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Avyakt Murli 21-10-2012

Imbibe complete purity through the foundation of accurate faith. 

Today, BapDada was seeing the new children from everywhere in this land and abroad. Whether they have come to Madhuban in their corporeal forms, or whether they have come from their service places in their angelic forms, while seeing the new ones, BapDada was seeing the faith of them all because faith is the foundation of perfection in this Brahmin life. If the foundation is strong, it is guaranteed that you will easily and quickly reach your stage of perfection. So, BapDada was seeing that children have a variety of faith. Accurate faith is: I now belong to the Father, the Supreme Soul, and I recognise, accept and move along considering myself to be a soul and I know the Father as He is. This is accurate faith. 

The second faith is to experience peace from being peaceless for a short time through yoga, and the powerful and peaceful atmosphere of the place also attracts you for a short time. Or, there is the influence of the Brahmin family, the spiritual love of the Brahmin family and the life of purity. You enjoy the company, because, in contrast to the atmosphere of the world, you like this company and you feel that the knowledge is good, the family is good and the atmosphere is also good and you therefore continue to move along on the basis of the foundation of enjoying all of this. This is the second number. You were told that the first number is to have accurate faith and that the second number is to like all of this. The third number is based on the extent to which you protect yourself from the sorrowful atmosphere of worldly relations and spend that much time at the centre; to that extent you remove yourself from sorrow and experience peace. You would not go into the depths of knowledge, but, because of the attainment of peace, you sometimes go to a centre and sometimes you don't. However, an intellect that has accurate faith is victorious. It has been seen that, at the beginning, when you first come, you are distressed by peacelessness and desire peace. It is just as when thirsty people receive even one drop of water, they experience that to be something great; so that is receiving attainment from no attainment. There is a visible difference within their family, in knowledge, in yoga and in the atmosphere. So, at first, they move along with great zeal and enthusiasm and they have a lot of intoxication and happiness. However, if the foundation of accurate faith of the first number is not strong, if they have the second or third type of faith, then the happiness and energy of the initial period gradually changes. 

This season, many new ones have come and it is good that you have been given this chance. BapDada is also happy to see the new children, that they have once again reached their own family. However, check if the foundation of your faith is strong: Is my faith number one faith or number two faith? If you have number one faith, then, as you progress, you should not find it difficult to imbibe the main subject of purity. If purity makes you fluctuate even in your dreams, if it causes fluctuation, you can understand that your foundation of the number one faith is weak because the original religion of souls is purity. Impurity is an external religion and purity is your original religion. So, when you have the faith of your original religion, no other external religion can shake you. Many children say that, previously, many good students used to come and that they now don't know what has happened. So, what happens is that you do not experience the Father as He is and what He is. If you were asked if the Father is with you, all of you would raise your hands. It is very easy to raise your hands. However, if the Father is with you, what is the first praise of the Father that you sing? That He is the Almighty Authority. Do you accept this? Or, do you just know it? So, since the Almighty Authority Father is with you, can any impurity come in front of the Almighty Authority? It cannot come, but it does come. So, where does it come from? Is there any other place? Thieves have their special gates; they have their secret gates. So, do you have a secret gate hidden somewhere? Check this. Otherwise, where did Maya come from? Does she come from up above? If she comes from up above, she should be finished up above. Some would come from a hidden gate which you are not aware of; therefore, check that Maya has not created a secret gate somewhere. Do you know how she makes these gates! Maya would make whatever particular sanskars or nature you are weak in her gate. When any nature or sanskar is weak, no matter how much you try to close that gate, the gate is still weak and Maya is janijananhar (one who knows everything), and she is aware that that particular gate is weak and that she can find a way through there; so she does find her way in. Whilst moving along, you have thoughts of impurity. You even speak such words and perform such deeds. So, a gate is open somewhere and this is why Maya comes. So, what kind of company is this? You say that the Almighty Authority is with you; so where did this weakness come from? Can any weakness remain? It cannot. So, why does it remain? If there is any vice in terms of purity, for instance, greed, then greed doesn't just exist in terms of food and drink. Many people think that they are not attracted to clothes, food or the place they are living in and that they are happy with whatever they receive or whatever is made for them. However, as they move forward, Maya brings greed in a royal or subtle form. What is that royal form of greed? Whether one is a student or a teacher, Maya makes full effort to bring some royal form of greed in both. For instance, some may be students who have very good faith in the intellect; they are serviceable souls and are good at everything but as they move forward, they have greed in the royal form. They think: Even after doing so much, and being a helper in every way, with my body, mind and wealth and being present on service at whatever time one is needed, even then, the teacher never mentions my name to say that this student is very good. If they don't have this thought, what is the other form? OK., they have got a name for themselves. Then, whilst hearing their name, that "I am something, only I am doing this, only I can do this", they develop arrogance. You worked very hard and yet no one even asked about you or even gave you a glass of water; no one even looked at you, but they just remained busy in their own rest or their own work. There is then the feeling that you do everything and yet no one even asks about you. You feel, "Why should I do anything? To do something or not to do something; it is the same thing. No one is going to ask me anything about it anyway, so it is better to sit at home comfortably. I will do service when someone asks me." So, there is a variety of the royal form of vices. Even if one form of vice comes - it may not be greed - if there is arrogance, or if you even have the consciousness or thought that others should accept you, then, when there is one vice, its other four companions would also be hidden there in some form. Then, when you give a chance to one of them, the other four hidden vices will also seek their chance according to the time. Then, some say that they don't have the intoxication that they initially used to experience. Previously, they had very good intoxication and they had a very good stage, but they don't know what has happened now. Maya, the thief, has entered through the gate. You are aware of this; so don't say that you don't know what happened! 

Even teachers experience this. What do the teachers want? That their centre should be good. It doesn't matter what their clothes are like, but at least their centre should be a comfortable place to live in, that they should have good companions and good students and a good bhandari for Baba. If one of their good students changes, then their hearts start to beat faster. Then they feel, "What can I do now? He was a good helper, but he has now gone away." Was your helper the student or the Father? Who is visible at that time? The student or the Father? So, this royal form of Maya tries to shake your foundation. If you have the faith that the Almighty Authority is with you, then He will make someone or other an instrument to help you. Do not have the desire that you should be given an opportunity: "Let me at least attend a conference in Abu once or let me attend any other major conference. O K. if nothing else, let me do this yoga camp. I should have this chance. O K. I may not give a lecture, but I should at least come onto the stage. Destruction will also take place, so will I not get a chance (number) to do this until destruction? I should at least have this chance." However, BapDada has told you earlier too: If you are worthy and you are given this chance, then do it with happiness, but even to have this thought is to ask for something. Constantly to think of wanting something is also a royal form of begging: "This should happen.... It is because they do not recognise us. Even the Dadis and Didis do not recognise everyone; they only put forward those who come to the front." Even to have this thought is a subtle way of begging. BapDada has told you that if you come onto the stage because of any speciality, you may not have that yoga, your stage may not be so good, but it is because you have a speciality of speaking or catching power that your name is therefore glorified. Some are very sweet in their way of speaking. They speak with great clarity and have good catching power. They collect examples from here and there and relate these to others and their names are therefore glorified. If you are asked, "Whom do you want?", you would say, "I want so-and-so." "Who should come?" "So-and-so should come." even if that one is weak in yoga. The final result is not based on this. The final result will not be based on the fact of how many lectures you have given or how many students or centres you have created but on how many you have made worthy. It is not a big thing to create a centre but how many souls have you made worthy? O K. you have earned a name for being a "centre-in-charge" of thirty centres. However, if out of the thirty, fifteen are fluctuating and fifteen are O K., is there benefit in that or is that just having a name glorified? You have then just earned the name of being so-and-so who has thirty centres. However, you will not get a number based on that. The final number will be based on how many you gave happiness to and how powerful you remained yourself. Therefore, also finish this type of wanting. Otherwise, you will not be able to have yoga. Every day, you will be watching and thinking, that this happened at such a place, but that you were not called. "It happened the day before yesterday, it happened here yesterday, it happened there today." So, will you be able to have yoga or will you be counting? 

So, the main thing is to make your accurate faith strong. In words, you say that you are a soul and that the Father is the Almighty Authority, but this should be visible in your practical actions. If the Father is the Almighty Authority and you are being shaken by Maya, who would believe that your Father is the Almighty Authority? There is no one higher than Him. So, today, BapDada is seeing the foundation of faith. Whether you are new or old, put this foundation of faith into practice and use it at the right time. After the time has passed for you to use it, you come to the Father with repentance: "What can I do Baba? It just happened! You are the merciful One. Have mercy on me!" So, what is this? This is also a royal form of repentance. If Baba is with you, then no one would have the courage. To have faith in the intellect means to be victorious. If something does come up, do not let your mind fluctuate. Do not let your stage fluctuate. Even if something comes, finish it from a distance instantly. Do not become warriors now. Many are not constant yogis at present. They are yogis for some time and they are warriors at other times, those who are battling. So, what do you call yourselves: warriors or yogis? You call yourselves easy yogis. All these new ones have come; BapDada is once again congratulating them on their having attained this fortune. However, together with congratulations, you also have to check whether your foundation is number one or number two. 

Many say that they like knowledge and yoga a lot, that it is very good. That is OK. However, do you use the knowledge in your actions? Knowledge means soul, Supreme Soul and the drama, not just in words, knowledge means understanding. A sensible person becomes successful in everything by using his sense according to the time. When you experience a moment of sorrow in your life, what do you think? You would say: I don't know why I was not able to understand this. So, are you sensible? Are you knowledgeable? Say yes or no! (Ha ji.) You say "Yes" very well! A sign of being sensible is that you are never deceived. This is the sign of a knowledgeable soul, and the sign of a yogi soul is constantly to have a clean and clear intellect. It should be clean and also be clear. A yogi would never say, "I don't know, I don't know." His intellect would always remain clear. The sign of being an embodiment of dharna is that you are constantly double light. No matter how big a responsibility you have, you are constantly an embodiment of dharna and you constantly remain double light: being double light even if there is a fair (mela) or a circus (jamela, chaotic and disorganised). The sign of a serviceable soul is constantly to be a humble instrument. So, check all these within yourself. All of you say that you are Godly students in all four subjects. Therefore, signs should be visible. 

So, what will the new ones do? You have to make your faith even more strong, otherwise you will move along for two or three years and then return to the old world. Those who return to the old world cannot settle themselves there either; they neither belong to this world nor to that world. Therefore, make your foundation very strong. Experience the Almighty Authority Father to be with you. Even if you have experienced this one thing, you will pass in everything. People have the intoxication of being in the company of an ordinary Prime Minister or a Minister, but this one is the Almighty Authority! Achcha. 

To the elevated most fortunate souls in all directions who constantly make the Bestower of Fortune belong to them, to the worthy children who constantly listen to BapDada's shrimat and put it into practice, to all those obedient children who constantly remain unshakeable in service, become free from any chaos and who celebrate a meeting with God, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

Blessing: May you be a yogi soul who experiments with all your treasures and thereby increases them. 

BapDada has given you children all the treasures to experiment with. To the extent that you experiment with them - the sign of experimenting is progress. If there is no progress, it means there is no experimentation. Yoga means to experiment with it. Do not be careless and waste whatever valuable property in terms of the body, mind, wealth and things you have received from the Father, but use it and multiply it ten times. Become one who brings greater glorification through less expense. This is a sign of a yogi soul who experiments. 

Slogan: To renounce sinful actions and vices is real renunciation. 

21-10-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति "अव्यक्त-बापदादा" रिवाइज: 04-12-95 मधुबन 

"यथार्थ निश्चय के फाउण्डेशन द्वारा सम्पूर्ण पवित्रता को धारण करो" 

वरदान :- सर्व खजानों को कार्य में लगाकर बढ़ाने वाले योगी सो प्रयोगी आत्मा भव 

बापदादा ने बच्चों को सर्व खजाने प्रयोग के लिए दिये हैं। जो जितना प्रयोगी बनते हैं, प्रयोगी की निशानी है प्रगति। अगर प्रगति नहीं होती तो प्रयोगी नहीं। योग का अर्थ ही है प्रयोग में लाना। तो तन-मन-धन वा वस्तु जो भी बाप द्वारा मिली हुई अमानत है, उसे अलबेलेपन के कारण व्यर्थ नहीं गंवाना, बल्कि उसे कार्य में लगाकर एक से दस गुना बढ़ाना, कम खर्च बालानशीन बनना - यही योगी सो प्रयोगी आत्मा की निशानी है। 

स्लोगन: विकर्मों और विकारों का त्याग करना ही सच्चा त्याग है। 

[To Listen To English -- 1).Click on Start and then control panel. 2).Open the option of Sound and in the tab of playback click on the windows displaying speakers. This enables the button properties, click on it. 3)This opens new window as Speakers properties, here click on the tab Levels. 4) Now click on the button Balance in front of the speaker volume bar. 5) This will open another small window of Balance. Here you may adjust the balance between the left and right speakers as per requirement.] 13 May 2012..Sunday:- "अव्यक्त मुरली क्लास " Avyakt Murli Class" By Didi Nalini ji .

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