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Essence of Murli 09-09-2012

The three combined forms 

Does each one of you know the three forms of the combined form? One is the eternally combined form, the second is the confluence-aged combined form and the third is the future combined form. Do you know these three combined forms? 

What is the eternally combined form of human souls? Whether you call it the being and matter or the soul and the body, this eternally combined form is eternally fixed in the drama. What is the future combined form? The four-armed image of Vishnu. What is your confluence-aged combined form? Shiva and Shakti. The Shaktis cannot do anything without Shiva and the Father Shiva also cannot do anything without the Shaktis. So the confluence-aged combined form of all of you is Shiv Shakti. It is not the form of just the mothers; even the Pandavas are the form of Shakti. As a memorial, even the jagadgurus of today worship your combined form of Shiv-Shakti. 

So, you should constantly have the awareness that you are the combined Shiv Shaktis. Since you are combined, can you forget Him? So, why do you forget Him? It is because you consider yourself to be alone that you forget Him. In the memorial of the previous cycle, what did Arjuna become when he forgot the company of the Father, that is, the company of his co-charioteer? Weak and cowardly. However, when he had the awareness that his companion and co-charioteer was the Father, he became victorious. There is only the one easy method for easy and constant remembrance and that is to keep your combined form constantly with you and constantly to have this awareness. Then, let alone thoughts of weakness, you wouldn't even dream of it. Let there be the combined form while awake and while asleep. 

Since the Father is making a promise to stay constantly with you children and is also fulfilling that promise, you should take the benefit of that promise. Will you ever get such company or such a Companion again? Having been in the company of souls for many births and even while having experienced sorrow, do you still enjoy the company of souls that you forget the company of the Father and go into the company of others? Some people make physical comforts their companion and others make other people their companions. That is, they become so engrossed in that company that they become carefree about the promise they have made to the Father. Do you know what games you play at that time? You become very intoxicated at the time of playing those games, but you have now forgotten them. You play an even more interesting game than that of juggling. In this corporeal world of yours, they put on a play of monkeys. In order to get a female monkey engaged to the male monkey, they catch hold of her, and then the female monkey plays mischief and covers herself with a veil and turns her back on the male monkey. As the male monkey moves forward, she moves back. They play these playful games for entertainment. In the same way, children also become mischievous at times. The Father comes in front of them and, because of being carefree, they see but do not see and they hear, but they don't listen. Do not play such games any more. Keep all your three combined forms in your awareness and you will constantly be able to fulfil the companionship with the Companion for all time. 

By considering yourself to be alone, you become unhappy in life. At that time, you experience the life of supersensuous joy, the life that is full of all relationships with One and the life full of all attainments to be dry and without any essence. Even whilst being trinetri, you are not able to find a path. You can't understand what to do or where to go. At that time, you, who open the gates to liberation in life, are not able to find your destination! Whilst being trikaldarshi, you are not able to know your present situation. Since you are the ones who know the future consequences of all souls of the world, can you not know the consequences of the actions you perform at the present time? You perform this wonder, don't you? Every day, one child or another shows such wonders. 

What does BapDada do at that time? He tries to comfort you and console you a lot, but nevertheless children are very mischievous, and when that time has passed, they try to make it up with the Father. 

Children are also very clever. They try to remind the One who is the Embodiment of Knowledge of what He is. You know very well what you do, don't you? "You are the Ocean of Forgiveness, You are Merciful, You are Compassionate, You are Merciful." You try to make it up with Him like this in many ways. What does the Father do then? He then maintains the balance of love and law. This is the story of the Father and the children. All of you become very happy when you hear this story. However, you have to use this story to transform yourselves. Just as the Father is on service as the Obedient Servant, in the same way, each co-operative companion who is Baba's child has to become an obedient servant the same as the Father. An obedient servant cannot remain carefree; he remains engaged in service day and night. Just as the Father is fulfilling His companionship in the faithful form, so too, the children have to become obedient and become those who follow Baba"s every order and fulfil their companionship. You have to become constant companions in this way. Achcha. 

To such constant and true companions, to those who surrender themselves to every order, to the faithful souls, to those who obey the Father, those who become as elevated as the Father, to such elevated souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

09/09/12 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 09/09/75 

Consider defamation to be praise and become merciful 

Can you see the sparkling star of your fortune? Is the star of your fortune constantly sparkling or does it sometimes sparkle less brightly, that is, does it get hidden behind the clouds of problems? Or, like those physical stars that change their positions, you do not constantly change your stage, do you? Or, your line of fortune is not constantly changing, sometimes in the stage of ascent, sometimes in the stopping stage and sometimes in the stage of descent, is it? For, at the confluence age, the Father who changes the line of fortune is Himself playing His part in front of you. So the fortune of the direct children of the Father who create such a fortune has to be elevated and imperishable. No other soul can create such fortune. Do you experience yourselves to be so fortunate? 

What would be the sign of one who has created an elevated fortune? Do you know that? Such a fortunate soul would be following the Father in every thought, every word and every deed. His thoughts would be for the service of world benefit, the same as the Father's. Every word would be constructive, filled with humility and greatness. In his awareness, on the one hand, he would have the intoxication of being an unlimited master and on the other hand, he would be a world server soul. On the one hand, he would have the intoxication of all rights and on the other hand, he would be like the Father: respectful to all, a bestower and a bestower of blessings to every soul. No matter whether any other soul is an enemy or someone who has come as an instrument to settle the accounts of many past births - even souls who have become instruments to make you fall from such an elevated stage, even souls who come into conflict with you because Of your sanskars, even souls who have an attitude of dislike towards you - for all souls, he would be a bestower and a bestower of blessings. Even a soul who rejects you should be experienced to be a benevolent soul. Words of insult or defamation should be experienced as words of praise and worthy of being remembered; defamation should be experienced as praise. Just as all of you defamed the Father in the copper age, but He took that defamation as praise and, in return for the defamation you caused, He gave you knowledge, not dislike, as the fruit of devotion. In fact, He became even more merciful - so, too, follow the Father. Only those who follow the Father in this way become greatly fortunate souls. Just as the Father makes the souls who have separated from Him belong to Him and makes them even more elevated than Himself, in the same way, the children who have great fortune become the same as the Father and will be world benefactors and have the good wishes to make others move ahead of themselves. This is referred to as having the characteristics of a constant yogi. 

Those who reach such an elevated destination and who transform words and feelings, that is, those who transform defamation and insult into praise, those who change rejection into honour, those who transform insult into self-respect and who transform harm by others into upliftment for them, who consider the obstacles of Maya to be a method of becoming absorbed in the love of the Father and who transform obstacles, such souls who are equal to the Father become the eight jewels who are constantly victorious, and they become the special deities of the devotees. Have you reached such a stage? Or have you become co-operative souls for those who are loving souls? To make a hopeless case or a disheartened soul into a star of hope is a wonder. Have you become those who show such wonders? Or, have you become those who are happy on simply seeing the wonders of the Father? Since you are following the Father, you have to become those who perform wonders, not those who become happy on seeing wonders. Do you understand? This is known as following the Father. 

You should move forward according to the time. Since you consider these to be the final moments, do you consider your stage to be the final, perfect stage? If the time is the final moment but the speed and stage of your efforts are a mediocre level, what would the result be? Those who make effort of a middle level will attain happiness in the middle of the golden age - that is not your aim, is it? Since you have the aim of coming in the first birth, your qualifications should also be first class. Check your efforts as to whether they are according to the time and your aim. Achcha. 

To the souls who are as respectful to all as the Father is and who claim a right to the Father's inheritance, to those who follow the Father in every thought and at every step, to the stars of fortune who have made their fortune elevated, to those who remain constantly engaged in remembrance of the Father and in service, to the constantly victorious children, love, remembrance and namaste from BapDada. 

Elevated Avyakt versions: Use everything in a worthwhile way and become an embodiment of success. Father Brahma, on the basis of faith and spiritual intoxication, became a knower of the fixed destiny and used everything of his in a worthwhile way in a second and did not keep anything for himself. You saw the practical proof of that and how he served through his body, writing letters and speaking elevated versions until his last day. Even on the last day, he used his time, thoughts and body in a worthwhile way. So, to use everything in a worthwhile way means to use it in an elevated way. Those who use everything in a worthwhile way achieve success automatically. The main basis of attaining success is to use every second, every breath and every treasure in a worthwhile way. Whatever you wish to succeed — your thoughts, words, deeds, relationships and connections - continue to use that in a worthwhile way for yourself and for other souls. Do not let anything go to waste and you will automatically continue to experience the happiness of success because to use everything in a worthwhile way means to become an embodiment of success at the present time and to accumulate for the future. 

In this Brahmin life: 

1. Those who use their time in a worthwhile way, claim as a result a right to the full period of the fortune of the kingdom. 

2. Those who use their breath in a worthwhile way remain constantly healthy for many births. They would not have heart failure and stop breathing while moving along. 

3. Those who use the treasures of knowledge in a worthwhile way become so sensible that, in the future, they do not need to take advice from the many advisers. They themselves become sensible and run the kingdom. 

4. Those who use the treasures of all the powers in a worthwhile way, that is, those who use them for their tasks become full of all powers. They do not lack any power in their future kingdom. All the powers automatically make them experience constant, unshakeable success that is free from obstacles in their tasks. 

5. Those who use the treasure of all virtues in a worthwhile way become such embodiments of virtues that even today, in the final period, their non-living images are remembered in the form of deity idols full of all virtues. 

6. Those who use the treasure of wealth in a worthwhile way become prosperous for 21 births. So, use everything in a worthwhile way and become an embodiment of success. 

The way to become a constant embodiment of success is to have one Strength and one Support. Faith makes you constantly carefree and those with a carefree stage will definitely be successful in whatever tasks they carry out. Father Brahma attained success in every task with determined thoughts. Determination became the basis of success. Follow the father in the same way. Use all the treasures, all the virtues and all the powers and they will continue to increase. Adopt the method of saving and accumulating and the account of waste will automatically be transformed and you will become successful. Donate all the treasures you have received from the Father. Never, even in your dreams, or by mistake should you consider God's gift to be your own. To say, "This is my virtue, my power" and have the consciousness of "mine" means to lose that treasure. Achcha. 

Blessing: May you be a karma yogi and transform situations of confusion with your trikaldarshi stage into pleasure. 

Trikaldarshi children can never be confused by any situation because they have all three aspects of time clearly in front of them. When the destination and the road are clear, then no one becomes confused. Trikaldarshi souls do not experience anything except pleasure in all situations. Even if the situation is one that causes confusion. Brahmin souls would transform even that situation into pleasure because they have played that part countless times. This awareness makes you a karma yogi. Such souls perform every task with pleasure. 

Slogan: In order to receive respect from everyone, give respect to everyone. 

09-09-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापददादा'' रिवाइज: 06-09-75 मधुबन 

तीन कम्बाइन्ड स्वरूप 

09-09-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापददादा'' रिवाइज: 09-09-75 मधुबन 

ग्लानि को गायन समझकर रहमदिल बनो 

वरदान: त्रिकालदर्शी स्थिति द्वारा मूंझने की परिस्थितियों को मौज में परिवर्तन करने वाले कर्मयोगी भव 

जो बच्चे त्रिकालदर्शी हैं वे कभी किसी बात में मूंझ नहीं सकते क्योंकि उनके सामने तीनों काल क्लीयर हैं। जब मंजिल और रास्ता क्लीयर होता है तो कोई मूंझता नहीं। त्रिकालदर्शी आत्मायें कभी कोई बात में सिवाए मौज के और कोई अनुभव नहीं करती। चाहे परिस्थिति मुंझाने की हो लेकिन ब्राह्मण आत्मा उसे भी मौज में बदल देगी क्योंकि अनगिनत बार वह पार्ट बजाया है। यह स्मृति कर्मयोगी बना देती है। वह हर काम मौज़ से करते हैं। 

स्लोगन: सर्व का सम्मान प्राप्त करना है तो हर एक को सम्मान दो। 

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