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Essence of Murli 11-11-2012

Avyakt BapDada 04/10/75 

In order to experience the angelic stage, consider yourself to be a soul that has incarnated as you perform every action. With the matchstick of determination, burn the Ravan of weaknesses. 

Do you consider yourselves to be angels who are sitting in a gathering of angels? An angel means one who has all relationships, all connections with the One. An angel is one who has all relations with the One and who is constantly stable in a constant stage. Every thought, every second and every word spoken is with love for the One and for the service of the One. While walking, moving, seeing, speaking and performing actions, such souls would be beyond any corporeal feelings. They would be avyakt, that is, the feet of their intellects would be beyond the awareness of the ground, that is, the body; they would remain up above. The Father, for the sake of Godly service, for the service of taking the children back with Him and for the sake of giving true devotees the fruit of their devotion over a long period of time, while detached and incorporeal, takes support and incarnates for a temporary period. In the same way, to be an angel means to be loving and detached. Do you consider yourself to be a soul who has incarnated in the same way as the Father? That is, you have received that physical Brahmin life for the sake of doing Godly service. The founders of religions come to play their parts of establishing their religions. You are known as an incarnation of shakti (power). "At this moment, I am an incarnation, a founder of a religion." You Brahmin souls, that is, you souls who have incarnated, do not have any task other than the task of establishing a religion. Those who constantly have this awareness and are constantly engaged in this task are called angels. Angels are double light. One kind of light is to be a constant form of light. The second kind of light is to be detached from the burden of any type of karmic accounts of the past, that is, to remain light. Do you consider yourselves to be forms of double light in this way? You do not use that Brahmin birth for anything other than Godly service. You do not use it without shrimat, or on the dictates of others or of your own mind, do you? That Brahmin life is an invaluable treasure which you have received from the Father for the sake of Godly service. You are not dishonest in looking after these invaluable treasures which have been entrusted to you, do you? You cannot use even one breath of that Brahmin life, even in your thoughts, for any other task. This is why, on the path of devotion, there is the memorial of remembering God in every breath. Are you constantly angels or angels for a temporary period? On the path of devotion, they have the discipline that something that has been donated cannot be used for any other purpose. So, what was the first promise that all of you made to BapDada in your Brahmin life? Do you remember that or have you forgotten it? The first promise you made to the Father was that you would surrender your body, mind and wealth, everything, to the Father. Since you have surrendered everything, it means you have surrendered your thoughts, breath, words, relations, all people, material possessions, sanskars, nature, attitude, vision and awareness. This is called surrender. You use an even more powerful word than surrender, that is, you call yourselves complete renunciates. Are all of you complete renunciates or just renunciates? To be a complete renunciate means that whatever you have renounced, whether it is relations, connections, intentions, nature or sanskars, you have renounced them together with their progeny and all trace of the karmic accounts of the last 63 births. This is why it is called complete renunciation. Such a complete renunciate whose past account, along with its progeny, has finished would never even have the thought that their past nature and sanskars are like that. Do the karmic accounts of the past pull you even now? Does the burden of any karmic bondage, the burden of any relationship of karma, the burden of the support of any person or any material possession attract you to itself? These are not the thoughts or words of one who is a complete renunciate. One who is a complete renunciate would be free from all bondages and all burdens and would be a multimillion times fortunate soul who creates his fortune in every thought. Such souls automatically earn an income of multimillions at every step. You are such complete renunciates, are you not? You are stable in the meaning of the words, are you not? You are not those who just speak these words, but those who do that and who inspire others to become this too, are you not? You do not find it difficult, do you? There shouldn't even be any question of you finding anything difficult, because this is the dharma (religion) and karma (action) of Brahmin life. Whatever one's original actions, one does not find practising that to be difficult. You only find it difficult when you do not consider yourself to be an incarnated soul, that is, a soul who is the incarnation of shakti. Always remember: I am an incarnation. I am a religious soul who is establishing a religion. Religion means that every thought of yours is automatically for the sake of your religion. Do you understand? Such a soul is called an angel. 

Now, you should never speak words such as: What can I do? How can I do it? It doesn't happen like it should. I don't know how to do it. It happens even though I don't want it to happen. Who speaks these words? Is it an angel who speaks these words or someone who is a complete renunciate? If you are a master almighty authority, how can these be your words? Compare the two aspects. Can a master almighty authority speak such words? Can a soul who liberates many others from their bondages speak such words? Are these the words of a soul who is free from bondage? Are all of you souls free from bondage? Today, finish such words and thoughts for all time. With the matchstick of determination, burn the Ravan of these weaknesses, that is, celebrate the true Dashera. Become victorious over the ten aspects - any trace of the five vices and any type of attraction of the five elements - that is, celebrate the day of victory. Achcha. 

From today, none of you should go to Didi or Dadi with these types of problem. You may have a spiritual meeting with them, but not in order to talk about these things. You may go to them to take something from them, but do not go with such complaints. Achcha. 

11/11/12   Avyakt BapDada   07/10/75 

Only one who has all rights and unlimited disinterest is a Raj Rishi. 

Which gathering is BapDada seeing today? This is a gathering of Raj Rishis. Do you move along while constantly considering yourself to be a Raj Rishi? On one side, to have a kingdom and on the other side, to be a Rishi. The qualifications needed for each are distinct from one another. One is fortune and the other is renunciation. One is to have all rights and the other is to be a Rishi, which means to have unlimited disinterest: to have all rights and to have unlimited disinterest. One is to be loved by all and the other is to be totally detached. Both qualifications are constantly and simultaneously visible in the words and deeds. To have self-sovereignty at present means to be able to rule your physical senses. This is known as self-sovereignty, and the other is a double kingdom of the future, that is, to be able to rule the self and the world. Do you have a right to the double kingdom? Do you constantly have the intoxication of a double kingdom? To the extent that you have intoxication of the kingdom, so there should also be unlimited disinterest. That is, does the form of a Rishi remain constantly in your awareness? Do you have a balance of both forms? Or, do you constantly remember one form and forget the other? Have you developed unlimited disinterest in that old body and bodily world? Or, does that old body and world still pull you to itself? Do you experience it to be a graveyard? Do you actually see souls in front of you being unconscious or is it just for the sake of saying it? Unless you experience everyone to be already dead, that is, unless you experience this world to be a graveyard, you cannot become one who has unlimited disinterest. In today's world, those who have limited disinterest go to the forests or the graveyard. This is why the temporary disinterest experienced at a graveyard is remembered. So, unless you experience this world to be a graveyard, how would you possibly be able to experience permanent unlimited disinterest? 

Ask yourself: Have I become a Rishi? As well as having disinterest, those who have such faith in the intellect would also maintain the happiness of having all rights. Therefore, in order to become a Raj Rishi you should be able to experience the intoxication of a kingdom and scenes of unlimited disinterest simultaneously. You should be able to see the land of angels (Parishthan) in front of you to the extent that you experience the world to be a graveyard (kabristhan). Through your renunciation, you would also be able to see your fortune clearly in front of you. The stage of a perfect Raj Rishi, that is, the intoxication and goal, would be very clear. The goal means the perfect stage. The goal of those who have such intoxication would be as close as when a physical object is clearly visible with the physical eyes. When you can see it in front of you, there won't be questions such as: Does this object exist? What is it? What is it like? etc. In this way, because you will be able to see the perfect stage in front of you, the questions of whether you will become something or not, or what the perfect stage is, will finish. You will very clearly be able to see signs in yourself of the perfect stage. Do you know what those signs would be? Are you able to experience them? 

The first sign is that there won't be any attachment, either in your thoughts or your dreams, to any person or object of the old world. You will constantly consider yourself to have stepped away from the iron-aged world and to be confluence aged. You will see impure souls of the entire world with the vision of mercy and benevolence. You will constantly experience yourself to be a server, the same as the Father. You will constantly experience yourself to be victorious in every situation and test. You will perform every deed considering the right to victory to be your birthright. You will constantly experience yourself to be seated on the trimurti throne. Because of being an embodiment of trikaldarshi awareness, one who knows the three aspects of time of every deed, you make every deed an elevated deed, a pure deed. You will experience your account of sin to be finished. You will constantly experience every task and every thought to be already accomplished. You will experience yourself to be beyond old sanskars and nature. You will constantly experience yourself to be set on the seat of a detached observer. These are the signs and also the goal. Such a soul is called a Raj Rishi. Have you become such a Raj Rishi? You have received the title of a Raj Rishi, have you not? You are in a. practical form of the title that you have, are you not? 

To be a Brahmin means that your speaking and doing, your thinking and speaking, your listening and putting into practice would be the same. All of you are Brahmins, are you not? Are you able to stabilise yourself in whatever stage you want in a second! Have you become ever ready to this extent? You experience the practice of being bodiless as easily and naturally as you experience coming into the body. You are the spiritual military, are you not? The military are those who put every order into practice in a second. If you were to receive an order to become bodiless now, would you be ever ready or do you still have to make yourself ready! If the military were to take time in getting ready, would they experience victory? Now, practise being constantly ever ready. Achcha. 

To the most elevated Brahmins of the confluence age who maintain the intoxication of having all rights, to those who maintain the intoxication of the kingdom of the world, to such elevated souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

Blessing: May you be a master ocean of forgiveness and give teachings through your form of forgiveness. 

If any soul tries to shake you off your stage, if that soul has an attitude of harming you, use your attitude of benevolence to transform and forgive that soul. If you are unable to transform them, become a master ocean of forgiveness and forgive them. Your forgiveness will become a form of teaching for that soul. Nowadays, when you give teachings, some will understand whereas others will not. However, to forgive means to give the blessings and co-operation of your good wishes. 

Slogan: Only those who remain constantly happy are loved by the self and everyone else. 

11-11-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज:4-10-75 मधुबन 

फरिश्ता स्थिति का अनुभव करने के लिए स्वयं को अवतरित आत्मा समझ हर कार्य करो और दृढ़ संकल्प की तीली से कमज़ोरियों के रावण को जलाओ 

11-11-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज:7-10-75 मधुबन 

सर्व अधिकार और बेहद के वैराग्य वाला ही राजॠषि 

वरदान:- अपने क्षमा स्वरूप द्वारा शिक्षा देने वाले मास्टर क्षमा के सागर भव 

यदि कोई आत्मा आपकी स्थिति को हिलाने की कोशिश करे, अकल्याण की वृत्ति रखे, उसे भी आप अपने कल्याण की वृत्ति से परिवर्तन करो या क्षमा करो। परिवर्तन नहीं कर सकते हो तो मास्टर क्षमा के सागर बन क्षमा करो। आपकी क्षमा उस आत्मा के लिए शिक्षा हो जायेगी। आजकल शिक्षा देने से कोई समझता, कोई नहीं। लेकिन क्षमा करना अर्थात् शुभ भावना की दुआयें देना, सहयोग देना। 

स्लोगन:- स्वयं को और सर्व को प्रिय वही लगते हैं जो सदा खुशहाल रहते हैं। 

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