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Essence of Murli 03-02-2013

03/02/13   Madhuban   Avyakt BapDada   Om Shanti   18/01/96 

The easy way to be constantly powerful is to have pure and positive thoughts for the self and also for others. 

Today is the day of remembrance filled with love. The sound of love from the hearts of the children in all four directions has reached BapDada. This love is filled with happiness. As well as calling this the day of remembrance, BapDada also calls it a day of power because Brahma Baba, in his corporeal form, surrendered his powers to the children for them to carry out all tasks in the corporeal form. This day is called the day that has the blessing of "Son shows Father". In the corporeal form Baba put the children in front, and, in the angelic form he started the service of his children and the world. The 18th of January is the day of remembrance when Brahma Baba became completely free from all attachment. The essence of the 18 chapters of the Gita is that God made Arjuna a conqueror of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance. So, this 18th is the memorial of this. No matter how deep the love of Father Brahma was for the children, he didn't have attachment but Jove in his heart. Of course, the children have experienced how much Baba used to remember those who were instruments for service. You have this experience, do you not? He did not have attachment, but he had love in his heart, because attachment is that in which one has selfish motives. However, Brahma Baba didn't have any selfish motives, but he did have deep love for the children in the name of service. Even then, while living together and while seeing the children in front of him, no remembrance of any bodily form harassed him. He was completely detached and loving. This is why it is said: Conqueror of attachment and embodiment of remembrance. He had no consciousness of "mine" about anything; he even became free from attachment to the consciousness of the body. So, today is the day for learning the lesson of following the father in the same way. 

This avyakt day has been a day for awakening souls who are without knowledge and making them aware of God's task, because, on seeing Father Brahma, the majority of people used to believe that Brahma was your God. They used to think that Brahma was the God of the Brahma Kumaris. However, what did they think when Brahma transformed his part from the corporeal form? That the God of the Brahma Kumaris had now gone away. They even thought that if not today then tomorrow the work of the Brahma Kumaris would end. However, you know that your Karankaravanhar, working through Brahma, is the Supreme Soul: He is that and will be till the end. So, this is God's task. It is not the work of any human being. They only recognised this after Brahma Baba changed his part from the corporeal form; they realised that some power was working for you. However, even now, the poor, helpless people don't know God. They know that some power is working, but they are still thinking about who that power is. They are seeing it and thinking about it. Eventually, they will understand it. So, whose task is this? Is it Father Brahma's or is it that of God working through Brahma? Whose task is it? 

The children who came after the part of sakar Baba finished are wondering: Why did Brahma Baba finish his corporeal part so soon? Otherwise, we could also have at least seen him! We could have met him! You think in this way, do' you not? In the memorial of the previous cycle, through whom did the mahavir instruments of the Kaurava Army receive benefit? They benefitted through the Shaktis. So, according to the drama, the part of the Shaktis has been fixed in the corporeal form. Everyone also even believes that it is impossible for there to be world benefit without the power of the mothers. So, why did Brahma Baba become an angel? Why was the corporeal part changed? If Brahma Baba hadn't adopted the angelic form, none of you souls would have reached here today, because the uncertainty in the atmosphere was making the task of this world revolution fluctuate. Therefore, Brahma Baba becoming avyakt became the reason for opening the fortune of the maximum number of children. You can now see the fast speed of service through the angelic form, can you not? Did the speed become fast or slow? It became very fast. It is because everything became so fast that all of you have reached here. Otherwise, you would still be fast asleep. So, today is not the same as the way other people celebrate such a day; they think that he has now gone, but in fact, here, there is zeal and enthusiasm to follow the father and become an embodiment of remembrance and a conqueror of attachment, the same as Baba. This is the day for learning this lesson practically. 

Today, did any of you shed tears of sorrow from your hearts? Did you have any tears or did you feel something inside? Those who had the slightest feeling of sorrow, raise your hands! Did you feel any sorrow? You didn't, did you? Today is the day that Brahma Baba became a service companion. Are all of Brahma Baba. This part (of Avyakt BapDada) is something different, but, within the drama, the medium initially was corporeal Brahma and it is how Brahma in his angelic form. Brahma Is called'the father. Brahma is the creator. This part is to give sustenance to the children every now and then. However, Brahma is the creator and he will have the part in the task of creation till the end. 

Today, throughout the whole day, who had any Maya? Did Maya come? Did she? Did you not remember your grandchildren? So, constantly remain powerful in this way, and the easiest method of all is to remember two words. You are able to remember two words, are you not? You may forget the entire murli, but you can remember two words and continue to do that in a practical form. In fact, you know these two words; they are not new. One is to have positive thoughts (subh chintan). To change the negative into positive is known as having positive thoughts. Negative can become positive and you can change it, but you simply have to check whether you have positive thoughts even while performing actions. The second is constantly to have good wishes for others. So, positive thoughts for the self and pure thoughts for others (subh chintak) are both connected with one another. If you don't have positive thoughts, you can't have good wishes for others. Therefore, pay attention to these two aspects. Do you understand? What will you do now? Don't forget everything here. Nowadays, it's been seen that there are many situations in which people don't understand you through words, but, while having good wishes, if you give pure vibrations, they change. And one other thing: you have to become free in one thing. You are those who are becoming free from everything in this Brahmin life. So, you have been told of nine things from which you have to become free. By removing these nine things, you can become part of the nine jewels. If you become free from these nine things, you can become part of the nine jewels. However, today, BapDada is reminding you of one thing. Don't ever be disheartened whenever there is a physical illness, a storm in the mind, a physical upheaval of your body, any upheaval in nature, any fluctuation in service or, in fact, any type of upheaval. Become those who have big hearts. How big is Baba's heart? Is it small? The Father has a big heart, but the children become disheartened. If they become ill, they start crying out in pain: 'T am in pain, I am in pain." Is being disheartened a medicine? Will the illness go away or will it increase? When any karmic account comes, when there is some pain, that too is a karmic account that has come. By being disheartened, you increase the illness. Therefore, be courageous and the Father will also help you. It shouldn't be that you start crying, thinking about what to do and then think that you are not receiving Baba's help. Those who maintain courage receive help. First, there has to be the child's courage and then the Father will help. However, you lose courage and then think that you didn't receive Baba's help, that Baba doesn't do anything at the moment of need. So don't just remember half the sentence. Baba is the Helper, but to whom? You forget half of it and remember the second half and think that Baba only helps the maharathis and that He doesn't help you, that He doesn't even give you any help. In fact, it is you first and the maharathis second. Don't be disheartened. When any confusion arises in the mind, what happens is that you need the power to decide. However, you can only have this power when your mind is directed towards Baba. If your mind is in confusion, you remain confused about whether to say yes or no. Therefore, don't be disheartened even in your mind. Of course, there will be fluctuation in wealth; even millionaires experience fluctuation, and what are you compared to them? Of course this will happen. However, all of you have the firm faith that, if they are true and honest, BapDada will definitely feed those who are Baba's companions dal and roti no matter what the circumstances are. Perhaps there won't be two types of vegetable, but at least you will have dal and roti! However, it shouldn't be that you come back from work tired and sit down waiting for Baba to feed you dal and roti! Those who are lazy and careless in this way will not receive anything, but the Lord is pleased with an honest heart. In a family, there would be problems. You even say that after something reaches the extreme, the climax, it finishes. Everything is now going to the extreme, and so there will of course be problems in the family. Don't think that this should not happen or that that should happen, but be a trustee, a detached observer, take power from Baba and find a solution. If you think as a householder there will be even more problems. First of all, become a completely detached trustee. Nothing is "mine". This consciousness of "mine": "My name will be spoilt; I will be defamed; this is my child, my mother-in-law does this to me..." Everything like this happens when there is the consciousness of "mine". Wherever there is the consciousness of mine, the intellect turns around and you change. If the intellect ever gets turned in another direction due to any confusion, then understand that there is still the consciousness of "mine". Check this, because, no matter how much you try to solve the problem, it becomes even more confusing. Therefore, what must you not become in any situation? You must never ever become disheartened. What will you not become? (Disheartened.) -Don't just say it, but do it! You have made a firm promise that you are God's children, have you not? Even Maya cannot shake you from this. You have made a firm promise and you have the faith that you are God's children; so if even God's children become disheartened, who would be the ones with big hearts? Would it be someone other than you? It is you who would be this. So, what will you do? Now become powerful and make the lesson of "Son shows Father" firm. Don't be weak in this, but make the lesson very firm. All of you are courageous, are you not? Do you have this courage? Achcha. 

To all the most powerful souls in all directions, to all souls who are conquerors of Maya and nature, to the children, the sons, who constantly reveal the Father, to the children who always remain happy in their hearts, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

Blessing: May you use all your specialities and thereby increase them and become an embodiment of success. 

The more you use your specialities for serving through your mind, through words and through deeds, the more those specialities will increase. To use them for service means to receive multifold fruit from one seed. In this elevated life, do not just keep the specialities that you have received as a birthright in the form of a seed, but sow it in the land of service and you will experience its fruit, that is, the form of success. 

Slogan:Do not see the expansion, but look at the essence and merge it in yourself because this is intense effort. 

03-02-13 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त बापदादा'' रिवाइज 18-01-96 मधुबन 

''सदा समर्थ रहने की सहज विधि - शुभचिंतन करो और शुभचिंतक बनो'' 

वरदान:- अपनी सर्व विशेषताओं को कार्य में लगाकर उनका विस्तार करने वाले सिद्धि स्वरूप भव 

जितना-जितना अपनी विशेषताओं को मन्सा सेवा वा वाणी और कर्म की सेवा में लगायेंगे तो वही विशेषता विस्तार को पाती जायेगी। सेवा में लगाना अर्थात् एक बीज से अनेक फल प्रगट करना। इस श्रेष्ठ जीवन में जो जन्म सिद्ध अधिकार के रूप में विशेषतायें मिली हैं उनको सिर्फ बीज रूप में नहीं रखो, सेवा की धरनी में डालो तो फल स्वरूप अर्थात् सिद्धि स्वरूप का अनुभव करेंगे। 

स्लोगन:- विस्तार को न देख सार को देखो और स्वयं में समा लो-यही तीव्र पुरुषार्थ है। 

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