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Full Avyakt Murli (English) and Essence of Murli (Hindi) and Videos - 26-08-2012

Dharna for the Pandavas who battle with Maya. 

Do you experience in your life at the present time the specialities that the Pandavs have been remembered for from the previous cycle? What is the significance of the memorial of the Pandavas having melted themselves on the mountain? In which aspect did they melt themselves? Memorials of something subtle are shown in a physical form. Just as there are physical memorials of those who have been in the living form, in the same way, examples are given to clarify something subtle. Are you not able to make yourself an embodiment of success because of the obstacles that come to the efforts of you effort-makers? Or, do you repeatedly experience a lack of success due to a particular nature or sanskar, which you refer to as your original sanskar or nature. To melt your original sanskars means to melt yourself so that those who see you or come into contact with you feel that this soul has melted themselves. There is success in this. 

According to the drama, you have received salvation to become an easy yogi, an elevated yogi and an embodiment of success. So, have you given just as much in return ? You also have the salvation of the atmosphere. Therefore, in return, be co-operative in maintaining a powerful atmosphere. Together with that, you also have the salvation of elevated company and so the souls that come to claim their fortune should also experience the greatness of your company. This is the return. Everyone should experience you souls to be coloured by the company you keep. You will become elevated with spiritual company and through your activities. Through your karma yogi stage and your form of an image of virtues, become an example for souls who are to come and a means for their easy attainment. Seeing the sample of your practical physical form, they should experience special zeal and enthusiasm. You should always have the thought that you are a sample in every situation and in every action and before any practical proof. "I am a sample in every situation." Only when you have such an aim will you be able to make the speed of your efforts intense. Although you may have received facilities for comfort, you must not become one who loves to comfort. To be one who does not love to rest in your efforts means to not become careless. Do not make the advantage of a means of rest and comfort become an obstacle to your permanent attainment. Pay attention to this. If you accept any type of success or attainment here, it will then be reduced there. Renounce the facilities although you have them. To renounce something when you have attained it is said to be true renunciation. When you do not have something and you say that you have renounced it, that is compulsion and not renunciation. Do you pay this much attention to yourself? That is. do you understand that the meaning of easy yoga is to become a yogi through receiving facilities easily? Pay attention in every situation as to whether there is a minus or a plus. Achcha. 

26/08/12 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 02/08/75 

The importance of Godly service abroad. 

Which children are constantly, personally in front of BapDada? What is the speciality of the children who remain constantly, personally in front of Baba? BapDada has to meet such special souls in a special way. Such children are called the stars of the eyes and the lights of the world. Physically, in the body, the most special and always essential organ is the eyes. If one doesn't have sight, there is no world. In this way. such children are remembered as such special children. Because such children are serviceable, they are like lights (noor - light), that is, they are prakash (light - daylight) or jyoti (light -flame) for the world. Just as eyes are essential for one's life, in the same way. light is essential for the world. If such souls did not become instruments, the world would become a jungle, that is, the world would not remain a world. In this way, they constantly consider themselves to be stars when performing actions, and the stars would be sparkling stars. Only such children remain merged in BapDada's eyes, that is, they are the ones who remain absorbed in the Father's love. Together with that, BapDada constantly remains merged in their eyes. Such lights of the eyes do not see, even while seeing, any person or any thing except the Father. 

Has your stage become like this or do you see something else even now? Can you see any type of sweetness visible in anyone, even slightly? Do you experience the world to be tasteless? Do you experience with your intellect that everyone is already dead? Can a corpse have any desires for attainment? Does it experience any relationships? You have already become those who are ignorant of all desires, those who constantly stay in the sweetness of One and who have a constant and stable stage. So, do you, even now desire some type of attainment from a corpse or does any perishable sweetness attract you to itself? While you have a desire for some attainment or there is attraction to some form of sweetness then you cannot become the stars of BapDada's eyes, nor can you be constantly merged in BapDada's eyes. So, one is such special souls who are called the lights or stars of the eyes, the lights of the world. So. the first number are the lights of the eyes. 

Who are the second number? The jewels of light are very well known. The lights of the world. In what way are the second number souls known? In the form of arms. They show many arms of Brahma. The second number are definitely the arms, that is, they are co-operative souls. 

Do you consider yourselves to be the first number or the second number souls? What number is the London group? The double-foreign group has specially invoked BapDada. All are from abroad, but these are double foreigners. So, the double foreigners specially have to reveal BapDada. You can do that when you become the lights of the eyes, not the amis. Those from abroad should make new service plans. Just as serviceable souls living in Bharat create new inventions, in the same way, what new invention have the double foreigners invented? Just as whatever has been invented in Bharat is also used abroad, in the same way, the inventions from abroad should also be used in Bharat. For example, the exhibitions, fairs, projector shows and Gita-pathshalas are all inventions of those living in Bharat. In the same way, what inventions have those from abroad invented? (We invited the Prime Minister in Mauritius.) To invite someone has also been invented here, but it has happened there practically. That is fine and BapDada is giving thanks for everything you have done so far. However, have you invented some new invention? According to the atmosphere abroad, those from abroad have to create a service invention for fast service so that the message can reach everywhere abroad in a short time. Your message comes on the TV and Radio and that is something common there.Just as you have your messages, similarly, others also have their messages. In India, this is a big thing, but this same thing is common in many places. So, however much effort you have made while maintaining courage and having zeal and enthusiasm, you have made service move forward in a short time and BapDada is giving you the title of "last so fast" for that. However, all of those from abroad should now meet together and create an invention so that there is such a forceful sound abroad that it reaches the residents of Bharat. The main foundation of service abroad is that the Kumbhkarnas (sleeping giants) of Bharat will awaken through the sound from abroad. This is the aim and objective of service abroad. When something is invented abroad and is shown abroad, it is not considered to be a big thing. With that aim, the service abroad has been fixed in this way in the drama. Until now, the sound through any invention has come from abroad. The inventions have come from Bharat, but the residents of Bharat only believe in the inventions from Bharat through those from abroad. In this way, it is only the service clone abroad that will spread the sound of God's revelation and glorify His name in Bharat. So, those from abroad have become instruments for this task. This is why you now have to create such an invention and make such a soul an instrument, one whose sound is of his experience and not just his mouth. The sound of experience will reach Bharat from abroad. Why has service abroad been given so much importance in the final moments since even those who go there have the thought: Why am I being sent abroad at such delicate times near the end? Since, at the end, we have to go to Bharat from abroad? Even so, service abroad is moving forward. Good hands are being sent abroad for service even though there is a need in Bharat. You have invitations here and yet why are they being sent abroad? You also know that all the different sects etc. do not have the part of going to heaven. However, those souls are being sent abroad in order to bring back to their original religion the souls who have been converted and transferred, and there would be very few of them. The main basis or the aim and objective of service abroad is that it is fixed in the drama for the sound from abroad to reach Bharat and this is why service abroad has been given the first chance. To open Gita pathshalas or to appear on the TV is not your aim and objective. All of those are methods to reach your aim and objective. Do you understand? So, now, discuss among yourselves how to make the sound spread in Bharat as quickly as possible and how the sound can reach Bharat from abroad. 

Today, BapDada also had to become the Foreigner specially for the foreigners. If BapDada did not become the Foreigner, you would not have met Him. The special foreign souls have become instruments for a special task. In order to see such a group of souls who are to become worthy and to meet them physically, the incorporeal and the corporeal had to take support of the sakar form. You special souls should constantly consider yourselves to be special souls and through your mind, words and deeds continue to have special thoughts, words and deeds. The groups in both places are good. Because of you, other souls also received a chance. Therefore, all of you souls, and you residents of Madhuban in particular, should constantly consider yourselves to be the luckiest because, apart from in Madhuban, BapDada cannot celebrate a meeting anywhere else. In the angelic form, He can go here and there. When the time comes for someone or other, then the circumstances and the time easily and naturally take one there. Achcha. 

To those who know the self and the time, to those who remain constantly beyond the sweetness of everything else and experience the sweetness of One. to those who constantly merge BapDada in their eyes, who are the stars of BapDada's eyes, to those who constantly move along considering themselves to be the stars, who are the form of light, to such loving and detached souls and to the most elevated souls as well as the special double foreign souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

Blessing: May you be free from karmic bondage and have victory over anger and ego by finishing the right to any consciousness of "mine." 

Whenever you have a right to the consciousness of "mine" and say. "Why did you do this? This is mine," there is anger, ego or attachment. However, think: "These are my service companions", and so you do not have a right of "mine" over them. When they are not yours, there is no karmic bondage of anger or attachment. So, in order to become free from karmic bondages, make the one Father your world. "One Father and none other". When the one Father has become your world, there is then no attraction and no bondage of any weak sanskars. All "mine" becomes merged in "My Father." 

Slogan: A master almighty is one who uses every virtue and power according to the time of need.

26-08-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज:11-02-75 मधुबन 

माया से युद्ध करने वाले पाण्डवों के लिए धारणायें 

26-08-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज:02-08-75 मधुबन 

विदेशों में ईश्वरीय सेवा का महत्व 

वरदान: मेरे पन के अधिकार को समाप्त कर क्रोध व अभिमान पर विजयी बनने वाले कर्मबन्धन मुक्त भव 

जहाँ मेरेपन का अधिकार रखते हो कि ये क्यों किया, यह मेरी है या मेरा है तो क्रोध, अभिमान या मोह आता है। लेकिन यह सेवा के साथी हैं, न कि मेरे का अधिकार है। जब मेरा नहीं तो क्रोध, मोह का कर्मबन्धन भी नहीं। तो कर्मबन्धनों से मुक्त होने के लिए एक बाप को अपना संसार बना लो। ''एक बाप दूसरा न कोई'' एक बाप ही संसार बन गया तो कोई आकर्षण नहीं, कोई कमजोर संस्कारों का भी बंधन नहीं। सब मेरा-मेरा एक मेरे बाप में समा जाता है। 

स्लोगन: मास्टर सर्वशक्तिमान् वह है जो समय प्रमाण हर गुण, हर शक्ति को कार्य में लगाये। 

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