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Essence of Murli 14-01-2013

Essence: Sweet children, anger causes a lot of sorrow. It causes pain to yourself and also to others. Therefore, conquer this evil spirit by following shrimat. 

Question: Which children have a flaw in them every cycle, and what will be their destination? 

Answer: Those who consider themselves to be very clever and do not follow shrimat completely. One vice or another remains in them in either an incognito way or in a visible form. They do not remove it. Maya continues to surround the soul. There is a flaw in such children for every cycle. They will have to repent a great deal at the end. They make a great loss. 

Song: Human beings of today are in darkness. 

Om shanti. You children understand that the unlimited Father, who is called Heavenly God, the Father, is the Father of all. He explains to you children personally. The Father sees all the children through these eyes. He doesn't need divine vision in order to see the children. The Father understands: I have come from the supreme abode to the children. These children have become bodily beings here and are playing their part, and so I teach these children face to face. You children understand that the unlimited Father, who establishes heaven, is once again liberating us from stumbling around on the path of devotion and is igniting our light. You children at all the centres understand that you belong to God's clan and that this is also the Brahmin clan. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is called the Creator of the world. The Father sits here and explains how the world is created. You children understand that the human world can never be created without the Mother and Father. It cannot be said that the world is created through the Father; no. It is said: You are the Mother and Father. This Mother and Father creates the new world and makes the children worthy of it. This is His great speciality. It is not that deities come here from up above to establish their religion in the way that Christ established the Christian religion. Christians also call Christ their father. If there is a father, surely a mother is also needed. They say that Mary is the mother, but who was Mary'? The new soul of Christ came and entered another's body, and so Christians were created through the mouth of the one he entered. It has also been explained that that soul had not performed any such action that he would have to experience sorrow. It is a pure soul that comes. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, cannot experience sorrow; it is this corporeal one who experiences sorrow and is insulted. Therefore, when Christ was crucified on a cross, it was the one whose body the Christ soul entered who had to endure that suffering. The pure soul of Christ would not have had to endure pain. Christ was the father, and so where could the mother have come from? They made Mary the mother. They have shown that the virgin Mary gave birth to Christ. All of that was taken from the scriptures. They have portrayed Kunti, a virgin, and Kama being born through her. Now, this was a matter of divine vision, but they copied it. Similarly, this Brahma is the mother through whose mouth you children have been born. Then Mama was made responsible for looking after everyone. The same happens with Christ. Christ enters someone and establishes that religion. His followers would be called the mouth-born creation of Christ, brothers and sisters. Christ is the father of the Christians, and the one whose body he enters and creates children with is the mother. Then, Mary was made responsible for looking after them, and so they have considered Mary to be the mother. Here, the Father says: I enter this one and create you children through his mouth; so this Mama is also a child born through the mouth. These are matters to be understood in detail. Secondly, the Father says that a group of people are coming to Abu today to preach vegetarianism. Therefore, explain to them that the unlimited Father is establishing the deity religion of those who were pure vegetarians. People of no other religion are such firm vegetarians. They are to speak about the benefits of becoming a Vaishnav. However, not everyone is able to become that because they are used to their own diet and find it difficult to leave it. So, you have to explain that all are Vaishnavs in the heaven that the unlimited Father creates; they are part of the dynasty of Vishnu. Deities are completely viceless, whereas vegetarians of today are vicious. Three thousand years before Christ, Bharat became heaven. Explain in this way. No human beings except you children understand what heaven was, when it was established and who used to rule there. They go to the Lakshmi and Narayan Temple, and Baba also used to go, but none of them knows that the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan existed in heaven. They simply sing their praise, but who gave them the kingdom? They don't know anything at all. Even now, they continue to build many temples because they think that Lakshmi gave them wealth. This is why business people worship Lakshmi at the time of Deepmala. You have to explain to those who built these temples. Similarly, you should also explain to the foreigners the praise of Bharat: Three thousand years before Christ Bharat was vegetarian. There can be nowhere else like that. At that time, there was a great deal of power; it was the kingdom of gods and goddesses. Now, once again, that same kingdom is being established. It is now that same period of time. Destruction through Shankar has also been remembered. Then it will be the kingdom of Vishnu again. If you want to claim your inheritance of heaven from the Father, you can come and do so. Both Ramesh and Usha are very interested in serving. They are a wonderful couple; they are very serviceable. Just see how new ones come and go ahead of the old ones. Baba shows you many methods, but if you have arrogance of any of the vices Maya does not allow you to rise. A few have a little trace of lust, whereas many have anger. No one has as yet become totally complete. You are becoming that. Maya continues to bite internally. It was when Ravan's kingdom began that these mice began to bite. Bharat has now become completely poverty-stricken. Maya has made everyone's intellect like.stone. Maya surrounds even good children in such a way that they don't realize that every step they take is moving them backwards. However, they are given the life-giving herb and made conscious again. Anger also causes a great deal of sorrow. As well as it making oneself unhappy it also makes others unhappy. Some have this in an incognito way, whereas it is more visible in others. No matter how much you explain to them, they don't understand. They now consider themselves to be very clever. Later, they will have to repent, and that flaw will be in them every cycle. There is a lot of benefit in following shrimat. Otherwise, there will be a great deal of loss. The directions of both shrimat and of Brahma are very famous. They say about someone that even if Brahma were to come down from up above, that one would not listen to him. Krishna's name is not mentioned in this way. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Himself, now gives directions and Brahma, too, receives directions from Him. The Father has a lot of love for you children and He makes you children sit on his shoulders and then his head. The Father has the aim that His children should climb high and glorify the name of the clan. However, if children don't listen to the Father or to Dada, it means that they don't even listen to the senior Mother. Just think what their condition will be; don't even ask! However, serviceable children claim BapDada's heart-throne. Baba Himself praises them, and so they must explain to others that this same Bharat used to be the kingdom of the Vishnu clan, and that it is being established once again. Baba is now once again making this same Bharat into the land of Vishnu, and so you should have a lot of intoxication. Those people beat their heads to glorify their names for nothing. Their expenses are paid by the Government. Sannyasis also receive a lot of money. Even now, when they say that they teach the ancient yoga of Bharat, people very quickly give them money. Baba doesn't need anyone's money. He Himself is the One who gives aid to the whole world, the One who is the innocent Master of the treasure-store and He takes help from the children. When the children have courage, the Father gives help. People from outside who come here are very used to giving something to an ashram. However, you should ask them: Why do you give here? You have not heard any knowledge. You don't know anything. We are planting a seed to receive the fruit in heaven. However, they will only know this when they listen to the knowledge. Millions will come in this way. It is good that Baba has come in an incognito way. If He were to come in the form of Krishna, they would all pile up like sand and would very quickly cling to Him. No one would be able to sit at home. You arc the children of God. Don't forget this! It remains in the Father's heart that you children should take the full inheritance. Many will come to heaven, but only a few out of multi-millions, only a handful of the few, have the courage to claim a high status in heaven. Achcha. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Night Class-15/06/1968 

By revising whatever has happened in the past, the weakness in the hearts of those who have weak hearts also becomes revised. This is why children are made to stabilize themselves on the rails of the drama. The main benefit is received through remembrance. It is only through having remembrance that your life will increase. If children were to understand the drama, they would never have any thoughts about anything. At this time in the drama, it is the part of learning and teaching knowledge. Then, this part will finish. Neither the Father's part nor our parts will remain. Neither His part of giving nor our parts of receiving will remain. So, everything will become one. Our parts will then be in the new world. Baba’s part will be in the land of silence. The reel of the parts is recorded: our parts of our reward and Baba's part of the land of silence. The parts of giving and receiving are recorded. Then the parts will change to those of our coming to rule. Knowledge will stop. We will have become that. When the part is finished, no difference will remain. The parts of the children and the Father will not remain. This one will also have taken the full knowledge. Nothing remains with Him either. Nothing remains with the One who is giving and nothing is missing in~ those who are receiving", and so both become the same as one another. For this, you need intellects that will churn. The main effort is of the pilgrimage of remembrance. The Father sits and explains. In relating it, it becomes a gross thing, but it is otherwise something subtle in the intellect. You understand in yourself what Shiv Baba's form is. In explaining it, it becomes a big form. On the path of devotion, they have created a huge lingam image. A soul is just a tiny point. This is the wonder of nature. Till when will you go into the depths of this? So, finally, they say it is infinite. Baba has explained that a whole part is recorded in the soul. This is the wonder of nature. No one can reach its end. You can reach the end of the world cycle. Only you know the Creator and the beginning, middle and end of the creation. Baba is knowledge-full. Even so, we will also become full. Nothing more will be left to attain. The Father enters this one and teaches us. He is just a dot. There cannot be happiness on having a vision of the soul or the Supreme Soul. You have to make effort to remember the Father and your sins will then be absolved. The Father says: Knowledge will stop in Me and it will also stop in you. You take the knowledge and become elevated. You take everything, but, nevertheless, the Father is the Father. You souls will remain souls. You will not become the Father. This is knowledge. The Father is the Father and the children will be the children. These are matters into which you have to go deep and churn. You also know that everyone has to go back. Everyone is going to return. Only souls will remain. The whole world will finish. You have to remain fearless in this. You have to make effort to remain fearless. No awareness of the body should remain. You have to return home in that stage. The Father makes you the same as Himself. You children also continue to make others the same as yourselves. You have to make effort to have only the Father's remembrance. You still have time for this. You have to make intense rehearsals. If you don't practise, you will come to a standstill. Your legs will tremble and you will suddenly have heart failure. It does not take long for a tamopradhan body to have heart failure. The more you become bodiless and have remembrance the Father, the closer you will continue to come. Only those who have yoga will remain fearless. You receive power through yoga and wealth through knowledge. Children need power. In order to receive power, continue to remember the Father. Baba is the eternal Surgeon. He can never become a patient. The Father now says: Continue to take your imperishable medicine. We are giving you the life-giving herb so that no one ever falls ill. Simply continue to remember the Purifier Father and you will become pure. Deities are constantly free from disease and pure. Children have the faith that you claim this inheritance every cycle. The Father has come now as He comes time immemorial. Everything that Baba teaches you and explains to you is Raja Yoga. All the Gita etc. belong to the path of devotion. Only the Father shows you the path of knowledge. The Father comes and lifts you up from the bottom. Those who have firm faith in the intellect become beads of the rosary. You children understand that you have been coming down while performing devotion. The Father has now come and inspires you to cam the true income. The physical father does not inspire you to earn as much as the parlokik Father does. Achcha. Good night and namaste to the children. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. In order to become serviceable, remove any trace of vice. Have a lot of enthusiasm for doing service. 

2. We aie the children of God. On the basis of shrimat, we are changing Bharat into the land of Vishnu where everyone will be firm Vaishnavs (pure vegetarians). Maintain this intoxication. 

Blessing: May you have an elevated character and remain powerful by finishing the burden of being obedient to trivial things. 

You have the order to get up and sit for amrit vela and so you do that yet you do not attain the success of using the right method; the silence of sleep becomes mixed with sweet silence. 2) The Father's order is: Do not cause sorrow for anyone, do not take sorrow from anyone. In this, you do not cause sorrow, but you do take sorrow. 3) You do not become angry, but you do become bossy. Obedience to such trivial things makes your mind heavy. Now, finish these and create an image of a character of obedience for only then would you be said to be a soul with a constantly powerful character. 

Slogan: Instead of asking for respect, give respect to everyone and you will continue to receive respect from everyone. 

मुरली सार :- ''मीठे बच्चे - क्रोध बहुत दु:खदाई है, यह अपने को भी दु:खी करता तो दूसरे को भी दु:खी करता, इसलिए श्रीमत पर इन भूतों पर विजय प्राप्त करो'' 

प्रश्न:- कल्प-कल्प का दाग किन बच्चों पर लगता है? उनकी गति क्या होती है? 

उत्तर:- जो अपने को बहुत होशियार समझते, श्रीमत पर पूरा नहीं चलते। अन्दर कोई न कोई विकार गुप्त व प्रत्यक्ष रूप में है, उसे निकालते नहीं। माया घेराव करती रहती है। ऐसे बच्चों पर कल्प-कल्प का दाग लग जाता है। उन्हें फिर अन्त में बहुत पछताना पड़ेगा। वह अपने को घाटा डालते हैं। 

गीत:- आज अन्धेरे में है इंसान... 

धारणा के लिये मुख्य सार:- 

1) सर्विसएबुल बनने के लिए विकारों के अंश को भी समाप्त करना है। सर्विस के प्रति उछलते रहना है। 

2) हम ईश्वरीय सन्तान हैं, श्रीमत पर भारत को विष्णुपुरी बना रहे हैं, जहाँ सब पक्के वैष्णव होंगे... इस नशे में रहना है। 

वरदान:- छोटी-छोटी अवज्ञाओं के बोझ को समाप्त कर सदा समर्थ रहने वाले श्रेष्ठ चरित्रवान भव 

जैसे अमृतवेले उठने की आज्ञा है तो उठकर बैठ जाते हैं लेकिन विधि से सिद्धि को प्राप्त नहीं करते, स्वीट साइलेन्स के साथ निद्रा की साइलेन्स मिक्स हो जाती है। 2-बाप की आज्ञा है किसी भी आत्मा को न दु:ख दो, न दु:ख लो, इसमें दु:ख देते नहीं हैं लेकिन ले लेते हैं। 3- क्रोध नहीं करते लेकिन रोब में आ जाते हैं, ऐसी छोटी-छोटी अवज्ञायें मन को भारी कर देती हैं। अब इन्हें समाप्त कर आज्ञाकारी चरित्र का चित्र बनाओ तब कहेंगे सदा समर्थ चरित्रवान आत्मा। 

स्लोगन:- सम्मान मांगने के बजाए सबको सम्मान दो तो सबका सम्मान मिलता रहेगा। 


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