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Essence of Murli 30-12-2012

30/12/12    Madhuban    Avyakt BapDada    Om Shanti    31/12/95 

In the Diamond Year become an angel and experience BapDada's canopy of protection and His love. 

Today, the One who makes the world sparkle like a real diamond, the One who makes matter sparkle like a diamond, the One who, out of the souls of the entire world, makes His direct children become like diamonds, as well as the Father who establishes the new world, together with seeing the New Year and the new age is seeing His children who are to become diamonds. In the corporeal form, so many diamonds are sparkling in front of BapDada, and Baba is also seeing in every corner of the world sparkling diamonds in all direction. The soul, the diamond sparkling in the centre of each one's forehead, looks so beautiful. The souls, the sparkling diamonds in front of Baba, and the scene of all the diamonds in all directions sparkling all together is such a lovely scene. So, what is this the gathering of? It is diamonds, is it not? Even though you may be numberwise, you arc still sparkling. The gathering of the sparkling diamonds is in front of the Father. What are all of you seeing? You are seeing diamonds, are you not? Or, are you seeing the bodies? For 63 births you have been seeing the bodies, but can you now see the sparkling diamond within the body? Or, is it hidden? Therefore, you can sometimes see it and sometimes it is hidden. 

This is the Diamond Jubilee; so what happens in a jubilee? What do you decorate in a jubilee? Nowadays, there is mostly the decoration of colourful lights. All of you also decorate the trees with lights everywhere, don't you? Those people would celebrate a. jubilee for one day or celebrate Christmas or some other festival, but what are you celebrating? Do you call it a Diamond Day or a Diamond Year? (Diamond Year.) Are you sure you are celebrating the Diamond Year? If it is everyone's aim to be celebrating the Diamond Year, then, may there be a gulab jamun (sweet ball in syrup) in your mouth! So, to celebrate means to become. So, would you become a diamond throughout the year or would there sometimes be a flaw? Seeing the children's zeal and enthusiasm, BapDada is giving double multimillionfold congratulations. Today, it is a double celebration: one is the New Year and the other is the Diamond Jubilee. It is the gathering of both of these. So, in the Diamond Year, BapDada wishes to see this speciality: that whomever anyone sees is visible as a sparkling diamonds: not a diamond in the mud, but a sparkling diamond. So, have you become such diamonds for the whole year? Because, you have to have the thought today that you will become a diamond and see others as diamonds. Even if the other soul is like charcoal, even if the soul is completely impure, what would you see? Would you see coal or a diamond? You will see diamonds. Achcha. As soon as your vision falls on that soul, that soul's darkness would decrease. This is the service you have to do in the Diamond Jubilee, is it not? However many you come into contact and relationship with, from amrit vela until night time, you have to become a diamond and see others as diamonds. Have you made this firm? Or. is it because you have to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee that you will have two or three functions at every place and think that that's the Diamond Jubilee finished? Have functions, give invitations, awaken others. You have to do all of that anyway and you are doing it, but you must not just have functions. In this Diamond Jubilee, every day's function is to become a diamond, to see others as diamonds and to make them into diamonds. So. will you have a function every day or a function every two or four days or every week? 

This year, BapDada's special hope or elevated shrimat for all the children is that you must not become anything except a diamond. No matter what happens, you must not allow there to be a flaw in the diamond. If you are influenced by any obstacle or by anyone's nature, that would then be a flaw. There have to be obstacles. Should obstacles come? Should obstacles come or not? Since you have the title of being destroyers of obstacles, only when the obstacles come will you destroy them. If a victorious person says that an enemy should not come, but he is victorious anyway, would anyone believe him? No. So, although the obstacles will come, whether from the elements, from other souls or from many other situations, you are such powerful diamonds that you cannot be influenced by the flaws. Is this possible? 

So the Diamond Jubilee Year is a great year. Just as a special month is celebrated, so, too, this Diamond Jubilee Year is a great year. This year. BapDada wishes to see everyone as walking, moving angels. Many say that souls are points, and because they are so tiny, they arc only able to see the bodies. A point is so tiny! BapDada agrees that the point may slip away, but the angelic form is still a physical form of the body, not a form of the point. An angel means a form of light. So, perform every action while stable in the angelic form. It isn't that you are not able to perform actions in the angelic form. Are you able to do that or do you need to have a corporeal form? You have had love for the physical body for many births. So, even though you wish to forget it, you are not able to do so. So the Father says: OK, since you have the habit of seeing the body, it doesn't matter; now simply look at the body of light. Since you need a body, an angel is also a bodily form, and all of you say that you have a lot of love for Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba. So, love means to become equal. So, just as Brahma Baba is the angelic form, in the same way, stabilize yourself in the angelic form, the same as Father Brahma when you perform actions. Since you are celebrating the Diamond Jubilee - 60 years of establishment have been completed - and although Father Shiva is of course instrumental for establishment, Brahma Baba became the instrument. You don't call yourselves Shiva Kumars or Shiva Kumaris.. You call yourselves Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris. So, you are celebrating the jubilee of the task of establishment by Brahma Baba. So, what would you give to the person whose jubilee you are celebrating? (A gift.) So, will all of you give gifts'? Or, will you bring a rose and say that this gift is sufficient? Someone would bring an elephant, someone would bring a horse, but these gifts are just for entertainment. This entertainment is also good. Everyone is happy to see them. Today a horse is dancing, today a person is dancing; everyone is happy to see the toys. You may bring them, but what gift would you give to Father Brahma that he would like? Whenever you give a gift to someone, you first see what that person would like. You first find out if that person would like it or not. So, what does Brahma Baba love? What gift does he like? The gift that the father would like is the walking, moving angelic form. So become like an angel. In your angelic form, no type of obstacle would influence you. Your thoughts, attitude and vision will all become double light. So, are you ready to give this gift? (Ha ji.) Just be careful, because all of this is being recorded. It is good that you will become angels to bring about the golden world. So, just as the diamonds are sparkling, in the same way, your angelic form will also sparkle. Continue to practise this very well. 

As soon as you wake up at amrit vela, bring into your awareness: Who am I? I am an angel. You have the thought that you are an angel and you wish to become that. However, when you see your own result, or when you write to Baba, the majority of you say that you weren't able to do it to the extent that you wished to do it. You were able to achieve it by 50% or 60%. So, will you have such a percentage in the Diamond Jubilee Year too, or will you achieve it fully? What will it be? Double foreigners speak! Will there be a percentage! Say yes or no! Should you be allowed a little freedom? Shaktis, would you have a percentage! You are not saying 'yes' with enthusiasm. You are replying after thinking about it. Double foreigners and Bharatwasis, if you pass fully, not to a percentage, then do you know what Brahma Baba would do? He would pat you on the back and say, "Well done!". What else would he do? Every day at amrit vela, he would merge you in his arms. You would feel that you are swinging in supersensuous happiness in Brahma Baba's arms. You would receive a big hug from him. Brahma Baba has a lot of love for the children, and so, at amrit vela, you would receive a hug from him; and what would you receive throughout the day? It is shown in a picture of Krishna that a storm came and the flood water overflowed, so a snake became a canopy of protection. They have shown the physical aspect about Shri Krishna, but, in fact, it is a spiritual aspect. So, if any situation arises or any obstacle comes in front of those who become angels, then the Father Himself would become your canopy of protection. Just try it and see. BapDada is not just saying this for the sake of it. Achcha. 

The children who are celebrating their Diamond Jubilee, raise your hands! BapDada is now speaking to those who are celebrating their Diamond Jubilee. You did yoga and tapasya for 14 years, and how many obstacles came in that? However, did anything happen to you in that? So BapDada became your canopy of protection, did He not? So many big things came in front of you. The whole world, the heads, the rulers, the gurus, etc. all became anti, whereas you Brahma Kumaris remained so firm that you also experienced a beggary life in a practical way. At the time of tapasya, you also witnessed different obstacles. There were guns as well as swords. Everything came in front of you, but there was always the canopy of protection. Was there any damage? The people of the world left everything behind and ran away during the upheaval. When there was the partition of Bharat, what happened then? Everyone ran away and your tennis court was filled with so many things that it became full. How could they leave the things they loved! They had a lot of love for those things. At that time, the Sindhi community was anti towards you, so they insulted you, but they also gave you their belongings. Whatever beautiful things they had, they begged you to use their things. For the people of the world, it was upheaval, whereas the Brahma Kumaris used to get a whole bullock-cart of vegetables for five rupees. All those vegetables for just five rupees! You used to eat those vegetables with so much pleasure. So the people of the world were afraid and you were dancing. So, you saw practically how both Brahma Baba and Dada, carried out the task of establishment as your canopy of protection with so much safety. So, since they had this experience, can you also not experience this? You first! Whatever you want, to whatever extent, you can have the practical experience of Brahma Baba's love and the canopy of protection in this year of the Diamond Jubilee. This year has this blessing and easy attainment. You will not have to make a lot of effort. You get tired of making effort. When someone has become tired of making effort, BapDada also sees that one's face and has a lot of compassion for that one. So, what will you now do? What will you become? Angels! To move and walk in the angelic form is to become a diamond. What is the sign of the most expensive, invaluable flawless diamond? When you place it in front of a light, it would sparkle brightly and rays would emanate from it. Rays of many colours would be visible from it. So, when you become real diamonds, when you become angels, the eight powers will be visible from your angelic forms. Just as those rays of colours are visible, in the same way, you have to become diamonds, that is, the form of angels. So, as you walk and as you move, others will experience the rays of the eight powers. Some will have the feeling of the power of tolerance from you, others will have the feeling of the power of decision making. Some will have one feeling, others will have another feeling. The more you practise this - for instance, the New Year begins tomorrow and the Diamond Jubilee also begins tomorrow. So, from tomorrow, that is, in the month of January, if you practise the angelic form in the first month, your practice will increase further in the second month and further still in the third month. The more you practise this, the more others will have this feeling from you. Do you understand? So this is the gift to Father Brahma. Will all of you give this gift or will only some of you give it? 

Achcha, those from Madhuban will give a gift, will you not? Those from Madhuban are clever in saying "Ha ji". (They are listening to the murli in Gyan Sarovar too.) Those from Gyan Sarovar will become angels, and all those sitting in the cabins who are translating and providing light and sound - everyone has to become double light angel. You do not find it difficult, do you? You have had love for the body for 63 births, so will it not be difficult? For those who have determined faith, victory of determined faith cannot be prevented. Even if the five elements or however many souls oppose you - they will oppose you - but because you have firm faith, you will be able to face their opposition with the power to accommodate. This has been the wonder from the beginning of Father Brahma and the special children in the 60 years of establishment. You never had any fluctuation in your faith. Brahma Baba's words were always: Victory is guaranteed. 

So, today, Brahma Baba especially gave a lot of love and congratulations to all the children. No matter how many of you there are, whether you are 400,000 or 1.4 million, Brahma Baba's arms are so big that all of you can merge in his arms at the same time. This is why, on the path of devotion, they show a variety-form image of God in which everyone is merged. So, all of you are merged in Brahma Baba's arms. No matter what happens, what does a little child do when someone tells him something or something happens to him? He goes and hides in his mother's or father's arms. It is like that, is it not? So, you should also do the same. You are still children, are you not? Or, have you grown up? In front of the Father, someone who is 100 years is also still a little child. So, no matter what happens to you, just go and merge in Brahma Baba's arms, that's all. This is easy, is it not? Achcha. 

To all the real, sparkling diamonds in all directions, to those who make themselves into real diamonds and make others into real diamonds with faith and determined thought, to the elevated souls who stabilise themselves in the double-light angelic form, the same as BapDada, to the conquerors of Maya and so the conquerors of the fortune of the world who remain busy in remembrance of the Father and service, to such confluence-aged diamonds, love, remembrance and namaste from BapDada. 

Blessing: May you be an image that grants blessings and make weak souls powerful with your power of co-operation. 

Souls who are images that grant blessings can make weak souls powerful with the treasures they have accumulated. They do this with their virtues, with their treasure of knowledge, with their drishti filled with blessings, with their power of courage and enthusiasm, with their treasure of happiness and their power of co-operation. Their every thought for every soul is of benevolence. 

Slogan: Make effort to become avyakt from vyakt (gross) in a second and you will become an image that grants blessings. 

30-12-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज:31-12-95 मधुबन 

''डायमण्ड वर्ष में फरिश्ता बनकर बापदादा की छत्रछाया और प्यार की अनुभूति करो'' 

वरदान:- अपने सहयोग की शक्ति द्वारा निर्बल आत्माओं को शक्तिशाली बनाने वाले वरदानी मूर्त भव 

वरदानी मूर्त बच्चे स्वयं के जमा किये हुए खजानों द्वारा, स्वयं के गुणों द्वारा, स्वयं के ज्ञान खजाने द्वारा, वरदानी दृष्टि द्वारा, हिम्मत हुल्लास की शक्ति और खुशी का खजाना, अपने सहयोग की शक्ति से देकर निर्बल व कमजोर आत्माओं को शक्तिशाली बना देते हैं। उनका हर संकल्प हर आत्मा के प्रति कल्याण का होता है। 

स्लोगन:- सेकण्ड में व्यक्त से अव्यक्त बनने का पुरुषार्थ करो तो वरदानी मूर्त बन जायेंगे। 

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