrument and a server; they do not have to create this nature. Their thoughts, words and deeds are naturally according to their nature. Feelings for world benefit are clearly visible in every deed performed by the maharathis. The practical proof of this is that they would very firmly have the lesson of "you first" in order to keep other souls ahead of them. They would never say. "me first'". By saying L"you first" they become instruments to bring benefit to those souls. Such maharathis who have such elevated feelings and an elevated nature are said to be the same as the father. 

Maharathis are great donors who donate their own time, their facilities of comfort, their virtues and the powers they have attained to other souls for their progress. Such a soul is called a great donor. The thoughts and words of such a great donor automatically become a blessing. Whatever thoughts or words such a soul has for others, these will become a blessing for other souls, because to be a great donor means to be an embodiment of renunciation and tapasya. This is why the practical fruit of their renunciation, tapasya and great donations is that their every thought becomes a blessing. This is why the praise of a maharathi is sung as that of being a great donor and a bestower of blessings. A gathering of such maharathi souls works like a light-and-might-house. You are making such preparations, are you not? To prepare such a gathering means to have victory before there are cries of distress. This scene would also be a very wonderful scene. On the one hand, there would be great distress and on the other hand, there would be victory. Achcha. 

Blessing: May you be a master almighty authority who finishes the account of waste with the method of paying attention and checking. 

In Brahmin life, you have a lot of wasteful thoughts, wasteful words, wasteful deeds and you waste a lot of time. You are unable to earn as much income as you want. The account of waste does not allow you to be powerful.Therefore, constantly maintain this awareness: I am a master almighty authority. If you have power, you are able to do whatever you want.You simply have to pay attention again and again.Just as you pay attention during class and at amrit vela, in the same way, pay attention every now and again and adopt the method of checking and the account of waste will then finish. 

Slogan: In order to become a Raj Rishi make your stage free from obstacles with blessings from other souls. 

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