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Essence of Murli 08-07-2012

08/07/12 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 01/02/75 

The experience of God's company and the fire of love. 

Those who are close become equal. Just as you are physically close, in the same way, are you those who are seated on BapDada's heart-throne by having deep love for Him? Just as you are physically close, in the same way, are you close in your mind? Those who live abroad are physically far away and yet are constantly close in their minds, and constant companions of BapDada, that is, they are constant companions of BapDada and experience His company at every moment. In the same way, do you constantly experience being a detached observer and fulfilling your responsibility of that relationship? Just as the Gopikas in bondage are constantly lost in remembrance of Baba and say, "'Baba, Baba", with their every breath and every thought and just as those outside are desperate to celebrate a meeting, in the same way, are you constantly desperate to stay in remembrance at every moment or do you maintain an ordinary awareness? You haven't just become content with the thoughts, "I belong to Baba anyway. I am close to Baba anyway. I have surrendered to Baba already and mine is one Baba alone", have you? 

Do you experience fire in your love for Baba? Is it such a fire of deep love that you are able to burn your own past sanskars and nature and also burn the sorrowful sanskars and nature of others? Of course you transform sanskars with knowledge or with love or connection, but that does takes time. A sanskar that is just terminated can emerge again. However, it is now the time to burn them in the fire of that deep love so that no name or trace of those sanskars remain. 

What is the method for this liberation? What is the method or match with which you can create this fire of deep love? You ignite a fire with a match, do you not? So, what is the match with which to light this fire? What is the one word? It is the determined thought that, even if you die, you are definitely going to do this. "I should do this, it should happen like this, I am doing my best, it will happen anyway, of course I have attention and I even realise this." To think in this way is like using a match that has already been used. You make effort again and again and you even take a lot of time, but the fire still doesn't become intense. The reason for this is that the seed of your thought is not filled with the strength of determination, that is, it is empty. Because of this, the reward you desire or whatever you expect of the future isn't fulfilled. Then, as you move along, you have to make a lot of effort and when you see very little success, you become disheartened and careless. This is when you say, "I am doing it, but I can't see any success, and so what can I do if my part is like that?" These are thoughts of disheartenment and carelessness that do not bear fruit. 

What do you tell everyone is the speciality of the confluence age? You tell everyone that the confluence age is the age for making the impossible possible. This is the age for making possible what the entire world considers to be impossible. A determined thought means to make possible in a second whatever you yourself found difficult or impossible. To make something that is easy or possible happen practically is not a big thing, but to make the impossible possible with a determined thought is a sign of passing with honours. Now bring about this newness. Then you will be given marks for this newness. Students look at their total results for the whole year to see what percentage they have attained in each subject. In the same way, you have to check your own results as to in which aspect you were in the ascending stage, and, on the basis of what effort you had the ascending stage or in which subject you were weak. You have to look at your total results. BapDada constantly congratulates you because this is the greatest day in the world. Nature is your servant (daas); but do not become a servant of the servant, for the sign of becoming a servant is to experience sadness (udaas). It is when you become a servant of one sanskar or another or nature that you become sad. 

One who has thoughts of the original self, one who has pure thoughts for others and one who is a world transformer. 

Today, BapDada was looking at the present results of the entire army. He especially saw the results in three things. Just as you have the four main subjects, in the same way, BapDada saw the results of all four subjects in three stages. What are those three stages? 

First stage: To what extent you have become one who has thoughts of the original self. Second stage: To what extent you have positive and pure thoughts for those who are in close relationship and connection with you. Third stage: In terms of world service, to what extent you have become a world transformer. To what extent the stage and percentage of transformation is revealed. Through the results of these three stages, the results of all four subjects become very clear. 

Baba especially checked the first stage: to what extent you have become one who has thoughts of the original self. The results of all three subjects are based on this. Check for how long you maintained thoughts of the original self throughout the day. Because of being a world transformer, you continue to make plans for world transformation, and you also continue to fix a time for that. By using the right method, you also continually have different thoughts and plans for expansion. So, do you also become one who has thoughts of your own original self and think every day about new ways and new methods of how to become perfect? According to the result, you make more plans for the third stage. Only sometimes you do have zeal and enthusiasm for making plans for the first stage. Or, sometimes, time draws your attention or some circumstance or the result of a particular subject draws your attention. However, this attention only remains intense for a temporary period. 

In the result of the second stage, there is a slightly greater percentage of those who have pure and positive thoughts for others than of those who maintain thoughts of the original self at the present time. However, there cannot be success or completion of the task or the perfection of one's stage until the speed of the first stage has accelerated. For this, make plans for the self. Of course there is temporary progress through programmes, but the method to have permanent progress is to become one who has thoughts of the original self. 

According to the present time, the speed of your effort should be in the form of concern for effort rather than just thinking about making that effort. Of course you make special programmes for service, and you are concerned day and night as to how to make them successful and for this you make your day and night equal. However, this concern is a concern that takes the form of happiness; it is a concern that finishes all other concerns, just as you tie yourself in one pure bondage in order to free yourself from all other bondages. Although it is called a bondage, it makes you free from bondage. In the same way, although you may call this a concern, in fact, it brings you the attainment of the inheritance from the Father. Similarly, through this concern, you are easily able to create the stage of being constantly content, cheerful and like a lotus flower. 

At present, you think about how it should be and you even think that it isn't according to what it should be. Your thinking is in the form of, "It should be like this; I should do this; this is how I should do it; I should do this." However, you have to become and live the form of your concern; you have to become this and make others this too. To say "It should be like this" is not the form your concern should take. Unless you adopt a special method for yourself, you will not be able to have that form of concern. Do you know what the special method for this is? What new things will you do through which you will be able to see success with that method? By following the old methods, even the form of that old method no longer remains, but what remains instead? 

Why is there carelessness some time after you start to do something? The main reason is that, even now, the intellect doesn't have full faith in the completion of time. Because of not having this fixed, you remain carefree. Just as you stop being carefree about your service plans from the moment you fix a time, in the same way, if you fixed a time for your own progress, you would experience a special result from that also, would you not? When you fixed a special month for staying on the pilgrimage of remembrance, you saw the practical fruit of success of the accurate method resulting in the special atmosphere. Similarly, how will you become an embodiment of success unless you fix a time for your own progress? That is, by such-and-such a time, you should become an embodiment of success in terms of these specialities, that according to the time you definitely have to become one who maintains thoughts of the original self and who also has positive thoughts for others. So, unless you become your own teacher and tie yourself in this bondage you will not be able to free other souls from all their bondages for all time. Do you understand? 

What will you do now? Just as you have special weeks or months for different topics for service, in the same way, together with service, also fix a time for your own self on the basis of using different methods. This year is for making such special effort. Of course, time is getting shorter, but, as you progress further, you will have even less time for your own self. What will you do then? People today say that at least they previously used to have time, but that they now don't even have that time. In the same way, you should not complain about yourself like this later on, saying that you did not do whatever you had to do for your own self, because the closer the time comes, the more your time will be used in distributing the prasad (holy food) of the great donation and blessings to all souls of the world. This is why there is not a lot of time left for being one who maintains thoughts of the original self. Achcha. 

To such great donors and bestowers of all blessings, to those who maintain thoughts of the original self and who have pure and positive thoughts for others, to those who are constantly merciful towards all the souls of the world, to the master oceans of all powers, to the souls who are instruments to bring benefit to the world through their every thought and word, to such victorious souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

Uplift those who harm you (from avyakt murlis): 

In order to serve with your mind, always have elevated and altruistic thoughts for everyone. Always have feelings for uplifting everyone. Have the elevated power of uplifting those who harm you. Always have feelings of a bestower. Always let there be self-transformation and, with your elevated actions, be one who inspires others to perform elevated actions. No matter what type of soul comes into contact with you, whether that soul is satoguni or tamoguni, always have pure and positive thoughts for everyone, that is, be one who uplifts even those who harm you. Never have feelings of dislike for any soul because you know that that soul is influenced by ignorance, that is, that child is without understanding. One can never have feelings of dislike for any actions of children who do not have understanding. Instead, there is greater mercy and love for them. 

BapDada is constantly co-operative with every child and will remain that till the end. The Father never has dislike for any child. He always has pure and positive thoughts even for someone who causes harm. Follow the Father in the same way. Constantly have pure feelings and intentions for every soul. Instead of thinking, "Why did this one do that?", think how you can benefit that soul, for only then will you be said to be one who has pure and positive thoughts for others and a world benefactor soul. Even if someone insults you or slanders you, you should not get angry. To uplift those who harm you is the duty of you Brahmins. That person may insult you, but you have to embrace that person: this is the wonder! This is known as transformation. To embrace someone who embraces you is not a big thing, but to consider someone who defames you to be your friend with your heart and mind: you would then be said to be one who brings benefit. So, have a benevolent attitude and feelings and sustain any soul. Then, no what matter what type of harm that soul may be causing, you can uplift that soul with your sustenance. No matter how impure that soul may be, you can purify that soul with your purifying attitude. Just as a mother cannot see the weaknesses or defects of her children but only thinks of putting them right, so too, by stabilising yourself in this form, you will be able to carry out the task of giving sustenance accurately. 

To keep a contented person content, to give love to a loving person, to be co-operative with someone who is co-operative is not being a mahavir. However, no matter how unco-operative someone may be, to make an unco-operative soul co-operative with your power of co-operation is to be a mahavir. Do not put aside a weak soul considering him to be weak, but give power to that soul and empower him. Make a weak soul capable of taking a high jump and you would then you be said to be a mahavir and someone who uplifts everyone. Achcha. 

Blessing:May you be loving and detached and, with the practice of having the consciousness of an instrument, make progress yourself and make others progress too. 

The part of being an instrument always makes you detached and loving. If your practice of the consciousness of an instrument is natural and easy, then progress of the self and others is merged in your every step. Such souls do not have their feet on the ground but on the stage. An instrument soul always has the awareness of being an example and equal to the Father in front of the world. 

Slogan: As children of the Bestower of Happiness, constantly continue to swing in happiness. Do not get caught up in waves of sorrow. 

08-07-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज: 01-02-75 मधुबन 

ईश्वर के साथ का और लगन की अग्नि का अनुभव 

08-07-12 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज: 02-02-75 मधुबन 

स्व-चिन्तक, शुभ-चिन्तक और विश्व-परिवर्तक 

वरदान: निमित्त भाव के अभ्यास द्वारा स्व की और सर्व की प्रगति करने वाले न्यारे और प्यारे भव 

निमित्त बनने का पार्ट सदा न्यारा और प्यारा बनाता है। अगर निमित्त भाव का अभ्यास स्वत: और सहज है तो सदा स्व की प्रगति और सर्व की प्रगति हर कदम में समाई हुई है। उन आत्माओं का कदम धरनी पर नहीं लेकिन स्टेज पर है। निमित्त बनी हुई आत्माओं को सदा यह स्मृति स्वरूप में रहता कि विश्व के आगे बाप समान का एक्जैम्पल हैं। 

स्लोगन: सुखदाता के बच्चे सदा सुख के झूले में झूलते रहो, दु:ख की लहर में नहीं आओ। 

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