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Essence of Murli (English) 20-01-2013

20/01/13   Madhuban   Avyakt BapDada   Om Shanti   23/10/75 

Stop waiting and start making preparations. 

Today, BapDada is seeing the images of the fortunate children who are creating the fortune of the whole world. Which lines of fortune are visible in which particular children, and which lines are still to be revealed? Each one's lines of fortune are visible as their own. In the lines of fortune, four lines of the four main subjects are visible. There are very few children in whom all four lines are very clear, that is, very few who have created an elevated fortune through making effort in all four subjects. Therefore, only those whose all four lines of fortune are clear will pass with honours, that is, only they will claim the number one; only they will come into the first class, that is, the first division. The lines of fortune of those who pass with honours are sparkling brightly and equally in all directions and are clearly visible; these are of the eight jewels. In the second number are the 100 jewels, those of the first division whose four lines are visible, but they are not all clearly visible to the same extent; some are brighter than others. The second division is of the 16,000. Out of those 16,000, the first two to three thousand have passed with 50% marks in three of the four subjects and 25% marks in one subject, that is, it is almost like nil marks in the fourth subject. BapDada saw the fortune of such fortunate children. 

Today, BapDada was looking at the horoscopes of the Brahmin children in all four directions. While looking at the horoscopes, Baba saw that the majority of children have one particular thought. What is that thought? Baba saw that the souls who are the supports for the world are also dependent upon some support. What is that support? Baba saw the images of support standing on the support of looking at the instruments for the destruction of this world, or they are wondering if, or when and where, there would be an upheaval of the elements. BapDada has a question for those who are standing on such a support: If those who are carrying out establishment are dependent upon destruction, then what would be the future of those who are carrying out establishment? Who would then be the images of support for igniting the flames of destruction? Who would then transform the elements? Can those who are standing on the support of the elements or destruction be the highest amongst human beings, that is, can they be the most elevated beings? Or, is it that the instruments for destruction and the elements will carry out their task on the orders of the elevated thoughts of the elevated human beings and on the basis of all the images of support becoming complete? Who will give the order Who has all rights - the elements or the most elevated beings? Would you call the images of support 'those with all rights' if they are dependent on some support? So, what did Baba see? Those who are making preparations are waiting in anticipation; they are careless in making preparations and alert in waiting. Seeing this, BapDada was amused and also felt mercy. Why? Children are even now not able to recognise the cleverness of Maya. Maya is putting you to sleep in the sweet sleep of waiting. Because of having been under the influence of the sanskar of sleeping for half a cycle, some doze off for a second then become conscious again and develop force in making preparations, whereas others fall asleep for a few minutes, then become conscious and develop that force. The third type of children are sleeping comfortably, and every now and then open their eyes to see whether anything has happened yet or not. They think: We will think about it when it happens. Would you not be amused if you were to see this scene? 

Even though you have received the third eye, you are not able to recognise Maya. Therefore, in order to recognise Maya very clearly, especially imbibe the power to discern within yourself. Do not count the time as to whether there are two months or four months, but make yourself powerful. Instead of thinking about whether something will happen or not, or when it will happen, stabilize yourself in the stage of being the most elevated. Then, on the basis of having the thought of making the gathering perfect, become one who has all rights to give the order to the elements. "It should happen, but 1 don't know what will happen. Perhaps, it may happen in two to four months, even though, at present, nothing is visible. I don't know whether the confluence age is 40 years or 50 years." These types of thought are an extremely subtle form of royal doubts; they create an obstacle to your having full faith in the Father and your task of establishment. For as long as you have these doubts, you cannot become completely victorious. The praise is: Those who have faith in the intellect are victorious. Therefore, victorious souls can have no thoughts of any royal form of doubt. Someone who has full faith in the intellect will remain busy in his task of world transformation day and night. When someone has a responsibility for carrying out a particular task, he remains engaged in making preparations for that, day and night; he doesn't wait for anything, thinking that he will decorate the stage when it is time for it, or that he will use those facilities then. Preparations are made in advance. The responsibility for world transformation, the ceremony for this transformation, has to be celebrated at this time. All of you souls have to participate in the unlimited world conference of making yourselves satopradhan and giving the Father's message. For this, will you make preparations for creating your stage in advance or will you do it at that time? Just as you cannot give a lecture or a message without a physical stage, in the same way, without having made the stage of your perfect stage, how would you be able to give the message at the final moment to the unlimited world conference? How would you be able to reveal the Father? Will you prepare the stage in advance or will you prepare it at that time? Therefore, stop waiting and start making preparations. That is also a wasteful thought. So, transform that wasteful thought into a powerful one. Become those who have all rights. Make your stage powerful with which you can order the elements. While all of you Brahmins do not collectively have feelings of mercy, feelings of world benefit and good wishes in your heart to liberate all souls from their sorrow, world transformation will still be waiting. At present, you are fluctuating; you are not unshakeable and firm in just one thought. To become as unshakeable as Angad means to bring about the final moment. Adopt one thought in a collective way, that is, all of you should together give the finger of determined thought and this iron-aged mountain will be transformed and you will be able to bring about the golden world. Do you understand what preparations you have to make? Achcha. 

To those who remain constantly unshakeable in one thought like Angad, to those who have full faith in the intellect and who are victorious in every thought, word and deed, to such children who have all rights, love, remembrance and namaste from BapDada. 

Speaking to Didiji: The power of the gathering means to have just one thought. 

Spiritual pilgrims are those who come on the double pilgrimage. One is the pilgrimage to Madhuban and the other is the special spiritual pilgrimage in Madhuban. So, do all the pilgrims who come on the double pilgrimage return having made their pilgrimage comfortably and made it worthwhile? Do all of you remain content? It is sung: If your heart is big, then the place is also big. Even though the physical place may be very small, if the hearts of those who come, those who welcome them and those who accommodate them are large, there is then no feeling of a lack of space. Then the pilgrimage of the confluence age gives you many more facilities than the pilgrimages you have been going on for 63 births. The pilgrimages to the non-living images are so difficult. 

All of you also see to what extent your gathering has become united with one thought. In the scriptures, it is remembered that Brahma had a thought to create the world and so the world was created. Here, it is not a question of Brahma alone, but it is when all the Brahmins, together with Brahma, have the same thought of all being ever ready, and that the establishment of the new world has to happen or will happen. It is when such a determined thought arises in all Brahmins, that the world can then be transformed, that is, only then can you see the creation of the new world practically. In this, too, you need to have the power of the gathering, not just the power of one or two or of the eight, but everyone in the gathering has to have the same thought. The significance of creating the world through a thought means that you would have a thought and within a second the drums of completion would beat. 

On the one hand the drums of completion would beat and on the other hand you would see the scenes of the new world. On the one hand there would be the climax of destruction, and, in the same place, amidst the flood and destruction, there would be one quarter land and three quarters water. Many different countries have been created due to the many religions that have been established towards the end. When the many religions finish, all the many countries will come together in the form of one big island. On the one hand there will be the drums of the climax of destruction and on the other hand the sound of the birth of Shri Krishna, the first prince, will be heard everywhere. He would not come floating on a pipal leaf. Shri Krishna has been portrayed floating on a leaf after the flood. When Bharat became Paristhan, three quarters of the land was covered with water and one quarter was land and so a flood has been portrayed. Amidst such a flood, the news of the birth of the first leaf, that is, the first soul, would be heard everywhere; news of the first prince would then be revealed, that his birth had taken place. That would also be in an extreme situation, that is, there would be scenes of water on three parts and the fourth part, Bharat, would emerge as Paristhan. The memorial shown of the Golden Dwaraka emerging from water is not really from water. Three parts would be covered with water and this is why Dwaraka has been shown in water. This is why it is said that the Golden Dwaraka emerged from water. It is just that they have not been able to describe it fully. So, the cry of victory of the birth of the first soul would be heard at that time. When such scenes come in front of you, the drums of the great destruction of the old world will then be heard, and the scenes of the birth of the first prince will be visible at the same time. Before drums are beaten, the drums are first warned; only then would the sound be heard very loudly. Before the drums are beaten, you need to have made preparations with the fire of yoga. Only then would the sound of the drums be heard loudly. You are all busy in making preparations, are you not? Let those who are waiting become engaged in making preparations and there will then be cries of victory. 

When you know how to rule your body, you will know how to rule the kingdom. To rule the body means to rule a kingdom. So, you have to fill yourselves with sanskars of ruling, do you not? You are called knowledge-ful1. Therefore, ''full' includes knowledge of everything: body, mind, wealth and people. If knowledge of even one aspect is lacking, you would not be called knowledge-full. Do you understand? The basis of constantly being an embodiment of success is to be knowledge-full. If you are not knowledge-full you cannot become an embodiment of success. According to the time, your speed of effort should be intense. If the speed of time is fast and the speed of those moving along is slow, then how would they be able to arrive on time? One strength and one support is the main subject. At this time, remain constantly stable in the remembrance of One. If you remain constantly successful in this effort, you will reach your destination. Those who maintain unbroken love receive co-operation automatically. 

The murli is like a walking-stick, and if there are any weaknesses remaining they will be removed with this stick. This support, net just as a discipline but out of love, will enable you to reach your home and your kingdom. So, to listen to arid study the murli with love means to be lost in the love of Murlidhar. The sign of love for Murlidhar is the murli. The more love you have for the murli, the more love you will have for Murlidhar. The recognition of a true Brahmin is from his love for the murli. To have love for the murli means to be a true Brahmin. To have less love for the murli means to be a half-caste Brahmin. Achcha. 

Blessing: May you be a master almighty authority who gives souls who arc far away the experience of closeness with your power of spirituality. 

Just as faraway objects are experienced to be close with the facilities of science, in the same way, you can experience with a divine intellect things that are far away to be close. Just as you are clearly able to see, speak to and give and take co-operation from souls who are staying with you, in the same way, with the power of spirituality, you can give souls who are staying far away the experience of closeness. For this, you simply have to remain stable in the stage of a master almighty authority, in your complete and perfect stage and let the power of your thoughts be clean. 

Slogan: Those who give others inspiration through their every thought, word and deed are images of inspiration. 

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