Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Essence of Murli 17-04-2012

Essence: Sweet children, you are karma yogis. Practise having remembrance while walking and moving around. Constantly remember the one Father and make effort to become Narayan from an ordinary man.

Question: What are the main signs of children who have faith in the intellect?
Answer: They have complete love for the Father. They fully obey every one of the Father’s orders. Their intellects do not wander outside. They stay awake at night and remember the Father. They prepare food in remembrance.

Song: You wasted the night in sleeping and the day in eating.

Essence for dharna:1. Have faith in the intellect and have complete love for the Father. Follow the Father’s directions and conquer Maya.2. While performing actions for the livelihood of your body, become karma yogis. Definitely create a chart of having eight hours’ remembrance.

Blessing: May you be a constant server and serve with your elevated vision, attitude and actions.

Just as your body cannot remain without you breathing, in the same way, service is the breath of Brahmin life. When you cannot breathe, you become unconscious. In the same way, if a Brahmin soul is not busy in service, the soul becomes unconscious. Therefore, continue to serve through your elevated vision, attitude and actions at every moment. If you do not have a chance to serve through words, then serve through your mind. When you do all types of service you will be able to claim full marks.

Slogan: The throne of the stage of a detached observer is the throne to make accurate decisions.

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