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Full Avyakt Murli (English) and Essence of Murli (Hindi) and Videos - 02-09-2012

Only those who are seated on the heart-throne can claim a right to the golden-aged kingdom of the world. 

Do all of you children consider yourselves to be seated on the trimurti throne? Today's gathering is of those who are seated on the trimurti throne. Do you know your trimurti throne? One is the throne of the forehead of the soul, the immortal image. The second is the throne of the world and the third is the most elevated heart-throne of BapDada. Do each one of you experience yourself to be seated on all three thrones or do you only know about them? Are you just an embodiment of knowledge or are you also an embodiment of experience? "I, the elevated soul, have been seated on these thrones many times." Do you experience the awareness of "many times" so clearly and easily that it is as if it were the present time? Not that it is a matter of some time ago, but the present time? Those who do experience this are extremely loved and are extremely close to BapDada. 

The basis of all these thrones is to be seated on BapDada's heart-throne. Do you know what the main means is for this? It is an easy method. What is this method? Being on the heart-throne. Those who are seated on the heart-throne themselves know very well which children are loved the most by BapDada. What do the people of the world know of the Father, of God? That God is Truth. They consider the truth to be God. BapDada relates to you the story of the true Narayan and He establishes the age of truth. So, since the Father plays the practical part of being the true Father, the true Teacher and the true Guru, what would He love the most? Truthfulness. Wherever there is honesty, that is, wherever there is truth, there will definitely also be cleanliness there. It is also remembered: The Lord is pleased with an honest heart. Those who are seated on the heart-throne are definitely serviceable, but the sign of those who are serviceable is that they would have honesty and cleanliness in their relationships and connections; it would be visible in their every thought and word. That is, every thought of such an elevated soul seated on the heart-throne would be truthful; their every word would be true. True means it would be filled with truth and true means it would be successful, that is, no thought or word would be ordinary or wasteful. They would be so serviceable that, in their every step, at every moment in their vision, they would only see altruistic service for all souls. While asleep, they would be thinking of service, and while awake and as they move around, they would be doing service. Even in their dreams, they would not have anything apart from service. Only such serviceable souls who are unshakable and tireless would be able to be seated on BapDada"s heart-throne. Do you now understand what their sign is? To claim the throne of the kingdom of the world is guaranteed for such souls who are seated on the heart-throne. Just as you have to book a seat in advance, in the same way, the throne of the kingdom is fixed for cycle after cycle. 

There could never be any thought as to whether the children who make the elements subservient to them and who become victorious would claim a right to the kingdom of the world or not. The elements are constantly bowing in front of and behind such victorious masters, as their servants; the elements constantly salute them. At every moment, a servant would be in front of an elevated soul as his server. Are you able to see this elevated form of yours? At the moment, the elements are waiting for you in order to serve their masters. Even the ocean and the land are making themselves complete in order to serve the masters of the world. You see their preparations, do you not? The devotees are invoking you with great force while worshipping gods, goddesses, the Shaktis and the form of saligrams; they even renounce their most loved sleep and cry out loudly while invoking you, wondering when their special deities, the bestowers of blessings, the great donor souls will hear them. They wonder when they will have their attainment from not having any attainment. In the same way, because the time is now so close, together with the devotees, even the elements are now invoking you and wondering when their satopradhan masters will be pleased with them. As soon as you begin to rule, the elements will adopt their satopradhan costume. Are you able to see and hear the elements and the devotees invoking you?.

Together with these two invoking you, BapDada on the other hand is also invoking you to become equal and perfect and become an angel, a resident of the subtle region and return home with the Father. Do you wish to return or are you enjoying the confluence age much more? Have you become ever ready? Are you constantly stable in fulfilling this promise, "Wherever you place me, whichever form you place me in and for however long you keep me there, that I will do." In how much time will the spiritual military receive the last order? It will be an order of just one second. You will not be given a warning an hour in advance, and this is why only eight jewels emerge. You will not be given your paper after the date has been fixed for it, that is, whatever the date fixed within the drama is, you will not be told about that fixed date or that moment in advance. You will just be given an approximation. However, the last paper will be of just one question and one second. This is why children have to be ever-ready. 

At every moment, check as to whether you have become complete in having both the power to pack up and the power to face. You need to have the practice over a long period of time of using the power to pack up. Do not start to pack up at the last moment, otherwise, your time would finish in just packing up. The task of packing up should now be completed. Only then will you be able to fulfil the promise you have made: "Having one strength and one support, constantly eating with You, sitting with You, speaking to You and listening to You." It shouldn't be that you speak and listen to Him for eight hours and that the rest of the time you spend in speaking to and listening to souls. Your promise is "for all the time"; so do not be clever in this. Do not put in front of the Father as a lawyer the points that He has given you. At amrit vela, many come to Baba as lawyers. There will be no practice of lawyers in the golden age. Therefore, do not cause such mischief in front of BapDada. Instead of being a lawyer, be a judge. However, a judge of what? Be your own judge, not of someone else. Having seen the unique games of the children at amrit vela, BapDada remains amused throughout the day. The pose and position of each one at that time is worth taking a picture of. If you could see yourselves as detached observers for even one day, you would be very amused. Some even come as warriors. You use the weapons given to you by the Father against the Father: "You said this, gyan says this." The Father just smiles and continues to observe your games. Instead of being warriors, become victorious, for only then will you be able to be seated on the trimurti throne. Do you understand? Achcha. 

To such constantly victorious souls who fulfil all their promises, to the extremely loved souls who are close to BapDada. to the ones who make the elements their servant and who also fulfil all the desires of all souls, to such elevated souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

02/09/12 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 05/09/75 

The stage of the angelic form 

Do you remain constantly stable in the angelic stage? Within the light of the angelic form, other souls are also able to see the light. When the performance of limited actors is seen, then, because of the lighting they appear to be very beautiful. What would it look like if those same actors played the parts of their ordinary lives under ordinary light? There would be the difference of day and night. The focus of the lighting completely transforms their features. In the same way, by performing every act while in the light of the avyakt stage, what would all of you heroes and heroines of this unlimited drama look like? Alokik angels. Instead of corporeal beings, you would be seen as residents of the subtle region. Even while being corporeal, you would be experienced as angelic beings. Each act would automatically attract everyone. 

Nowadays, the main attraction for iron-aged people is the limited cinema or drama, and, even though they may wish to stop that and not watch the film, the acting of those limited actors pulls them. The basis of that is light. In the same way, at the end, after the extreme attraction of Maya, when the finale is reached,the unlimited hero actors who are constantly stable in the zero stage and performing their part with the Zero, Father, those who have divine forms of light, those whose stage is light and whose every act is performed on the stage in the light, that is, those who are double-light angels, such souls will naturally attract other souls to themselves. In today's world, apart from dramas, what else attracts people in the same way as the eyes of angels? TV. Many are attracted to watch the various scenes of the world on TV, that is, they go into the stage of descent through that. In the same way, the eyes of angels will work like a divine TV. Through their eyes, people will have a vision, not only of this world but also of the three worlds. Similarly, the sparkling jewel on the forehead of angels will give other souls a vision of their form of a searchlight and a lighthouse and clearly show them the path to their elevated destination. 

In the same way. the yuktiyukt words of angels, that is, the invaluable words of angels will till the aprons of every beggar soul with jewels. There is the memorial of how even the deities were so content with the devotees that they showered flowers on them. Just like that shower of flowers, you elevated souls will shower all the powers, all the virtues and all blessings on all souls of the world. Only through this will everyone consider you to be the deities, the bestowers whom the devotees have been worshipping and praising from the copper age onwards. At the end, all souls, but especially the residents of Bharat, those of the deity religion, whose number grows till the end, souls who do not take sustenance from your deity form in the golden age, but later, from the time this religion expands till the end, will experience your deity form, your form of a bestower and your form of a bestower of blessings. The sanskar and the awareness of many attainments of your final form of deities, bestowers, remain merged within all souls. Because of this, even though they do not actually go into the golden-aged world, as soon as they come onto the world stage in the copper age, the awareness of the attainment they received from the deity form emerges, and so they continue to worship and praise those deities. Do you now understand your final angelic form? 

Would such unlimited actors not automatically attract others to themselves? This double-light stage will reveal all of you and the Father. Both the Zero and the heroes will be revealed. Do you understand? (The lights went out as Baba was speaking.) Just see, even now, so much happens through light (electricity). Even now, the foundation of that which attracts all of you the most is light. Achcha. 

To such souls who constantly play hero parts with the Zero, to those who constantly have deity forms of bestowers, to those who reveal themselves and the Father to the world, to those who fulfil all the desires of all souls of the world, love, remembrance and namaste from BapDada to such angels, who live in the world of angels and the world beyond the world of angels. 

Blessing: May you be a Raj Yogi and control your mind with the awareness of your occupation. 

At amrit vela and throughout the day, every now and then, bring your occupation into your awareness: I am a Raj Yogi. Remain seated on the seat of a Raj Yogi. A Raj Yogi means to be a king who has controlling and ruling powers. Such souls are able to control their minds in a second. They never waste their thoughts, words or deeds. If you allow something to go to waste even against your conscious wish, that would not be said to be knowledge-full or royal. 

Slogan: Only those who are able to rule the self have the right to be true self-sovereigns. 

02-09-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज: 02-09-75 मधुबन 

दिल रूपी तख्त-नशीन ही सतयुगी विश्व के राज्य का अधिकारी 

02-09-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज: 05-09-75 मधुबन 

फरिश्ता स्वरूप की स्थिति 

वरदान: अपने आक्यूपेशन की स्मृति द्वारा मन को कन्ट्रोल करने वाले राजयोगी भव 

अमृतवेले तथा सारे दिन में बीच-बीच में अपने आक्यूपेशन को स्मृति में लाओ कि मैं राजयोगी हूँ। राजयोगी की सीट पर सेट होकर रहो। राजयोगी माना राजा, उसमें कन्ट्रोलिंग और रूलिंग पावर होती है। वह एक सेकण्ड में मन को कन्ट्रोल कर सकते हैं। वह कभी अपने संकल्प, बोल और कर्म को व्यर्थ नहीं गंवा सकते। अगर चाहते हुए भी व्यर्थ चला जाता है तो उसे नॉलेजफुल वा राजा नहीं कहेंगे। 

स्लोगन: स्व पर राज्य करने वाले ही सच्चे स्वराज्य अधिकारी हैं। 

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