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Full Murli (English) and Essence of Murli (Hindi) 12-08-2012

12/08/12 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 29/08/75 

Now go beyond the stage of just using the method and become an embodiment of success. (Spoken on Janamasthmi.) 

What gathering has gathered today? In which form are you seeing yourself at the present moment? In fact, just as BapDada has many forms, so you also have many forms, but which form have you adopted whilst seated here in this gathering? Do you know whose gathering this is? Which form of you elevated souls are the people of the world invoking at the present time? Are they invoking all of you elevated souls or just one soul? Whom are they invoking? Which form of yours are they invoking at the present time? What time period are we going through in the world at the moment? Whom are they invoking at this moment? At the present time, they are invoking two forms. In fact, if you think about it, they are invoking you and you aren't even aware of it! 

At the present time, the maximum invocation taking place everywhere is of all of you elevated souls in the form of bestowers of blessings and world benefactors. This is because, on the path of devotion or on the basis of devotion, whatever temporary facilities and material comforts people have attained, according to their capacity and through their elevated actions, the throne of that temporary attainment has begun to shake. What do you remember when your throne, your support, begins to shake? At that time, you remember the Father, the One who enables you to have permanent attainment and who gives you happiness and comfort, and also the Shiv Shaktis, the goddesses who are the great donors and the bestowers of blessings. Because the hearts of the goddesses and mothers are very loving and merciful, the maximum worship and invocation at the present time is for the mother form. At present, there is maximum invocation of souls who are the embodiments of success, that is, the ones who make all tasks successful. 

Nowadays, weak souls who are distressed with all types of difficulties, souls who are searching for their destination and souls who are thirsty for the attainment of peace and happiness, do not want a method for making effort. Instead of a method, they want easy success. Only after seeing success will they be able to understand the importance of the method. What form of you world-benefactor souls do those souls want to see at present? At the present time, you need to be an embodiment of love, not lawful, but love-ful (full of love). First of all, give them love and then present them with the law. After experiencing love, they will experience the law to be the means of experiencing that love, because the world only has an external sparkle. In the age of science, there are many facilities of science, but the greater the variety of facilities they have for temporary attainments, the more that true love, that spiritual love, that selfless love, diminishes. Their love for souls is finishing and their love for the facilities is increasing. Therefore, because they lack that love, even though they have many types of attainment, they are not content. In fact, day by day, discontentment will grow. You will feel that these facilities will take you away from your destination and that they will make you wander. You will feel that they cause distress to the soul. It will be the same as the memorial of the previous cycle, where the children of the blind, being blind, remained deprived of all attainments because of only seeing mirages. According to the time, people everywhere will have this type of experience. 

At such a time, which souls will become instruments to fulfil everyone's desires and give the desired fruit? Those who are embodiments of success and who are not engaged in using different methods to finish their own obstacles throughout the day and night. They will be souls who are images of the blessings that they themselves have received, the ones who have attained the blessing of instant visible fruit from BapDada, the blessing of supersensuous joy and all powers. Those souls will not call out: Baba, do this! do that! They will not have the slightest trace of royal begging. They will never say: Baba, this is Your work, You will do it, will You not? They will not remind the One who does it anyway and make Him into a human being like themselves. If you have to tell someone to do something, you make that person into a human being. One who does something without being asked is considered to be a deity. However, what do they make the Creator of the deities? Such souls who are master almighty authorities and who have claimed all rights are easily able to make others achieve success. 

Check yourselves; but let it not be ordinary checking. According to the time, your checking has to be of a very subtle form. According to the present time, you should check to what extent in each subject you are an embodiment of the method and to what extent you are an embodiment of success. That is, how much time do you spend in each subject in using the method and for how long do you experience the success of it? You have to check what stage you have reached in all four subjects: in your thoughts, words and deeds. 

For maharathis, now is not the time to be engaged in using the method, but it is the time to experience the self to be an embodiment of success. Otherwise, the many difficulties of the present time will easily take away the prestige of souls who are still engaged in using the method and will also create an influence of distress on them. There is the praise of the Pandavas of how, at the end, they melted away on the high mountains, that is, they stabilised themselves in an elevated stage away from body consciousness and the influence of the world of sorrow. Stabilise yourself in an elevated stage and observe the play of everyone down below as a detached observer. Only those who stabilise themselves in such a stage are able to become embodiments of all solutions instead of being embodiments of problems. And so, at the present time, you need this type of stage. Do you have this? You don't fluctuate even slightly, do you? You don't have any questions, do you? "What will happen? How will it happen? What will become of me?" You are unshakeable, are you not? You should not fluctuate the slightest from being unshakeable. Only those who have such a stage can become victorious jewels. 

Today, BapDada is playing His part of being obedient to the children's orders; He hasn't come according to the programme. Therefore, you have to follow the Father. Tomorrow is the invocation of souls, not of the Father. All of you should remain stabilised in your world emperor form and your child form of the master of the world very well. Through this, all your devotees will be content because of receiving a glimpse of that even for a short time. Then, relate your experience as to how many devotees you enabled to receive the fruit of their devotion from the Father throughout the clay. You will please your own devotees, will you not? The memorial is not of just the One; all of you are also with that One. So, tomorrow, we will celebrate the birthday of all of you. All of you will be in your deity form, like that of Krishna, will you not? Tomorrow is the day of all of you stabilising yourselves in the awareness of your deity form. People of the world will celebrate, and what will you do? They will celebrate and you will be the great donors and bestowers of blessings for all those who are celebrating. Achcha. 

To -such souls who make even the Ocean merge into the urn of love, to those who are embodiments of success, the same as the Father, to those who are world benefactors and bestowers of blessings at every moment, to those who give a vision of the Father through the self, to those who are themselves practical images of the Father and who grant visions, to the elevated souls who are constantly incorporeal and constantly virtuous, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

Worldly Life in the foreign countries is very fast. So, is the speed of effort of you souls just as fast? You are servers, are you not? There should be nothing except service: service as you wake up, service while you are asleep, and, even if you have dreams, they should take the form of your being servers. Are you servers to this extent? Every second and every breath should be for service and not for the self, not for your own rest, not for your own effort. But, together with making effort for the self, there should be effort on others. This is known as being a server. Have you stuck the label of being such a seniccable soul on your forehead? What would be the sign on the forehead of a serviceable soul? The soul in the form of a jewel. The jewel on the forehead should be visibly sparkling: this is the label of being serviceable. Achcha. 

Close and equal, subtle and great. 

Are all of you experiencing yourselves to be coming close to the karmateet stage? Do you know what the signs are of coming close to the karmateet stage? The sign of being close is to have equality. In which aspects? 

• To come into sound and to go beyond sound. 
• To be a karma yogi in the corporeal form and to go beyond the awareness of the corporeal and stabilise yourself in the incorporeal stage. 
• To listen and become an embodiment of that. 
• To churn knowledge and remain absorbed in that. 
• To have a heart-to-heart conversation and to stabilise in the stage of spirituality. 
• To think and to put into practice; to use the physical organs, that is, to take support of the physical organs and to go beyond the pull of the organs. 
• To use the facilities provided by matter for one's own self and, from time to time, to be independent of those same facilities. 
• To see others and have connection with them, but to see and not see. 
• To have a connection with others but to remain as detached as a lotus flower. 

To maintain equality in all these stages is known as being close to the karmateet stage. Have you adopted a stage of such depth and greatness? In the final paper, there will be upheaval in all four directions. On one side there will be upheaval of the environment, on another side there will be upheaval from other people, on the third side there will be upheaval through all relationships and on the fourth side there will be upheaval through the lack of essential facilities. To remain stable whilst in the midst of such upheaval on all sides is the final paper. If the effort in which you stabilise yourself in the stage of having all rights is on the basis of external supports, it will not allow you to become an embodiment of success in the final paper. There will be the pilgrimage of remembrance when there is such an atmosphere. However, to have that stage when there are no other circumstances, that is, to create your stage on the basis of external situations or when you have a particular facility - to make effort on that level will make you fail the final paper. Therefore, now intensify your speed of becoming equal to the Father. 

You feel that the final paper should take place very soon so that you can attain your reward of the sun dynasty. However, are you ever ready for the exams? Is it that you will have to be ready or do you feel that you'll be ready on time? If you think that time will make you ready, such thoughts of carelessness will not allow you to become powerful. All of those various wasteful and careless thoughts would finish in front of powerful thoughts. You don't have any carelessness, do you? Are you careful and wise? To be ever ready means, in any situation or atmosphere, if you receive an order or shrimat, becoming independent of the support of all your physical senses, conqueror of your physical senses, and, in a second, immediately, as soon as you receive that shrimat, stabilising yourself in the stage of one powerful thought. The moment the Father says something, the children should have that stage at that instant; this is known as being ever-ready. The things of equanimity that you were told earlier are the things through which you make your stage come closer. To what extent have you become equal in all these things? You have to check this. It should not be that, instead of a second, it takes you a minute to put that direction into the practical form. If it takes a minute instead of a second you will not pass in the first division. Whilst going up and down and settling yourself, you will lose the seat of the first division. Therefore, always be ever ready, not just ever ready but constantly ever-ready. 

What result is visible at the present time? Do you know that? Are the Pandavas or the Shaktis in the line of those who are intense effort-makers? Who are the majority in the line of intense effort-makers? All the Pandavas are giving the majority vote to the Shaktis, but, in terms of effort, even the Pandavas are Shaktis. You have all the powers of the Almighty Authority. BapDada takes the side of the Pandavas. If the Pandavas were not kept at the front, how would the prey be brought in front of the Shaktis? Therefore, especially in terms of being Father Brahma's equals, Pandavas should follow the father in effort. Pandavas remain at the front in taking up worldly responsibilities too. However, now, instead of just taking worldly responsibilities, you have to take responsibility for unlimited world benefit. Just as you are aware of the deep concern to earn in a limited way, in the same way, now become absorbed in earning an unlimited income. You have experienced renouncing all facilities of happiness in earning an income, and so, in terms of earning an unlimited income, to renounce all consciousness of the body and to renounce the awareness of the body is not a big thing. This is why the Pandavas should claim number one in the line of intense effort-makers. Do you understand? Do not be left behind. If you remain behind the Shaktis, you will not have maintained the honour of being Brahma Baba's and the Father's equal. Does this seem right? Therefore, in this year, do not wait for next year. You have to claim number one. The Shaktis are perhaps thinking that they will then be number two? However, even Father Shiva cannot do anything without the Shaktis. Can He do anything? Shaktis have to renounce in this too; the renunciation of the Shaktis is worshipped. Those who renounce something create their fortune automatically. Therefore, in terms of being brothers, both Shaktis and Pandavas have to make intense effort. Do not make effort on the basis of hearing the news. It is through your efforts that the news of destruction will spread everywhere. Let there be effort first and the news afterwards, not that you hear the news first and then make effort afterwards. Achcha. 

Blessing: May you be the most elevated and prosperous souls who maintain spiritual intoxication with the faith of having all rights in an unlimited way. 

At the present time, you children become so elevated and have all rights in an unlimited way that you have a right to the Almighty Authority Himself. Children who have Godly rights attain the rights of all relationships and all prosperity. It is only at this time that you receive from BapDada the blessing of being the most elevated and prosperous souls. You have the imperishable wealth of all virtues, all powers and the most elevated knowledge. This is why no one else is as prosperous as you. 

Slogan: Remain constantly alert and carelessness will then finish. 

12-08-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज: 29.08.75 मधुबन 

अब विधि की स्टेज पार कर सिद्धि-स्वरूप बनना है (जन्माष्टमी पर) 

12-08-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज: 01.09.75 मधुबन 

समीप और समान महीन और महान 

वरदान: बेहद के सम्पूर्ण अधिकार के निश्चय और रूहानी नशे में रहने वाले सर्वश्रेष्ठ, सम्पत्तिवान भव 

वर्तमान समय आप बच्चे ऐसे श्रेष्ठ सम्पूर्ण अधिकारी बनते हो जो स्वयं आलमाइटी अथॉरिटी के ऊपर आपका अधिकार है। परमात्म अधिकारी बच्चे सर्व संबंधों का और सर्व सम्पत्ति का अधिकार प्राप्त कर लेते हैं। इस समय ही बाप द्वारा सर्वश्रेष्ठ सम्पत्ति भव का वरदान मिलता है। आपके पास सर्व गुणों की, सर्व शक्तियों की और श्रेष्ठ ज्ञान की अविनाशी सम्पत्ति है, इसलिए आप जैसा सम्पत्तिवान और कोई नहीं। 

स्लोगन: सदा अलर्ट रहो तो अलबेलापन समाप्त हो जायेगा। 

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