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Essence of Murli 12-09-2012

Essence: Sweet children, there is no guarantee for the body. Therefore, do today any auspicious task you want to perform. Don't leave it till tomorrow. 

Question: What is the way to make everything of yours successful, that is, to become prosperous? 

Answer: Make Shiv Baba your Heir and He will make you prosperous for 21 births. He is the only one who becomes everyone's Child and makes everything successful for everyone. However, some are afraid; they think that they will perhaps have to give away everything they have. Baba says: There is no question of being afraid. Continue to look after your children etc. Sustain them, but remember this one Child and I will make you prosperous. If you surrender yourself to this Child, I will serve you a great deal. 

Om shanti. At this time, all the children sitting at the centres definitely understand that they are listening to the elevated versions of Shiv Baba. There isn't any other such organisation as this one. They have many branches, and they too would record tapes etc. where they have their head office, where their guru would live, and they would be remembering him. No one, apart from you, would be remembering the incorporeal Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. The parlokik Father only comes at this confluence age. He sits here and gives you children His introduction and you children develop faith in your intellects and have this intoxication. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, speaks the murli at this time. It is mentioned in the scriptures that Krishna played the flute (murli) in Madhuban. Madhuban is the one main place and the murlis are sent everywhere from here. It is in people's intellects that Krishna plays the flute. It can never enter anyone's intellect that Shiv Baba plays the murli. No one knows that. Wherever your centres open, everyone there understands that Shiv Baba plays the murli through Brahma which is then heard by all the Ganges of knowledge and related to others. They remember Shiv Baba with their intellects: Shiv Baba, who is called God. It is not mentioned in any scriptures that Shiv Baba speaks the murli. No matter where you children are, you understand that the murli that comes is Shiv Baba's murli. No one apart from Shiv Baba can teach. The Father Himself says: Remember Me and I will give you the inheritance. Baba continues to tell you children: Constantly remember Me alone! Don't remember anyone else's name or form! You have been collecting photos of corporeal beings for birth after birth. You have also been saying special prayers (upaasna) etc. You have now stopped keeping pictures of the deities etc. Souls on the path of devotion remember the Father. They remember the body only when they become body conscious. The Father repeatedly says: Consider yourself to be a soul and continue to remember the Father. It is the soul that has become impure and unhappy. The soul says: I was an emperor and I have now become a pauper. You have now remembered that you are Baba's children. We received our inheritance from the Father. The Father now says: Give everyone the Father's introduction. There is no other task as auspicious as this. You shouldn't delay doing this auspicious task. There is no guarantee for the body, neither young ones nor old ones. Therefore, whatever you want to do, do that today. When you say, "Today, tomorrow," death will eat you up. The Father has opened such a big hospital-cum-university through which you receive health, wealth and happiness. If you have health and wealth, you are happy anyway. If a person has a body free from disease and has wealth, he is happy. Therefore, the Father says: Whoever wants to perform an auspicious task, do it now. Simply take three feet of land and open this hospital. Give everyone the Father's introduction. The Father is the Creator of heaven and so you should definitely receive the inheritance of heaven from Him. The people of Bharat did receive the inheritance. The people of Bharat would easily be able to understand these things. They have temples for their search for God. Those of the Arya Samaj don't believe in the deities. This is why they believe that all these pictures that have been created are useless. There will continue to be many obstacles. It is very easy to explain this. The Father's orders are: Engage yourself to Me quickly. Only by engaging yourself to Me can you claim a right to the inheritance. The Father is the spiritual Surgeon. You are called His children, and so you too are all surgeons. You definitely have to give the injection of knowledge to souls. Manmanabhav! This is the biggest injection of all. All sorrow is removed through having remembrance of Baba. You become charitable souls through yoga. Yoga is the only medicine. When a son is born and goes into his father's lap, he becomes a master of the inheritance. You now know that you are claiming your inheritance from the unlimited Father through having remembrance. It is in remembrance that there are many types of obstacle. This is why you have to continue to make remembrance firm. Simply take three feet of land and open this hospital. This is three feet of land, is it not? Otherwise, for such an important college, you would need 50 to 60 acres of land where people can come and study and take the injection of knowledge. It is remembered that they didn't even have three feet of land and yet they became the masters of the world. You are becoming the masters of the world, are you not? To have three feet of land is not a big thing. Then, gradually, it will continue to grow. After the foundation was laid, so many centres were then opened. So many change from shells into diamonds. Those who do this experience a lot of benefit. Hospitals and colleges are opened to benefit many others. It is the same here. Put up a board outside: Clinic for health and wealth for 21 births. In Hindi, it would be said: Clinic for 100% purity, peace and happiness. However, children don't have any interest in doing service. The web of family and relatives is said to be like a spider's web. They themselves become trapped in the web. The Father comes and removes you from the spider's web of Ravan. This would not be said of the golden age. Here, too, people create their own web and die in it. This is Ravan's kingdom. Ravan's web over the whole world is so big. All are sitting in the cottage of sorrow. All sages and holy men are trapped in Ravan's web. The Father says: Now, forget all of them. Have the faith that you are a soul and continue to show everyone this path. No one else can tell you this secret of the world cycle. The Father says: Renounce all of them and constantly remember Me alone. Only through having remembrance will all your sins be absolved. You mustn't delay carrying out an auspicious task. They also give examples of how, by delaying a task, a person dies before being able to carry it out. Then, when that soul is invited to take the bhog that is offered to him, he cries a great deal. It is then said: Look, you delayed everything. While you were saying "Today, tomorrow" death ate you up. You are then not able to take knowledge. Such complaints are then made. Many children think: OK, I will do this tomorrow. However, then they die. This is why it is explained that you have to renounce attachment. Worldly relatives are not going to benefit you. Shiv Baba has now become your Child. He says: Make Me your Heir and I will serve you a great deal. This is why Baba asks: How many children do you have? If you make Me, Shiv Baba, your Child, you will become very prosperous for 21 births. A kumari goes to her home. They are so anxious to have a son. If someone doesn't have a son, he sometimes gets married two or three times. The Father says: Your physical children will not serve you at all. That One becomes your real Child. He makes everything of everyone successful. However, some people are afraid that they will have to give away everything they have. What will happen? The Father says: You have to look after your children etc., but you have to remember this Child. This One will make you prosperous. People go to the temple at Kashi and sacrifice themselves. They believe that by sacrificing themselves to Shiva, they will receive liberation-in-life. In fact, that applies here. They have attributed something of one time period to another. If you surrender yourself to that Child, He will serve you a great deal. He will give you a palace in heaven. That son will not do anything for you; at the most he will feed the brahmin priests! Whatever people donate and whatever charity they perform, they do it for themselves. Therefore, to open this hospital etc. is such great charity! Wealthy people can open 10 to 15 hospitals. All their wealth etc. will also be destroyed. You can rent a building and open 50 hospitals with just 50,000 rupees. They will then be able to sustain themselves. The Father is showing you such easy methods to do service. Go to the banks of the Ganges and serve everyone there. Stick Baba's introduction on your back (on a piece of paper). People will read it by themselves. Renounce body consciousness! If a wealthy person does this, people would say: Wonderful! That one doesn't have any body consciousness at all! You have to give the Father's introduction. The Father is the Creator of heaven, and so why are we sitting in hell? The Father has now come and He says: Renounce all bodily relations and remember Me alone. How did Bharat become hell from heaven? How did Lakshmi and Narayan take 84 births? Come and we shall tell you this story. Then, so many people would gather together. People consider the River Ganges and the River Jamuna to be the Purifier. If the Ganges is the Purifier, then at least get hold of one. You children have now understood the drama, and so you have to explain to others. If you don't enlighten others, who would say that your intellects are enlightened? If a surgeon is unable to give an injection, who would call him a surgeon? You children have been completely enlightened. You have the secrets of 84 births in your intellects. You know this drama and the acts of the actors. The act of the Father is the highest on high. He plays His part with the children. You are making Bharat into heaven, but you are incognito. This is the incognito, non-violent, Shiv Shakti Army. Everything of theirs is physical. So many people go to the Kumbha melas. Here, you have nothing physical. You are on your pilgrimage while sitting, standing and moving around. You are becoming pure by having remembrance. Baba says: Continue to remember Shiv Baba while performing actions. They say that God is in everyone. So, there is a difference. The Father says: Wherever you are sitting, remember Me. You then also have to do service. So many devotees go to the temples. Simply put this picture on your back and continue to give the Father's introduction. He shows you many methods. Go to the crematorium grounds and explain there. Explain the praise of the incorporeal Father and the praise of Shri Krishna and ask: Now, tell me who the God of the Gita is. You should also have pictures with you. You can do a lot of service. If a female does this, or a kumari does this, it is her great fortune. Kumaris are the best of all. Kanhaiya (the Father of the Kumaris) is the Incorporeal One. Kanhaiya was not Krishna, but the Father. The Father is concerned about how to teach you children. According to the drama, I explained it in the same way in the previous cycle, and I am also explaining again today. Therefore, you too should become sticks for the blind. Children who receive the introduction also bring others. That also accumulates charity. Keep an account with yourself Whatever you do, you will receive the fruit of that. If you bring others, they too can experience a lot of benefit. You children should pay a lot of attention to this business. What will you receive if you don't do service? Service, service, and service! You even say that you are on God's service. You can also serve everyone at home. The Father teaches you: Never allow your children to indulge in vice. If they don't obey you, then they are disobedient. If you give him money and he uses that to commit sin, then that sin is accumulated on your head. Baba advises you. However, there are many who do something and then tell the Father about it. He shows you children many different ways of doing service. You children only have to do this business. Continue to do this service on trains too and the Father will be pleased and you will also receive the inheritance of constant happiness for your future 21 births. Achcha. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

Essence for dharna: 
1. Maya has woven a very big web. Therefore, remove yourself from that web by remembering the Father. Engage yourself in carrying out an auspicious task. Don't trap yourself in the web of any bodily being. Remove your attachment from everyone. 
2. Give others the enlightenment of knowledge that you have received. Renounce body consciousness and do service in many different ways. Become a stick for the blind. 

Blessing: May you be an intense effort-maker who tightens the loose screw of carelessness with a determined promise. 

The main reason for being loose in your promise is carelessness. No matter how big some machinery may be, if even one small screw is loose, the whole machinery becomes useless. In the same way, you make very good plans to fulfil your promise, you even make effort, but there is only one screw that makes your efforts or plans weak and that is carelessness. It comes in new forms. Tighten this loose screw. By having the determined thought, "I definitely want to become equal to the Father", you will become an intense effort-maker. 

Slogan: An attitude of unlimited disinterest is the foundation of the closeness of time. 

मुरली सार:- ''मीठे बच्चे - शरीर पर कोई भरोसा नहीं, इसलिए जो शुभ कार्य करना है वह आज कर लो, कल पर नहीं छोड़ो'' 

प्रश्न: अपना खाना आबाद करने अर्थात् मालामाल होने की युक्ति क्या है? 

उत्तर: शिवबाबा को अपना वारिस (बच्चा) बना दो तो वह तुम्हें 21 जन्मों के लिए मालामाल कर देंगे। यह एक ही है जो सबका बच्चा बन सबका खाना आबाद कर देते हैं। परन्तु कई डरते हैं, समझते हैं शायद सब कुछ देना पड़ेगा। बाबा कहते डरने की बात नहीं। तुम अपने बच्चों आदि को सम्भालो। उनकी पालना करो परन्तु याद इस बच्चे को करो तो तुमको लाल कर देगा। अगर इस बच्चे पर बलि चढ़े तो तुम्हारी बहुत सेवा करेगा। 

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार: 
1) माया ने जो बहुत बड़ी जाल बिछाई है, अब बाप की याद से उस जाल से निकलना है। शुभ कार्य में लग जाना है। किसी देहधारी की जाल में नहीं फॅसना है, सबसे ममत्व निकाल देना है। 
2) ज्ञान की जो रोशनी मिली है वह सबको देनी है। देह-अभिमान को छोड़ भिन्न-भिन्न युक्तियों से सर्विस करनी है। अन्धों की लाठी बनना है। 

वरदान: दृढ़ प्रतिज्ञा द्वारा अलबेलेपन के लूज़ स्क्रू को टाइट करने वाले तीव्र पुरूषार्थी भव 

प्रतिज्ञा में लूज़ होने का मूल कारण है-अलबेलापन। जैसे कितनी भी बड़ी मशीनरी हो लेकिन एक छोटा सा स्क्रू लूज़ हो जाता है तो सारी मशीन को बेकार कर देता है, वैसे प्रतिज्ञा को पूरा करने के लिए प्लैन बहुत अच्छे बनाते हो, पुरूषार्थ भी करते हो लेकिन पुरूषार्थ वा प्लैन को कमजोर करने का स्क्रू एक ही है - अलबेलापन। वह नये-नये रूप में आता है। इसी लूज़ स्क्रू को टाइट करो। मुझे बाप समान बनना ही है-इसी दृढ़ संकल्प से तीव्र पुरूषार्थी बन जायेंगे। 

स्लोगन: बेहद की वैराग्य वृत्ति ही समय की समीपता का फाउण्डेशन है। 

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