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Essence of Murli 20-09-2012

Essence: Sweet children, your number one enemy is Ravan whom you have to conquer with knowledge and the power of yoga. You definitely have to become satopradhan from tamopradhan.

Question: What is the most subtle and deep aspect that you children have now understood? 

Answer: The most subtle aspect is that this unlimited drama continues to be shot second by second. It will then repeat after 5000 years. Whatever happens also happened in the previous cycle. It continues to happen according to the drama. There is nothing to be confused about in this.Whatever happens is nothing new. The drama reel continues to turn second by second. The old continues to be erased while the new is recorded. We continue to play our parts while that continues to be shot. No one else can understand such deep things. 

Song: Salutations to Shiva. 

Om shanti. You children heard in the song that there is just the one Support to liberate you from sorrow. It is sung: The Remover of Sorrow and Bestower of Happiness for All is one God. That One definitely came and removed everyone's sorrow and gave you children your inheritance of peace and happiness and that is why He is remembered. However, because the duration of the cycle has been shown as very long, people are unable to understand anything. You know that the Father gives you your inheritance of the land of happiness whereas Ravan gives you an inheritance of the land of sorrow. In the golden age, there is happiness and in the iron age, there is sorrow. It is not in anyone's intellect who the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness is. They understand that it must definitely be the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Bharat was the golden age; it was the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. Even though they say this, they have also heard from the scriptures that there used to be Kans and Jarasandha etc. there, and this is why they are not consistent in what they say. You know that all of this is a play. It is in your intellects that it is Ravan who becomes your first enemy. At first, you used to rule, and then you went onto the path of sin and lost your kingdom. Only you Brahmin children know these things. You don't pay attention to any other enemy. The one whom you consider to be your enemy is not in anyone's intellect. You have to conquer this enemy Ravan. He is the number one enemy of Bharat. Shiv Baba only takes birth in Bharat. This is truly the birthplace of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. People celebrate the Birthday of Shiva, but no one knows what Shiva did when He came. You know that Bharat was the highest land; it was the wealthiest of all. It was 100% healthy, wealthy and happy. No other religion can be as healthy. Look whom the Father sits and explains to! The innocent, the hunchbacked and the ordinary! Those who are wealthy just stay in the happiness of their wealth. You are the poorest of all. Otherwise, it should be the important people who study such an elevated study, but no; it is the poor and ordinary who study it. If you haven't studied any scriptures etc., that is very good. The Father says: Forget everything you have heard and studied. I am telling you new things. The number one enemy is Ravan whom you children are conquering with knowledge and the power of yoga. The Father really did teach you Raja Yoga 5000 years ago through which you attained a kingdom. The Father is now teaching you Raja Yoga once again in order for you to conquer Maya. This is called knowledge and the power of yoga. He says to souls: Remember Me! God is incorporeal. He definitely has to come to teach you Raja Yoga. Brahma is an old man. He is at the end of the last of his many births. There are many people in Bharat who relate the Gita, but none of them would tell you that you have to conquer Ravan, the vices. No one can even say to you: Constantly remember Me alone! It is only the Father who comes and says to you souls: Become soul conscious! The more you become this, the more you will be able to remember the Father. Accordingly, from tamopradhan, you will also become satopradhan. You know that you were satopradhan deities. We have now become devilish. Our 84 births are now complete; this is the final birth. You children know that the Father is explaining to you. He alone is the Ocean of Knowledge and the Ocean of Purity. At this time, He makes you equal to Himself. In the golden age, this knowledge will have disappeared. They won't even understand that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, gave them that kingdom. On the path of ignorance, people say that God gave everything. There, they don't even think that. They begin to experience their reward. If they were to remember God's name, they would at least remember: Baba, You gave us a very good sovereignty. However, they're unable to explain when He gave it or what happened. There is a lot of wealth there. Aeroplanes there are foolproof anyway. What are you children concerned about and what is the world concerned about? You know that theirs is physical power whereas yours is the power of yoga with which you conquer the enemy. No one, apart from the Father, can teach you Raja Yoga. The Father says: I come and enter this one at the end of his many births. I entered him in the previous cycle too. I named him Brahma. Baba sent names for all of you children. You were given such first-class names. Baba would not even be able to remember so many names. Just look at how much chaos people continue to create in the world. You have to sit here in silence and remember the Father. This most beloved Mother and Father says: Children, first of all, conquer this vice of lust. That is why the festival of Raksha Bandhan has continued. You tie this rakhi of purity. These festivals etc. won't be celebrated in the golden and silver ages. All of them will start again on the path of devotion. The Father inspires you to make a promise at this time: If you want to become a master of the pure world, you definitely do have to become pure. Remember Me and your sins will be burnt away in this fire of yoga. From tamopradhan you have to become satopradhan. Some even fail and the symbol of that is shown with Rama. However, there is no question of violence etc. You are also the warriors who conquer Maya. Those who don't conquer Maya fail. Instead of becoming 16 celestial degrees, they become 14 degrees. Some are satopradhan, and some even become rajo. In the same way, the status in the kingdom will be numberwise. Those who call themselves Brahma Kumars and Kumaris are the ones who claim a right to the inheritance. Of those, it is only the ones who have made effort and inspired others and also done service to make others the same as themselves who claim it. From tamopradhan you have to become satopradhan in this last birth. This is a spiritual furnace (bhatthi). The furnace you had in Karachi was something else. This furnace of yoga is different. This is the furnace of the power of yoga in which all the rubbish is removed. There, you were in your own furnace and you didn't meet anyone. This is the furnace of yoga. You have to make effort for yourself. The soul understands and listens to knowledge through the organs. It is the soul that carries the sanskars. For instance, Baba gives the example of those who are in the army: they carry those sanskars with them; they engage themselves in war again in their next birth. In the same way, you children also carry your sanskars. Those people go into the physical military, whereas those among you who leave their bodies come into this spiritual military. They go to settle the accounts of their karma in between. There are many like that. You mustn't ask the Father about each one individually. The Father would say: How would you benefit? Just remain engaged in your own business. Just think about having your sins absolved. Offering bhog etc. is fixed in the drama. Whatever happens second by second is shot in the drama. Then, after 5000 years, the same thing will repeat. Whatever happens also happened in the previous cycle. It happens according to the drama and so there is no question of becoming confused. Whatever happens is nothing new. The drama reel continues to turn second by second. The old continues to be erased whilst the new one is recorded. We continue to play our parts while that is being shot. These subtle things are not mentioned in the scriptures. You children first of all have to have the faith that the Father is the One who establishes heaven. Bharat truly did receive the inheritance of heaven from the Father and then it has to be explained how you lost it. This is a play about victory and defeat. Those who are defeated by Maya are defeated by everything. People consider wealth to be Maya. In fact, Maya is the five vices. If someone has wealth, people would say: He has a lot of Maya! No one even knows that matter and Maya are two separate things. You can even write in the magazine: The number one enemy of Bharat is Ravan who made you so degraded. When Ravan's kingdom begins, devotion begins. In the night of Brahma, people on the path of devotion only stumble around. The day of Brahma is the stage of ascent and the night of Brahma is the stage of descent. The Father says: Now conquer this Maya, Ravan! The Father gives you shrimat for you to become elevated: Beloved children, remember Me, your Father! There is no other method to become a conqueror of sin. You children are being liberated from stumbling around on the path of devotion. The night is coming to an end and the day is about to dawn. The day means happiness and the night means sorrow. This is a play about happiness and sorrow. The Father tells you all of these secrets and makes you trikaldarshi. Then it depends on how much effort each of you makes. You have to know the Seed and the tree. The Father says: Children, there is now little time remaining. It is sung: One moment, half a moment, continue to remember the Father and also increase your chart. Check to what extent you are following shrimat and remembering Baba. The Father is the One who teaches, but we have to make effort. The Father is the One who inspires us to make effort. He loves you anyway. Fie continues to say: Child, child. All souls are His children. Then Brahma Kumars and Kumaris are brothers and sisters. You receive an inheritance from the Grandfather (Dada). You, God's children, have now become Brahmins through the mouth of Prajapita Brahma. You will then go into the deity clan. This is clear. The soul understands that Shiv Baba is my Father. I am a star, and so my Father would also be a star. Souls are not bigger or smaller. Baba is also a star, but He is the Supreme. We children call Him Father. Such a tiny soul has all the knowledge. It isn't that God has such power that He would break down walls. The Father says: I come once again only to teach you Raja Yoga. The Father is obedient to the children. In the world outside, a father surrenders himself to his children, and so who is greater: the father or the children? The father gives everything to the children, but nevertheless, the child is younger and so he has to have regard (for the father). Here, too, the Father surrenders Himself to you children and gives you an inheritance and so the children are greater. However, you still have to have regard for the Father. It is the children who first have to surrender to the Father. Only then will the Father surrender Himself to you 21 times. You surrender something or other. On the path of devotion, they always give something or other in the name of God, and Baba then gives them the return of that. Here, it is a matter of the unlimited. You said: When You come, we will surrender ourselves to you. The time has now come and that is why Baba asks you this question: How many children do you have? You then think that Shiv Baba too is your Child. So, tell Me, which child will benefit you? (Someone said: Shiv Baba.) Therefore, you should make Him your Heir, shouldn't you? The time will come when no one will be there for your cremation. Therefore, the Father says: Renounce everything, including your own body, become a trustee and continue to follow shrimat. He continues to give you directions and serves you in order to make you into masters of heaven. I am altruistic. Only the one Father, the Bestower of Salvation for All, is altruistic and ever pure. The Father says: Children, become My helpers. To become My helper means to become your own helper. Achcha. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 
1. Always be concerned about yourself. Be concerned to have your sins absolved. Don't involve yourself in questions about other matters. In order to transform your sanskars, stay in the furnace of yoga. 
2. Renounce everything, including your body, become a full trustee and follow shrimat. Have complete regard for the Father and become His helper. 

Blessing: May you achieve greater glorification through less expense in Brahmin life and become full of spirituality. 

The special slogan of this alokik Brahmin life is: "Greater glorification through less expense"'. You may have less expense but the result would be royal and beautiful attainment, that is, the best of all. Your life can be said to be full of spirituality when there is less expense of words and deeds. Greater work should be accomplished in a short time; there should be greater clarification through fewer words; there should be fewer thoughts but they should be powerful. This is known as greater glorification through less expense. Those who spend very little of all their treasures have their treasure-store full. 

Slogan: When you have true love for the Father and service, you automatically receive love from the family. 

मुरली सार:- ''मीठे बच्चे - तुम्हारा नम्बरवन दुश्मन रावण है, जिस पर ज्ञान और योगबल से जीत पानी है, तमोप्रधान से सतोप्रधान जरूर बनना है'' 

प्रश्न: महीन ते महीन और गुह्य बात कौन सी है, जो तुम बच्चों ने अभी समझी है? 

उत्तर: सबसे महीन से महीन बात है कि यह बेहद का ड्रामा सेकण्ड बाई सेकण्ड शूट होता जाता है। फिर 5 हजार वर्ष बाद वही रिपीट होगा। जो कुछ होता है, कल्प पहले भी हुआ था। ड्रामा अनुसार होता है, इसमें मूँझने की बात ही नहीं। जो कुछ होता है - नथिंगन्यु। सेकण्ड बाई सेकण्ड ड्रामा की रील फिरती रहती है। पुराना मिटता जाता, नया भरता जाता है। हम पार्ट बजाते जाते हैं वही फिर शूट होता जाता है। ऐसी गुह्य बातें और कोई समझ न सके। 

गीत:- ओम् नमो शिवाए... 

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार: 
1) सदा अपनी धुन में रहना है। अपने पापों को भस्म करने का ख्याल करना है। दूसरी बातों के प्रश्नों में नहीं जाना है। अपने संस्कारों को परिवर्तन करने के लिए योग की भट्ठी में रहना है। 
2) देह सहित सब कुछ त्याग पूरा ट्रस्टी हो श्रीमत पर चलना है। बाप का पूरा रिगार्ड रखना है, मददगार बनना है। 

वरदान: ब्राह्मण जीवन में कम खर्च बालानशीन करने वाले अलौकिकता सम्पन्न भव 

इस अलौकिक ब्राह्मण जीवन का विशेष स्लोगन है ''कम खर्च बालानशीन''। खर्चा कम हो लेकिन प्राप्ति शानदार हो अर्थात् रिजल्ट अच्छे से अच्छी हो। अलौकिकता सम्पन्न जीवन तब कहेंगे जब बोल में, कर्म में खर्च कम हो। कम समय में काम ज्यादा हो, कम बोल में स्पष्टीकरण ज्यादा हो, संकल्प कम हो लेकिन शक्तिशाली हों-इसको कहा जाता है कम खर्च बालानशीन। जो सर्व खजाने कम खर्च करते हैं उनके भण्डारे भरपूर हो जाते हैं। 

स्लोगन: बाप और सेवा से सच्चा प्यार है तो परिवार का प्यार स्वत: मिलता है। 

Murli Song

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