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Essence of Murli 02-12-2012

02/12/12     Madhuban     Avyakt BapDada     Om Shanti     22/12/95 

The speciality of a life that is full of all attainments is that it is free from unhappiness and to be happy. 

Today, BapDada, the Ocean of Love, is seeing His souls who are embodiments of love. Godly love is merged in each one's heart. This Godly love is attained in just one birth. You have received love from deity souls and ordinary souls for 83 births. Just think about it, remember it, go through the whole cycle - you are spinners of the discus of self-realization, are you not? So, did you go around the whole cycle in a second! Did you receive God's love in 83 births? You didn't. It is only in this one birth at the confluence age that you receive Godly love. So, you now know the difference. There is so much difference between love from souls and love from God. Where did love from ordinary souls take you? What did it make you attain? You have experienced this, have you not? However, where does God's love take you? To your sweet home and your sweet kingdom. Love for human souls makes you lose your fortune of the kingdom and God's love enables you to receive your fortune of the kingdom and, that too, in this birth. It isn't that you are moving along on the basis of the future. No, it is at this time that you have direct Godly attainment. Compared to the present, the future is nothing. You sing the song of what there will be and what there won't be in heaven. What is the song of the present time? You have attained what you had to attain. Or, do you still have to attain it. You have attained it. Have the Pandavas attained it? There is the memorial of the gopis. The memorial of the present time is: Nothing is lacking in the treasure-store of Brahmins. Not in the treasure-store of deities, but in the treasure-store of Brahmins. So, you are Brahmins at present, are you not? Do you have the experience that nothing is lacking? As all these attainments are imperishable, not temporary, what speciality would someone who has all attainments in his life have? If someone has all attainments, and not a single attainment is lacking, then what speciality would be visible in his activity and on his face? Constant happiness and cheerfulness. No matter what happens, someone who has all attainments cannot let go of his happiness. Whenever there is unhappiness, check whether you are experiencing a lack of attainment or whether you have all attainments. Today, BapDada saw many centres and sub-centres, not in the foreign lands, but in this land. Mostly, in the service centres there are the servers. So, today, while touring around the centres, Baba saw both the servers and the service places. In each place, whether it was big or small, Baba checked each server to see to what extent each one is happy while serving through their bodies, their minds, their wealth and the relations and contacts in service, because these are the special things, are they not? So, what did Baba see? Everyone's body is old anyway, whether they are young or old. In fact, the younger ones are sometimes weaker than the old ones. Even if their illness is serious, the feeling of being ill or the thought, "I am weak, I am ill", increases the illness. Because the body affects the mind, you therefore become doubly ill. Because of being doubly ill in the body and the mind, instead of being soul conscious, you repeatedly become illness conscious. So, what did Baba see? He saw that with the body, the majority, whether you call -them ill or call it settling their accounts, 50% are doubly ill and 50% are ill in a single way. However, what should happen? You must never bring any thoughts of illness into your mind and think, "I am ill, I am ill." What happens instead? You make this lesson firm, "I am ill." Then, sometimes, there isn't any pain, but, because of not having happiness in their minds, they make excuses, "I have a backache." The majority either have pain in their legs or back and often they say that they have backache even without having pain! How can you check this? Do doctors have a thermometer with which they can check whether you truly do have backache or not? Get an X-ray, do this, etc. This incurs further expense. So, what did Baba see? Baba told you about the body. Many servers like this were seen. All of you are servers. Do not think that this only applies to the teachers; no. All of you householders are also servers, are you not? Or, are only those who are living at the centres servers? All of you living in households are also servers. Sometimes, Baba tours around your homes and sees how you sleep, how you wake up, whether you have a double bed or a single bed. Achcha, Baba is now talking about today's tour. 

According to the time nowadays, do not think that it is a big thing to take medicine, because, at the present time, the most powerful fruit of the iron age is medicine. Look, they are all so colourful! This is the last fruit of the iron age which you should take with love. When you take medicine, it doesn't have to remind you of the illness. If you take your medicine under compulsion, then compulsive medicine will remind you of your illness, whereas if you take it with the consciousness of taking it to put strength into your body, the medicine will not then remind you of your illness. If you think that it will give happiness, then, through that medicine, you will be all right in two or three days. Nowadays, there are many new fashions. In the iron age, the maximum inventions are those of medicine and different therapies. Today there is this therapy and tomorrow there will be that therapy, and so this is the most powerful fruit of the iron age. Therefore, don't be afraid, but do not take medicine while being medicine conscious or illness conscious. So, of course, there will be illness of the body; that is nothing new. Therefore, do not ever be afraid of any illness. When it comes, give it some fruit and then bid it farewell. Achcha, this was the result in terms of the body. Then, what else did Baba see? The mind. What did Baba see about the mind? Baba saw the good news that, in the majority, each server has a lot of love for Baba and a lot of enthusiasm for service. Leaving aside the 25% who may be moving along under compulsion, Baba saw both these aspects in the minds of the majority of children. Baba also saw that, because of having love for the Father, you pay a lot of attention to sitting in a powerful stage in remembrance, to progressing and doing service. However, what game takes place then? Although you want to remain set on the seat of remembrance very well, you only remain set for a short time', you then start fidgeting. Just like little children would definitely start to fidget if you make them sit on a seat for a long time, so too, if your mind is not under control, if it is not in order, you only remain seated well for a short time. You progress and also do service, but, sometimes, you are set and sometimes you become upset. What is the reason for that? You wish to be set, so why do you become upset? What is the reason for that? You lack the power of concentration and the power of determination. You make very good plans for sitting in this way and having this experience and that you will then do this service, that you will then move along like this. You make very good plans, but while performing actions or even while just sitting idly, your power of determination is reduced, and your mind and intellect become engaged in other things. Sometimes, you are not busy in any work, but waste thoughts become the greatest work and those attract you. You may not have any physical work, but, because the power of determination is scattered, the mind and intellect, which you want to keep set, fluctuate. 

BapDada saw to what extent you carried out the work that He gave all of you. All the notes reached BapDada. However, many children are very clever. What cleverness did they do? They wrote a note, but didn't write their name on it. They wrote it in that way thinking that Baba knows everything. Of course Baba knows, but, since Baba gave you some work to do, you should at least do your work fully. If your teacher tells you to write something and you tell your teacher, "Well, you know that I know how to write this", would the teacher accept it? Many don't even write their name. However, whatever task you have been given in whichever group, Baba saw a very pleasing thing in the majority of them, that they have the thought that they will definitely do this by the Diamond Jubilee. This applies to the majority. Do you also feel the same? Will you be liberated in life? If you become free from all these things, what will you become? You would be liberated in life, would you not? So, each of you has shown very good courage and enthusiasm. Whether you are foreigners or Bharatwasis, the majority of you have good zeal and enthusiasm. Very few have written that they need more time. Let them take more time. All of you should at least be liberated in life. So, Baba saw in the result that everyone has the enthusiasm definitely to do something in the Diamond Jubilee. However, BapDada saw that, to the extent you have zeal and enthusiasm to make yourself into a diamond, you also make very fast plans for service for the Diamond Jubilee. BapDada is happy that you have made fast plans, but do not then say that the burden of service was too much and so there was some fluctuation. BapDada does not want this. Service that disturbs you or others is not service; it is selfishness. It is not service. When there is fluctuation it is because of one selfish motive or another. When either your own selfishness or that of others is not fulfilled, there is disturbance in service. All of you should serve by being detached and loving: detached from selfishness and loving in your relationships with everyone. Then, the aim and the thought that you have had for the Diamond Jubilee, that you will become a diamond and celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, will be fulfilled. Do not just remember half of it. Many respond to Baba and say that they have to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, and so they become busy in this and that. However, you have to remember both aspects of what BapDada has said, not just half of it. You have to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee having become a diamond. It is not that you just have to celebrate it, but you have to become a diamond and celebrate it. So, do not take just the aspect that suits you and celebrate it in that way, but become this and then celebrate it. To become a diamond and then celebrate it is the aim for the Diamond Jubilee. Do not fulfill only half the aim; you have a double aim. You have to become and to celebrate; not just become nor just celebrate, but both should be together. Since you are making plans for the Diamond Jubilee, you are making plans to become diamonds. All of you know that, Maya is also making her plans in advance. Therefore, do not say, "What can I do Baba? I lack courage. Maya is very sharp, and so keep Maya with You." You will rule the kingdom, and Baba will look after Maya! You have to rule the kingdom. You have to become conquerors of Maya and conquerors of the world. So, how can you become conquerors of the world without conquering Maya? Therefore, in all directions, attention please! Do you understand? Achcha. 

Baba has told you half of what He saw on His tour; He will relate the other half at some other time. Many centres were very beautifully decorated. Some were very simple, some very royal. Some were of the middle level. There are many who feel that everything should be very royal so that if a VIP comes, he should feel that the centre is very good. However, for Brahmins, you have had the discipline from the beginning that everything should be of the middle level: not too simple and not too royal. You saw how Brahma lived in a very simple way. However, you have facilities and there are also those who supply you with those facilities. Even then, when you carry out any task, let it be of the middle level. No one should ask: "What have you put up?" No one should even say: "You are already living in royal splendour now!" So, what was the lesson for today? All of you have become free from everything, have you not? You have all made a promise to become free from everything, have you not? Is it a firm promise? Or, when you return home, will you say that it is difficult? Remain very strong. Let Maya taste the sweetness of the pleasure of the Diamond Jubilee. You are master almighty authorities, no less. Achcha, many double foreigners have come. The double beauty of the task of establishment is the double foreigners. BapDada knows that you come here with so much effort and with such clever ways. If you didn't have so much love, it would be difficult to reach here. On the one hand, BapDada hears that the value of money has gone down and, on the other, every year He sees that many more foreigners come. So this is courage. A group from Russia has also come. Where did those from Russia get the tickets from? Their stories are very good and worth hearing. Stories of how they accumulate their ticket money are very good. All of this will happen. It is only paper. It is just paper. Whether you call it a dollar or a pound, it is still just paper. So, how long will the paper last? Gold has value, diamonds have value, but what about paper! The value of money has to go down, and your money is the most valuable. In the beginning, you had it printed in the papers that Om Mandli was the richest in the world. You didn't have any means of earning. One or two had surrendered themselves with Father Brahma and it was printed in the papers that you were the richest in the world. So, even now, when there is physical upheaval in all directions, you will not have to print it in the papers, but the journalists will themselves come to you and write it by themselves. They will show on TV that the Brahma Kumaris are the richest in the world because, no matter what happens, your faces will be sparkling. You may not have any chapattis to eat during the day, yet your faces would be sparkling. So, there would be sorrow in all directions and you would be dancing in happiness. This is known as "Death to the prey and happiness for the hunter." This is why BapDada said today: The speciality of those who are true Brahmins, those who aim to have an elevated life, is happiness. Even if someone is insulting you, your face should not have any wave of sorrow. You should just remain cheerful. Those who are insulting you will then become tired. Is this possible? It should not be that he spoke for one hour and you spoke for just one second. If you speak or think for just one second, if you show any signs of displeasure on your face, you have failed. "I tolerated so much. I tolerated it for one hour and then the gas escaped from the balloon." So, do not become gas balloons. What else do you need? You found the Father and you found everything. This is the song that you sing, is it not? Remember these things at those times and your face will not change. It should not be that you start laughing loudly in front of that person so that he becomes even more angry. Cheerfulness means a spiritual smile: not an external smile, but a spiritual smile. So, what was today's lesson? To be constantly free from unhappiness and to remain happy. Doublel Do you understand? Achcha. 

To all souls in all directions who are embodiments of love for BapDada, to those who free themselves from unhappiness and who are intense effort-makers, to the fortunate souls who, with the balance of remembrance and service, constantly attain success in service, to all the children from this land and abroad who stay in the enthusiasm of revealing the Father, to those who write their good news to the Father and who maintain enthusiasm for their own service, to such loving souls who are close to the Father, BapDada's remembrance and namaste. 

Blessing: May your vision and feelings be of love for every soul and you become equal to the Father. 

From the copper age onwards you insulted the Father with so many insults and yet the Father gave you only love. Follow the Father in the same way and become equal to Him. No matter what souls are like, your vision and feelings should be of love. This is known as being loving to all. Whether someone insults you or dislikes you, have love for everyone. No matter what your relatives say or do, your feelings should always remain pure and benevolent for everyone. This is known as being equal to the Father. 

Slogan: A special soul is one who only sees specialities and only speaks of specialities. 

02-12-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त बापदादा'' रिवाइज: 22-12-95 मधुबन 

''सर्व प्राप्ति सम्पन्न जीवन की विशेषता है - अप्रसन्नता मुक्त और प्रसन्नता युक्त'' 

वरदान:- हर आत्मा के प्रति प्यार की दृष्टि, प्यार की भावना रखने वाले बाप समान भव 

जैसे द्वापर से आप लोगों ने बाप को अनेक गालियां दी फिर भी बाप ने प्यार किया। तो फालो फादर कर बाप समान बनो। कैसी भी आत्मायें हों लेकिन अपनी दृष्टि, अपनी भावना प्यार की हो-इसको कहा जाता है सर्व के प्यारे। कोई इनसल्ट करे या घृणा सबके प्रति प्यार हो। चाहे संबंधी क्या भी कहें, क्या भी करें लेकिन आपकी भावना शुद्ध हो, सर्व के प्रति कल्याण की हो - इसको कहते हैं बाप समान। 

स्लोगन:- विशेष आत्मा वह है जो विशेषताओं को ही देखे और उनका ही वर्णन करे। 

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