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Essence of Murli 18-11-2012

Avyakt BapDada 08/10/75 

Inspirations to become a master embodiment of knowledge. 

Do you consider yourselves to be BapDada's decoration, the decoration of the Brahmin clan, the decoration of the world and the decoration of your home? Children are said to be the crown on the Father's head, the garland around His neck; therefore, are you BapDada's decoration? In your own home of the supreme land, the land of peace, whilst amidst all the other souls sparkling like stars, are you the especially sparkling decoration of the home? Are you special souls, who are the hero actors in the drama of the corporeal world, playing special parts, that is, are you the decoration of the world? Are you moving along whilst considering yourselves to be the elevated decoration? Today, BapDada was seeing His decoration. What did He see? He saw you all in the form of sparkling jewels. Everyone's form was that of a sparkling jewel, but, of course, you were all numberwise. Today, Baba saw the jewels in three forms of decoration.

The first decoration Baba saw were the jewels sparkling in the centre of the crown on the head. Everyone's form was that of a sparkling jewel. Baba saw that each of the three types of jewels had its own speciality. The speciality of the first number jewels, that is, of the jewels of the crown on the head, was that all of them were sparkling like a master sun of knowledge, equal to the Father. Just as the rays of the sun make the world full of light and dispel darkness from every corner, so too, the jewels who are master embodiments of the sun of knowledge were those who were spreading rays of their own powers in all directions. The rays of all the powers of each one were reaching the entire world. They weren't within limits; they weren't reaching just one, not just reaching a few souls, but reaching the entire world. Together with this, they were master oceans of all virtues, the same as the Father. The sign of this was merged in all the different colours of the jewels; each one had the sparkle of all colours. So, the master oceans of all virtues, while radiating the beauty of their variety of colours, were the elevated beauty of the crown. These jewels, sparkling in the centre of the crown, were visible as BapDada's special decoration. 

There is significance in these special jewels being in the centre of the forehead. Special jewels constantly sparkling in the centre of the forehead is that they are constantly stable in their stage of soul consciousness. While living in the corporeal world, their intellects are constantly engaged in remembrance of the Father, remembrance of the home, remembrance of the kingdom and remembrance of Godly service. Therefore, their place, sparkling in the centre of the forehead, was also a symbol of their elevated stage. The speciality of such souls is that they constantly maintain an elevated awareness, an elevated attitude, elevated vision and are part of the elevated family. This is why they have attained an elevated place, that is, they have become part of the crown. The highest decoration is the crown. A crown is a symbol of greatness, as well as the symbol of a master. It is also a symbol of having all attainments and having all rights. Did you hear the specialities of such jewels of the forehead, that is, of the jewels who are part of the crown? Very few such jewels were visible. These were the first number jewels, the first number decoration. 

In the same way, what was the speciality and the basis of the second number decoration who are the garland around BapDada's neck? These jewels were also spreading their sparkle in all directions, but what was the difference? The rays of powers of the first number jewels were spreading equally in all directions, but the rays of the jewels of the garland around the neck were not all equal. Some rays were short and others were long. Some rays were going into the unlimited whereas others were reaching a limited number. These jewels were close to the Father, but were not equal to the Father. They had the colours of all the virtues, but not all the colours were clear. They had surrendered themselves to BapDada with their love and co­operation, and they were therefore the garland around the neck. The basis of such souls is that, through their voices, that is, through their mouths, through the sound from their throats, they constantly sing praise of the Father, give the Father's introduction and bring souls close to the Father. That is, they pass fully in the subject of serving through speech. They pass fully in serving through words but not in the subject of serving through the mind. They are not constantly embodiments of remembrance themselves, but they constantly remind others of the Father. They become the garland around Baba's neck and are close to the Father on the basis of that. There was a greater number of souls of this type. There are, of course, more beads in a garland. So, there were many more jewels of the garland than there were jewels of the crown. The third decoration was of the bracelet around the wrist. What is their speciality or basis? Arms are remembered as the sign of being co-operative and helpful. Garlands of the wrist and bracelets mean the same thing - you would call a bracelet a garland around the wrist, would you not? What was their speciality that was visible? The sparkle of their rays was not in the unlimited, but limited. Not all the colours of virtues were visible; only certain sparkling colours of virtues were visible. Their speciality was that they were constantly co-operative in every task; they passed fully in the subject of serving through actions. They were constantly ever ready to serve through their body, mind and wealth; they were constantly merged in the Father's arms of love and they constantly experienced BapDada's hand over them. They were not those who constantly experienced the Company, but always experienced Baba's hand over them. There was also a greater number of this type of soul; these were co-operative souls. The first number were souls equal to the Father and the second number were those close to the Father. Did you understand about the three types of decoration? Today, Baba saw all the children in the form of three types of decoration. Now check and see who you are. This was today's news. You are interested in hearing the news of the subtle region, are you not? Achcha. 

To the numberwise jewels of all the decorations, to the powerful souls who stay in remembrance of BapDada and to the children who constantly have good wishes, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

08/10/75 Avyakt BapDada 08/10/75 

Travelling with the inner vehicle, that is, with the form of an avyakt angel. 

What is happening, especially nowadays, in this old world? Nowadays, people are especially invoking all of you. So, are you responding to their invocation of you? What do devotees desire? The devotees desire the goddesses to incarnate in the living form. They invoke the living goddesses through the non-living images; they want those images to become bestowers of blessings and grant them blessings in the living form. So, when will that desire of the devotees be fulfilled? Devotion is also now visible in all directions with full force. Earlier, people used to call out to the Father a lot more, saying, "Oh God!" but, now, because the Father is incognito and the goddesses are visible, the majority of people worship goddesses. Shaktis become instruments to fulfil the desires of the devotees, and this is why the Shaktis are invoked a lot more. So, now, sanskars of mercy should emerge within you Shaktis. Sanskars of mercy at present are not emerged in you all, they are merged. 

Just as the Father tours around in all directions, do you also tour around the devotees in all directions? Do you ever go on a tour? Are you not pulled to go when you hear the sound? Shaktis also have to play their parts with the Father. Just as there is the memorial of the Shaktis who used to tour with the inner vehicle, so too, the Father also tours through the avyakt form. To travel with the inner vehicle means to travel with the avyakt form. You need to practise this and you will then also experience it. Just as, by means of science, with binoculars, you can see a distant scene very clearly, in the same way, with the eyes of remembrance and with the stage of your angelic form, you will experience a distant scene to be as close as though you are seeing it with your physical eyes. You will see it, that is, experience it, very clearly. 

The main foundation of science is light. The splendour of science is on the basis of light; it has the power of light. In the same way, the foundation of the power of silence is divine insight. With this, you can have wonderful experiences of the power of silence. You will experience this too. Just as you are able to travel by physical means, so too, you should be able to experience a scene of any particular place at any time you want. It would not only be you having this experience, but wherever you reach, the people there would experience meeting you personally. This is the result of being an embodiment of success. In the world, only some souls receive these results. They are able to make their form appear in many places at the same time and give others this experience. Whereas that success is temporary, this success is based on knowledge. You will have many such experiences. As you progress further, there will of course be many new things happening. In the beginning, whilst sitting at home, many had visions of the form of Brahma, as though someone was actually speaking to them and signalling to them. In the same way, at the end, many will experience the army of Shaktis who are instruments. It is the thought of all the maharathis that something new should happen now. So, now, you will continue to see such new wonders. However, for this, there has to be great lightness; there should be no type of burden on your intellects; mid, secondly, your timetable for the whole day should be like that of the father. Then, like Father Brahma, you will be able to experience the scene at the end as he experienced in the beginning. Do you understand? 

What do the maharathis have to do now? Not just have yoga, but also transform the form of service. Yoga or remembrance of you maharathis should now not be just for yourselves, but for service too. Only then would you be called great donors (mahadani), greatly enlightened (maha gyani) souls. Achcha. 

What will be the sign of the closeness of time? When the sound from the entire gathering is unified and the challenge from all is the same: that of, "We are victorious, victory is our birthright and victory is the garland around our necks." This should be the practical experience. This would not be just for the sake of saying it, but there would be the intoxication of it, it would be constantly visible. Can you see the signs of such victory? Achcha. Om shanti. 

Personal meetings: 

The method to be content yourselves and make others content. 

Are you able to see your confluence-aged form and your future form very clearly? When you are able to see your future clearly, you will make good effort. The final form is that of Mahakali, that is, the one who finishes all devilish sanskars. Therefore, constantly have the awareness that you are Mahakali. This is why you must not have any devilish sanskars within you at this time. You instrument souls should constantly pay attention to making intense effort. What is the slogan for making intense effort? (Whatever actions others see me perform, they will do the same.) That is a slogan for mediocre effort. The slogan for intense effort is: Whatever thoughts I have, these thoughts will create an atmosphere accordingly. Thoughts affect the atmosphere and the atmosphere affects your effort. Whoever has any particular thought (of making effort), others will follow that person. Action is a gross aspect, but you now have to pay attention to even your thoughts. Do not consider thoughts to be something insignificant, because thoughts are the seed. If the seed of thought is weak, you will never experience powerful fruit. To waste even one thought is a mistake. Just as you experience making a mistake of words, so too, you should be able to experience having made a mistake of waste thoughts. Only when you have such checking will you be able to move forward. Otherwise, you will not be able to take the benefit of the opportunity you have of being an instrument. Now you should be making deep, subtle effort. The time for making gross effort has now gone by. To make mistakes in actions or words is an aspect of childhood. You should now be making effort of someone in the stage of retirement. If, even now, you continue to make effort of childhood, you will lose the lottery of luck, that is, your fortune. Sometimes to be cheerful and sometimes sad, sometimes to make intense effort and sometimes to be slack is not the sign of a special soul. That is the sign an ordinary soul. Now, there should be something especially unique in all of you so that you are able to make the stage of weak souls powerful with your own powerful awareness. Sendee is still waiting because you are not content. So, now remember the slogan: I have to remain content and I also have to make others content. Do you understand? Achcha. 

Blessing: May you be a complete Vaishnav and a successful tapaswi by not touching anything bad with your mind or intellect. 

Those who have the personality and royalty of purity cannot touch anything impure with their mind or intellect. Just as in Brahmin life, physical attraction or physical touching is impurity, in the same way, the slightest attraction or touching of any vice with your mind or intellect is impurity. So, do not touch anything bad even in your thoughts - this is the sign of a complete Vaishnav and a successful tapaswi. 

Slogan: Finish the confusion of the mind and make your present and future bright. 

18-11-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज:08-10-75 मधुबन 

मास्टर ज्ञान-स्वरूप बनने की प्रेरणा 

18-11-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज:11-10-75 मधुबन 

अन्त:वाहक अर्थात् अव्यक्त फरिश्ते रूप द्वारा सैर 

वरदान:- मन-बुद्धि से किसी भी बुराई को टच न करने वाले सम्पूर्ण वैष्णव व सफल तपस्वी भव 

पवित्रता की पर्सनैलिटी व रायॅल्टी वाले मन-बुद्धि से किसी भी बुराई को टच नहीं कर सकते। जैसे ब्राह्मण जीवन में शारीरिक आकर्षण व शारीरिक टचिंग अपवित्रता है, ऐसे मन-बुद्धि में किसी विकार के संकल्प मात्र की आकर्षण व टचिंग अपवित्रता है। तो किसी भी बुराई को संकल्प में भी टच न करना - यही सम्पूर्ण वैष्णव व सफल तपस्वी की निशानी है। 

स्लोगन:- मन की उलझनों को समाप्त कर वर्तमान और भविष्य को उज्जवल बनाओ। 

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